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Showing stitch markers

Large clip stitch markers perfect for crochet or knitting!
Made intentionally chunky for stiffer fingers.

Use it for:
– Clipping your loop row counter to your work
– Marking the beginning of your row
– Marking the positions for darts or increase / decrease lines
– Tracking your progress
– Keeping your working loop from unraveling when you step away
– Sliding onto knitting needles like a standard stitch marker
– As a zipper pull

We have Valentine’s boxes available! Inspired by the show Wednesday, these boxes have it all.

Decide which valentine you are: A “sink your kitty claws in” kinda gal? Or a “moody, emotionally unavailable but sorta coming around to the idea of love” kinda gal?

Boxes include:
*A sock set or single skein in the base of your choice
*Options to add on a project bag
*Options to add on a samstinytrinkets charm set
*One of our 8oz stitches by candlelight candles
*A minimum of one mystery goodie

We are so so excited to say that our Valentine’s Day countdown boxes are almost gone! There are just six left — WOW! Thank you so very much for loving this sweet treat theme as much as we do. We have some fun goodies in store!

They include:
*Seven days of fun, sweet treat-themed 20g minis
*Options to add on seven days of sweet treat kawaii samstinytrinkets charms
*A Woolen Women candle
*Options to add on a sweet treat project bag sock sack
*Valentine’s Day 100g skein one of a kind colorway sweet treat theme
*A minimum of one mystery goodie

We are so excited about this month’s subscription box!

This month’s colorway is called Mint to Be! This colorway comes with an adorable snowglobe stitch marker!

With our subscription box, you pick the yarn weight, we pick the colorway. And as long as you are a subscriber to the club, you get discounts on the ENTIRE site! It is the perfect gift for yourself or for your favorite fiber artist in your life!

The perfect row counter so you can just knit.

-More Uninterrupted Knitting Time: No need to take your hands off your needles to pick up a pen, click a clicker, or unlock your phone for the 400th time.
-More Confidence In Your Skills: Know exactly where you are in your pattern whether it’s been 5 minutes since you picked up your needles… or five years
-More Finished Projects: Spend less time re-counting and frogging and more time actually knitting.

1. Replace any regular stitch marker with your row counter and knit
2. When you come back to the row counter move it to the next number in the chain as you pass it from needle to needle
3. Once you have completed the chain (or completed a pattern repeat), move the melody clip to the next number to mark 10 rows completed (or one pattern repeat completed).
4. Keep On Knitting!

Often, in your crochet or knitting project, you will need to place a temporary or movable stitch marker. Progress keepers will work for this, but check out these great open coil stitch markers. Made of zinc alloy, they are powder coated with the best of springtime floral colors. These markers are lightweight enough for the smallest of yarns and will not distort your stitches. The coating on the metal makes them smooth and snag free! These markers are not magnetic, unfortunately. But the size and pretty colors will make them easy to find in your container o’markers!
Set of 36 markers, six of each color.  Each stitch marker is a little over 1 centimeter across.
Use multiple colors to mark special stitches, or use one of each color on each side of your two-color brioche!

My absolute favorite thing this year was designing the Mother’s Day Surprise Box and putting together our 2022 Advent Box.

These were true surprises that I got to give to YOU. Things that I knew you hadn’t seen before. And presents that you didn’t have to pick out for yourselves. I would hope that everyone who received one could say, “Oh! I hadn’t seen that before!”

I have had a lot of people ask if we are doing surprise boxes again next year and I’m happy to announce that YES WE ARE!

We’re doing a whole Surprise Box Club in fact!

And I’m giving you up to $80 off!

There is no coupon necessary for this deal and the early bird pricing and bonuses will be available for everyone who joins between now and Jan 1.

The club includes three seasonal boxes, to be shipped in March, June, & September.

Our themes are:
March – A Flutter Of Wings
June – Playful Pool Party
September – Crisp Autumn Evening

Each box will contain:
At least 8 items
3 Twice Sheared Sheep tools (row counters, stitch markers, etc).
1 Skein of hand picked yarn with pattern suggestions
4 Wild card surprises
Over a $420 combined value

Early Bird Bonuses include:
$60 – $80 off the retail price
A special collector’s edition tin in each box
VIP access to purchase any add-on bonus products (such as special bags, tools, yarns, etc)
A $50 gift card to purchase our 2023 Advent box (so you can get a full year of surprises)
A special Club Community Facebook Group

Thank you all SO MUCH for making my 2022 so incredibly special and I can’t wait to spoil you rotten in 2023 as well. 🥰

Let’s face it, not all stitch markers are created equal. Some markers LOOK pretty on a website, but once you get them on your needles, they leave you less than delighted.

Maybe they’re a little too heavy.

Maybe the loop has a nasty habit of catching on finer yarns.

Maybe the pretty charm that you loved so much likes to tangle with your working yarn every time you purl.

Maybe the ring is so big on your tiny needles that you feel like you’re swimming (or you can never find one BIG enough for those chunky knits you love).

Believe me, I’ve been there. That’s why I set out to create the PERFECT set of stitch markers for you

Infinity Ring are hands down my absolute favorite stitch markers on the planet. Due to their unique shape, these little beauties are the perfect stitch markers for everyday knitting. The unique teardrop shape gives just a little bit more wiggle room than traditional round loops and lets each marker glide from needle to needle like butter (seriously, you won’t believe how lovely that is).

All ends are safely tucked into the decorative bead so there is absolutely nothing to snag on even your most delicate fine yarns. The little bead hugs close to your needles, making them just substantial enough to feel easily as you knit (so you don’t just blow past it) but unobtrusive enough that there is nothing to tangle in your yarn or your stitches.

Mystery bags are fun! You never know what you’re going to get. I have a metric ton of awesome and random charms, so I thought, “Hey Bonnie, why don’t you make mystery sets of Progress Keepers and combine them with coordinating set of Classic Round Stitch Markers?”

And then I thought, “Hey Other Bonnie, that sounds like a fun idea!”

In each Black as Night Mystery Envelope, there will be a totally random progress keeper featuring a Magical Mystery Charm, along with ten of my Classic Round Stitch Markers. You can even request what size of Classic Round Stitch Markers you’d like:

SMALL MARKERS SET contains stitch markers that will fit needles from size US3/3mm through US5/3.75mm.
MEDIUM MARKERS SET contains stitch markers that will fit needles from size US6/4mm through US10/6mm.
LARGE MARKERS SET contains stitch markers that will fit needles from size US11/8mm through US15/10mm.

If you’re concerned that you’ll receive a double set if you order more than one, Bonnie and Other Bonnie do their best to track each set to make sure that doesn’t happen! These Mysterious Sets make great gifts and are fun for stitch marker exchanges.

Our Woolen Yarn Box is a monthly yarn subscription box — A perfect squishy, yarn-y experience! We are taking you on a journey each month with exclusive, one-of-a-kind colorways, charm sets by SamsTinyTrinkets and project bags by mom!

Smell the place you’re “visiting” with an 8 oz handmade and hand-poured candle. Enjoy extra mystery goodies AND handmade lanolin lotion bars or lanolin wool wash.

Want a different base? Message us and we are happy to switch it out! Want extra skeins? Let us know and we can add them to your box! These boxes are truly crafted with love just for YOU!

Subscribe today to start your amazing woolen journey each month!

Basic boxes available for those not a fan of scents!

Amy’s Trinket Shop is proud to announce that we have added a new line of project bags to the shop. All bags are handmade by my mother who is a master seamstress and has been sewing for over 50 years. Each bag is one of a kind — no two are alike. If you are still in the market for great gifts for your fiber enthusiast, look no further.

The shop also has a full lineup of great stocking stuffers including stitch marker sets, stitch stoppers, spiral cable needles, essential oil linen sprays and hand-dyed yarn.

All orders are shipped within 24 business hours and for orders over $35 shipping is free. Special requests happily accepted. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy Holidays from Amy