June 23, 2016

The Golden Skein’s Summer Dyer Inspiration

The Golden Skein is delighted to bring to you the second installment of the Power of 3 Club 2016. Inspired by the image ‘Sun Rays Between Trees in Forest’ by Pawel Pacholec, this quarter we’ve brought together a mix of English, Irish and Welsh talent. A moody and somewhat haunting image, open to interpretation as either the dawn of a beautiful day or the sun setting on a Summer’s eve, has produced a trio of yarns that truly reflects the thousand words spoken by one photograph.

Victoria Magnus – Eden Cottage Yarns

Victoria taught herself to knit when at university in Dundee and became exasperated by being unable to find the perfect hand dyed purple yarn; and so, a dyer was born. Now based in a Yorkshire kitchen, Eden Cottage Yarns began in Cumbria in 2011, in Victoria’s 1700s cottage. The yarn is hand dyed in the sink with an emphasis on simple but gorgeous colours, and Eden Cottage Yarns has become synonymous with a muted palette of semi-solid shades, which can be seen first hanging in the garden to dry. Victoria’s West Yorkshire home office allows a lovely view of the garden, and orchards and fields beyond, which is both beautiful and inspiring.

Victoria dyed her colourway onto her Oakworth 4 ply base, 100% New Zealand Polwarth, 100g, 400m/463yds. This light, semi-solid colourway would make beautiful shawls, accessories and garments.

‘Forest Light’

“The inspiration photo for this quarter’s yarn really struck a chord with me, as I particularly love the forest and woodland. At this time of year with the sun streaming through the fresh new growth it’s invigorating and energising. The silvery green light is reflected in my colourway, and it is designed to be good alongside other woodland hues.”

Yvonne McSwiney – Dublin Dye

It will come as no surprise that Dublin Dye is based in Dublin. Yvonne and her partner opened the doors above a yarn shop in 2007. As time has passed, things have changed and it is now a solo operation after her business partner moved home to the States and Yvonne had a break to have her family. Dyeing in the main for the aforementioned shop and for her Etsy shop, Yvonne has moved to a new studio and full of new inspiration, she is expanding her business all the time.

Yvonne dyed her colourway onto her Swing Sock base, a 75% Superwash Merino, 25% nylon blend, 100g, 425m/463yds. This tonally variegated colour way would be perfect for socks and accessories.


“When I first looked at the photo, it was about the trees: tall, strong and dark in the foreground. I started off with a dark skein in browns and greens, but it wasn’t jumping out at me like the photo did. When I took another look at the photo, I realised it isn’t about the dark trees, but the light. So for a second attempt I worked with lighter green and golden colours. The light through the trees, the mossy, foggy background, and the hint of golden leaves lead me between the trees and through the woods.”

Caerthan Wrack – Triskelion Yarn and Fibre

Based at Pistyll Gwyn Farm in Carmarthenshire, Triskelion produce hand-dyed yarns, blended fibre batts and hand-woven goods. Their yarns are generally British sourced, and all of their batts use locally sourced fibre, other than silk and cashmere. There is a small breeding herd of alpacas at the farm, and theirs is the fibre predominantly in the batts and alpaca yarns when the clip is available. All the yarns are kettle dyed using single pigment dyes, yielding rich, strong colours with lots of subtle detailing.

Caerthan dyed his colourway onto a 75% Falklands Merino, 25% Silk blend, 100g 400m/436yds. This rich, saturated, solid colourway would be perfect for luxurious accessories and garments.


“After seeing the inspiration photo, I knew I wanted to create a rich, forest green. I love to create saturated colourways and the deep green of the forest was the obvious choice. I named the colour after the Brechfa Forest in Caermarthen, the area of Wales where Triskelion Yarn and Fibre is based. The ancient woodland (Glyn Cothi) has a rich and varied history and this fitted well with the deep green colourway.”

So there you have the three dyers from the summer quarter! Unfortunately, there are no skeins left as it was completely sold out. Sign-ups for the next quarter are due to open on 1st July 2016 and close again on the 7th July. If you’d like to be reminded of this, please join our mailing list here.

August 13, 2015

Hot like magma! Final call for the Autumn shipment of The Golden Skein Power of 3 Yarn Club

Autumn will soon be upon us (don’t worry, we’re not about to start talking Christmas knitting just yet) which means it’s only a few weeks until the third quarter of the Power of 3 Club will be winging its way across the globe in all its shiny gold parcelled glory.

If you’re not familiar with the Power of 3 Club, here’s the details.

Three fantastic dyers, meticulously selected from the best talent in the hand dyeing world, have been given our inspiration photo for Autumn, shown above. They’ll interpret ‘Lava’ in their own unique style, with complete artistic freedom to create a one-off colour way, especially for us. These three skeins, each dyed onto a different base, are then packaged together and delivered directly to subscribers, with the details being totally shrouded in mystery within the shiny gold parcels. Each dyer shares their inspiration story, which is included in the tasting notes within the package.

This quarter has a definite edge of luxury to prepare for moving into Autumn, with the rich colours of the changing seasons, a return of chillier weather and the promise of hot chocolate, fireside knitting and the darker nights drawing in.

Sign-ups for this quarter close on 16th August 2015, with shipping on 1st September 2015. Spaces are limited, as all yarns are limited edition, so once they’re gone, there’s no going back. To join the club, head over to the website.

Also, check out issue 87 of The Knitter, where The Golden Skein is featured in a 3-page article, along with some of our favourite dyers from the club.

February 15, 2015

The Linne Foirthe Club – A collaboration between Edinburgh Yarn Festival and The Golden Skein

The inspiration for ‘Linne Foirthe Club’ was geographically driven by the stunning location of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and the many journeys made to reach the festival.

We wanted to create a unique yarn club for those who were either unable to attend or looking for a special souvenir to remember their trip to this magical city. (Who doesn’t love souvenir yarn?)

During a meeting with Jo and Mica, the duo behind the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, we decided we needed to represent and celebrate the vibrant and creative side of Edinburgh. The fibre community here is incredible, with the city and surrounding areas playing host to inspirational dyers, designers and yarn shops. We also could not miss the opportunity to give a nod to the iconic vistas and landmarks that Edinburgh is famous for.

Edinburgh is renowned for its architecture; it is a city full of beautiful buildings and dramatic structures; one of the most iconic of which is the Forth Bridge. Designed by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker, it was completed on 4th March 1890, making it 125 years old this year. The bridge connects Edinburgh with Fife. The inspiration photograph was taken from North Queensferry on the Fife side, looking back towards Edinburgh and showing the Forth Road Bridge on the left of the image. The photograph is ‘Face Over The Forth’ by Chris Combe.

Many people attending Edinburgh Yarn Festival will cross one of these two iconic bridges as they journey to and from the city. The photo not only represents the physical journey, but also the virtual journey made by those who will participate in the community of Edinburgh Yarn Festival online and through social media.

The club is on sale at www.thegoldenskein.com. Don’t worry if you’re on the other side of the planet, as TGS ships worldwide! The club will be an excellent opportunity to experience the Scottish yarn scene and a little of what Edinburgh Yarn Festival has to offer, inspired by the beautiful city itself!

Following the format of the flagship ‘Power of 3’ yarn club currently offered by The Golden Skein, the club will comprise of three 100g skeins of fingering weight yarn. Each yarn will be hand dyed by a different dyer, using the same photograph as inspiration to create the colour way. The dyers will each use a yarn base from their own range and all three bases will be different blends of fibre, allowing lots of opportunity to experiment in choosing suitable projects.

This limited edition, one-off club has a strong geographical theme, and as usual, details of the dyers are kept top secret to preserve the surprise for subscribers. The parcels will be dispatched no later than 12th March 2015, to arrive just as Edinburgh Yarn Festival opens on 14th March 2015. If you’re not able to attend the festival, but would like to sample some Scottish ambience in the form of a luxury yarn trio, delivered in beautiful packaging for your enjoyment, this club is the way to do it.

November 14, 2014

The Golden Skein Power of 3 and Slimmers’ Clubs return for another year!

Like hand dyed yarn?

Enjoy trying different bases and discovering new dyers?

Want to receive them in beautifully packaged, shiny golden envelopes, directly to you door, worldwide, once a quarter?

The Golden Skein has the yarn club for you.

Sign-ups for our flagship club, the Power of 3 Club, are now open for 2015. The Power of 3 Club is the main event of The Golden Skein hand dyed yarn clubs. Every quarter, we create a collection of 3 skeins, based on an inspiration picture. Three different, but equally talented, dyers interpret this picture and create a custom colour way, exclusively for The Golden Skein. The colour ways are dyed onto 3 different sock weight yarn bases to give you a package which contains 3 related, yet totally unique yarns, that also give an excellent indication of the signature style of those dyers.

If you are on a yarn diet, why not try our Slimmers’ Club? This will give you one of the three colour ways featured in the main Power of 3, so you can get your fix without adding too many yarn calories!

We’re in negotiations with dyers for next year and have big plans for some famous names, along with some newer dyers. We have some bases we haven’t yet featured in the Power of 3 and the offerings are coming from the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, Australia and North America. Exciting!

We’ve also added a new option this year, whereby you can pick and mix which quarters you would like when you sign up, so if there are inspiration photos which feature colours you are less keen on, you can skip those and still be sure of keeping your place in the club.

Why not spread the cost of your subscription over the year by choosing our very popular recurring payments option? It’s a very affordable way to take part in the fun. Places in the clubs are limited, so head on over to our website to sign up now.

October 29, 2014

Celebratory yarns

The Golden Skein is one year old and as our final quarter of the Power of 3 Club and Slimmer’s Club dispatches on 1 December, we sent a suitably celebrational inspiration picture to our three dyers. We found the photograph on Flickr, aptly named “Celebration,” and were given the very kind permission of the photographer, Lyn Yihan, to use it.

Our three independent hand-dyers have already worked their magic on the skeins, creating three exclusive colourways for our wonderful members. One of this quarter’s yarns has even arrived at TGS Scotland and the other two are winging their way there from England and all the way from New Zealand, as I type. Jo (aka Shinybees) has threatened to climb in and hibernate amongst the yarn… Luckily, as we run limited edition clubs, there isn’t actually enough yarn in there — so you can rest assured that your yarn will be clean and fresh!

You can sign up to take part in quarter 4 now, ordering, snagging three skeins, or just one if you’re on a yarn diet. Dispatch for the winter quarter is on 1 December, so if you order now, it should arrive before Christmas even if you live in the States or Antipodes! Or, if you can’t wait that long, we have some skeins remaining from the Autumn club and the odd skein from the trial club and the Spring club too. Summer flew out of TGS HQ in a bit of a flash and left us almost dizzy!

As a special treat for Indie Untangled readers, following our collaboration with the Rhienbeck Trunk Show, you can get a 10% discount using the code “indieuntangled”. The discount is only until 1 November 2014, so you have to be quick! If you’re in the States, this will probably cover the postage costs for the full Power of 3 Club – we know it can be quite painful 🙁

We’re sure that you’ll love it when your shiny gold package arrives…

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