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August 25, 2018

Groovy Hues goes dark… and Pumpkin Spice Prince like you’ve never seen it before!

You Can’t Take The Goth Outta The Girl!

Well, you can’t. Amirite? I’m right. If you’ve been one of my Groovies from the very beginning, you’re probably shocked to see a colorway like our new Goth on your screen. “This can’t be Groovy Hues,” you might be saying. Ah, but it is! I wanted to do an atypical Halloween colorway this year. I’ve always done something black and orange with some green and purple. I’m over that. I wanted you to have a yarn that you can use ANY day of the year without anyone giving you the side-eye. And, let’s face it. We’re all a little bit goth when it comes down to it. This colorway sold out through and through at our last trunk show at the destination LYS Do Ewe Knit, and now it is available in the online shop for the first time in FIVE bases, including luxury YAK!

It also seems that you want your pumpkin spice, and you want it NOW!

I’m pretty basic. I can admit it. In fact, I EMBRACE it. “Waiting For My Pumpkin Spice Prince” has sold out every time I’ve ever released it in its usual tweed. You have begged for me to make it in some new bases, and I’m being as accommodating as possible! I have obliged. What am I, if not flexible? It came out so beautifully on the not-so-usual bases that I should listen to all of you far more often. Again, the rich, darker yak is my favorite, but the DK and Cuddly sock are just as awesome.

Some yarns from the Yoga Collection have been restocked. Om Shanti is amazing on the laceweight, and you absolutely need to check out Drishti. It pairs perfectly with the new Goth colorway for this week for any contrasting colorwork!

I’ll be in Spain from the 1st through the 9th, but expect some amazing things from Groovy Hues when we return! Shop will remain open while we are gone. All orders before we leave will ship before we leave. Orders during that week will ship when I am back!

May 26, 2018

Huuuuuge update today for the Groovy Hues Summer Shawl-Along KAL/CAL!

Are you ready to get your Shawl-Along on? I hope so! You’ve got your favorite flip-flops, needles, hooks, and a refreshing pitcher of sangria — now get the yarn you need to make that scene complete and bring you the serenity you deserve.

Groovy Hues Fibers is holding a Summer Shawl-Along CAL/KAL. Any fiber art you want, any pattern you want. And you have the WHOLE SUMMER to work on it! June 1 to August 31! Join our social media community to participate – The Grooviest Of Them All on Facebook. Then, join the Summer Shawl-Along group. You must be a member of both groups to participate and WIN some amazing fibery prizes!!

Today at 1 p.m. Eastern time, there is a HUGE shop update to help you pick some yarn. Of course you may use any yarn you wish for your project, but your prizes will be extra-special if you use mine! Take a look at the photographic eye-candy to get some inspiration for crafting in the months ahead, and then head on over to the shop to see just how much more awaits a forever home!

April 28, 2018

Huge 4.28.18 Shop Update with all new colorways on extremely unique bases!

This week, it’s time to bring several bases to the forefront that we don’t bring to fiber festivals and trunk shows with us. Singles? We’ve got it. Interesting plant fibers? We’ve got that, too. Here’s a comprehensive list of not-so-typical-for-us bases you will find in the shop on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time:

* Snazzy ‘n Groovin’ – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino and sparkly lurex.
* Smoothly Groovin’ – a single-ply fingering weight base made of superwash merino and luscious mulberry silk.
* Bambooin’ ‘n Groovin’ – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino, sleek bamboo, and nylon.
* Groovin’ in Tenceltown – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino and soft tencel.
* Groovin’ Goat – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino, mohair, and nylon.
* Heavenly ‘n Groovin’ – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino, cashmere, and silk.
* Single ‘n Groovin’ – a single-ply fingering weight made of tightly twisted superwash merino.

For those of you who prefer to stick with what you already know, we do have some of our Twisted Sock and Cuddly DK as well!

As for the colorways? Here’s a tiny description of the stories behind the colors this week.

Emo Little Pony –
Although not truly 100% new, this colorway has only been offered a tiny handful of times, and never on the expansive number of bases we have for you this week. A fluorescent purple that seems to defy nature, touches of hot pink, silver, and black! This one has been ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over in our Facebook Group all week, so we hope we’ve dyed enough!

Ludicrous Speed: They’ve Gone To Plaid! –
Are you a Spaceballs fan? Good! Me too! Find this brand new colorway on three different bases this weekend! A gorgeous dark pink-red, touches of cantaloupe, a peachy yellow, cream, silver, and deep charcoal. Different fibers take the dye in various ways, so choose your favorite application and give some skeins a forever home!

Cross-Bronx Expressway Random Road Poultry –
Sometimes, traveling during show season makes us a little punchy. This year, I traveled to the Allentown Fiber Festival with my best friend, Lauren-Rae of the All Wound Up Podcast which you can find on YouTube. We were very tired from driving, when all of a sudden, she yells, “CHICKENS! Are those CHICKENS?!” Indeed, on the side of the Cross-Bronx Expressway, there were many chickens and roosters just wandering about. Now they have their own colorway on three bases to celebrate their odd little lives! This one is a rich aqua-green, deep mustard, orangey brick, mahogany, and a deep coffee brown.

Modern Abstract: A Flamingo Protesting The Endless Winter –
This one is a colorway dyed as an exclusive for The Yarn Attic during our trunk show on the New Jersey Wool Walk. We had so much fun, and people online saw photos of this yarn and begged me for it. Rhonda was nice enough to release the colorway right back to us, and we will have a very limited number of these on our Bambooin’ base this weekend! It’s a kettle-dyed mix of the peachy pinkness of a flamingo, snowy white, and several tones of icy-blue.

March 29, 2018

Blast from the past, plus ‘I Run On Dunkin’

Only 10 people in the entire world have “Passion Fruit Creme Brulee.” That’s about to change. I released “Passion Fruit Creme Brulee” back in July 2016 as part of a yarn club. It sold out instantly, and the 10 people who received one loved it. It’s time for this colorway to come back — you’ve been begging me for almost two years, and I suppose it is time to give in!!! Preorders are open on EIGHT different bases, and I am limiting the number to 20 total skeins per base at this time. It’s selling quickly, so grab your favorite base before they are gone!

PLEASE NOTE: “Passion Fruit Creme Brulee” skeins are NOT ready to ship. These are on a PREORDER basis, and will be dyed and ship on or before mid-May 2018, after I get back from Munich and Allentown Fiber Festival, but before Long Island Fleece & Fiber.

And, oh my gosh. I get it now. You REALLY love your Dunkin’! “I Run On Dunkin” may have earned the title of the most popular Groovy Hues colorway of all time. I haven’t counted, but I’ll call it an unofficial top contender! I have made TWENTY more skeins on four different bases (five each!), and these absolutely ARE *ready to ship*! I will not be able to make more of these for a live update until after spring fiber festivals are over, so go find your favorite, as they tend to sell out really fast. Really, really fast.

Thanks so much, everyone! I hope you love what we have to offer this week! The shop is kind of bare as we prepare for spring festivals and trunk shows, but there is still plenty to be had. Don’t see something you covet? Never fear. There will be another large update as soon as I can manage it.

Head on over to the Groovy Hues website and see which skeins need a forever home!

P.S. If you order ready-to-ship yarn between the dates of March 31 and April 7, they will ship on April 8. I will be eating my way through Munich, Germany, during that time and will not be home to ship yarn.

January 7, 2017

Happy New Year! First Groovy Hues Update Of 2017!

The Groovy Hues Fibers update is officially LIVE! I’m so excited to bring these to you this week – I had so much fun with them! New yarn in tons of different weights, and brand new hand-decorated tape measures.

New colorways this week:
*Rollin’ With My Gnomies – a single-ply DK yarn with a rosy pinkish-red, lime green, blue, and white
*BMX Forever – sock yarn with neon yellow, hot lime green, and highlighter blue with speckles of black
*Just Ducky! – sock yarn with creamy chick yellow with random speckles of day-glo orange and highlighter blue
*Treasure Trove – a textured sock yarn with the perfect burnt orange married with different browns, cream, and sea blue
*The Llama’s Pajamas – a textured sock yarn with hot fuchsia pink with white, deep navy, and silver
*On The Edge – an amazing super-duper-bulky thick’n’thin Peruvian Merino with golds, greens, wheat, browns, cream, and blue
*I’m Just Mauvelous, Dahling! – mauves and rosy dusty pinks with different shades of silver and charcoal

Also, SO, SO much spinning fiber – tons of different combos – merino, BFL, silk, tencel, alpaca… so much!

Everything in the shop is *READY TO SHIP* so you’ll get your squishy bliss faster – enjoy!

November 22, 2016

Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Sales!

Hi, friends! A lot of you have started asking if I’m going to be offering discounts for the big shopping weekend. The answer is YES!!! You bet your groovy behind! 🙂 This is the one big sale weekend that I do all year, and this year is no different!!!! It’s my way of giving thanks to all of you for being so fabulous. Small Business Saturday is your BEST chance for savings — I am offering 20% off of all of my ready-to-ship inventory. If you miss Saturday, you can get 15% off of your order on Sunday. If you miss both of those days and you’re nursing a turkey hangover on Monday while swiveling around in your desk chair avoiding doing any real work, then Cyber Monday’s free shipping is for you! I won’t tell your boss if you won’t.

All of these offers are good *only* on ready-to-ship inventory. Preorders and dyed-to-order items will not be listed in the shop on those days!

So head on over to the Groovy Hues Etsy shop on those days, and use the following:

Coupon Codes

11/26 - SHOPSMALL 
20% Off Entire Order!

 15% Off Entire Order!

 Free Domestic Shipping!

Coupon codes will be active between midnight and 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on the active dates, unless I forget, and then the error is in your favor. 🙂

November 20, 2016

Holiday yarns are HERE!!!!!!

Hi, everyone! The Groovy Hues Fibers colorways for the Holiday 2016 collection are LIVE, and READY TO SHIP!!!

This year, we have:
*It’sno-man’s Land
*Have Yourself A Tweedy Little Christmas
*Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
*I Just Like Smiling – Smiling’s My Favorite!

Right now they are all in fingering/sock yarn, but if you need them on something else, please message me and I am happy to create something custom for you!

If these skeins sell out, I will be opening preorders for new rounds of dyeing — the dye schedule is finally abating a bit, so I should have them out to you well before the holidays, even if they are dyed to order.

I hope you love them! Happy Holidays from Groovy Hues, no matter what you celebrate! If holiday yarn isn’t your thing, there is also a metric ton of ready-to-ship inventory on the shelves for you with no holiday theme whatsoever. 🙂

June 14, 2016

Something spicy, Arya Stark tribute, cuter ways to measure, instant gratification super bulky, and more!

Hi, you guys! It’s been awhile since I had even a moment to sit down and give all of you an update. I’m not sure if I am ready to party, or a little wistful that all of my spring fiber festivals are over. But yes, the summer lull between festivals has arrived. That means more shop updates for you, with more stuff every week.

And I’ve got NEW STUFF! I’ve been on a crafting binge lately, and truthfully, nothing is safe from my new fabric obsession. Hand-decorated fabric-covered tape measures are now in the Groovy Hues shop! I’ve had a hard time parting with some of them, but there are only so many WIPs I can measure at once. I have them for most every fandom, with more being added every few days.

We just had a shop update recently, and the “Some Like It Hot” kits are incredibly popular. I have just a handful left, and they are on special for $6 off. They make the most adorable buffalo wing and celery socks — I am finished with one sock, and I am well on my way to finally completing the second. I rarely keep anything I make, but this is some selfish knitting, my friends. I love buffalo wings and hot sauce more than anything in the universe. If I ever get married, that is going to be my wedding dinner — I swear it. The bags are made by Jennifer Franc of Otterly Adorable Knits — she has been my friend for over three decades, and her craftsmanship is top notch.

Hmm… what else? Yarn! Tons and tons of yarn! Do you have a hankering for some instant gratification projects? The super bulky I’ve tossed into the shop is perfect for you. It is a deliciously soft single-ply, and resists pilling nicely. It’s an incredible comfort skein. You can pet it, and pet it, and all of your troubles will melt away into the glorious squish! Luxury bases — I’ve got some new ones on tap now, too! There’s an Merino/Cashmere/Silk that is absolutely dreamy. The “I Don’t Need Saving!” colorway hit the shop a few days ago, and it was an instant hit. I can’t stop dyeing it, so I have simply listed this one as “dyed to order.” I’m pumping them out pretty quick, though. The wait shouldn’t be too long. There’s a mohair sock yarn that has several different colorways, and I just love the stuff.

Honestly, I can’t describe it all — I’d be here all day, and I’d bore you to tears! So, go check it out in the Groovy Hues Etsy shop — let me know what you think.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You deserve a reward! For 10% off of ANY order, enter code UNTANGLED10 at your Groovy Hues checkout for 10% off of any order — no minimums or maximum!

I get here when I can, but there is SO much that you might be missing. Sign up for my newsletter by clicking this link.

Until next time! Thanks for reading — Enjoy!

April 8, 2016

Come meet me at the Steel City Fiber Festival *NEXT WEEKEND*!!!!

Spring fiber festival season is now underway, and I am frazzled as all get-out! I am dyeing as efficiently as I possibly can, all the while taking care to maintain the quality you’ve come to love and expect from Groovy Hues. Next weekend, I am truly excited to be part of a first for the Allentown, Pennsylvania area. The first annual Steel City Fiber Festival will take place at the Merchant Square Mall in Allentown, PA on Saturday April 16, and Sunday April 17 from 10 – 6 PM both days. I love these kinds of road trips, so I’ve already started to pack. 🙂

I will be in booth B2 along the back wall, and I will have TWENTY FEET of vendor space! Oh my gosh. I don’t feel like I’ve dyed enough, but I am truly lucky that my “brother-in-law” Zack Nelson will be my guest booth artisan – he is a truly gifted jewelry and metalsmith, and will have bunches of fiber-arts-related gear to show off.

Come see me. I am dying to meet my out-of-state (I’m in New York!) friends and fans. This venue will have over 30 vendors, so if you’re within driving distance, it’s something you won’t want to miss.

Here’s the website for the festival, but you will be able to find much more information on Facebook if you do a search for the term!

I hope to see you there!

April 4, 2016

Owner/Indie Dyer of Groovy Hues Fibers

Hi there! I am so excited to finally be a part of Indie Untangled. I don’t know what took me so long to get here, but, here I am! I am Suzanne, and dyeing is my absolute passion, and ultimate dream, and I can only hope that shows in my work. I take ultimate pride and care with every single piece I create. I am a hippie at heart, so I adore bright, bold, “groovy” colors, but I also embrace my earthy side from time to time. My goal is to bring you soft, squishy, luxurious yarn and fiber with saturated color combinations, both oddball and tried-and-true for whatever fiber art you enjoy!

If there is something you do not see in my shop that you would love to have me create, I heartily welcome custom dye jobs with open arms! There is nothing I enjoy more than a good challenge. I will match a photo, a theme, even a random sentence from a book — and I will not be satisfied until you are with the final product!

Most of my spinning fiber is “one-of-a-kind.” It’s really where I let loose and free myself from the structure of formulaic colorways I have created on most of my yarns. If, however, there is a braid you see that you would like more than 4 ounces of, I am happy to create as much as you’d like with the same sort of color combination. Just let me know, and I’ll set out to create the fiber of your dreams.

Yes, I really am this cheerful and easy-going. With me, whatcha see is whatcha get!