February 16, 2018

Regency Collection 5th edition – Pemberley

One of my favorite literary couples is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. What better way to celebrate their relationship then to go back to place where it all began? It was upon Elizabeth’s tour of Pemberley, the grounds, and seeing how Mr. Darcy acted towards her family that changes her feelings about him. In this 5th edition we go to Derbyshire and the Pemberley Estate. The colors work well together to create a lovely seven color fade. And to make things easier I have offered up the colors for pre-order as a complete kit on my Snug fingering base.

These colors include from Blue to Green: A stream of some natural importance, To be mistress of Pemberley, Elizabeth was delighted, A large handsome stone building, A small country estate, Ridge of high woody hills, & Derbyshire.

Additionally, all Regency 5th edition colors are available individually and can be dyed on Snug, Delight DK, or my Comfy Worsted bases. I only have a limited supply of the heavier weights so once they are gone that is it. There are also two additional colors to the collection: Talk Darcy to Me and The Lakeside District, which also pair well with the colors in this particular fade.

Colors in the 5th edition collection will be available for preorder on the website through Sunday March 4, 2018 until 8 p.m. Eastern time and should ship in late May.

February 14, 2018

Dyed-to-Order Listing Open!

There’s a fun new collaboration happening at Spirit Trail Fiberworks: Subscriber Color Inspirations! I love collaborating with knitwear designers on colors for their designs, and I thought I’d extend color collaboration to a wider circle, and collaborate with my subscribers, too! Each month, newsletter subscribers send me color inspiration photos, and each month I choose one to use for the inspiration of a new, limited edition colorway (and possibly complimentary colorways to go with it, as I did this month). The subscriber who sends me the winning photo receives a free skein of yarn in his or her special color. The hardest part is choosing just one from all the gorgeous photographs I receive!

February’s colorway is inspired by a photo sent by Rheba of a (somewhat photoshopped) Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken. I was immediately taken with this photo because it held a challenge: colors I don’t usually put together on the same yarn — purple and orange. These two colors can be tricky because they’re not always so friendly. If they blend together too much they can create an unattractive shade of … swamp sludge? stale strained peas? oxidized avocado? Yeah, it can be pretty gross. But setting the base color, and then adding color on top, prevents any unpleasant mingling.

Subscriber Inspiration yarns are limited editions, only available for pre-order for a limited time after they debut each month. February’s dyed-to-order options are now live for this month’s special yarn, which I’ve oh-so-creatively named Chicken Chicken, along with two complimentary colors: Chicken Butt (inspired by the pretty lilac-lavender-blue of this chicken’s heiny) and Chicken Wattle (inspired by the red-orange of its facial area).

This month’s colors will be dyed on Aurora, my fingering weight 100% superwash merino single ply yarn. Future colors may be dyed on additional bases; this is my first foray into dyed-to-order and limited edition colors, so it’s a work-in-progress.

February’s colors will be available for pre-order until February 19, 2018, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, at which time they’ll be closed and I’ll start dyeing up the orders. You can order just one skein, or an entire sweater quantity. You decide. Click the link to see all three! Orders will ship by March 5, 2018.

If you’d like to play along, subscribe to my newsletter at the top of my homepage, and send me a photo that inspires you!

February 13, 2018

New Gradient Colors / New Gradient Base

It takes a while to develop a new gradient colorway, so it’s very exciting when it’s ready to share. Introducing Beekeeper in six shades of yummy honey. From light to dark it includes Beeswax, Protect the Pollinators, Honeycomb, Dumbledore, Queen Bee and Hive Mind. It is currently available in fingering weight on my Scrumptious HT base, which is 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% nylon. Like all my gradient sets, it’s a six-color set and available in three fingering weight sizes: Marianette (40 yards each/240 yards total), Perfection (133+ yards each/800 yards total) and Half (200 yards each/1200 yard total).

I was surprised to realize that with Beekeeper, I now have 19 gradient sets in my line! In addition to fingering weight, I have been dyeing all my gradient sets on a new base — Jujubee DK contains six mini skeins with 50 yards each in a springy 100% Superwash Merino. It’s the same base as my Playtime DK yarn, making it perfect for when you need a main color to go with your gradient. Jujubee DK minis are currently available in 10 of my gradient colorways. The newest additions are Unchained Melody and Mountain Majesties.

Patterns featuring Beekeeper and Jujubee DK minis will be debuting within the next few months.

February 9, 2018

Craic: a new Crescent Shawl Pattern!

Just published on Ravelry is my new crescent shawl design, Craic. “Craic” is Irish Gaelic slang for “fun, a good time, a good conversation,” and it’s pronounced “crack.” This pattern is all that: it’s a fun knit that’s a good time all around, both addictive and relaxing to knit.

My vision was for a unisex (not too frilly or feminine) pattern with texture, some easy garter stitch, interplay between colors, and simple elegance. I also wanted an uncomplicated design that would be perfect for knitting while watching TV or attending a sporting or other event. You know how it goes: you’re happily knitting along, watching a great TV show, or one of your kids / friends compete somewhere and, at some point, you look down and realize you forgot to pay attention to the pattern stitch, and you have to rip out stitches (or, heaven forbid, rows). We’ve all been there. So, this pattern was designed to succeed during those times when our concentration may be somewhat split, or you just want something fun and easy to work on.

It’s fingering weight, so any fingering weight yarn that’s at least 400 yards per skein will do; it doesn’t even matter if they’re the same ply or fiber blend. I bet we all have skeins in our stashes we can mix and match for this design, and I think mixing plies, and/or different fiber blends, would be fabulous — give it some different textures as well as colors. Use a single-ply for one skein, and a multi-ply for the other. Perhaps one skein 100% silk, and the other a blend of wool, Cashmere, silk, yak or some other protein fiber. The only thing I’d not recommend is mixing protein fibers with plant fibers, simply because they are SO different, and don’t block —or stay blocked — the same way.

I can envision this design knit in two solid colors, two speckled colors, highly contrasting colors (like mine), more subtly contrasting colors, or even all one color. Whatever you decide, you just need two skeins of at least 400 yards each, or at least 800 yards total for one color.

If you love the colors I used and need to knit Craic in those, I’ve got you covered — Bog Cherry and Painted Hills (the two colors I used), plus many more are now available on my Shop Update page on several different fingering weight bases. Happy Knitting!

February 6, 2018

Introducing NanoStitch Lab

Hello! We are Angela and Heather, two friends who love the fiber arts and have always been drawn to the beauty of hand-painted yarns. Eventually we decided to try dyeing our own. Decked out in plastic aprons, heat-proof gloves and respirators, we looked like mad scientists. But most importantly: once we started mixing dye and creating our own colors and color combinations, we FELT like mad scientists. And thus, NanoStitch Lab was born.

We find inspiration for our colorways in all aspects of science: astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and more. We are inspired by and celebrate women in STEM. We have a whole line of tonal colorways named after female scientists, like Annie J. Easley who was an actual rocket scientist. We dye colors that inspire us. We dye colors that we want to work with and eventually wear. We dye colors that we love and we hope you do too.

You can find a gallery of our colorways on our website as well as info on all of our yarn bases. There is also detailed information on our “Science is Real” bi-monthly yarn and enamel pin club which can include a beautiful project by by That Crafty Little Fox. You can find the dates for all of our upcoming Etsy shop updates, club sign-ups, trunk shows and special events.

February 6, 2018

For Lovers of good Aussie Wool hand dyed by Briony

Beautiful, soft Australian wool.
Lovingly spun in New Zealand, crafted by you. For those who respect the process and want to connect with their craft.

Buy Small, Buy Local, Buy with Purpose.
Created with mindful consumerism to keep you in the moment. Items that matter, items that last. Run your fingers through it, feel the luxury of good Aussie Wool.

Hello and welcome to by Briony. I am based in Melbourne, Australia and offer a boutique selection of yarns. You won’t find any Superwash or nylon here! My yarns have been selected with ethical purpose. My inspiration for dyeing comes from our gorgeous natural environment, I even dye with Eucalyptus leaves! I am a passionate supporter of the true blue Aussie farmer, and hope that you fall in love with these yarns as much as I have.

February 4, 2018

Yarns for Water Lore Lovers

New colourways for the water lover in you. Inspired by sea and water lore, take a journey along the shoreline and into the depths. Pictured are just a few of the colours in stock: Water Hound, Kraken, Blue Men of the Minch, Mermaid, and Selkie Coat. Available in themed mini skein sets or as full 100g gram skeins in DK and sock weights.

Why not pick up a matching stitch marker set? All stitch markers in the shop are on sale until 28th February, including my Alice in Wonderland and Day of the Dead sets.

February 3, 2018

Friends Don’t Let Friends Craft With Insipid Yarn

So many stripeys, so little time! White Birch Fiber Arts specializes in long gradients and gradient stripeys, full of riotous color, wit, and daredevil playfulness.

My dyeing specialty is technically complicated and labor-intensive techniques that you won’t find in many other places. I am one of not very many dyers doing long-repeat stripeys, so right away that sets me apart. I also go where other dyers do not tread, doing gradient cakes on bases and at lengths that are very hard to find anywhere else. My gradient cakes come in lengths from 200 to 1600 yards, and are on a superb selection of bases – from the same Vermont-grown CVM/Romeldale that my roving features, to baby camel and silk. Very few other dyers have that range.

Recently, I have also started carrying a unique and very popular line of handcrafted buttons, made of natural materials like agate, antler, fossils, burned wood and semiprecious gems. There are even buttons made from fossilized dinosaur bone! No more perfect accent could be found for your perfect stitchwork.

February 2, 2018

Introducing a New Hat Pattern, Teamh, with IU Discounts!

Meet Téamh, my new hat design! Téamh is Irish Gaelic for “warmth,” and this hat, with its deep brim, cables and garter texture, is sure to warm the wearer. Teamh includes a deep ribbed brim and an easy four-row stitch pattern for the body (pretty perfect for knitting during the Olympics!). Knit it longer for a deeper brim and more ear coverage, or a bit shorter for more of a beanie style.

Téamh is knit in Luna, Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ 100% non-shrink organic wool worsted weight base. My daughter’s hat was knit in the “Sea Shadows” colorway, which is currently out of stock, but there are lots of other great colors in stock. This pattern will also work in STF Verdande, for a super-soft, super-luxurious option!

Luna is really fabulous; I love working with it, and this one-skein project is the perfect opportunity to give this new base a try. It’s been processed organically, from mulesing-free, organically-raised sheep on the farm through processing at the mill. It’s machine washable, but because it’s “superwashed” with a GOTS-certified organic process that uses neither acids to strip the follicles from the fibers, or polymers to coat them, it’s not called “superwash.” Because of the special non-shrink process, it still feels like wool, too. I still recommend handwashing this yarn, or machine washing on gentle, and laying flat to dry whenever possible.

Téamh is now available on Ravelry! And, just for Indie Untangled readers, I’m offering two coupon codes:

In my shop, use “Indie” (no quotations, capital I) to receive 20% off you order of Luna, or any other yarn in stock! It’s a shop-wide discount!

And on Ravelry, use “Indie” (no quotations, capital I) in the coupon code box after you’ve added Teamh to your cart to receive 50% off the pattern!

Coupon codes are good from now through February 28, 2018. Happy Stitching!