March 9, 2017

Braaaaaiins… Zombie-themed yarns

Zombie-themed yarns now available on a variety of superwash bases in varying weights, including DK and sock.

Can I interest you in a Refleshmint? Why not add on a Zombie tin and stitch marker? The tin is perfect for keeping your markers and small notions together and as a bonus contains brain shaped mint flavoured candy!

“Find Your Fade” All Silky Swiss — and a flash sale…. if you read to the end…

Just before the end of last year, Andrea Mowry, also known as “drea renee knits,” published a new shawl pattern which has proved to be hugely popular in such short time — and well deserved so!! If you are on any of the Social Medias — for me, this is mainly Instagram — you have seen so many pictures of this fun and exciting project in all stages.

My sister has been pointing it out to me again and again, urging me to combine a few colours just for fun and see how they melt and mix. But I only started doing it now that I’ve seen her finished shawl — it’s gorgeous and fun and oh-so-doable! The whole idea is about combining colours and special skeins, playing with them, and letting loose the magic of colours in an easy and captivating knit.

So I started thinking which colours to chose for my own… and, honestly, once you start you just can’t stop anymore, it’s addictive! And it’s beautiful, if I may say so myself! So for as long as I’m knitting on my version of this shawl, I’m also going to offer three special kits with seven custom-sized skeins of 90g each — so you can combine your colours any way you want!

The Kit comes in three different colour combinations. Each skein is sized at 90g.

The “Smooth One” is done in Siide-Liind, silk-Merino-SeaCell, a slightly thicker yarn than the one asked for in the pattern, with a light sheen. I love those colours, ranging from a quite dark purple over warm yellow with reds speckled to a dark teal.

The “Silky One” is done in Siide-Quirlig, silk and SeaCell, which gives a stunning shine and drape. This is a rainbow of colours which will give a light and fluid and very colour intensive shawl!

The “Soft One” is done in Siide-Fideel, silk and Merino, soft and oh so cuddly, the colours ranging from a bright teal over cool yellow and beige to purple.

Most of the colours are existing Siidegarte colourways, some few are special edition ones which I might add to the standard selection further down the line — I’ll see, it depends on how well it is received.

And **if** you’re anything like me, you have started to see all the pictures of friends and online community going to and meeting in Edinburgh for the EYF2017 — ah, you would have loved to be there as well, but… so many buts… To make it easier on all those not attending, so you can treat yourself as well and get some yarn therapy, I’m offering this code for a 15% off — only this weekend, only for as long as we’re having see all those Edinburgh images longingly!

Use “EYF17-15%” for 15% off all Siidegarte yarn — or “EYF17-FFFASS” for free shipping on the “Find Your Fade”-kit!

March 6, 2017

Pink Fluffy Llamicorns

Pink Fluffy Llamicorns have arrived… and they just might be dancing and knitting rainbows.

I find inspiration from different places and I couldn’t help but wonder… what would happen if a Pink Fluffy Unicorn and a Rainbow Llamicorn were to fall in love? And it’s this kind of crazy, magical, creative love that gives rise to the PINK FLUFFY LLAMICORN!

This particular color will be available as a pre-order starting today until Sunday, March 19, 2017 until 8 p.m. EDT and can be found listed in the in stock section of my website.

BUT WAIT… there is more.

If you order a skein of Pink Fluffy Llamicorn then I will also send you a Pink Fluffy Llamicorn Stitch Marker for FREE! Limit one stitch marker per customer.

Black Wolf Ranch and Fiber

Hello everyone. We are Black Wolf Ranch and Fiber. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about us. We create homegrown yarns that preserve, support and sustain the U.S. ranching lifestyle. We are passionate about Alpaca and domestic textiles and we source our yarns with fiber from the ranch and from local ranchers in our home state of Montana.

Our passion for this lifestyle gives us the inspiration we need to design unique yarns and dye colors to accent the natural colors found in the Alpaca, Merino, Cormo and BFL yarns we create. All yarns are sourced and milled in Montana or the US, all dyeing is done here on the Ranch. Our loyal customer base follows us across the US as we tour fiber festivals. At each show we share our story, our yarns, and photos of our animals and introduce new customers to our luxurious yarns.

We just debuted our new spring colors. Come check them out!

March 1, 2017

Peep Show

Spring time, when the earth comes alive with flowers, singing birds and the shops start to carry PEEPS! I couldn’t resist creating a sock in tribute to one of my all time favorite treats.

Simple stranded colorwork bunnies with beaded eyes and noses, and chicks with beaded eyes and bobble noses surround the leg in a calorie free celebration.

Peep Show is introductory priced at $3.50 until March 15th. Yarn only kits will be available from Undead Yarn on Etsy beginning March 2.

February 23, 2017

Grand Opening of Asylum Fibers

Has anyone ever told you you’re crazy? Not just in general, but when it comes to your “unhealthy” obsession with yarn? Well, we as crafters are far from ordinary, and I say, “Embrace your crazy!”

I’m thrilled to announce the grand opening of Asylum Fibers. At 10pm EST on Friday, February 24th, I hope you can join me to celebrate, either by shopping or through the sorcery known as Facebook Live.

Asylum Fibers offers small batch, hand dyed yarns, with an emphasis on what I call “Chaos Colorways.” These non-repeatable batches will be included in every store update. I will also be offering regular colorways, including Bad Bad Girl, Holy Exorcism, Hydrotherapy, Metrazol, Moody, Redrum, The Shower Scene, and Voices. You get the idea, right?

Everything in the shop will be at least 25% off for the first month because I’m just so dang jolly about this whole thing.

xoxo Stephanie