April 26, 2021

Make a Summer Clutch and More with Kaolin

  • Two hands hold up a white woven clutch.

Our yarn Kaolin is a killer weaving yarn. Case in point: the Gothfarm Yarn Summer Clutch.

The woven clutch’s simple, repeating chevron motif brings out Kaolin’s natural luster, which comes from a generous quantity of undyed, natural white Lincoln Longwool sheep locks.

The Longwool locks also give the yarn a rugged feel. This makes the clutch a sturdy, hardwearing item that works as an on-the-go bag or a more formal accessory. The Longwool is blended with Tunis sheep wool, which helps smooth out the yarn while imparting a warm, ivory white hue.

The pattern for the woven clutch is available in our online shop, and available for FREE with purchase of at least one skein of Kaolin. Just add everything to your cart and enter code “Clutch” at checkout.

Not a weaver? Kaolin is still a great option for harder-wearing knit and crochet projects, such as CJ Johnson’s Cassie Wristlet (Ravelry link).

No matter the project, keep Kaolin in mind for accessories where texture, sturdiness and, of course, eye-catching looks, are part of the plan!

April 22, 2021

The perfect base for spring & summer projects

  • Skeins of bright pink, blue, orange and green yarn.

50% Cotton 50% Superwash Merino is the perfect base for spring and summer knit or crochet projects.

We have made several projects using this yarn.

Picture #1 is shown with our directional stitch markers and cast on makers. Colors – Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Saffron, Jolly Rancher, Pistachio

Picture #2 Colors Jaw Breaker, Alabaster, Frolic, Candy Necklace, Galaxy

Picture #3 Minimalist Cotton Tee by Minimalist Knitting – Color Galaxy

Picture #4 Streamline Tank by Alexandra Tavel – Color Jolly Rancher

April 22, 2021

Bridgerton Mystery Boxes

It has been whispered to This Author that Forbidden Fiber Co. has been seen shamelessly promoting their new mystery box inspired by that dreadful Bridgerton family. It was quite the topic of conversation at Lady Danbury’s ball last night. The Ambitious Mamas were dismayed to see their daughters huddled together, discussing the merits of knit versus crochet options, or perhaps even cross stitch, instead of filling their dance cards with determined bachelors. It is rumored that Afifa Knits designed the knit project, and Connie Lee Lynch the crochet project. Leann Ross, the proprietress of Forbidden Fiber Co, designed the cross stitch design.

While This Author understands the excitement, she believes the lack of suitors coming to call next week will be disappointing, especially to those misses who are already in their second and third seasons. It is recommended that you purchase your mystery box today, before all of London society descends upon the shop and they sell out.

Lady Whistledown Society Papers
April 22, 2021

Sucker Punch Shrug – A New Infinitely Sizable Garment Pattern!

I’m so happy to share my first self-published garment pattern the Sucker Punch Shrug! This pattern is infinitely sizable so you can make it for any size human from small child through any plus sized adult.

Save $1 now through 4/28/21 to celebrate the release of the Sucker Punch Shrug!

Play with two colors of yarn to create a bold garment. It is the perfect layering piece to add to your wardrobe so you can glow with the warmth that only comes from wearing a handmade piece. This loose fitting shrug is easy to throw over any outfit. The goal of this shrug was to create a garment that was approachable to all knitters. Newbie knitters don’t need to be intimidated by this simple construction, and can even skip the lace detail and i-cord edge if they want to keep it super basic. Experienced knitters can enjoy a quick interesting lace panel and then relax for some mindless flat garter stitch.

Photo tutorials are provided showing exactly where to pick up stitches for the unique construction.

Fingering Weight see pattern listing for yardage estimates
Yarn shown in photos is Lolabean Yarn Co. Bean Sprout in Purple Nurple and Knuckle Sandwich

La Bandanita – A lightweight cowl perfect for spring!

  • A woman wears a gray and white mosaic bandana.

My 4-year-old daughter has recently fallen in love with the rodeo, especially calf roping (despite having never been on a horse — something that I need to fix!).

Growing up, horses were my passion — I would muck stalls all day if that meant I got to hang out in the stables! It’s so fun to see that reflected in her interests.

This lightweight mosaic cowl is perfect for anyone wanting to get in touch with their cowgirl, bandit, bank robber, you-name-it side!

Mosaic or slip stitch knitting makes colorwork a breeze, only one color is used at a time! This pattern comes with two options (you will get both!): a lightweight two-color fingering weight version, or a slightly warmer three-color DK-weight version.

April 8, 2021

12 Day of Christmas in July Advent Kit

We are excited to announce our third annual 12 Days of Christmas in July advent kit!

What to know:

– With the purchase of this kit you will receive 12 individually-wrapped gifts of DK yarn and notions (plus some extra treats)
– You open one gift a day for the first 12 days of July
– Included in the kit is a pattern (knit or crochet) that uses the yarn in the kit. Knit pattern is being designed by Makenzie Alvarez of Hanks and Needles. Crochet patter is being designed by Emily Davies of Hooked Hazel.
— Theme: Hawaiian Christmas: colors inspired by pictures
– Presale – order before May 17th to save 10% code: INDIE10
– Kit price $115.00 Valued over $135.00

Email us by clicking the Contact Vendor box if you have any questions.

April 5, 2021

The Knights Who Say KNIT

A knight holding wooden knitting needles with a skein of yarn on her head.

Lyrical Knits seeks the finest and silliest knitters to join in a Mystery Knit-a-Long quest for the grail! The pattern is for a shawl, and there will be coconuts! Unladen swallows! And you must bring us… a SHRUBBERY! The pattern is available for preorders and is discounted through April 15th.

March 25, 2021

Introducing the Striad Wrap!

  • A woman holds out a purple and blue geometric wrap behind her.

An Epic Project Created from the Simplest of Building Blocks!

Even better… there's no sewing up at all!

The Striad Wrap was was conceived one cosy day as I sat in my knitting chair drinking a steaming cup of tea and gazing absentmindedly at a new lampshade that cleverly incorporated strips of joined-up triangles to form a globe shape. As my eyes followed the curve of those triangles, I found myself itching to pick up my needles and use the architecture of knitting to mimic their shapes. And so the Striad Wrap was born, an intriguing series of short row triangles, knit individually in strips and joined together without any seaming up, that combine to beautifully show off the amazing colours of hand-dyed yarn.

March 24, 2021

Maria G Knits – Patterns and Bags

  • A pink bag with gold flowers.

I am Maria G Knits and I live in the north of Portugal.

I learned to knit in the Portuguese style (with the yarn around the neck) when I was 6 years old with my mum and my grandma. Since that time I had never stopped.  To me, knitting is like breathing and knitting is my superpower!

I define my knitwear designs as casual, comfy but always with some detail of interest. My bags are made with crafters in mind. My Walk Me Bag is the perfect bag for the crafters and non-crafters alike!

Celebrate Spring with a Mystery Knit-along!

  • Purple, pink and gold skeins of yarn.

I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with Anzula Luxury Fibers in the creation of a new MKAL to celebrate the start of spring. Cavorting With Colors will be a playful piece combining colorful yarns and winding cables. We’ll be casting on April 16th, so there’s plenty of time to prepare!

For this event, we’ll be joyfully joining together four colors of Anzula Squishy — one full-sized skein and splashes of color from a trio of minis — to create our “triangle-ish” shawls. We’ve put together three unique kits covering a variety of preferred palettes: Garden Pond, Stepping Stones, and Flower Garden. Along with your four colorways of Anzula Squishy, you’ll also receive a free copy of the MKAL pattern and a special set of end minders to help you along the way. Have you picked out your color palette for our April 16th cast-on?

If you’d prefer to dance through your stash and create your own dazzling set, you can get the pattern 50% off through our start date of April 16th with COLORSMKAL50 as your code! Pattern is linked at the bottom of the Cavorting with Colors MKAL Kit description.