April 21, 2017

Candys, Marauders Map and Mother of Dragons. Oh My!

Wool & Two Sticks has bloomed in the pass few months, venturing into themed mimi skien kits. Each kit has around 160 to 200 yards of yarn. Some are in DK weight while others in sock weight.

I have released three kits in the past two months. The latest one is in honor of Phat Fibers Box that is released each month with a new theme. I allowed Salt Water Taffy be my muse for this month’s theme, Cupcakes & Candies. I have one set in these colors in sock weight to sell in my store.

I have also collaborated with a talented polymer clay artist who makes stitch markers. With our combined magic we came up with the Marauders Map HP Theme kit. Each kit has five skeins of yarn representing the founders of the Marauders Map and also on the stitch marker that comes with each kit.

Lastly, I came up with my own colors that I felt represented the long-running and well-loved T.V. show, Game of Thrones, in a mini kit. This kit comes with a Games of Thrones button for your collection. These kits are great for making up a pair of fingerless mitts, a cuff or heel in a pair of socks, for adding onto your themed scrappy blanket to making more of the never-ending Beekeepers Quilt we all have in our stash.

The yarns are 75% Superwash Merino wool and 25% nylon. Dyed with professional dyes in a pet/smoke-free home.

New Siidegarte-Pattern … and the Easter Special is still running!

“Sydebascht” is the newest Siidegarte pattern — this light and airy shawlette is your perfect companion, the ideal cover for those early spring days, when the first colours start to ​grace the trees and the peonies start to bloom …

“Sydebascht“ is the Swiss-­German name of one of my favourite spring shrubs, the lilac daphne. Enjoy the colours of Siide-Quirlig, how they shine and gleam, and knitting this delightful spring project!

The kit comes in five stunning colours, three of which have been introduced together with the shawl. Until the end of this month, the kit also contains a complimentary mini-skein for the contrast border — too cute to miss!

April 19, 2017

Jodi Locatelli’s Mystery Wrap KAL Kits

Yoshi & Lucy has released preorders for Joji Locatelli’s upcoming mystery wrap kal. Sign-ups are now open with the first clue release on May 12th. It is a rectangle shawl and uses five full skeins. Using a color guide from Joji I have put together two kits. They have been approved by Joji.

This kit includes the five full skeins that you will need to make this shawl. Have the choice between two bases, Isabel (Superwash Merino/nylon) and Ines (Superwash Merino).

Isabel Base
75% Super Wash Merino
25% Nylon, 4-ply
463 yards/100g

Ines Base
100% Super Wash Merino, 3-ply
490 yards/100g

This kit has been discounted. Full price of set is $120.

Kits will start shipping on May 1st with enough time for the first clue release on May 12.

Thank you for checking out the shop!

April 16, 2017

Joji Locatelli Mystery Wrap Kits

Joji Locatelli is doing a Mystery Knit Along, available for sign-up on April 18th. It’s been four years since her last one, so I’m especially excited for this. The MKAL is going to be a five-color wrap. With her guidance, I’ve put together the two kits pictured above, which will be available to order between April 18th and April 25th.

I’m only dyeing a limited number of these kits, and they will be just perfect for what Joji’s got up her sleeve. You’ll receive them in the mail in time for the first clue on May 12th, and I’ll even wind them for you if you’d like. Each kit is comprised of five full skeins of my Madhouse fingering yarn, which is 100% Superwash Merino wool. I’ll be making one myself, and I can’t wait to see all our wraps taking shape!

Also new in shop are spring mini sets. Take a look, and embrace your crazy!

April 13, 2017

Spring Colorways Shop Update!

Kim at Kim Dyes Yarn has been busy dyeing up a line of new colorways for spring and is excited to share them with you in a shop update. You’ll fall for bright and fun colorways like Bed of Iris, Beach House, and Peaches on a variety of yarn weights from fingering to bulky.

Also in this shop update are new shawl length skeins on Croissant sock, a 100% superwash merino fingering yarn. Each skein has 650 yards–enough to make numerous shawl patterns. AND! Bulky skeins are instock, now with 150 yards for the same price as the old skeins of 105 yards. I heard your concern that 105 yards wasn’t enough for many projects and decided to make the bulky Cream Puff Superwash Merino yarn even better.

Spinners, watch for colorways on Sparkly Superwash Merino, Superwash Targhee, & BFL/Silk.

The shop update goes live at Noon EST on Friday, April 14th. Thank you!

April 11, 2017

So many gorgeous yarns….but how will they look knitted up??

We’ve all had that thought.

And I’ve got the answer! Did you know there are different dye techniques? There are 4 — semi-solid, speckled, kettle dyed, and hand painted.

We’re going to explore each one in this FREE week long challenge! It’s all going down the week of April 24 and we’d love to have you join us.

Each day we’re going to explore a different technique. I will send out an email describing the technique, listing the pros and cons, and giving pattern suggestions. Then we’ll knit up a swatch to see how the colors dance and play together! I’ll even have a swatch for my hookers. There will also be prizes!

So are you in? Go here to join us!

April 9, 2017

12th Doctor Inspired Sock Kit

The ever so talented C.C. Almon from JavaPurl designs and I have collaborated once again to bring you this 12th Doctor inspired sock kit. Each sock kit will include one skein of my Snug base yarn in exclusive color ‘But I think I came out more Magician’, one code so that you can download for free from Ravelry the matching sock pattern, and one set of themed stitch markers.

This is pre-order which means that this product will only be available to purchase from April 10-23, 2017 until 8 p.m. EDT in the kits section of the Pandia’s Jewels website. These kits will ship in mid to late May.

Be a part of Wonka’s World!

Beautiful Mess Yarn Works will be having an update of sock yarn inspired by Willie Wonka and his chocolate factory! All of your favorite characters from the movie will come to life in this new line of yarn.

Want your chance at finding a golden ticket? Every skein purchased comes with a mini Wonka Bar and there are three tickets to be found. The finders will receive one free skein of yarn from the shop.

Be sure to favorite our Etsy shop and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date and be reminded of the April 15th update.

April 4, 2017

Popular colorways restocked!

This week’s shop update features popular colorways that will be making a return. I’ve also got some adorable stitch markers and project keepers still in stock! If you missed out, it’s very likely that your favorite was snatched up by an early bird. But you don’t have to miss out next time! Sign up for my newsletter here. Subscribers get 24 hour early access every week!

Did you sign up for Fibre Share? There are only a few weeks left til packages need to go out! If you’re looking for the perfect last minute addition to round out your package, I’m accepting the Fibre Share coupon! Use it to get 15% off your entire order.

Peace + love, my knittahs!

April 3, 2017

Getting Ready for a Yarn Season

At Galiana Creations we have been busy getting goodies ready for our 2017 shows.

Steel City Fiber Festival in Allentown, PA, is next weekend, April 8th and 9th. There is a chartered bus round trip from the city. If you’re interested, feel free to check out the Festival’s website. It’s a day trip and the bus will depart from right outside Penn station.

At Steel City we will premiering our Yummy Minis. Set of six skeins in gorgeous colors. Each skein is over 90 yards! Just imagine all you can create with 540 yards of Yummy goodness.

Also we are offering for the first time YAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our new Silky Yak is approximately 522 yards of silk, yak and Merino wool blended to create a luxurious yarn.

Speckles are back! Fun yarn full of color and of course GRADIENTS!!! Lots of gradients, project bags plus many other surprises. I can’t wait!

Hope to see you there.