Valentine 2017 Limited Edition

Shades of light to darker pink, mingling with creamy silver almost turning lilic… and a bit of green, as inspired by lovers favourite flower, the rose…

… this is the limited edition colourway of Swiss luxury indie-dyer Siidegarte, available only for Valentine 2017!

Available in three of Siidegarte’s luxurious silky yarn bases for you to choose:

a stunning lace yarn, spun from the highest quality silk, combined with Royal Alpaca, a very exclusive fibre and almost as soft and fine as cashmere!

a beautiful and luxurious fingering yarn, made of shiny silk and softest merino, perfect for all those beautiful shawls!

what an unusual yarn, a mix of finest silk and merino, combined with the feel-good fibre SeaCell, to give a glorious shiney and soft fabric!

Last chance to get your hands on these lovely colours will be Sunday, 19th February 2017!