August 18, 2014

Because Everything Should Be Tied Up Nice and Neat!

Hi! I’m Wanda, the creator of Drawstrings. I believe everything should have a place and that place should be fun and cute. Custom bags are created in my studio. Each bag is its own design and no two are ever alike unless you order more than one. Sizes range from a snack size to a laundry. I even have a backpack! Each bag has a “grab and go” handle for easy handling and all ties are made of grosgrain ribbon. Bottoms are flat so each bag stays put.

The uses for Drawstrings are unlimited. Jewelry, shoes, toys, books, overnights for children, laundry, dance, knitting… name it, there is a bag to fit! If you do not find a choice in the shop that meets your needs, contact me for a custom order.

I look forward to working with each and every customer.