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About Indie Untangled

The idea for Indie Untangled came to me in 2013, when I started hearing about dyers and makers who were worried about standing out on increasingly crowded handmade marketplaces, or striking out on their own. I’ve been knitting since 2007 and have slowly been building up my stash of mostly indie-dyed yarn. I love the complex colors and have always preferred to support indie artisans — especially when I’m taking the time to make things for myself and others.

As a crafter who is obsessed with luxury fibers, I also understand what it’s like to spend hours online hunting for update announcements, discovering a dyer’s post on Instagram five days after their yarn has sold out, or signing up for 10 different newsletters to keep up with the latest offerings, only to be cart-jacked after I finally decide that I need five skeins of BFL/silk sport. It can be so overwhelming and time consuming, especially when there are plenty of projects I should be working on. There had to be a better way.

So, I came up with Indie Untangled. The hope was to create a comprehensive resource for discovering these special products and learning about the people behind the dye pots, spinning wheels and sewing machines, and to build a community for those of you who love yarn and fiber as much as I do.

The mission of Indie Untangled evolved through discussions online and over tea and clicking needles. It has since grown to include in-person and virtual events like the Rhinebeck Trunk Show and Indie Untangled Everywhere, as well as the sale of exclusive colorways and products developed in partnership with other small businesses.

This space has long celebrated the diversity of our community, and welcomes fiber enthusiasts of all races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, ages, sizes and abilities.

Indie Untangled connects buyers and sellers of hand-dyed yarn and fiber, handspun yarn, notions and accessories, so you can discover an artisan who creates incredible colors and finally score that skein or sweater quantity from the dyer you’ve always wanted to try.

About Lisa (she/her)

When I’m not working on shawls or sweaters, collecting yarn or getting photographed for Humans of New York, I enjoy exploring my home borough of Brooklyn, discovering new restaurants and trying craft gins. I’ve worked as a journalist in the New York area for more than a decade.