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Indie turns 5 at Rhinebeck

Organizing each year’s Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk Show is like completing a new knitting project. With nearly every one, I learn something new that makes me a better knitter. I get a little help — sometimes a lot of help — from my fellow stitchers. And I have late, often sleepless nights coming up with solutions to tricky problems.

And, as much as I knit, my stash continues to grow…

There were a lot of changes this year. The show moved to a new venue in Saugerties, which provided much more space, and natural light, for shopping than our previous home at the Best Western. We expanded the hours. It was also, for the first time, a fully ticketed show, and we utilized shuttle buses to ensure the venue’s parking lot wouldn’t be overtaxed. After the unprecedented crowds, long lines and parking issues of last year, these were things that had to be done, though I regret this meant that not everyone who wanted to come was able to.

While many shoppers were anxious about this new system, it was, overall, a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere — with a little bit of that festival frenzy thrown in.

My fellow helpers and I — including Petrina Hicks, a knitting friend who I discovered, via Instagram, lives across the street from me and is an event planner! — learned a lot from this year’s show. I know it will help ensure that future Indie Untangled events, whether it’s a kickoff to Rhinebeck or special event in Brooklyn, become my, and your, favorite FO yet.

And speaking of knitting friends, here are some photos of Indie Untangled 2018 taken by my talented friend Carolina of Triple C Photography.

Working the Night Shift at the Spincycle Booth.
Designers Catherine Clark and Caitlin Hunter pose for one of many pics.
A shopper spotted with multiple Indie Untangled bags.
A wall of color at the Hue Loco booth.
More beauties at Junkyarn.
Checking out the colors from IU newcomer Hu Made.

Taking a (short) break from shopping in the MDK Lounge.
Colorful project bags from That Clever Clementine and wooden goodies from Katrinkles.
Showing off my All Points South while taking in my other indie FO.


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2 Responses

  1. Indie was enjoyable this year, particularly after last year’s nightmare. I love the pictures, but why are there no women of colour–I do see ‘1’–in these pictures? Women of colour attended this event & their money spends just like anyone else’s.

    1. Hi Gillian,
      In answer to your comment, I actually see seven women of colour in the pictures above. Take a second look. Perhaps broaden your definition of “women of colour”…although, that’s really not the point; looks like everybody, it n all shapes, ages, sizes, and yes–colours, had fun!
      Wish I could have been there too!

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