Camp Mug!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved enamelware. Something about the feel of it in my hands conjures cool mornings by the campfire with a steaming cup of tea. We have the traditional speckled enamelware as part of our camping gear, and many times I think about bringing it into the kitchen so I can use it on a regular basis. It’s nearly indestructible, and lasts forever. We’ve had ours for over 20 years and it shows little to no sign of wear and tear.

A few months ago, I was on an internet search for something (I don’t even remember what it was now), and came across these cut enamelware mugs that I could get my logo put on. I ordered samples (which my kids have since claimed as their own), and loved them. So, I had some made.

These 12-ounce mugs are white, with a dark gray lip. Just like traditional enamelware, they’re a go-anywhere kind of accessory, no worries about breakage. Of course, they’re not microwave safe, since they’re made of steel, but they are dishwasher, campground and travel safe. Take it along to a knitting retreat, or knit night. Or, of course, camping :-).

My logo is on both sides, and then my current mantra — “Life is short, knit the good stuff” — is on one side, too. I have so many conversations with people who have that special skein of yarn lovingly held in their stash that’s too special to use. To which I say, while I totally understand the feeling, phooey! Find a pattern you love, and go ahead and knit it. And then enjoy wearing it for as long as possible :-D. Carpe Diem!

Mugs are $12 each.

Subscriber Inspiration Colors for March!

The March Subscriber Inspiration colors are live at Spirit Trail Fiberworks! This month’s colors are based on a photo sent by STF newsletter subscriber Allyson, who said about her photo: “This was taken in Alaska on a ferry ride from Haines to Juneau. When I saw your photo yarn color challenge I realized the memories I would love in yarn is something that would commemorate and combine all the years and adventures in Alaska. Looking back through all my photos this is the one. Even the grey days had beauty if you were willing to be outside and find them!”

And beautiful it certainly is. I have always been a complete sucker for rainbows. They’re just magical (whatever the real science behind them may be, I prefer to think of them as magic). I found myself coming back to this photo over and over again, loving the interplay of colors, the haziness of the storm clouds, the tiny strip of sun along the coast, and the clear, bright sky peeking out from behind. And that seems to be how it works: folks send me photos, and I look at all of them over and over again until, finally, one seems to say “do me, do me!” louder than the others.

Meet this month’s limited edition colors:

First, the primary inspiration colorway, “Rainbow Over Juneau,” features a rainbow of colors (both softly speckled and blended) applied in the correct order (ROY G BIV) across the center of the skein, with cloudy grays at either end. Next, “Rainbow Deconstructed” takes the colors of the rainbow, shakes them up and speckles them indiscriminately on a base of soft grays and creamy white. Then two tonal solid colorways compliment these rainbow skeins: “Skies After the Rain” is a soft, clear blue reminiscent of that sky peeping through, and “Stormy Waters” is inspired by the shadowed water under the storm clouds (I took some artistic license with this and added more blue to it, because I wanted a colorway more blue than charcoal).

These limited edition colorways will be available for pre-order through Friday, March 30, 2018. Orders will ship approximately three weeks after the listing closes.

This month, all four colors are available several different bases instead of just one:

Aurora (fingering weight single ply, 100% Superwash Merino, 400 yards per skein, $28.00 per skein)
Sunna (fingering weight three-ply, 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Bombyx Silk, 365 yards per skein, $34.00 per skein)
Andromeda (DK weight single ply, 100% Superwash Merino, 240 yards per skein, $28.00 per skein)

Subscriber Color Inspirations happen on a monthly basis, and whoever sends me the winning photo receives a free skein of their own special yarn! Photos can be sent until the end of each month for the following month. The only rule is you have to be a Spirit Trail Fiberworks newsletter subscriber to play. Subscribe to my newsletter (link at the top of my shop homepage) if you’d like to play along!

Happy Spring!


Shop Update is Live!

Spirit Trail Fiberwork’s shop update just went live! This update features Birte, my Superwash Merino/Cashmere/silk DK weight yarn, and Luna, my organic non-shrink wool blend worsted weight yarn. Both in lots of colors, from tonal solids to speckles. Both of these yarns are featured in new patterns just published by some fabulous designers: Luna for both Tanis Gray’s Chickaloon cowl and Bristol Ivy’s Titan Hat and Cowl and Birte for Jennifer Wood’s Teddy cardigan and Jennifer Tepper Heverly’s (that’s me 😀 ) Milis fingerless mitts. Check them all out on Ravelry!

Many of the colors in this update are my “Lucky Pots.” These are one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated colors – the luck of the pot, or the pot at the end of the rainbow, if you will. They’re lots of fun to create, always a surprise, and truly, I don’t write anything down so I cannot re-create them. Super fun, and super special. You can see all the Lucky Pots on the “Lucky Pot” page in our shop.

I’ve also put several yarns on sale at some really great discounts. These are all fabulous bases, but I’m retiring them for a little while so I’d like to move them on to their forever homes so I can have more room in my studio for some new bases and new colors. So, if you haven’t tried Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarns yet, this is a great time to give them try with some really great savings. All these can be found on the “On Sale!” page.

Happy Stitching!


February 14, 2018

Dyed-to-Order Listing Open!

There’s a fun new collaboration happening at Spirit Trail Fiberworks: Subscriber Color Inspirations! I love collaborating with knitwear designers on colors for their designs, and I thought I’d extend color collaboration to a wider circle, and collaborate with my subscribers, too! Each month, newsletter subscribers send me color inspiration photos, and each month I choose one to use for the inspiration of a new, limited edition colorway (and possibly complimentary colorways to go with it, as I did this month). The subscriber who sends me the winning photo receives a free skein of yarn in his or her special color. The hardest part is choosing just one from all the gorgeous photographs I receive!

February’s colorway is inspired by a photo sent by Rheba of a (somewhat photoshopped) Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken. I was immediately taken with this photo because it held a challenge: colors I don’t usually put together on the same yarn — purple and orange. These two colors can be tricky because they’re not always so friendly. If they blend together too much they can create an unattractive shade of … swamp sludge? stale strained peas? oxidized avocado? Yeah, it can be pretty gross. But setting the base color, and then adding color on top, prevents any unpleasant mingling.

Subscriber Inspiration yarns are limited editions, only available for pre-order for a limited time after they debut each month. February’s dyed-to-order options are now live for this month’s special yarn, which I’ve oh-so-creatively named Chicken Chicken, along with two complimentary colors: Chicken Butt (inspired by the pretty lilac-lavender-blue of this chicken’s heiny) and Chicken Wattle (inspired by the red-orange of its facial area).

This month’s colors will be dyed on Aurora, my fingering weight 100% superwash merino single ply yarn. Future colors may be dyed on additional bases; this is my first foray into dyed-to-order and limited edition colors, so it’s a work-in-progress.

February’s colors will be available for pre-order until February 19, 2018, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, at which time they’ll be closed and I’ll start dyeing up the orders. You can order just one skein, or an entire sweater quantity. You decide. Click the link to see all three! Orders will ship by March 5, 2018.

If you’d like to play along, subscribe to my newsletter at the top of my homepage, and send me a photo that inspires you!

February 9, 2018

Craic: a new Crescent Shawl Pattern!

Just published on Ravelry is my new crescent shawl design, Craic. “Craic” is Irish Gaelic slang for “fun, a good time, a good conversation,” and it’s pronounced “crack.” This pattern is all that: it’s a fun knit that’s a good time all around, both addictive and relaxing to knit.

My vision was for a unisex (not too frilly or feminine) pattern with texture, some easy garter stitch, interplay between colors, and simple elegance. I also wanted an uncomplicated design that would be perfect for knitting while watching TV or attending a sporting or other event. You know how it goes: you’re happily knitting along, watching a great TV show, or one of your kids / friends compete somewhere and, at some point, you look down and realize you forgot to pay attention to the pattern stitch, and you have to rip out stitches (or, heaven forbid, rows). We’ve all been there. So, this pattern was designed to succeed during those times when our concentration may be somewhat split, or you just want something fun and easy to work on.

It’s fingering weight, so any fingering weight yarn that’s at least 400 yards per skein will do; it doesn’t even matter if they’re the same ply or fiber blend. I bet we all have skeins in our stashes we can mix and match for this design, and I think mixing plies, and/or different fiber blends, would be fabulous — give it some different textures as well as colors. Use a single-ply for one skein, and a multi-ply for the other. Perhaps one skein 100% silk, and the other a blend of wool, Cashmere, silk, yak or some other protein fiber. The only thing I’d not recommend is mixing protein fibers with plant fibers, simply because they are SO different, and don’t block —or stay blocked — the same way.

I can envision this design knit in two solid colors, two speckled colors, highly contrasting colors (like mine), more subtly contrasting colors, or even all one color. Whatever you decide, you just need two skeins of at least 400 yards each, or at least 800 yards total for one color.

If you love the colors I used and need to knit Craic in those, I’ve got you covered — Bog Cherry and Painted Hills (the two colors I used), plus many more are now available on my Shop Update page on several different fingering weight bases. Happy Knitting!

February 2, 2018

Introducing a New Hat Pattern, Teamh, with IU Discounts!

Meet Téamh, my new hat design! Téamh is Irish Gaelic for “warmth,” and this hat, with its deep brim, cables and garter texture, is sure to warm the wearer. Teamh includes a deep ribbed brim and an easy four-row stitch pattern for the body (pretty perfect for knitting during the Olympics!). Knit it longer for a deeper brim and more ear coverage, or a bit shorter for more of a beanie style.

Téamh is knit in Luna, Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ 100% non-shrink organic wool worsted weight base. My daughter’s hat was knit in the “Sea Shadows” colorway, which is currently out of stock, but there are lots of other great colors in stock. This pattern will also work in STF Verdande, for a super-soft, super-luxurious option!

Luna is really fabulous; I love working with it, and this one-skein project is the perfect opportunity to give this new base a try. It’s been processed organically, from mulesing-free, organically-raised sheep on the farm through processing at the mill. It’s machine washable, but because it’s “superwashed” with a GOTS-certified organic process that uses neither acids to strip the follicles from the fibers, or polymers to coat them, it’s not called “superwash.” Because of the special non-shrink process, it still feels like wool, too. I still recommend handwashing this yarn, or machine washing on gentle, and laying flat to dry whenever possible.

Téamh is now available on Ravelry! And, just for Indie Untangled readers, I’m offering two coupon codes:

In my shop, use “Indie” (no quotations, capital I) to receive 20% off you order of Luna, or any other yarn in stock! It’s a shop-wide discount!

And on Ravelry, use “Indie” (no quotations, capital I) in the coupon code box after you’ve added Teamh to your cart to receive 50% off the pattern!

Coupon codes are good from now through February 28, 2018. Happy Stitching!

January 24, 2018

New DK Weight Kits at Spirit Trail Fiberworks!

Two new kits are up at Spirit Trail Fiberworks!

Both are dyed on STF Birte, my gorgeous DK weight Superwash Merino, Cashmere, and silk, six skeins and 1,650 yards in each kit. Plenty for a Comfort Fade Cardigan, or “fade” any relatively simple sweater pattern yourself by swapping out colors as you knit!

These are the result of a “dye booboo” I did a few weeks ago when I didn’t put the right amount of dye in the base color bath for my “Spectral” colorway. The result was beautiful, but not Spectral. It gave me the idea to create gradient speckled kits (I’m calling them Grade-Speckles 😀 ) in some of my existing colorways. These two are Crystal Cave (the gray one) and Sea Shadows (the periwinkle one). I just listed them, and there’s only one of the Sea Shadows left at this point. But four Crystal Cave are still available (which is my personal favorite).

Click the link to see more photos!

January 22, 2018

Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ 2018 Clubs are Open!

The Spirit Trail Fiberworks 2018 Cosmic Color Clubs are open!

Colors so inspiring they’re a whole cosmos of possibility! I’m really excited about the yarns I’ve included, the colors I’m envisioning, the designers I’m working with this year, and all the little extras I have planned. I hope you’ll join me on a fabulous and fun Color Adventure! I love working on these clubs; I feel like I’m sending presents each time the shipments go out.

This year there are Yarn and Sweater Clubs. Click on the link for all the information and schedules for both, as well as two different payment options: monthly payment options, which include a 10% discount off retail prices and are only open until the end of January – so it’s closing soon!, and lump sum up-front payment options, which include a 20% discount off retail prices and are open until they sell out. If you subscribe to the lump sum payment option after any club shipments have been sent out, you’ll receive all past club yarns with your first club shipment.

** Please note that photos are for illustrative purposes only. Club colors are a surprise, and are exclusive to the club forever. There will be a mix of tonal solids and subtly speckled colorways, and each month will feature complimentary and contrasting color options (perfect for multi-color projects) which can be purchased separately by club members, at the 10% club discount. **

Happy Stitching!


December 20, 2017

Shop Update is Live!

Meet two new yarn bases from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, now live in the shop: Aurora and Zaftig! Aurora is fingering weight 100% Superwash Merino single ply and Zaftig is super bulky 100% 20.5 Fine Merino. These two bases are opposites in weight, one is superwash and the other is not, and they’re on opposite ends of the alphabet, but they have more characteristics in common: both single ply, super soft, take dye like a dream, are delightful to knit and crochet (and weave, too!), and simply wonderful to wear.

Zaftig is perfect for super quick knits, so if you (like me!) are staring down the Christmas and Holiday Handknit Gifts Deadline and it’s not looking good, Zaftig could be just perfect for whipping out a few more gifts in time for giving. It’s dyed in a bevy of speckled colorways, and I really love how the speckles turn out on this voluptuous base: they’re softer and more spread out, and give the yarn more of a variegated appearance than true “speckles.” I purchased only a limited quantity of Zaftig for this first run, so I decided to go all out on the Fun Scale with colorways.

Aurora is dyed in both speckles and some great tonal solids to go with them. So, lots of options for one-skein/one-color projects, and also a whole bunch of great color combination possibilities for multi-colored projects (if you need any color combining advice, I’m happy to help so just email me!).

There’s also one new kit dyed on Aurora, which is the “Gray Scale” kit I created for the New York Sheep & Wool Festival. This kit sold out so quickly at the Festival (it’s featured in the photo at the top of this newsletter) I decided to dye it for this update; it’s a beautiful color scheme of subtle speckles over a soft charcoal gray base.

Also new and uploaded to my Etsy shop, I’ve recently dyed a bunch of new silk scarves. This batch turned out so well! Every scarf is like a painting, with fun and interesting bits of color. I really love dyeing (and wearing) these scarves. It’s impossible to completely control the dye process, and it’s always a little bit of a surprise to see how they turn out. They make perfect gifts (although if you’re like me, it can be hard to part with them!).

And, also live now, I’ve put some inventory on sale, both in my website shop and in my etsy shop. On Etsy, the last of the Brigantia color kits are on sale at nearly 50% off. In my website shop, there are Nona and Sunna kits on sale, as well as a selection of skeins in just about every base, marked down 20 to nearly 50% off. You can find the Brigantia kits through the Etsy link above; the sale page on my website is here.

Please note: if you place orders from both my Etsy shop and my website on the same day, I’m happy to combine them and refund the extra shipping charges. And all US orders over $125 ship free! International orders over $125 will receive discounted shipping (I’ll deduct what the US shipping charge would be).

I hope each one of you has a wonderful Holiday season and New Year!

Happy Stitching!


November 25, 2017

Free Shipping at Spirit Trail Fiberworks!

Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ shop has been updated with lots of new yarns and new colors. There’s something new in every section, as well as some great deals in the “On Sale” section. There are tonal solids, and some fun speckles, too. Loads of possibilities for sweaters, multi-colored projects, and of course, accessories.

I’m happy to help pull colors together for all the multi-colored designs out there these days, just send me an email and I’ll brainstorm with you.

In celebration of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, use coupon code CYBERMONDAY to get free US shipping on your order, no minimum purchase required, through midnight Eastern time on Monday! International orders will receive a discount off shipping costs.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Stitching!


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