Rhinebeck Trunk Show Vendor Invoice – Double Booth With Lounge

  • To send your $3,195 without PayPal fees, you can mail a check to the following address:

    Lisa Chamoff
    415 Argyle Road, Apt. 2L
    Brooklyn, NY 11218
    Price: $716.07
  • List the first names of the people who will be working in your booth on the day of the show.

    If you don't have all the names, list the number of staffers you will have as this is important for determining the number of tickets we sell.
  • Price: $11.00 Quantity:
  • You can purchase lunch for yourself and your staffers, which will include a half sandwich, soup and a bottle of water or soft drink.
    Price: $8.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $2,575.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00