March 18, 2021

Easter Candy and Miniature Mice!

  • Pink, blue and yellow marshmallow Peeps charms, with a chocolate bunny in a basket.

WeeOnes is getting ready for Easter with some marshmallow bunny inspired stitch markers. These feature four pastel colors that will instantly bring you back to childhood.

There is also a new stitch marker set featuring extremely small mice sitting on mini cheese wedges. It’s a perfect combination and sure to make you smile.

We are so excited for spring that if you purchase either of these new sets through Sunday, March 21st you will get five stitch markers in each set instead of four!

Rose quartz, turquoise and marble galore!

  • Blue, pink, gray, brown and black stone-like stitch markers.

Stitch markers, progress keepers, row counters, and even needle reminders are live in the shop!

My 4-year-old (who is convinced she is going to be a “princess geologist” when she grows up) challenged me a couple of weeks ago to make rocks and stones out of clay – after a few false starts, I was able to come up with some really cool new designs!

Stitch markers come in sets of four and you can let me know when you order if you want any of the ring stitch markers replaced with lobster clasps to create progress keepers.

Plus, the unique row counters can count up to 100 rows! Simply use your row counter in place of a stitch marker, and move down a ring every time you start/complete a new row. You can keep track of your “10s” by moving the included progress keeper down the rings. Pretty cool, right?

Each pair is completely one of a kind and handcrafted with love (aka with copious amounts of coffee, and the occasional night cap!).

My shop also features spunky knitting patterns and fun fiber fanatic t-shirts! Stop on by and check everything out!

March 16, 2021

New exclusive Across the Pond fade set

Hi, I’m Sophie, the dyer from Botanical Yarn, based in York, UK! I’ve created an aqua to lilac exclusive mini skein fade set especially for the Indie Untangled Across the Pond event this weekend. I’m a crazy plant lady, and at last count have 316 house plants, and I’m inspired by unusual plants and flowers to dye my colourways, hence some of my unusual names for my yarns!

I also love mini skeins and the possibilities that they can bring. The exclusive fade set that I’ve created comes with 10 minis, which can be used to make various projects, including shawls, hats and garments, or a blanket to keep you warm whilst crafting!

I will be live during Indie Across the Pond from 3 p.m. CET this Friday, Saturday and Sunday — make sure you’re registered, as you will also get a coupon code for 10% off purchases over £75 ! — and feel free to book a personal shopping appointment with me, as I would be very happy to help you pick colours for your next project! You can follow me on instagram here.

March 11, 2021

Stardust Yarn Club – March Box

Blue yarn and the words Stardust Yarn Club March Box Lilo and Stitch.

Hello from Stardust Fiber Studio!

For those who don't know, we have a monthly subscription box! This month’s colorway is Ohana inspired by Lilo and Stitch, and features a lovely ocean-themed yarn.

Each month, you will receive two skeins of our Andromeda base (437 yards each of 100% Superwash Merino wool in fingering weight) and one exclusive enamel pin with Stitch (either knit or crochet) only available to Stardust Yarn Club subscribers!

We also have our Stardust Sock of the Month club available as well!.

A bonus about our clubs is that we do not auto-charge you every month. You will receive an invoice on the 5th asking if you would like to renew.

Interested? Check out the link to the Stardust Yarn Club and the Stardust Sock of the Month Club for more info!

March 10, 2021

It’s Stitch Marker Mania!!! (Buy two, get one FREE)

It’s that time of year again! Almost St. Patrick’s Day? Well, yes. Almost Spring? Well, yes, that, too. Daylight Savings Time? Yes. But we’re talking about “Stitch Marker Mania”!!! What’s Stitch Marker Mania, you ask? Stitch Marker Mania is when all MAB Elements stitch marker sets are buy two, get one FREE with coupon code ‘SMM2021’ at checkout. Just put any three stitch marker sets in your cart, enter the coupon code, and voila, your third set is free. Even the new Celtic Knot and Beer Bottle Cap stitch markers? Yes, indeed. And what’s even better is that any additional sets you purchase will be at the reduced price. That’s Stitch Marker Mania!

MAB Elements stitch markers come in a set with:
* Six snag-free fixed markers with a bead accent
* One beginning of the round marker with bead and charm
* plus seven coil-less bulb removable markers that can be used with the others to make them removable, or used by themselves for an additional seven markers
That’s potentially 14 stitch markers for only $8.95. Yep, that’s right only $8.95 regularly, and with your super duper discount code “SMM2021” it’s even less. That’s Stitch Marker Mania!

Gift certificates available.
Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $35.
Reasonable international shipping.

March 4, 2021

Dinosaurs, Arctic Foxes, March Mystery Markers, and a Celebratory Sale!

  • Green, gray and gold clay dinosaurs.

There are lots of exciting things going on at WeeOnes this weekend! There are many brand new sets including dinosaurs, arctic foxes, and the latest installment of the surprise markers. The theme for March is: Spring is in the Air. With this set you get five markers for the price of four PLUS free shipping. If you order this set through March 14th, you get a bonus marker for a total of six in your set.

We are also celebrating an exciting milestone – 10K sales on our Etsy shop! To celebrate you get 15% off your order if you use the code YAY10K upon checkout. We will also be choosing on lucky customer at random during the event and including an extra free set of stitch markers with your order. Thank you for your support through the years! We are so excited to be at this milestone!

Greek Gods (Part Two) Collection Live! – March 5, 2021

Swatches of knitting in various colors and the words Greek Gods (Part Two) Signature Collection Live Now

Hello from Stardust Fiber Studio!

Our newest collection, Greek Gods (Part Two), has been released! This collection contains nine main colorways and two special features! Each colorway is based off a deity from Greek Mythology and has a matching stitch marker set available as well! The collection is dyed on our signature fingering base, Andromeda. Looking for a different weight? We can custom dye any colorway on your pick of weight!

Take a look at our website for this current collection, one-offs, and many handmade stitch markers. Be sure to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch all our shenanigans in the studio, follow us on Instagram and Tiktok, like us on Facebook and join our new Facebook group to stay up to date on all the new and exciting things we have in the works!

Spring for some Big Clippy Progress Keepers!

Yank Your Yarn not only has you covered with classic round stitch markers; she also has a lot of Progress Keepers in her shop as well! Bonnie carries her line of “Big Clippy” progress keepers, which are oversized, movable single stitch markers featuring a 21-23mm lobster clasp and a large charm, festooned with coordinating beads. You can use these on the chunkiest of chunky yarns, and since they are moveable, Big Clippies can be used on your Crochet projects, too! Not only that, folks have been wearing a Big Clippy as a pendant, clipped to a purse or a keychain, or even as a zipper pull! Bonnie has a charm for everyone in her Big Clippy Progress Keeper line, from critters to fandoms to outer space!

February 18, 2021


We are deep in winter, so these little penguins are the perfect accessory for your crafting! The stitch markers are hand sculpted and you get one Adélie, one macaroni penguin, one chinstrap, and one emperor looking lovingly at its baby hiding in its brood patch. Stitch markers are available with lobster claw clasps or soldered rings and gift wrapping is available for an extra fee.

February 6, 2021

The Great British Baking Show Yarn Club: Pudding Week

Ready, Set, Bake! Its time for Pudding Week everyone!

This is the third installment in the second season of the Great British Baking Show Yarn Club, and it’s bread themed. You receive one fingering skein of Balsam Base (Merino/Cashmere/nylon) and one progress keeper. The colorway will be made up of light pastel colors. The Little Bitty Delights progress keeper will be a cup of creamy pudding that you will want to eat up. This set will be perfect for a spring project!


1. One fingering skein of Balsam Base (See Base page for details)

2. One Little Bitty Delights progress keeper

3. One surprise

Remember this is a preorder and will ship out in mid-March, so please order separately from other items!