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Showing stitch markers

It’s time for the next Quarterly Yarn Club installment!

This Quarter’s theme is celebrating Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Sign-ups are now open for every Man, Woman, Child, Witch, Wizard, Troll, Gnome, Dryad, Centaur… well, you get the idea. Sign-ups are open to everyone! So head over here and sign up now. Don’t forget that sign-ups close earlier this month, on 16th of May, so don’t miss out!

Remember, the Quarterly club box is a mystery box, with teasers revealed throughout the month of sign-ups via Instagram, Facebook and the Ravelry group.

Though to give you some idea, last quarter’s club was Firefly themed and inspiration came from the Ship and the Crew. With the exclusive club skein inspired by Serenity, in all its slightly battered glory, and the mini skein set representing Captain Tightpants – Malcolm Reynolds, Companion – Inara Serra, Reader – River, and Pilot – Good old Hoban Washbourne. The extras in this quarter will get a shakeup to be more themed related, but in last quarter you can see the themed stitch markers, notions pouch and Crewmember-covered buttons.

In other Third Vault news, our latest pattern has now been released. The Noughts and Crosses Cowl is now available on Ravelry and in the Etsy store as a yarn kit. The pattern plays with the juxtaposition of cables and lace, creating a harmonious balance between the two that makes it the perfect spring cowl, or the ideal cover-up for summer evenings.

Recently I have been experimenting with polymer clay beads, especially the swirl kind. They are so fun to make and oh so pretty — the perfect accent to my stitch markers! So I decided to give it a whirl and have created this beautiful set of Earth inspired markers to celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day and just Spring in General.

Made using coated wire and secured with crimp beads, these markers are snag free and come in sets of 6. Each polymer bead used is uniquely different, yet a part of the matching set.

Expect many more polymer bead markers to come!

I’ve been wanting to update my shop for awhile, but couldn’t think of new ideas. It wasn’t until an art group I was selling things through returned a stack of unsold cards that I realized I could pair them with some handmade markers. The result is a gorgeous gift set that any knitter will love! Each gift set that includes one homemade knit stitch motif card paired with 5 stitch markers – 4 small and 1 large.

Cards are 100% handmade with an original design painted on the front and a blank inside. Created using all acid free materials so they can last as long as you want them.

Markers are made with mostly Italian beads (gifted by my travel-enthusiast aunt) with coated wire. Beads are kept in place by crimp beads and a dot or two of super glue. The small ones ‘should’ fit size US6 needles, the large size US 15.

Sold and shipped together. If you want separates please see my other listing or PM me.

Made and sold in Texas, US.

Hi there! I am so excited to finally be a part of Indie Untangled. I don’t know what took me so long to get here, but, here I am! I am Suzanne, and dyeing is my absolute passion, and ultimate dream, and I can only hope that shows in my work. I take ultimate pride and care with every single piece I create. I am a hippie at heart, so I adore bright, bold, “groovy” colors, but I also embrace my earthy side from time to time. My goal is to bring you soft, squishy, luxurious yarn and fiber with saturated color combinations, both oddball and tried-and-true for whatever fiber art you enjoy!

If there is something you do not see in my shop that you would love to have me create, I heartily welcome custom dye jobs with open arms! There is nothing I enjoy more than a good challenge. I will match a photo, a theme, even a random sentence from a book — and I will not be satisfied until you are with the final product!

Most of my spinning fiber is “one-of-a-kind.” It’s really where I let loose and free myself from the structure of formulaic colorways I have created on most of my yarns. If, however, there is a braid you see that you would like more than 4 ounces of, I am happy to create as much as you’d like with the same sort of color combination. Just let me know, and I’ll set out to create the fiber of your dreams.

Yes, I really am this cheerful and easy-going. With me, whatcha see is whatcha get!

20 new colourways inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll are available in superwash merino DK and a sock weight mix of 75% wool and 25% nylon. Grab yourself a single 100g skein or a multi-pack of miniskeins. Themed project bags and stitch markers are also available.

Alice in Wonderland was always a favorite of mine. The vivid characters of the Disney cartoon helped colour my imagination as a child and some of the new colourways are obviously influenced by the film. Other characters (yarns) come straight from the book. Rereading it now, I was surprised at how little colour is mentioned. In fact, for such a lively tale, there is very little in the way of description of colour and appearance at all. But leaving so much to the imagination is where the fun begins!

I have kept this series strictly to the characters in the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which leaves out a few familiar characters that appear in the later book, Through the Looking-Glass (and What Alice Found There). I save these in my head for perhaps another dyeing adventure.

Still a little sore over Firefly’s cancellation?

Very much still in love with the Crew and the best goram ship in the ‘verse?

Want something to knit/crochet whilst you relive the joy of the series and the film?

Join us for the inaugural yarn club and the shiny, shiny theme! Sign ups are open here.

Third Vault Yarns has launched a new Themed Quarterly Yarn Club, so you can get some squishy yarn inspired by your favourite fandoms and some fun themed goodies too!

Every quarter starts with voting on three themes; At the end of the month one theme is chosen based on your votes and then sign ups open. Throughout the second month you get some glorious teasers of what’s in the box, but most of it will stay a mystery until you receive your club box in the last month of the quarter.

So what are you waiting for? Either sign up for the Firefly themed first club box or join the yarn club mailing list for more voting power and first dibs on next quarter! The mailing list can be subscribed to on our Facebook page.

The Go Crafty Travel Case is fully lined, reinforced, interfaced and padded in all the right spots to allow it to stand up and display your tools in a neat and organized way! The bottom is protected with our signature thick bottom weight cotton to keep the contents safe and protect the vinyl front covers.


10” tall 12.5” wide at top, 7.5” wide at bottom. 4” deep at bottom.
2 Large Zipper pockets on the outside of the bag allow you an at-glance view of the contents of your larger 3” pockets.
16 – 3” pockets around the front, behind the protective vinyl.
There are 40 small pockets on the inside of the bag. There are 8 2” pockets for larger needles, 8 1.5” pockets, and 24 1” pockets for the smaller sizes.
1 Yarn Guide/Tool Holder
Attached Handle is 13” long (just like our Sock+ or Two Skein+ Bag handle)

Add-on Items:

Shoulder Strap: You can purchase an over the shoulder strap HERE that will make this handbag easy to take on the go, hands free. This soft cotton strap adjusts up to up to 45″ so that you can wear this bag over the should or even cross ways for the best back support!

Zipper Pulls: There are 3 Zippers on this case — why not accessorize with some of our Stitch Marker Zipper Pulls, HERE. These will add a little bling to your Case & in a pinch — you will always have a row counter and stitch markers on hand!

Zipper Notion Pouch: YEP. Our Notion Pouch will fit so nicely inside our Go Crafty Case we just had to mention it! Use it for notions, extra needle or hook storage, or anything else you can think of! (But if you think of something really cool, please share it on our Ravelry or Facebook pages!)

Here are a few uses for out Go Crafty Travel Case:

Interchangeable Needle Sets:

Most interchangeable needle packs come with about nine pairs of needles. You can fit 40+ pairs of interchangeable needles inside our case. The pockets are 4” tall. There are eight 2” pockets for larger needles, eight 1.5” pockets, and 24 1” pockets for the smaller sizes.

If you already have a case for your interchangeable from Knit Picks or Hiya Hiya — You can even Keep those cases all together in this Case, they will fit perfectly inside the Go Craft Travel Case! The bottom is 4” deep by 7.5” long and the opt is 12.5” Long.

There are 16 pockets for cables. (And as you know, you can even double up in these pockets if you have more!)

Circular Needles & Cables

This Case will hold 16+ Circular Needles or Cables of all sizes the vinyl No Spill pocket allows you an At-a-Glance view of what you have. Besides, Needles are pretty — why hide them?

This is one of the few cases out there that supports Ergonomic Crochet hooks AND the Addie Swing Hooks! Crochet on with peace of mind!

Double Pointed Needles & Crochet Hooks

You can fit 40+ pairs of Double Points or Crochet Hooks inside our case. The pockets are 3.5” tall. There are eight 2” pockets for larger needles, eight 1.5” pockets, and 24 1” pockets for the smaller sizes.

The Ultimate Project Bag

The Go Crafty Travel Case is a mini Studio Tote. It’s lined in sturdy canvas and the vinyl pockets on the outside make the bag stand up anywhere. The reinforced bottom means you don’t need to worry about setting it on the floor. The yarn guide means you can knit or crochet on the go without your Yarn rolling around town along side you. As far as project bags go- this is the lap of luxury. But less like a Land Rover and more like a tricked-out off road Jeep that can handle anything and still cleans up nice for your commute to work on Monday.

Spindle Bag

If you don’t mind the zipper — this bag WILL fit a 12″ drop spindle and fiber. If you DO mind the zipper — you really need to check out our Spindle Totes! They were made special for Spinners!


This Case is a tool organizer, a project bag, a purse. A Traveler’s dream. The options are all up to you. Get creative — show us what you have come up with! But most of all, enjoy!

Care Instructions:
Spot clean only. Washing machine will destroy. Do not use hot iron near the vinyl cover. Heat will ruin vinyl. To clean wet erase marker: use wet erase cleaning solution or glass cleaner on tissue and rub. Best to use non-Red markers, as the red can leave a stain.

*Fabric pattern placement will vary
This item pictured is an example of the actual product for sale and uses the same style, fabric prints, and material colors shown. However, the fabric pattern placement does vary on each item produced. *Accessories pictured are suggestions and not included

Welcome to Galiana (Golly-on-a) Creations!

Galiana Creations is a family owned and operated Fiber Arts and craft business in Dallastown, Pennsylvania.
We specialize in:
• Hand Dyed Yarn in a variety of fiber blends.
• Project Bags, with or without catchy fiber sayings.
• Stitch Markers, large and small, as unique as your personality.
• Earrings that show off your love of fiber or your individual style.
• and a wide variety of other items.

We can also do custom orders.

It is time to start knitting all those Fall and Winter projects and we have the yarns for you! And to help you get in the spirit, we are offering a 10% discount in our Etsy shop. Just enter FRIENDSFAMILY10 during checkout to receive your 10% discount.

In addition to our Etsy shop, you can find us at the:
31st Annual Knitter’s Day Out
(Knitting friendships together since 1985)
September 16th and 17th, 2016
at Central Penn College in Summerdale, PA

We look forward to meeting you