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Sometimes, when I’m looking for inspiration for a new colorway, I browse pictures on Pinterest. I came across some pictures of pink and purple lotus flowers. Many of them were probably photoshopped, but still inspired me! Pink and purple are my favorite colors to dye with already, but this colorway turned out even more amazing than I thought it would! It is currently available on all three of my sock yarn bases, as well as DK and Worsted.

“Acid Rainbow” is now in stock again on Acoustic Sock, Hardcore Sock, Glam Rock Sparkle Sock, Dubstep DK and Indie Rock Worsted. Stop by the shop to check out this and many other colorways. I am currently preparing to vend at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May and will be working on some new things very soon!

I recently completed a Hitchhiker using Acid Rainbow on my DK base, which is super soft and squishy! Since I haven’t finished a project in a while, I was very excited to have this done. The Hitchhiker is my go-to pattern for something that is mostly mindless and only requires a little bit of focus. I love that the rows aren’t super long and that there are no lacy YO rows. My lovely model and best kitty friend Emma chose to model it for me!

Possibly my most popular colorway to date, “Supernova” is a super happy, neon speckled yarn with a rainbow of colors! There are pops of hot pink, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple that are contrasted with a background of white and deep speckles of black. This colorway is also my favorite to photograph! It is currently available in my Etsy shop on my three sock yarn bases as well as my DK and Worsted bases.

Ain’t It Fun is returning to my Etsy shop this Sunday, January 21st at 8pm EST! It’s pictured above with “Bitchin!”, its pastel and speckled sister, which will be coming to the shop in a future update.

Winter is always so cold, dreary and lacking color. Many winters ago, I was craving some color in my knitting life, so I came up with one of my most popular colorways to date…”Ain’t It Fun!”

It has intense shades of Fuchsia, Yellow, Turquoise and Black that combine to make a rainbow of neon fun! And being a Paramore fan, I decided to name it after one of their songs. “Aint it Fun!” is a guaranteed pick-me-up when you need something a little more exciting than your average yarn.

Available in my 3 Sock yarn bases: Acoustic Sock, Hardcore Sock and Glam Rock Sparkle Sock!