A Chic & Stormy Blend Update + Isabel Kraemer pattern release!

  • Gray and red yarn.
  • Pink yarn.

This month’s update is dedicated to the very first blend we created starting our small company. A Chic Blend now has 17 intense and bright hand dyed semisolid shades, and they will all be listed to be mixed and matched, perfect for your colorwork pleasure.

We conceived this yarn and its vibrant colors to be used in striking stranded knitting and more subtly in combination with our undyed grey shades of the Stormy Blend.

What’s better than a special pattern release dedicated by Isabell Kraemer to these yarns? She is planning to release her Gianluca sweater on Ravelry on Friday, March 20, and a Lanivendole shop update is set for the same day at 6.00pm CEST

In this tragic situation, we are having problems due to shows postponed and wholesale orders put on hold, but still we want be active during this wait, and believe it’s important to bring our woolly pleasures to you, knitters and crocheters around the globe, to stay connected and positive together.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts anybody who’ll support our small business.

*A Chic Blend Yarn Composition:
60% italian “brogna” wool
20% italian alpaca
20% italian mohair

*A Stormy Blend yarn composition:
70% italian “brogna” wool
20% italian alpaca in fawn – grey – black natural color

Fingering (UK 4ply) weight with 50g-225m per skein
Gauge: 10cm in 24-26 sts and 3.5mm needles

You’ll find all yarns available as ready to ship, unless they go sold out, and will then be dyed on order, don’t worry!

According to current COVID-19 situation, we are working with national post service to be able to ship safely all parcels through Registered Mail service, in order to avoid as much as possible that items are lost on their way. You’ll have the possibility to ship with an express courier service as well, and in that case we’ll update you in case some companies stop/delay their services, and we’ll sort it out together!

A Heavenly Shop Update

  • Purple yarn.

A Heavenly Update is going to be our first Shop Update of 2020, and as the name says, it is dedicated to our luscious Cashmere yarn.

A Heavenly Blend is the heart of our yarn range, not only because it contains Giulia’s own homegrown cashmere fibre, but also because setting up her goat farm was the reason why we met a few years ago during a handspinning workshops, and that was the turning point to set up our small business in exclusive, traceable Italian yarn.

Shop update is set for SATURDAY February 1, at 6.00pm CEST

We put in the shop our full range of A Heavenly Blend hand-dyed palette, with two new colorways: ZAFFERANO — a deep dark caramel — and SCIROCCO — a cold slate blue. The undyed base is a light beige-grey that yields very peculiar shades once dyed. Each batch is fairly unique because we apply several layers of colors, to get the perfect deep hues of our range.

Icing on the cake, we dedicate this update to some new speckled and variegated variations overdyed on some of our shades:

The cold lilac base of VIOLETTE turned into LUNA, with sparkles of ochre and deep fuchsia.

The elegant peachy AMARETTI became TITANIA which is dotted of dark teal greens and burnt orange.

The watery ACQUAMARINA was enlightened with rusty yellows and vibrant pinks and purples, developing into CORALLI

A Heavenly Blend is made of:
50% Aquilana wool
25% Italian alpaca
25% Italian Cashmere
Fingering (UK 4-ply) weight with 50g – 225m
Gauge: 10cm in 24-26 sts and 3,5mm needles

BY THE SEA Yarn Club

  • White hands hold blue and gray colorwork knitting.

Our new yarn club, BY THE SEA, was conceived to create a special treat for knitters and makers alike to celebrate our Italian yarns and the talented handwork of some Italian artisans we fell in love with, to compose a bundle of exclusive accessories, curated for this occasion, so that each one is unique and unrepeatable.

The theme refers to a song that we happened to love, By The Sea by Morcheeba: a gentle rhythm that takes you to a perfect moment walking on a pier, staring at the quiet life occurring around.

We thought to celebrate these feelings of freedom and wilderness, believing that perhaps life’d be easier somehow if we all let go that way; the sea simply evokes this for us, with its endless movement, sometimes calm and soothing, some other rough and scary, but always immense to watch and breathe.

We’ll be dyeing inspired by this environment, and the colorway will be exclusive for the club, so try to imagine all the little treasures that you may find on the beach after a storm… try to imagine that peculiar salty smell in the air… try to feel your feet creating crimpy footprints strolling up and down the shore…

We searched for artisans that could exalt these ideas in their artwork, keeping in mind that our aim is to insert accessories that could be awesome, of course, but also handy of course.

Please make note of a few useful information about the CLUB:
– Subscriptions will be listed in our Webshop from DECEMBER 20, 17.00 CEST (that’s 10 a.m. Eastern)
– Subscriptions will be open until JANUARY 20, unless they are sold out before; shipping will be scheduled in early February.
– We decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are handcrafted especially for this event and all unique.
– Each club box will include 200g of our new woollen yarn, a blend of Italian Wool and Alpaca in their natural grey hues, hand dyed exclusively for the club, and two different accessories, curated by our lovely partners Marianna of @isewsoidontkillpeople and Alice & Eleonora of @last_one_stones

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