July 31, 2019

Introducing a new product line to the shop!

  • A project bag slung over a knitter's arm

Japanese Knot Bags are the perfect bag to carry your current project in! They also make great gifts for teachers, colleagues, kids, and your knitting or crochet friends. We just stocked two new whimsical, fun designs that will bring a smile to your face every time you reach for your current project.

It will hold 1-2 balls of yarn or a small wallet, keys, mobile phone, and more! This reversible knot bag with a round base is perfect for daily errands.

For a change of pace, turn it inside out for a completely different look. It has no zippers or buttons to catch on the yarn — just slip the long handle through the short handle to close the bag and go! This little bag makes it easy to knit while on go.

Bag measures approximately 9″ W x 12.5″ L including the handles.

We’ve also added some lavender sachets — perfect to keep bugs away from your stash or freshening up your sock drawer. You could also tuck one in with your precious finished objects in storage, ensuring that they’re fresh and bug free when the weather turns chilly!

And finally, our newest colorway: “Man Flu” (noun) — an illness that causes the male to be helpless and sicker than any other family member. In females: a cold. Couldn’t have said it better myself. We’ve all experienced man flu. It’s a debilitating illness that has no cure and makes loved ones wonder why they married the afflicted. This colorway is a nod to all of us who have conquered Man Flu and lived to tell about it.

It has turquoise, reds, and purples surrounded by grays. We’ve only got a few skeins left!

June 27, 2019

Do you wish to squish?

  • A hand squishes red, white and blue variegated yarn.

Do you ever look at a gorgeous skein of yarn online and hit “add to cart” but then have second thoughts?

“Maybe it won’t be the colors I’m seeing on my screen.” OR “Ooo… what if it isn’t as buttery soft as it looks in this picture?”

That’s part of the beauty of buying yarn at your LYS or a fiber festival. You get to pet and drool over the yarn BEFORE buying it and you know exactly what you’re getting. But not everyone is lucky enough to have an awesome LYS or fiber festivals in their town so if they want gorgeous indie-dyed yarn they take the plunge online.

So one day we had an idea — what if you could squish the yarn before committing to it?!

And that’s how the Wish To Squish Program was born. It’s really quite simple. You buy the yarn and if you choose to, we’ll pop a pre-paid return envelope in with your yarn. If it’s not everything you dreamed of when you rip open your package — use the enclosed envelope and put it in your mailbox to ship it back to us. We’ll give you a 100% refund — no questions asked.

You really have nothing to lose!

Of course, if you’re already a rabid fan of our yarns and know you’ll love it just select NO when checking out and we won’t send you a pre-paid envelope. We’ll save the bag and label so there’s no waste.

There is some fine print, but it’s not too painful:

–> Yarn must not have foul odors, be washed, worked up, or wound into a cake.
–> Yarn must be received by USPS within three business days of receipt.
–> Refund will be issued when yarn is received by us in its original condition.
–> Available to U.S. customers only.

So what are you waiting for?? Start shopping now and add to your cart with confidence!

November 21, 2018

It’s time for my annual sale — the only sale I have all year!

My family and I have a lot to be thankful for. So we wanted to say “thanks” to you for supporting us as we grow and expand our family business into the next year.

As a token of our appreciation we’re offering Buy 3, Get 1 FREE plus free shipping for all U.S. orders from November 23-26! No coupon needed, just add skeins to your cart and it will figure it out. Read below for even more treats!

“They Whine, I Wine” is for everyone who is struggling to get through kids home for fall break, political talk during Thanksgiving dinner and whiny family. I have a limited inventory of this exclusive gradient so get yours while you can!

The first 15 orders this weekend will get complimentary ball winding service, as another thank you. If you don’t want your yarn wound, just let me know in your order notes and I’ll pass it on to the next customer. ????

Introducing my new gradient sock blanks! These colorways shift gradually from light to dark, giving a stunning look to shawls, hats and more. Sock blanks are fun to use! You can either work straight from the blank and watch as the color shifts or wind it into a ball and work as usual.

Thank you again, for all your love and support over this past year! It means more to me than you will ever know and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.


August 22, 2018

Do you believe in fairies?

“Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a fairy, hand in hand.
For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand”
~William Butler Yeats

Irish folklore is rich with Fairy Mythology. It was once believed that fairies are natural beings with supernatural powers. They can die, just as they can give birth to children. They can be generous and bring good luck and fortune. But if you harm them or their property they can be extremely vengeful and they are often seen as the fallen angels.

I’ve been fascinated since a child by the thought of fairies so I’ve created a Woodland Fairy Collection of colorways! For the next few months I’ll be releasing a new colorway to add to this fun collection.

First up is “Enchanted Forest” — because they need a place to live, right?? ???? Enchanted Forest is a beautiful colorway with bright greens, rich oranges and soft grey brown. Just the colors that I imagine are in the Fairy Forests!

And the first fairy colorway is called “Peacock Fairy”, which has bright aqua blues, rich yellows, and soft baby blues.

Use these colorways to escape to the fairy world as you create your next masterpiece!

I’ve also updated the shop with some of the popular colorways like Grandpa (Daideo), Heather, and Tiofaíne! Go to www.baadmomyarns.com to snag yours before they’re gone.

August 8, 2018

Start thinking about the holidays with these kits for the perfect gift!

Summer is quickly coming to an end as we start sending kids back to school and wait for crisp fall nights that promise cozy knits and blazing bonfires.

And before we know it the holidays will be here! Get a head start on this year’s gift giving with these kits that will help you whip up a quick, fun gift for your loved one.

First up is the My Favorite Things Cowl! One of my favorite movies growing up was The Sound of Music. I would watch it every afternoon after school. I had the entire movie memorized and could probably still recite it back to you to this day. I’ve teamed up with Lina from Lina Knits to create this amazing kit inspired by the movie! Lina designed a really cool cowl that is made up of her favorite stitch patterns featuring some colorways inspired by some of my favorite scenes from the movie. Each kit comes with the pattern, one 50g skein of “Abbey Grey” and five 10g skeins of colorways inspired by popular scenes in the movie. The pattern will be automatically emailed to you, so please make sure you enter the correct email during checkout.

Next I have some Heels & Toes Sock Kits. These kits are perfect for adding a contrasting color for the heels and toes when you’re knitting socks! You could also use these for mittens and use the contrasting mini for the cuffs or fingers. Or maybe a slouch hat with contrasting ribbing and pom pom? The only limit is your imagination!

September 26, 2017

Calling all Reign fans!

Are you a fan of the hit TV show Reign? I have been truly crushed that this show was cancelled and know you have been too. I for one have been binge watching it on Netflix with no shame! Oh the intrigue, the lust, scandal! Traumatized that the show is no longer airing, I was thinking what fun it would be to have a monthly yarn club with colorways inspired from the show. Nothing like knitting up an inspired colorway while watching your favorite episodes over and over! Are you ready to Reign?

This monthly subscription will open up for new subscriptions for the last 2 weeks of the previous month. Once you purchase a subscription, you’re in and don’t have to re-purchase every month! You can cancel at any time. But let’s be honest — you won’t want to!

You can choose your base but the colorway will be a surprise! They will be inspired by each of the more popular characters. Queen Mary (of course), King Francis, Queen Catherine, Bash…oh the possibilities! The costumes on the show are so rich and luxurious and these yarns will remind you of each character as you knit them up.

October’s colorway will be inspired by Queen Mary and sign-ups close September 30 at midnight so hurry! I have a limited number of spots available and they’re filling up fast. Go here to save your spot!

If you still need convincing, each club member will be entered to win this set of 5 mini skeins inspired by the show! Each skein is 20g/92 yards of fingering weight 75/25 merino/nylon. The regally beautiful colors will add that special touch to your next project! The winner will be announced October 5 and receive the set in their October shipment.

August 16, 2017

More than just a shop update

Dia duit, friend!

I’ve got a shop update happening this week — but not just this week! I’ve changed my update schedule to every week instead of every other week. This will give everyone an opportunity to snag what they love! For the next few weeks I’ve got some gorgeous colorways that are perfect for Autumn.

Additionally, in case you haven’t heard — I’m teaming up with 9 other AMAZING dyers to bring you the Indie Artist Yarn Collective mini kits! These gorgeous kits will have a mini skein from each dyer plus a beautiful matching project bag. There are two kits — Flick Faves, which has colorways inspired by each dyer’s favorite movie and Something Wicked, featuring spooky colorways from the wicked imagination of each dyer. One of my favorite movie is Steel Magnolias and I’ve always wanted to make a colorway like that armadillo cake! My wicked colorway is inspired by black cats and their haunting eyes. The dyers are Black Cat Fibers, Darn Yarn MN, Hulahut Yarns, Leon Alexander, Old Crow Art Yarns, SewhappyJane, Siren String Arts, Tinsel Factory, Wee Chickadee Woolery, and yours truly. You can buy your kit here and then join us in the Facebook group here.

And finally, have you heard of The Yarnpreneur Society? Not sure what a Yarnpreneur is? Well, if you have a business in the fiber industry then you’re a Yarnpreneur and need to join us! We’ll help you grow your passion from a hobby business to a thriving, sustainable business you can be proud of. Join us here!

Summer is finally coming to an end (thank goodness, I hate it! lol) and Autumn will be here soon! There will be Pumpkin Spice everything, gorgeous landscapes from Mother Nature, cool crisp evenings, and we won’t have to sweat under our latest WIP. I can’t wait!

Slán leat,

July 18, 2017

A rebrand and a shop update!

Go Knit Yourself is now Baad Mom Yarns! And I’m celebrating with a huge shop update.

Every business grows and evolves. We try things, realize they don’t work, and move on to something else. Sometimes the original intent and vision of the business changes. And other times businesses need to change their product lines for various reasons.

Several things happened that made me realize change was necessary. My number one goal is your happiness and if I’m not passionate about the business you will be able to tell. If I’m doing extra work behind the scenes that takes time, then I won’t be able to produce the volume of yarn that you desire. I am only one person, after all!

I was having issues with my main supplier that cost me hours every week. Hours that could be spent dyeing up more beautiful yarn for you! There was nothing wrong with the yarn and if you’ve bought from me in the past you can rest assured that you have a quality product. However they were frequently out of stock, sent skeins that had knots in them, and even sent tangled skeins! Tangled skeins meant extra time spent untangling them because the last thing I want is for you to have to deal with a tangled skein!

Additionally, my vision for the business changed. Originally I started Go Knit Yourself with the intent of selling kits and me teaching you how to knit. I would sell the yarn and pattern in a kit and have instructional YouTube videos. That’s how the name came about — Go Knit (It) Yourself! Plus, it was a nod to my personality of always pushing the envelope. For various reasons, that didn’t work out and I realized that I needed to change more than just my yarn bases.

That’s when Baad Mom Yarns was born! However, you don’t need to be a bad mom (or a mom at all!) to love my yarns. You just have to love yarn. I’m the bad mom. Have you ever seen the movie Bad Moms? Yeah — I’m totally Amy, the main character. Always trying to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect friend — the perfect woman — when really I’d much rather be lounging around in my favorite holey T-shirt (with no bra, of course!), sipping on a fruity beverage (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!), while cursing at my kids to be quiet because The Real Housewives of Orange County is on and the more they talk to me the more likely I am to lose my stitch count. I’ve been told I’m a good mom. I’ve been told I’m the worst mom to ever walk the planet. I’m pretty sure I’m somewhere in between. You’ll also notice a Celtic vibe here, as a nod to my Irish heritage.

I hope you love the changes! If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Slán leat,