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October 19, 2021

Hand-dyed bags to brighten your fall

The new collection of hand-dyed bags I have presented during Indie Untangled everywhere is here to brighten your fall! And still exclusive to Indie subscribers!

During my slot at Indie Untangled Everywhere I had the pleasure to show you all the colours and bags of this collection.

Starting from un-dyed and unbleached cotton, I create unique, whimsical, and bright colours inspired by one on my favourite region of Italy, Sicily.

I am originally from the other side of Italy, the northern Lombardy, the region of Milan. But when I set foot for the first time in Sicily my heart was taken: cannoli (the crunchy and the sweetness), the sea, the colours, the Etna, , the granita, the Greek temples… Everything is Sicily is beautiful, real, and timeless!

Just as this ancient land, the bags in this collections are sweet, timeless, and unique!

And until Sunday 24th October (midnight CET, 6pm ET) you can enjoy free shipping for all orders over 70€ with code INDIE2021OCT.

October 18, 2021

Werewolf Cub Mystery DK Sock Sets Are Alive!

Have you cast on a Halloween project yet? If not, snatch up this treat fast! This limited-edition, mystery DK sock set is inspired by werewolves and the full moon that calls to them. Cast on your mystery DK sock set and you can prowl around with your FO by Halloween night. Sets will vanish from the shop on November 1st, so don’t wait to grab yours!

This spooky mystery color DK-weight sock set includes:
1 Full Skein (approx. 100g / 246yds)
1 Mini Skein (approx. 20g / 49yds)
3 Wolf + Cub stickers to share with your wolf pack
Halloween treats (aka. candy)

YARN COLORS ARE A MYSTERY: If you absolutely cannot wait and NEED a color spoiler, click through to see a spoiler on Instagram here.

October 14, 2021

Introducing Keld Aran!

  • Skeins of pink and rust yarn.

Hello from ECY Shedquarters! We had a really great weekend after some really lovely posts on Twitter from Emma Mitchell aka @silverpebble . It was so lovely of her and so great to see all the orders that came in as a result; what a welcome relief after a difficult time. Today I am excited to tell you about our next update which will be the super exciting, brand new Keld Aran. Keld Aran is a blend of extrafine merino with linen, the same as you will find in Keld Fingering. This yarn is essentially two strands of Keld Fingering, which is a singles yarn, spun together. You can read all about this exciting new yarn in our blog post about it. The update is scheduled for 9am (UK time) on Friday 15th October so may already have happened by the time you read this. All colourways included in the update can be found in the flickr album and you will also find colour combination suggestions here too. This is a MASSIVE update which is not normally how I would introduce a yarn but as soon as I got my hands on it I fell in love and am sure you will too! That means there are plenty of colours to choose from and you should find something to suit any project.

Our Yarnlings™️ are having a great time at the moment! It’s so fun to pack these up and then to see your unboxing pics – thankyou for sharing them. It’s also really fun seeing what you make with them; Louise Tilbrook made a really cool pair of striped scrappy socks using them. We were asked for crochet ideas for them, so we’ve put together a Pinterest board full of (off-Rav) pattern ideas – you can see it here. We are building up other boards that will help with inspiration too. If you have any suggestions to add to it do let us know! We’ve also added an option for getting 15 Yarnlings™️ but without the jar, in case you just want the yarn (and because I’ve nearly run out of jars again and need to buy more!).

Following on from our Bowland DK update we have published a Patterns and Projects blog post to help you with inspiration of how to use this wonderful yarn. We have a whole page devoted to our Yarn Specific Blog Posts which shows all the links arranged by yarn. This page can be found directly from the Blog menu.

As things get back to normal I have been able to record three episodes of The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast over the past couple of weeks. In them I talk about the update yarns, samples made using the yarns and general ECY news. Episode 16 (the third of this run) is a bit of a reintroduction to ECY so if you are new to us please do check it out! You can find all episodes of the Shedcast on our YouTube channel. There might even be another episode up by the time this is published!! 🤣

October 12, 2021

Spooky Sock Sets and more!

  • A collage with red,, black and green yarn.

Grab your spooky sock set in time for Halloween! We have Nightmare on Elm Street that will have you scared to sleep until these socks are off your needles! Check out this set and more on

Special for November is our new mini mystery — All the fixins! Get your minis and charm combos to make a holiday scrappy project!

October 11, 2021

Something Wicked (and Sweet) This Way Comes

  • A trio of purple and green yarn.

It’s October, so that means new fall items have hit the shop!

Check out the three new colorways: Fletcher, Asheville Estate, and Asheville. If you are in search of yarn for a tri-color shawl look no further!

If you are a musical fan (or just want something a bit spooky) the Wicked Sock Set, the newest installment of the Backstage Lights Yarn Club, is also in the shop. These vivid colorways are inspired by the costumes and makeup of the lead characters: Elphaba and Galina.

And lastly: Sugar N’ Spice Blanket kits are now available! This new design is sweet & feminine; perfect for the baby girl in your life. This carriage/carseat sized blanket is fun to knit and doesn’t take an age to finish. The kits include two skeins of sock weight, a copy of the pattern, and a handmade stitch marker. Snag yours today!

*The individual pattern of Sugar N’ Spice will be coming to Ravelry soon!

October 11, 2021

Solitude Cowl & Kits…A Special Collaboration

  • A lacy cowl with gray, brown and red stripes with mini pumpkins.
  • Sets of red, brown, purple and gray, pink, red and purple and gray gold, pink, purple, blue and green yarn.

My friend Kimberly of Palmer Yarn Company and I teamed up for a special project and are SO excited to share it with everyone now!

We want to introduce you, officially, to Solitude. Solitude is a cowl featuring six different minis and a lace pattern throughout with a subtle transitions between color changes. Solitude is both written and charted for your preference.

This lightweight cowl is a perfect accessory — throw it in your bag and have it to wear anytime during these seasonal transitions.

Kimberly dyed up three GORGEOUS custom colorways that are available as a PREORDER now from her Etsy shop. This is a two-week preorder and the sets will ship October 29th-30th.

The pattern may be purchased as part of a yarn kit or on its own from my Web Shop or Ravelry. Indie Untangled friends receive a special 25% discount off the pattern with code SOLITUDE through October 29, 2021.

Please share your Milly’s Knit Designs projects on social media and tag me so I don’t miss them. I LOVE seeing your knits! #millysknitdesigns #millysknits @millysknitdesigns

October 9, 2021

Solitude cowl pattern and mini skein sets

Solitude Cowl DK mini sets and pattern will be available for PREORDER Sunday at 2pm CST via Palmer Yarn Company’s Etsy shop.

Crystal from Milly’s Knit Designs has created a fun and relaxing knit. Interesting lace design and color changes will have you wanting to knit “one more row”. Designed for DK minis this cowl will be squishy and cozy for the season ahead!

Options for purchase:

•Mini bundle with Solitude cowl pattern by Milly’s Knit Designs

•mini bundle without pattern

• Solitude cowl pattern only

* this will be a 2 week preorder. Mini skein sets will ship Oct 29th-30th.
* pattern is available immediately after purchase.

Exceptional Shawl Pin Styles From Eras Past!

  • A spiral-edged pin with a mother of pearl button in the center sits atop a cake of green yarn.

With just one event left for the year, I knew that I wanted to create something special to celebrate. There were plenty of perfectly pretty options on my wishlists with some of my favorite bead vendors, but somehow they just didn’t seem to fit the bill. While I was at Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, I went wandering (as I often do) and came across a wonderful little button booth sharing vintage designs from decades past. I may have gone a little overboard with my selections, but I just couldn’t resist!

Since we still have a couple of weeks before SAFF arrives, I thought I’d put together a little sneak preview collection for the Indie Untangled community. All of the buttons chosen for this collection come from anywhere between the 1930s and 1980s. From Lovely Lotus to Pinwheel Pearl, each etched mother of pearl button has its own singular shimmering pattern.

Explore these styles and my one-of-a-kind Victorian Button Shawl Pin collection in the Crafty Flutterby booth at SAFF from October 22nd-24th. Which elegant era will you embrace?

October 7, 2021

Back with British Bluefaced Leicester yarns!

  • Skeins of yellow, peach and pink yarn in a row.

Hello all! We have been a bit quiet over here in ECY Shedquarters as I have been off for surgery (I’m still recovering but a bit more mobile for work — I’ve got a long way to go yet). It definitely feels as though summer is over, it is getting a lot cooler and I am needing to wear more of my woollens now. I feel the cold really badly as well, so by the time it’s properly cold I’ll be completely bundled up. 😆

I have two updates to tell you about. Both have already happened but were quite large updates so there is plenty still to choose from. The first update was Bowland 4ply (100% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester). I was looking back through past updates and was really shocked to see that the last big update of this yarn was 18 months ago!! Considering this is a classic ECY base it really is quite a big deal, but supply was really limited for quite a while and we got distracted with other things (as you do!).

This update is all semisolids which are perfect for garments, stripes or colourwork. You can browse the colourways in this update in the flickr album and we have also included some combination suggestions. There are also a few yarn packs of multiple colour combinations in the Bowland 4ply collection on our website. Image shows Bowland 4ply in colourways Linen, Apricot Tulip, Cloudberry, Azalea and Dianthus.

The second update is Bowland DK. Another long-term favourite, Bowland DK is also 100% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester. This update is also all semi-solids as I really do see them as the core of my business. You can browse the colourways and colour combination suggestions in the update flickr album and find all available Bowland DK on our website. The image shows Bowland DK in Cottage Original 2409211415, Thunder, Tarn and Larkspur.

I have recently seen a lot of pattern inspiration focused around stripes; Veera Valimaki’s recent book and the Douglas Cardi by Andrea Mowry in particular. The cardi really inspired me and so I went up to the garage (aka stock room) and pulled together some new five colour DK yarn packs but using two x 100g skeins of each colour rather than one.

There is a new menu category for “5 colour DK packs 1kg”. We have also converted these into yarn packs specifically for the Douglas Cardi with different size options based on the yarn requirements. Most sizes use two skeins of each colour but if you are at either end of the range the quantities of yarn have been adjusted for you. The sizing from the pattern is shown in the listings to help you out.

There are also a number of Milburn DK packs; these have more size options so please do check carefully to make sure you get the right one for you. Design specific yarn packs have their own category in the Yarn menu to make it even easier to find them. One of these selections is shown in the images.

Moorit has launched!
We are so excited about Moorit, a new crochet magazine. We have copies of the magazine and yarn packs for the cover design which is a wonderfully cosy sweater in Whitfell Chunky. We also have a preorder running for Pendle Chunky in a selection of colours all shown in the image. The preorder will close on 15th October so make sure you get orders in before then. Yarn packs for the Cumulo sweater are listed by size with the sizing from the pattern detailed on the product page. All yarn packs come with a discount to the price of the yarn sold separately.

Also on the website we have yarn packs for the Shikhar wrap by Jaya of Apoorva Designs, which was released in August (I didn’t quite get the yarn done before my surgery so it’s had to wait). You can find more information about this wrap on the pattern page on Payhip. The Shikhar Wrap is made up of sections of different stitches and patterns inspired by architectural elements of the Taj Mahal, including striped chevrons, honeycomb lace, an intarsia floral design and an arched section. The wrap uses sparkly Rosedale 4ply in Natural, Red Kite, Larch and Charcoal and these yarns can be bought together as a yarn pack at a discount compared to buying the yarns individually. This can be found in the Design specific yarn pack collection. Also, for a limited time Jaya is offering a free copy of the pattern to the first five folks who buy the yarn! In with your order you will receive a discount code to be used to get the free pattern from Payhip.

We still have plenty of five colour hand dyed yarn packs that could be used the the Stephen West Shawlography MKAL or Starting Point/Fading Point if you are taking part in Joji’s Fall KAL. These packs could also be used for any other five colour (500g) 4ply/fingering weight pattern. Check out the available selection in the “Five colour 4ply pack – 500g” collection.

I finally have some good news about our Milburn DK production. We have received new batches of Althaea, Night Sky and Natural which is a massive relief. Natural has been out of stock for a REALLY long time! This also means more DK yarn packs have been added to the website as quite a lot of our combinations use it. There are more colours in the queue to be restocked and we expect those to start arriving in the next few weeks!

Oops, I seem to have rambled on again! I will try not to leave it so long again next time,
Happy Crafting!! x