September 21, 2018

Game of Thrones Print Preorders

Winter is coming… and so are GoT-themed Sheep Squeezers!

A beautiful Game of Thrones-inspired design by Bulgarian artist Karamfila Siderova are available in extremely limited quantities, and will ship in 2-4 weeks. Whether you’ve been holding off on trying out our extremely popular Sheep Squeezer yarn sock, or you have an entire flock of them, you will want to be sure to grab this limited edition print!

September 5, 2018

Indie Dyed Advent Calendars: Just Add Sheep Squeezers!

Are you an indie dyer, looking to make your Advent Calendar stand out? Just add Sheep Squeezers!

Wholesale discount pricing on orders of 20 or more, and exclusive fabric designs available for whatever your theme might be.

We are accepting Advent Calendar wholesale orders until the end of September, so order yours now to make sure you get it on time!

Visit the website FAQ page for more info, or email us directly at !

Fresh new Sheep Squeezers and FREE shipping at One Sock Wonder Bags!

With the latest shop update, you can now enjoy FREE domestic shipping (and $5 Canadian/$9.50 UK flat rate!) with One Sock Wonder Bags! All new Sheep Squeezer prints and updated pricing structures make this latest shop update a MUST SEE!

Curious what a Sheep Squeezer is? Here’s the description straight from one of over 30 different prints:
“Keep your yarn free from tangles with this Sheep Squeezer by One Sock Wonder Bags!
By applying pressure to the cake, while covering it from other items in your project bag, the Sheep Squeezer keeps your yarn confined and tangle-free.
Slip a center-pull cake or center-pull ball of yarn into this stretchy sleeve to keep your yarn contained and tangle free. As you use your yarn up in a project, the Sheep Squeezer keeps a hold of your yarn, preventing big jumbled messes of leftovers in the bottom of your project bag.”

Totally can’t live without one (or four!)? Head on over to the shop and grab yours now!

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