Rhinebeck Trunk Show Application Insights

As we receive many more applications for vendors than space allows, there will unfortunately not be enough room for everyone who applies. While it is difficult to say exactly what goes into the jury’s decision, we will be looking at many things, including:

• Presentation and visibility: Vendors should have high-quality photos of their products available online and be active on social media, with a large or growing base of loyal customers.

• Event experience: We want vendors to have some experience selling at busy events and/or creating enough stock for a two-day show. If you are just starting out, or your products are labor intensive, you might consider teaming up with another business and sharing a booth.

• We are interested in showcasing indie businesses from around the world! If you’re based outside the U.S., please note that you’re responsible for adhering to customs and visa requirements, and may want to find a U.S. partner.

• While we love seeing samples and patterns, we will not be offering booths to designers this year. Designers who are interested in participating in the show are welcome and encouraged to work with exhibiting vendors.

• As Indie Untangled is committed to inclusivity, it is expected that all vendors will create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who attends the show. Additionally, while this is not the only criteria, we want to make sure our vendors represent the diversity of the crafting community.