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Showing Pandia's Jewels

I am pleased to share with you the Highlands Knit Kit, which includes everything you need to make the I Left my Heart in the Highlands Wrap. This is a large warm wrap that is perfect for both winter and spring and can be worn in a variety of ways. Each kit will include the following: 5 skeins of my Aran Tweed yarn — each skein is (85% SW Merino/ 15% NEP; 183 yds/100 g) giving you an approximate total of 915 yds — one shawl pin and a copy of the pattern.

There are two different kits available for preorder:
1. The Highlands: which moves in a gradient from gray to dark green
2. Heather on the Hills: which is various shades of green and pinks.

The pattern is for intermediate to experienced knitters. Must be familiar with the following stitches: cables, YO, increase stitches on both right and wrong sides, decrease stitches on both right and wrong sides and slipping stitches.

I only plan to make a certain amount of each kit and they are currently available for preorder on the Pandia’s Jewels website until July 16, 2017 at 8 p.m. EDT. All kits are scheduled to ship late August/early September 2017.

When imagining the colors for the Regency Collection I saw myself walking through the fields just like Lizzy Bennet or spending the afternoons chatting away with Miss Lucas. I wanted a shawl that would almost be like a blanket, something to wrap myself in as I imagined evenings by the window or of long afternoons walking the grounds of Longbourn with the Bennet sisters in tow.

This is a simple triangle shawl with lots of fringe. The stitches used make this shawl reversible while also allowing you to use multiple colors. While this shawl has written instructions it is more of a recipe allowing you to change the size and look of your finished object. And this pattern is now available as a FREE download on Ravelry or on the Pandia’s Jewels Blog.

This shawl was created to utilize the Regency Collection colors inspired by the world of Jane Austen that are currently being offered on my website. These colors are a pre-order and will only be available for purchase from June 3- 18, 2017 until 8 pm EDT. Just use the word Regency in the search bar and all of the colors in the collection will show up. Orders for these particular colors will ship late July- early August.

The Regency Collection are colors inspired by the world of Jane Austen and the 2nd edition colors are based on scandals and secret engagements. This is a pre-order for these particular colors which will be available to purchase on the website from June 3-18 until 8 p.m. EDT. Orders placed for these particular colors will ship late July to early August.

Colors in this collection include:
Lydia has run away! – from Pride and Prejudice
Have you heard about Jane Fairfax & Mr. Churchill? – from Emma
Mr. Ferrars is no longer engaged to Miss Steele – from Sense and Sensibility.

Each Color is dyed on a skein of my Snug Base which is 75/25 SW Merino/nylon fingering weight; 462 yards/100 grams per skein. Each color can be purchased individually. There are no dye lots & these are stock photos so color distribution and saturation will vary greatly from skein to skein.

I have also re-listed the first edition colors on the website for those who would like to purchase them again. All seven colors in this collection look beautiful together and would make a lovely fade.

Regency Collection kits inspired by Jane Austen’s various characters and novels are now available on the website. There are two types of kits and each one will be available for pre-order until May 14 at 8 p.m. EDT in the Kits section of the website. You also have the option of purchasing each of these new colors individually. Kits and individual skeins will ship in late June 2017.

The kit includes the following Austen-inspired colors:
1. Sarah Stone of Potsley Hall – my personal character if I were in an Austen Novel
2. Miss Bennet’s Muddy Hem – from Pride and Prejudice
3. Miss Woodhouse, Please Advise – from Emma
4. Miss Dashwood and her Sensability – from Sense and Sensibility

All kits include full skeins of my Snug Base which is 75/25 SW Merino/nylon fingering weight; 462 yds/100 grams per skein. That gives you a total of 1,848 yards in the largest kit to make something spectacular. The possibilities are endless for this particular kit and colors as there are so many wonderful pattern coming out that use multiple colors and fades.

The ever so talented C.C. Almon from JavaPurl designs and I have collaborated once again to bring you this 12th Doctor inspired sock kit. Each sock kit will include one skein of my Snug base yarn in exclusive color ‘But I think I came out more Magician’, one code so that you can download for free from Ravelry the matching sock pattern, and one set of themed stitch markers.

This is pre-order which means that this product will only be available to purchase from April 10-23, 2017 until 8 p.m. EDT in the kits section of the Pandia’s Jewels website. These kits will ship in mid to late May.

Pink Fluffy Llamicorns have arrived… and they just might be dancing and knitting rainbows.

I find inspiration from different places and I couldn’t help but wonder… what would happen if a Pink Fluffy Unicorn and a Rainbow Llamicorn were to fall in love? And it’s this kind of crazy, magical, creative love that gives rise to the PINK FLUFFY LLAMICORN!

This particular color will be available as a pre-order starting today until Sunday, March 19, 2017 until 8 p.m. EDT and can be found listed in the in stock section of my website.

BUT WAIT… there is more.

If you order a skein of Pink Fluffy Llamicorn then I will also send you a Pink Fluffy Llamicorn Stitch Marker for FREE! Limit one stitch marker per customer.

Love is in the air! Starting tomorrow February 6, Outlander Wedding kits will be available for pre-order on my website through Feb. 19 until 8 pm EDT.

Inspired by the love shared between Jamie and Claire each kit will include a project bag created by the wonderful Debra of Addicted to Sock Knitting in the Outlander Wedding fabric that I designed, a skein of my Snug base yarn in color ‘Tartan’, and a matching Notions Tin. There are two kits to choose from- one that has a larger project bag or one that has a small project bag. Since this is a pre-order the kits will not ship out until mid to late March. Just in time before the Season 3 premier of Outlander.

With a new year comes a new hope: I have a bunch of Star Wars-inspired items that will be available for pre-order from Jan. 2-8, 2017 until 8pm EDT.

There are two kits that will each include its own set of 4 stitch markers and an exclusive color in either “You’re My Only Hope” or “When you try to rescue your boyfriend and end up a slave girl on Tatooine” available for pre-order.

Additional colors will be available for individual sale on various yarn bases such as: “Drowned in Moonlight” and “Rebel Alliance.” I will also be bringing back the “Vader” and “Is that an Ewok or a Wookie?” Snug Sock Kits.

So lets hit the hyperdrive and start off the year with some Star Wars-inspired colors, notions, and lots of other fun stuff.

Rebellions are built on hope and yarn!

I’ve got Star Wars on the brain in anticipation of the new Rogue One movie and I have several galactic items available. All of these yarns and notions have been inspired by the world of Star Wars and includes several Snug Sock Kits in colors ‘Jedi’ and ‘Vader’. Along with new colors such as ‘Is that an Ewok or a Wookie?’, ‘Endor’, ‘Rogue’, and ‘Rebel’ which have been dyed on my ever popular Snug base and my new Tweed Fingering base. I even have a new Rogue One inspired notions tin that comes with several stitch markers, thread snips, locking markers, and a darning needle.

Are you prepared to join the rebellion?

Rainbow knitting Llamicorns have arrived for the holidays and they are very very busy knitting all of their holiday gifts. Good thing I have lots of yarn to keep them busy.

This is a pre-order for the kits and I have two types of kits available. Kits will only be avaiable for pre-order until 11/22/16 or until the kits run out. These kits will ship out in early Decemeber.

Each kit will include the following: 1 beautiful project bag sewn the ever so talented Debra of Addicted to Sock Knitting using fabric that has been designed by me; 4 Holiday Rainbow Knitting Llamicorn stitch markers; 1 skein of either my Glitz base or Super Sparkle Base in an exclusive colorway; and some additional holiday inspired goodies.

There are two types of kits available the first is the Holiday Llamicorns which will include a skein of Glitz Base yarn in color ‘Wrapping Paper’. The second kit is my Snow Llamicorns kit which will include a skein of my Super Sparkle Base in color’ Snow Fairy’

I also have additional Llamicorn inspired products such as mugs, hoodies, shirts, notions, and more to meet all of your Rainbow Llamicorn needs this holiday season.