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Showing yarn clubs

Preorders end first week in August!

This year-long KAL will include a mystery each month of a whodunit, with colors and charms depicting your favorite girl detective in her many mysteries each month!

We will be knitting the Stitch in Time Blanket by The BakeryBears (Kay F Jones)!

Crochet? We will be completing the blanket of calm by Casapinka with a few modifications — a border on the blanket at the end and we will be doing 108 squares to match the amount of squares in the knit blanket.

Rules will be posted on our instagram bio!

Each Month’s shipment:

*Nine 10g micro skeins
80/20 SW Merino/nylon 40yds/10g

*A set of two SamsTinyTrinkets charms (IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION)

*A card with the month’s mystery

*A pattern code for 20% off the Stitch in Time Blanket by The BakeryBears Kay F Jones

Your first shipment will include an extra goodie and will ship in August. Your recurring charges for the year will begin on September 1st and charge every 1st of the month for 1 year. changes must be made two weeks before the 1st of each month.

WHEN: KAL kicks off September 22nd and runs for one year. Your first box will ship at the end of August and each box after will ship at the end of each month.

IMPORTANT: You will need two full 100g skeins in our 80/20 SW Merino/nylon base for borders. These should be added on to your first box if you’d like to knit the borders as you go. A drop down menu is there to add these on.

If you’d like to knit all borders at the very end (when you are done with your mitered squares) toward the end of the KAL- they can be added on then. Totally up to you.

Prize donations will be revealed as we go through the year- We already have a variety of goodies from so many talented makers which we reveal on our lives 12pm ET Wednesday and Fridays on Instagram.

Choose your skin tone so that each month your SamsTinyTrinkets character charm will be as beautiful as you! If you do not choose default is skin tone 6.

RULES for the KAL;

Your minis will be labeled 1-9

Each mini skein is a “clue” — When you knit up a mitered square, scratch off the coordinating numbered clue in your detective sheet and post a photo on Instagram of your square using the hashtag #letthemysteryunravelkal2023 (Do not worry about revealing the clue on the detective sheet online, this is solely based on knitting the mitered squares during the month — the revealed clues are for the fun of unraveling the mystery only). If you get all nine clues revealed in a given month you are entered for a prize each month in addition to grand prizes at the end. The winner will receive their prizes with a two-week processing time from the time the winner (the monthly detective) is announced on the Zoom parties.

You must finish the blanket (borders included) to be entered for grand prizes by September 22, 2024.

Who Dun it Zoom (monthly) parties:

Announcement of the “monthly” detective: if you are not present we will post it and you will need to reach out to us for your shipping information.

Join us monthly to step into the shoes of your favorite girl detective as we take you on a virtual adventure, playing the Nancy Drew PC game, as you help us unravel the mystery and solve the case! (This will be PC gameplay that you will be able to see in real time as we work together to solve the mystery.) We will announce the game we are playing in late August and Zooms will occur monthly. You can just watch the mystery unfold with us or participate in detective decisions!

*Patrons get extra goodies for the monthly win (can include any of the following: bags, candles, notions, yarn, etc.)

*Patrons get the blanket pattern for free

*Vote on the gameplay for Zoom parties

Non-patrons: monthly detective prize will consist of the colorway of the month (100g skein) and a SamsTinyTrinkets trinket dish, special coupon code for the shop!

As the second half of the year approaches, I am continuing my Vincent van Gogh colorways with “Bedroom in Arles” — the famous painting featuring van Gogh’s bedroom. The yarn features blues, golds and browns with speckles of reds and greens. Shown on DK base.

You can now preorder your skeins to ship by the end of July and all packages will include the skein and a fact card about the artwork. This listing does NOT include any of the extra goodies for the yarn club subscribers.

You may preorder as many skeins as you wish from the selected bases. Preorders will end on July 23rd to give me enough time to dye and ship packages.

Base choices:
(Shown on DK)
Light- 2ply fingering, 400 yds/100gram, 100% SW Merino
Sock – 4ply fingering, 463 yds/100gram, 75% SW Merino, 25% nylon
Silky Single – single ply, 438 yds/100gram, 70% SW merino, 30% Silk
DK – DK weight, 231 yds/100 gram, 100% SW Merino

Christmas in July is at the halfway point, and we need to get moving on our holiday knitting! To provide inspiration, we have ALL THE WHIMSY SOCK SETS for you! In all the best colors and yarn weights, there is something for everyone. Check out these beautiful sets and pick a few to make your holiday socks.

Don’t miss out on our pre-order for our yarny Hannukah and Christmas Countdown Calendars! They are only open for a short time! Do not miss out on this extra special treat!

We’ve restocked some of your holiday favorites and what better way to celebrate Christmas in July than with beautiful jewel tones for all your holiday gifts? Imagine the joy these rich colors will inspire in scarves or mittens or socks or shawls for those you love.

New in the shop and full of holiday spirit is our Twelve Days of Christmas felt embroidery set. Make them for someone special or for your own tree. We think these would make a marvelous wedding gift or housewarming present.

Don’t miss the last of our regular Dye Live Plus Club series: Made with Love and Libations. Join our dyer Carolyn live virtually in the dye studio during your private happy hour and watch her dye the club colorway. You can even choose your base and quantity. All the details can be found here on this fun virtual dye experience.

Have you seen some of the Magical Christmas Stockings in our Make-a-Long that lasts the entire month of July? It’s not too late to get started. We’ll start our Knit-a-Long for Purl Soho’s Dumpling Bag on Saturday, July 15th. It’s a quick one hank project and sure to be appreciated in soft, squishy Tolkien DK.

We are loving the hand work projects, and at Needleworks later this month, Mary Nielsen will be teaching a Wool Applique class. Register soon for the class on Friday, July 21st at Needleworks, our community craft space in Winter Park, FL. Mary will teach us basic techniques used to stitch the Candle Mats from Bareroots. Choose from three designs, including a special Christmas mat! Class fees cover the kit and three hours of instruction. No experience needed for this beginner class.

The Cumulus Sweater Knit Along starts August 1st. Cumulus kits featuring our luscious Bronte base are live in the shop! Order yours today so you can be ready for our cast on!

Stay tuned for travel opportunities with upcoming events in New Orleans, Rhinebeck, NY, and Scotland. If you are interested in learning more about our 2024 Scotland trip, email us today at [email protected].

Last but not least, we’re going live on our YouTube channel Saturday morning at 9:30AM Eastern time. Grab your coffee or tea, your yarn, and let’s have a great time together!

Fiber friends are the best friends! Thanks for being a part of our yarn community, and we’ll be back next week for more updates and adventures!

Happy Christmas in July!

To celebrate we are doing a flash sale of our 2023 Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendars!

This year our Advent is inspired by bright, shiny Christmas lights and ornaments. This Advent will take you on a whimsical magical journey through a Christmas Kaleidoscope of color!

Each mini is a little bundle of joy, bursting with brilliant reds, greens, blues, and golds from bright to light. It’s like holding a handful of Christmas ornaments ready to be strung together into something beautiful and festive. Whether you’re knitting a cozy scarf or our annual Advent pattern, this Advent is perfect to bring your holiday creations to life in a kaleidoscope of Christmas color!

As always, we are offering a variety of options to fit every budget.

Calendar Level Options
Option 1: The Standard Advent Calendar Includes:
• 24 days of yarn (in Southern Sock or Southern DK yarn)
• 100g skein to open Christmas Day
Reusable fabric calendar (see photos for last year’s; this year’s will be themed differently)
• Advent knitting pattern
• Knit-a-long with prizes!
• And a few other goodies by some of your favorite makers that we will keep secret until December. 😉

Option 2: Deluxe Calendar Includes:
All the Standard goodies plus!
• Drawstring project bag by Miss Fiber Fox

Option 3: Just the Yarn (no extras) Includes:

•24 mini skeins of Southern Sock or Southern DK to unwrap daily
• Advent knitting pattern
• Knit-a-long with prizes!


1) Southern Sock Yarn | 80% Superwash Merino wool and 20% nylon | 24 individually-wrapped 20-gram mini skeins with 80 yards per mini | one full-sized skein 100g with 400 yds (Deluxe option).
2) Southern DK Yarn | 80% Superwash Merino wool and 20% nylon | 24 individually-wrapped 20-gram mini skeins with 46 yards per mini | one full size 100g skein with 245 yds (Deluxe option)

What is a Reusable Fabric Calendar?
Basically, it’s the wrapping for the mini skeins. It’s handmade. There a picture on the listing of last year’s. We are trying to be eco friendly by giving you a 100% cotton fabric reusable calendar with pockets! Handmade numbers let you know which pocket to open on which day. Perfect to reuse year after year to put treats for kids, or anyone else, to count down to Christmas! Or, give it to your spouse/significant other to fill next year with goodies for YOU!

Preorders for the June colorway of the Vincent van Gogh Yarn club are now open until June 25th.

This order will ship by the end of June and will include the skein and a fact card about the artwork. This listing does NOT include any of the extra goodies for the yarn club subscribers.

This skein is based off of “Le cafe de nuit (Night Cafe)”, one of the more famous paintings by Van Gogh. The yarn features reds, yellows and a deep blue/green, with speckles of gold and browns.

You may preorder as many skeins as you wish from the selected bases. Preorders will end on June 25th to give me enough time to dye and ship packages.

Available on the following bases:
Light- 2ply fingering, 400 yds/100gram, 100% SW Merino
Sock – 4ply fingering, 463 yds/100gram, 75% SW Merino, 25% nylon
Silky Single – single ply, 438 yds/100gram, 70% SW merino, 30% Silk
DK – DK weight, 231 yds/100 gram, 100% SW Merino

Do you feel like you’ve been knitting without a true sense of community… dreaming of the companionship of like-minded friends to connect with?

Are you longing for friends in your life who truly understand why you’re so passionate about your craft?

Do you enjoy making friends with other knitters and working on patterns together?

Do you wish you had friends you could share your yarn color schemes with and ask for input and suggestions?

As wonderful and supportive as our spouses and families might be… if they aren’t knitters, they just don’t get it!

You’re invited to join me in the Stitch Society Membership!

Be part of a warm and welcoming community of like-minded knitters… don’t feel alone while you’re knitting! Inside this warm and welcoming private community, you’ll find knitters who are just like you.

Plus, you’ll be treated to so many benefits including …

🧶 A FREE pattern every month from me, for instant yarnie inspiration

🧶 Your invitation to our two monthly Stitch Sessions on Zoom where you can connect with other members of our community while you work on your projects and take them from ‘in progress” to “done!”

🧶 Attend Fiber Friends Interviews where you’ll get to know some of my favorite people in the yarnie world

🧶 Access to Priority Pattern Support when you need help understanding how to create a stitch or what the instructions in a pattern are saying

🧶 And access to the growing Stitch & Technique Library with tutorials to rescue you when you’re stuck and help you expand your skills.

🧶 Instant access to three on-demand workshops: The Beginners Guide to Lace Knitting, Conquer Cable Knitting and “OOPS!” Fix your Knitting Mistakes

🧶 Free admission to all of my upcoming workshops

⏰ The membership doors are closing for new members this Sunday 6/11 at 10 PM Eastern Time. Get all the details here.

For June’s Travel the World club, we’re hopping across the Atlantic Ocean from DC to Italy!!

When my sister and I graduated college, we were lucky enough to spend a month backpacking around Europe. Italy was one of our stops, and we traveled through Florence, Venice and Rome, with a stop in at the Vatican!

One of the wildest memories I have of that trip is dancing the night away with the Swiss Guards! Yes, those guards, the one you see at the Vatican!! It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

So this month’s colorway is going to be in shades of greens, browns and peaches (because I always think of the countryside when I think of Italy LOL) with some purple thrown in to commemorate the uniforms of the Swiss Guards and that night!!

Available on all the bases from suri to worsted! Preorder will stay open until June 10th, with orders starting to ship by mid-month. All orders will be shipped by the end of June.

The Knit Stitch Tee club is designed to give yarn lovers a fun, fresh, graphic tee each month revolving around what we love the most, YARN!

Knit Stitch Tees Monthly T-Shirt Subscription! Do you love knitting? Do you love super soft t-shirts? Then you’ll love the Knit Stitch Tees T-Shirt Club!

The Knit Stitch Tees T-Shirt Club is a monthly t-shirt subscription of handpicked, super soft tees all designed by Jenna! Our t-shirts feature super soft fabrics, unique designs, fun colors and a comfortable fit.

We only print these t-shirts for our Knit Stitch Tees T-Shirt Club subscription members so you won’t find these anywhere else in our shop!

You will be able to select sizes up to 3X.

We have a SPECIAL offer for Indie Untangled readers, use code “IndieUntangled” for 15% this month’s tee!

This week we bring you something a bit shocking. Two colors with surprising potential: Paint the Town Red and Limeade. At first glance, what do you see? The Grinch? A fresh take on holiday classics? Or maybe just the right pop of color to pair with one of our beautiful blues? These are surprisingly versatile, and we can help you pair them with the perfect shade to make your project Pop!

More great color! Our Socksy Ewe sock club is accepting new members. Join and you’ll receive a monthly helping of a full hank and coordinating mini on your choice of base, plus an extra goodie. Subscribe now, and cancel anytime. This is a great way to feed your sock stash with color.

The BEAST is our featured yarn. It’s big and it’s beautiful. Learn more about our 600-yard hank of luxury.

Have you seen the beautiful needle cases from Della Q? They are lovely and sophisticated in modern colors. We deserve good and well-designed tools and accessories to support our craft.

Our custom-made soaps are a big hit. In Cozy Cashmere and Sweater Weather they smell delightful and make a beautiful gift for you or a friend.

The Super Summer Sweater Make-a-Long is moving right along. You can team up with Carolyn by making the Anker Summer Shirt or Team Michelle by making the Beautifully Basic Tee. It’s not too late to join in all the fun.

Yarn Lounge, the premier indie dyer, crafting hangout, shopping experience is nearly here and tickets are flying off the shelves! We’re looking forward to an epic #yarnparty on June 10th at Brewlando in Orlando, Florida. Yarn Lounge is always a blast, so get your tickets now and make your plans because you won’t want to miss out on this fiber extravaganza!

Still a few spaces available on our Falloween 2023 Retreat in Georgia, open for registration now. Don’t miss out on this super fun, laid back, fall retreat in north Georgia. You won’t regret it!

Last but not least, we’re live on our YouTube channel every Saturday morning at 9:30AM Eastern time with all the fun and details. It’s always a delightful adventure, so grab your coffee or tea, your yarn, and let’s have a great time together!

Fiber friends are the best friends! Thanks for being a part of our yarn community, and we’ll be back next week for more updates and adventures!