February 10, 2019

Introducing: Abstract Fiber to Indie Untangled

My name is Lori and I’m the dyer and owner of Abstract Fiber. I create intense colors with hand painted skeins of yarn and hanks of fiber, one at a time.

I have a formula for each colorway but each one is its own work of art. One day there may be a little more blue, another day more purple, you never know. That’s the thing about independent dyers, even though we have a list of colorways, no two pieces are exactly the same. That’s what sets us apart from “Big Wool” that crank out massive dye lots with the same color over and over. While these colors are great for making a solid color sweater, for example, you could add a skein of Abstract Fiber for the yoke! There’s enough color for everyone to go around.

We offer yarns in fingering, DK and worsted weight. We have small batches of lace and bulky weights, too. Most of our spinning fibers have a little bit of silk. The crowd favorite, Mixed Merino Silk, is made up of 40% Merino/40% SW Merino/20% silk. It’s super soft and a joy to spin, you’ll get addicted! We also have 75% BFL/25% silk, 60% Targhee/20% bamboo/20% silk, 50% Merino/50% silk as well as Camel Silk and Yak Silk. Other fibers are also available and we are always on the lookout to expand our fibers and yarns.

These colors are made in my garage-turned-studio at my house in Portland, Oregon. My husband is so clever, he built me shelves and a dye table and even a sink! Now my commute is only a few steps away. When I’m not dyeing, I’m knitting, spinning and teaching online for my local university.

You can find all our fabulous colors at our website, abstractfiber.com, at a fiber festival in the Pacific Northwest (sign up for the newsletter to find out about our next event) or at your local yarn store. Not at your store? We offer our fibers wholesale so let the owner know about us. Follow us on Instagram @abstractfiber or on Facebook at Abstract Fiber or on Ravelry at AbstractFiberPdx.

G’day from Australia

Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill is a boutique spinning mill located in the hinterland of the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. We pride ourselves on being incredibly sustainable: 95% of our power comes from our solar setup and we wash only using rainwater and a low phosphate detergent, with the waste water keeping our orchard green and healthy. We source all our fibre directly off farmers, most of whom live within one hour of our property/mill. Our yarns have the lowest carbon footprint of any commercially produced yarn in Australia, about 225km from farm to scourer to us (the alpaca travels even less distance, being washed by us on site).

Our yarns are yarns with heart. They are small-batch runs, designed to highlight the amazing work Australia does in growing some of the best fibre in the world. The merino we use is 17.5 microns, making it incredibly soft and luxurious, ideal for next-to-skin projects, or just that lovely cuddle factor. All of our fibre is traceable and every yarn has a story behind it: who grew it, where it was grown and how it was transformed into yarn, ready for you to use and love.

Our business is the true definition of small business. It is just my husband, Nick, and I, Isabel, who do everything from sourcing the fibre, processing the fibre and selling the yarn. Every time someone buys our yarn they become part of our story. To find out more, get in touch and say G’day!

January 28, 2019

February Mystery Sock Club


New to the shop is the February Mystery Sock Club. This club is intended for individuals who would like to add some excitement to their sock knitting. The colourway will remain a mystery until February 14th, however, there are some details that are public.

This month’s kit will contain one full skein of MCN Sock Yarn (80% SW Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% nylon), as well as two 15-gram mini skeins of the same base in a semisolid coordinating colourway. Two mini skeins (as opposed to one large one) allow the knitter to visually gauge how much they would like to allot to the cuff, heel and toe per sock without needing a scale to weigh! The full skein is 380 yards and 115 grams, and each mini is approximately 60 yards and 15 grams.

This listing is ready to ship and purchases made will be mailed out either same day or next day. Yarn will be unskeined, but tied in four separate places to ensure it doesn’t tangle, and vacuum sealed flat to ship. Shipping within Canada is a flat rate of $10 CDN and shipping to the United States is a flat rate of $11 CDN. Please see the listing information for International shipping, or contact me directly.

January 16, 2019

Season 4 Outlander Unclub

Outlander is winding to a close as is our Season 4 Unclub. Round 3 will be shipped out very soon, so don’t miss your chance to get yours. Did you miss out on round 1 and 2? You are in luck! There are still a few remaining kits left. These kits are the perfect gift for your yarnie friends or a special treats for you. These bags are limited, exclusive to this club, and will not be reproduced. The bag is a perfect project size with zipper closure, padded to stand on its own as a yarn bowl, and a strap.

January 13, 2019

Harpers Ferry Pattern Release!

Alternating minis, mohair and short rows add a new twist in creating a beautiful canvas, as you watch each shade come together to finalize a beautiful shawl in Harpers Ferry.

I chose a high contrast mohair (pink) to pair with my main color (purple), as well as minis that allow the slipped stitch pattern to pop. You could easily use a set of gradient minis to create a more subtle look if you’d rather a more toned down version.

January 13, 2019

Club CVM

The Livestock Conservancy identifies breeds of livestock that are in danger of becoming extinct. Currently the Romeldale/CVM breed is classified as Threatened. According to the Livestock Conservancy, breeds classified as Threatened have less than 1,000 registrations per year and less than 5,000 individuals worldwide.

I have been working with this wonderful breed since 2008. I maintain one of the few flocks of Romeldale/CVM sheep in the southeastern U.S. It is a unique situation to work with an endangered breed. Issues taken for granted in other breeds become a major undertaking and expense in a breed with small numbers and few breeders.

Club CVM is a quarterly fiber club. Each club release will be a Romeldale/CVM wool and/or Romeldale/CVM wool blend roving, batts or smidgens (mini batts) from my studio. The Romeldale/CVM wool is from my flock. The fleeces are professionally sheared each spring. I carefully skirt my fleeces and send them to the mill for washing and carding. The wool is returned and I create the final roving, batts or smidgens in my studio. Purchases of this club or any other products from my studio help to support my farm and conservation efforts for this wonderful breed.

The Club CVM boxes (first release) is available in the Wild Hair Studio Etsy shop. The Club boxes are for sale during the month of January. Then I will dye and prepare the fiber. Fiber boxes will ship in March and yarn boxes will ship April.

The first club release contains:
4 oz of Romeldale/CVM roving
2 oz of Romeldale/CVM wool and other luxury add-ins batts
A short news item about my flock/sheep with a photo. It may be a feature about a specific sheep or about the flock as a whole.

*The roving in the photo is the sample I carded for the first club release. It is a natural-colored dark brown, combined with hand-dyed blue and green. The batts will be in a coordinating color scheme.

I am also offering the option to receive this club release as handspun yarn. If you choose the handspun option, there is no choice of yarn weight. I will hand spin the 4 oz of roving and send this as 1 or 2 skeins of 2ply yarn. The 2 oz of batts will be spun and sent as one to two skeins of 2ply yarn. These yarns will not be super bulky, but also not super fine – more of a medium weight.

Wild Hair Studio is a participating fiber supplier for Leicester Longwool wool and Romeldale/CVM wool for the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ’em to Save ’em Challenge. This Club CVM release has 4 oz of Romeldale/CVM roving and will qualify for the Shave ’em to Save ’em Challenge.

January 8, 2019

Meet Brooke of Fully Spun

My name is Brooke, and I am the Owner and Dyer behind Fully Spun. Not familiar with Fully Spun? The short version of our story is that we love color! The long version is that our mission is to allow others to express themselves through color by dyeing yarns in non-traditional and traditional methods. My primary dye technique, the Fully Spun method, is to hand-dye wool roving before having it spun. Some people will love Fully Spun yarn because it looks like handspun, and others simply fall in love with the colors. You can read more about that on our About page, but I’d like to update you on something amazing that I am currently a part of.

I was excited when Diane of Lady Dye Yarns invited me to join seven other Black Female Entrepreneurs and be a part of the Fab 8 Craft Club. This is the perfect way to support many small businesses in one purchase and in return get a great deal on eight handmade and hand-designed items!

What you will get in the Fab 8 Craft Club Collaboration:

1 Skein of Fingering Weight Yarn (425 yards) by Lady Dye Yarns
1 Skein of Yarn by Fully Spun
Exclusive Knitting Pattern by Jeanette Sloan
Exclusive Crochet Pattern by Knit And CroShay
Stitch Marker(s) by Mrs U Makes
An enamel pin by CreativeCeci
A button by Crochet Luna
AND a SURPRISE GIFT (we will reveal later on in January)

Sign up here.

January 7, 2019

Ready to ship yarns! January theme is antique!

I will be making small batches of unique and gorgeous colorways each month all with a unique theme!

These colorways will be different than the colorways featured in my Made to Order yarns section in my shop.

Once they are gone they are gone!

Each skein is $22 plus shipping.

This months colorways are the following:

1. Rusty Old Keys
2. Lavender End Table
3. Yellow Flowers
4. Antique Floral Arrangement
5. Rusty Bicycle

Yarn information:
Sock Weight Yarn
75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% nylon
462 yards/100grams

January 3, 2019

Introducing Color Maven Society

[mey-vuh n] n.
an expert or connoisseur

Color Mavens crave working with color and love projects that show off their choices.

Color Maven Society is a quarterly yarn club. Each month you’ll receive 2 skeins of yarn; 1 each of a speckled or variegated yarn and a coordinating tonal. But that is just the yarn. You will also receive a treasure each month. The treasures are special items that elevate our making experience. In total, that’s six skeins of coordinating yarn and three treasures to inspire your creativity each quarter.

Sign-ups for 1st Quarter close January 6th so don’t miss out.

December 21, 2018

FIberCrafty Spotlight: The Spun Bunny (plus a sale!)

Bunny Shepherdess is only one of the hats Marissa wears. Between cuddling bunnies, she also dreams up the colorways for her yarns and fiber and creates delightful rolags, batts and mini skein sets. Of course, angora fiber is also available from her beautiful and mighty cute bunnies, as well as a 2019 calendar featuring them. One of my favorite things about Marissa’s FiberCrafty shop, The Spun Bunny, is that she offers a wide variety of types of fibers, bases and preparations. She really offers a well-curated selection from her studio in PA!

To make room for new inventory in 2019, Marissa is offering a 35% discount off items in her shop between December 21 and 30. Her bunny calendars are not included in this offer but EVERYTHING else is! Use code THANKYOU at checkout.

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