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August 5, 2021

Yarnover Truck’s Super Nerdy Yarn Club Year 4 Is Now Open To New Members

Grayed out skeins of mystery yarn and the words Yarnover Truck's Super Nerdy Yarn Club Featuring Forbidden Fiber Co.

The Yarnover Truck’s Super Nerdy Yarn Club Year 4 is NOW OPEN! This club is a year-long exploration into six strong and powerful female nerdy characters through hand-dyed yarns. Our yarn partner for this club is Forbidden Fiber Co. and we have six amazing colors to share with you! Our club is a bit different in that we show you the color we’re going to ship a month before the shipment date. This way you can see it and decide if you want to get any extras. This lets us dye them at the same time to reduce dye lot issues.

The club is open to new members just twice a year and it’s open now until Wednesday, August 18th, as we’re just about to start Year 4. Visit our site to get all the details, see the character inspirations and join the fun!

December 5, 2019

Yarnover Truck Happiness Gradient Yarn Club is Open to New Members!

A cake of blue gradient yarn with patterns.

Join the second half of the Yarnover Truck Happiness Gradient Yarn Club for the final three packages. It’s a great holiday gift for a fiber-loving friend or family member, too!

Our club theme is Happiness and it still includes three packages, plus you’ll have the chance to order some skeins of the first three colors already shared! Each package includes an exclusively hand-dyed gradient colorway from Apple Tree Knits, one new knit pattern and one new crochet pattern, plus some fun extras all tied to the theme.

Get all the details and sign up on our website.

July 10, 2019

Calling All Nerds! Join the Yarnover Truck’s Super Nerdy Yarn Club

A promotion for the Yarnover Truck's Super Nerdy Yarn Club featuring Forbidden Fiber Co.

The Yarnover Truck’s Super Nerdy Yarn Club is open to new members until Wednesday, July 17th! This club is a deep dive into Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. We are exploring six characters through beautiful hand-dyed yarn by the talented Leann from Forbidden Fiber Co.

This is a yarn-only club, so we have kept the price down, but unlike most other clubs, you will be introduced to the colors before they ship and asked if you want to add more to your stash. Along with the yarn, we will showcase some great knit and crochet single-skein pieces so you’ll have some inspiration of what to make with the one-of-a-kind beauties!

Get all the details and sign-up on our site.

June 6, 2019

Join Yarnover Truck’s Happiness Gradient Yarn Club

A teal square with the words Happiness is...

The Yarnover Truck’s Yarn Club is open to new members until June 15th, 2019. Our goal is to bring a little more happiness into all our lives though beautiful hand-dyed yarns, new knit and crochet patterns plus some fun club extras!

Apple Tree Knits has once again agreed to be our dyer for the yarn club and she has done an amazing job in turning our themes into six gorgeous gradient colorways. The themes are California Vineyards, Museums & Art, The Yarnover Truck, Fall, Sunsets at the Ocean and Relaxation. We have 12 knit and crochet designers creating new pieces and all club members will be the first to see and work up these patterns.

Packages get sent out every other month, with the first one arriving in July. Sign-up and get all the details on our website.

December 5, 2018

Join the Yarnover Truck’s Yarn Club

The Yarnover Truck’s Yarn Club is open to new members until Wednesday, December 12th. This club is our nerdy themed yarn club which explores a different fandom with each new package and by joining now, you’ll receive the final three shipments in the club. Our yarn partner is Liz from Apple Tree Knits. We chose different nerdy themes and Liz created exclusive colorways for each — some gradients and some variegates but all are beautiful. We work with several knit and crochet designers who create brand new pieces using the exclusive colors and are also tied to the theme. Here is an example of one of our earlier packages themed Avengers: Infinity Wars.

The three remaining themes include The Emperor’s New Grove, Star Trek and Sex and the City. As you can see each Yarn Club package includes a skein of exclusively dyed yarn, a newly designed knit and crochet pattern, plus extras all tied to the nerdy theme. You can get more details, sign-up and check out all the earlier packages to see what we have put together all on our website. We hope you will join us on this nerdy yarn adventure!