Siide-Gfroit – An exciting new silk and cotton summer yarn!

An exciting new yarn has been introduced by the Swiss indie dyer Siidegarte! –Siide-Gfroit, a delightful worsted weight silk and cotton mix!

It’s the perfect yarn for quick summer garments like a lacey tank or a beach sweater… quick to knit and oh-so-soft to wear! Siide-Gfroit, which means “enjoyable” in Swiss German — comes in 10 colours, inspired by the Pantone Spring 2017 palette: five soft colours and five strong ones, easy to mix and combine with each other.

A Siidegarte collection for this new yarn base is in the works and will be introduced soon. In the meantime, why not knit Cowl Cockaigne, a delightful double face summer cowl by Swiss designer Meret Buetzberger. Other designers are working with this yarn base already as well… it’s going to be exciting!

Get more information on the website and use the code “Hello-Siide-Gfroit” to get an introductory 20% off, valid until May 21st only!

New Siidegarte-Pattern … and the Easter Special is still running!

“Sydebascht” is the newest Siidegarte pattern — this light and airy shawlette is your perfect companion, the ideal cover for those early spring days, when the first colours start to ​grace the trees and the peonies start to bloom …

“Sydebascht“ is the Swiss-­German name of one of my favourite spring shrubs, the lilac daphne. Enjoy the colours of Siide-Quirlig, how they shine and gleam, and knitting this delightful spring project!

The kit comes in five stunning colours, three of which have been introduced together with the shawl. Until the end of this month, the kit also contains a complimentary mini-skein for the contrast border — too cute to miss!

“Find Your Fade” All Silky Swiss — and a flash sale…. if you read to the end…

Just before the end of last year, Andrea Mowry, also known as “drea renee knits,” published a new shawl pattern which has proved to be hugely popular in such short time — and well deserved so!! If you are on any of the Social Medias — for me, this is mainly Instagram — you have seen so many pictures of this fun and exciting project in all stages.

My sister has been pointing it out to me again and again, urging me to combine a few colours just for fun and see how they melt and mix. But I only started doing it now that I’ve seen her finished shawl — it’s gorgeous and fun and oh-so-doable! The whole idea is about combining colours and special skeins, playing with them, and letting loose the magic of colours in an easy and captivating knit.

So I started thinking which colours to chose for my own… and, honestly, once you start you just can’t stop anymore, it’s addictive! And it’s beautiful, if I may say so myself! So for as long as I’m knitting on my version of this shawl, I’m also going to offer three special kits with seven custom-sized skeins of 90g each — so you can combine your colours any way you want!

The Kit comes in three different colour combinations. Each skein is sized at 90g.

The “Smooth One” is done in Siide-Liind, silk-Merino-SeaCell, a slightly thicker yarn than the one asked for in the pattern, with a light sheen. I love those colours, ranging from a quite dark purple over warm yellow with reds speckled to a dark teal.

The “Silky One” is done in Siide-Quirlig, silk and SeaCell, which gives a stunning shine and drape. This is a rainbow of colours which will give a light and fluid and very colour intensive shawl!

The “Soft One” is done in Siide-Fideel, silk and Merino, soft and oh so cuddly, the colours ranging from a bright teal over cool yellow and beige to purple.

Most of the colours are existing Siidegarte colourways, some few are special edition ones which I might add to the standard selection further down the line — I’ll see, it depends on how well it is received.

And **if** you’re anything like me, you have started to see all the pictures of friends and online community going to and meeting in Edinburgh for the EYF2017 — ah, you would have loved to be there as well, but… so many buts… To make it easier on all those not attending, so you can treat yourself as well and get some yarn therapy, I’m offering this code for a 15% off — only this weekend, only for as long as we’re having see all those Edinburgh images longingly!

Use “EYF17-15%” for 15% off all Siidegarte yarn — or “EYF17-FFFASS” for free shipping on the “Find Your Fade”-kit!

Valentine 2017 Limited Edition

Shades of light to darker pink, mingling with creamy silver almost turning lilic… and a bit of green, as inspired by lovers favourite flower, the rose…

… this is the limited edition colourway of Swiss luxury indie-dyer Siidegarte, available only for Valentine 2017!

Available in three of Siidegarte’s luxurious silky yarn bases for you to choose:

a stunning lace yarn, spun from the highest quality silk, combined with Royal Alpaca, a very exclusive fibre and almost as soft and fine as cashmere!

a beautiful and luxurious fingering yarn, made of shiny silk and softest merino, perfect for all those beautiful shawls!

what an unusual yarn, a mix of finest silk and merino, combined with the feel-good fibre SeaCell, to give a glorious shiney and soft fabric!

Last chance to get your hands on these lovely colours will be Sunday, 19th February 2017!

Get yourself some Silky Swiss Gorgeousness this Black Friday!

Start off this weekend and style and get yourself some Silky Swiss Gorgeousness, just in time for the Holiday Season!

Starting Black Friday until Cyber Monday, we are delighted to offer you 15% off all Siidegarte yarn – luxurious silk-yarn hand-dyed in beautiful Switzerland! Use the code “BlackFriday2016” at checkout and start looking forward to knitting with the softest yarn ever…

Swiss Delights Yarn Kit – Xmas ’14 edition

We are delighted to present our first ever “Swiss Delights Yarn Kit” in its Xmas ’14 edition! This kit is a cooperation between three Swiss companies, friends, working different aspects of the yarn industry: Jana from KayaLana, the designer Coralie from Stitch-N-Smile and us … Fides & Gaby from Siidegarte, the Swiss indie hand-dyer of luxurious silk-mix yarns. So, Swiss Made through and through!

This kit is the perfect Christmas present for the knitter in your life… be it your best friend, your mum, sister or Grandma… or even — how daring! — for yourself!

This exciting new “Swiss Delights Yarn Kit” contains the printed pattern as well as the yarn to knit a luxurious lace shawl. The pattern, “Myrtille,” has been designed by Coralie from Stich N’Smile especially for this kit, using our very own Siide-Fideel, the fingering weight silk-Merino yarn. Myrtille is an asymetric shawl, suitable for experienced beginners. It is being knit sidewise, starting at the tip and increasing steadily until you reach the full width and start on the lace border. Coralie will start a Myrtille Knit-Along on the Twelfth Day of Christmas in her Ravelry group… and you are cordially invited to join us, knitting, chatting and having fun creating this lovely shawl.

Together with Jana from KayaLana, we have developed an exclusive new colourway for Siide-Fideel, as inspiration for Coralie. Being exclusive, this means that this lovely new shade will not be added to our normal selection of colours. So this kit is your now-or-never chance to secure this stunning colour for your stash.

There is a limited subscription period for the “Swiss Delights Yarn Kit,” until December 15th. There are two options to choose from, either the “classic” size containing enough yarn to knit the shawl as shown in the pictures, or the “luxury” version, containing 250g of Siide-Fideel – enough to make the shawl larger or add a few accessories to it!

The kit is available exclusively through

If you’d like to see some more pictures of the photoshoot, please head over to the Siidegarte blog.

And for some insights into Coralie’s design process, please read this post.