June 30, 2022

Yarns, kits and patterns… Oh my!

  • Four skeins of yarn in shades of brown and yellow.
  • Four skeins of yarn in shades of pink and purple.
  • Two skeins of yarn - one pale blue and one soft pink.
  • Two skeins of yarn - one peachy pink and one fluffy orange skein.
  • Rectangular wrap with circle motifs in shades of brown, yellow and green.

I hope that you are all well. We have been keeping busy at ECY Shedquarters to distract ourselves from the news cycle of constant doom and gloom.

Our most recent update was Hayton 4ply – our Merino, Cashmere, nylon blend. This yarn is super soft but also has strength to it making it ideal for shawls and accesories but also for garments. Alongside Titus 4ply, this is one of our bestsellers so we were really excited to have this yarn back on the website. There is still plenty to choose from and we have added new yarn packs and skein pairs to the website, all of which can be found on the Hayton 4ply page of the website.

Before that we had an update of Pendle 4ply which is our Superwash Extrafine Merino. It is soft, squishy, strong, has a good lustre to it, and it takes colours really nicely too. It’s a great all-rounder (although many of my yarns are tbh). It’s just as good in a lace shawl as a cabled garment, for example. There are loads to choose from with plenty of colour combinations; many of which are available as yarn packs.

ECY yarn enabler Claire has finished her Magic Circles wrap (pattern by Janie Crow) and it is stunning! Claire chose a whole new palette of Milburn DK for hers and it works so well that we have added kits for it to the website. This palette has been called Autumn Woodland to reflect the browns, yellow and greens which are the most prominent colours. We have yarn packs with and without the pattern and they can be found along with all other Magic Circles products on the website HERE.

A little while ago Laura and I noticed that we were out of stock of Aisling patterns by Justyna Lorkowska. This beautiful two colour shawl has been a favourite ever since its release and we still regularly sell yarn for it. With all the changes in EU/UK trade over the past couple of years, among other factors, we are no longer going to stock physical printed copies of this pattern BUT we have purchased download codes for Aisling and a couple of other patterns that can be redeemed on Justyna’s website for digital copies. The other restocked patterns are Holyrood and Maya’s Shawl. For each of these designs we have the digital download code and an add-on kit as a separate product. While we have the yarn in stock for Aisling we also have kits for this design which include the two skeins of yarn (one skein each of Titus 4ply in Campanula and Rambling Rose), a project bag and the download code which will be printed on a business card.

Holyrood uses two skeins of Harewood Fingering which is 100% BFL but with high twist construction. This yarn is out of stock but many other of our 4ply/fingering weight yarns would work just as well. For example the second sample for this pattern uses Bedale 4ply in Alpine and Steel. We have Dianthus and Steel in stock of this yarn which would give a similar finished project. Please note that if you use Bedale is in 50g skeins and so you will need two skeins of each colour. For Maya’s Shawl we have kits in stock which use Whitfell Chunky in your choice of the available colours. The add-on kit for Maya’s Shawl means you can choose any colour of Pendle Chunky for this beautiful design; you will need three skeins. You can find all of Justyna’s patterns on the ECY website here.

At the start of this post I mentioned Hayton 4ply skein pairs. These are two skeins of yarn chosen to work well together for any two colour pattern. We also have pairs of Titus 4ply with Eldwick Lace that were put together for Helda Panagary’s crocheted Herringbone Brick Shawl design. The pattern uses different coloured stripes but would work just as well with the difference in textures of the two yarns. We also have a limited number of copies of Helda’s Herringbone Brick Shawl pattern to purchase on our website and as part of an add-on kit. You can see all available sets here.

Where the #%@&! is my Crochet Hook?? — Set of three “Travel” Crochet Hooks

  • A set of three small crochet hooks on lobster clasps, featuring the words "OOPS", "CRAP", "MINE" in either black or white letter beads.
  • A set of three small crochet hooks on lobster clasps, featuring the words "OOPS", "CRAP", "MINE" in either black or white letter beads.
  • A set of three small crochet hooks on lobster clasps, featuring the words "YOUR", "WORDS", "HERE" in either black or white letter beads, which can be personalized.

Everyone knows that when you need a crochet hook, you can’t find one. It’s jettisoned itself from your project. It’s lost in the sofa cushions. It’s ended up in your kid’s toybox. SOMEONE perhaps borrowed it and kept it. Or it may just be behind your ear but you can’t check because you need it to fix a reprehensible error in your knitting that needs you to hold on with both hands.

Okay, perhaps these can’t help with that last one, but at least these give you a slight advantage of being able to find them.

These are a set of three crochet hooks — 2.0mm, 3.0mm, and 4.0mm — that have been cut down to a smaller length and attached to lobster clasps so you can hook them to your project, your project bag, your zipper, your purse, what have you. Each crochet hook as been festooned with words to express your current feeling:

“OOPS” — 2.0mm hook
“CRAP” — 3.0mm hook
“MINE” — 4.0mm hook

Available in either black or white letter beads!

If these words just don’t speak to you, you also have the option of personalizing your crochet hooks with the words that please you most! (EIGHT letters maximum on EACH hook) And don’t worry about embarrassing me with your request — I was raised by a sailor AND I have a theatre degree AND I used to work with rock-n-roll roadies. There’s extraordinarily little that can make me blush. AND you can choose either white or black beads on your personalization.

Christmas in July is Coming!

Christmas in July picture with images of Christmas Crafter box graphics.

We’re celebrating Christmas in July with all the goodies to get you ready for the holidays! Each week, new holiday-inspired colorways will be released on a variety of our scrumptious bases.

Access to our special holiday Stitching Kits is available now for only a few more days! Choose from either the Christmas Crafter’s Edition or the Hanukkah Crafter’s Edition. Kits will be chock full of yarn and various other craft supplies to get you started creating ornaments and/or other holiday-related small decor or other projects.

This event will be the last chance to get in on our Twelve Days of Christmas and Eight Night of Hanukkah calendars as well! Each calendar will feature brand new colorways and extra holiday goodies along with a LIVE opening each day of the Twelve Days and Eight Nights!

Be sure to join our Facebook group, The Yarny Ewes for even more fun and exclusive information and access to Special Features.

Check out our LIVE! podcast every Saturday morning at 9:30 am Eastern Time on YouTube (you can also watch older episodes now)!

Pandora’s Box December Yarn Countdown

A greek vase drawing with the words Pandora's Box December Yarn Countdown around it.

Pandora’s Box is a December yarn countdown inspired by the lore, art and history of none other than Pandora’s box. This year’s yarn countdown will have two options.

1) 24 – 20g Minis and 1 100G skein ($190 + Shipping)
2) 5 – 100G Skeins ($170+ Shipping)

There will only be one base available for BOTH boxes (it’s easier for you and me). The base in question is the new Nectar base (60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk 100G 400 Yds) and a variation of the Nectar base (SW Merino/Yak/Nylon) for the minis.

Both boxes will include a shawl pattern by Lindsey of Larkspur Knits!

The four colors of the full skeins will be four colors included in the 24 minis (I will be posting recommended opening dates so they coordinate)

Preorders will open July 1 at 9am ET for ten days or until this batch sells out.

A second round will open on August 1 at 11am ET.

Boxes will be shipping out in mid to late October in order to get to all their homes well before the December start date.

Larkspur | July Wicked Seeds

  • Six skeins of blue-purple yarn surrounded by ferns and a book with the title Botanical curses and poisons.
  • Skein blue purple tonal skeins on a wooden backdrop with faux ferns surrounding them.

On Nectar: 60% Sw Merino | 20% Silk | 20% Yak | 100G | 400yds
Shop Update: Saturday, July 2, 10am ET

This month’s Wicked Seed installment is the birth flower of July, the Larkspur. Named for its resemblance of the crooked claw of a Lark, this tall Delphinium flowers comes in a range of pinks, red and whites but it is most popularly known for its vibrant purple and blue tones.

Originating in the Mediterranean area, the Larkspur traveled north to the UK in the 1500s and has been recorded to be brought over to the Americas by the 1600s, quickly naturalizing and spreading around its new home in fields and roadside pastures. Despite the entire plant being toxic, their brillant colors made this plant wildly popular in romantic cottage gardens. The roots and seeds are said to be the most dangerous part of this plant (although the plant itself becomes less toxic as their blooming season goes on) containing neuromuscular blockers causing those who ingest it to go into cardiac arrest and some recorded seizures, usually killing them in a few hours. Similar to many of the Wicked Seeds plants, part of the Larkspur is also ground down and can be used for medicines to heal wounds and treat bug bites, and studies are being done about its use to treat neurological disorders.

Cattle are the most common victims of the Larkspur and ranchers have to rotate pastures with the seasons to keep their livestock from the plants in its most potent stages, but sometimes can send in a secret weapon: sheep. Domesticated sheep are immune to the Larkspurs toxins and are commonly sent out ahead of cattle to graze through the Larkspur patches making way for the rest of the livestock in the area.

June 28, 2022

The Garden Collection from adKnits

  • A sticker with two red chili peppers made of twisted yarn skeins.
  • A collection of colorful pins on a wooden tray with a pair of black scissors next to it.
  • A light-skinned hand holds a yellow sunflower enamel pin with other out-of-focus pins in the background.
  • A stitch marker with a shovel charm sits on a hank of burnt orange yarn. Four carrot stitch markers are scattered on the table below.
  • A garden-themed sticker sheet sits in a woven basket with a hank of red yarn.
  • A sticker of a dark red chicken laying a yarn ball egg.

Get ready for summer with the Garden Collection! AdKnits, a line of nature-inspired goods for knitters and makers, recently released a new collection of summer- and garden-inspired knitting products. This summery update includes merit badges, stickers, stitch markers, and pins!

For 10% off your first order, head on over to adknits.com and sign up for the newsletter. And don’t forget to find us on Instagram @adknits!

June 27, 2022

Get Ready for Summer – Paloma Stripe Shawl is Here!

  • A light-skinned woman in a white sweater holds a pink and peach garter and brioche shawl.
  • A light-skinned woman in a white sweater wears a pink and peach garter and brioche shawl.
  • A light-skinned woman in a white sweater faces away from the camera and wears a pink and peach garter and brioche shawl.

Who is ready for some summer fun? I definitely am — the temperature has been keeping me on my toes lately, but I’m ready for a beach trip with a drink in my hand! To celebrate, I’m excited to share with you my latest design: Paloma Stripe!

The Paloma Stripe Shawl is based on one of my favorite beverages. I love the taste of salt mixing with tequila and the fresh squeezed grapefruit soda flavor all mixing together. With these two yarns, I loved how subtle the two colors looked, reminding me of a Paloma. In the border of the shawl, I wanted to mimic a grapefruit slice with the brioche increases.

This is an asymmetrical shawl. It begins with simple garter stripes, and then brioche stripes are knit to create asymmetry. It ends with a row of brioche increases to create the grapefruit slice border.

Paloma Stripe Release — get 30% off no code needed now through July 12 on Ravelry or my website (no coupon needed)!

June 25, 2022

Preorders now available!

  • Wool stockings in neutral colors hanging on a mantle.
  • A collage of the north pole decorated door of Santa’s workshop, toys and a mailbox to mail letters to santa.
  • A collage of photos including a scarecrow, the back of a hayride tractor and signs pointing the way to the hayride and pumpkin patch.
  • A set of earthy green, red and amber toned minis with dinosaur charms and a jungle project bag.
  • A set of magic carpet themed minis in red, purple and gold hues.
  • A magic carpet progress keeper.

Advents are now available for the Christmas season!

We have brand new options available this year! In addition to our 24-day mini skein calendar, we have a brand new option to reveal a sock set every Sunday in December up until Christmas Day!

Fun themes include The Magic of the North Pole for the 24-day mini skein advent and Christmas Cottage for the sock set or single skein weekly reveal advent. Options for sock bases and DK are available. All include a handmade candle, a project bag and an option to add on SamsTinyTrinkets for more fun! Limited preorders!


Those looking for yet another fiber adventure: we just released our autumnal equinox box preorders with inspiration from a hayride! This set will be a fade set on full skeins intended for use in fun fade projects including Find Your Fade and What the Fade by Andrea Mowry! Check out the end photos for our latest fiber adventures that we just finished opening to ring in the summer season.

Huge Store Update!

  • Seven skeins of yarn from dark pink to light pink, peach in the middle, light green and aqua.
  • Four dark aqua, Berry and mustard color assigned pooling skeins.
  • Nightmare before Christmas themed sock yarn, purple, grey and black.
  • Nightmare before Christmas themed yarn, Sally Colors of aqua, hot pink, purple, black and orange.
  • Eight different fiber braids.
  • Bright mini skein bundles.

Hello all!

When I first started knitting, I desperately wanted to also learn to spin my own yarn… and like many who have come before me, that ultimately led to dyeing my own fiber to spin. For quite a while now I have wanted to bring hand-dyed fiber into the shop, and I’m thrilled to announce that we have recently released the first of many fiber colorways!

We have also just released our Summer Splash set, a stunning gradient set that brings an amazing burst of color to any project. Purchase as a set, or buy individual skeins à la carte!

Lastly, while summer is flying in by, we are working on our upcoming Halloween colors, as well as our Holiday Advents! The first two releases are in the shop, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. For those The Nightmare Before Christmas fans, you should definitely take a look at our Jack and Sally colorways!

We can’t wait to show you what else is heading your way this summer! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @cashmereandcoconutsstore and definitely make sure to favorite our Etsy shop.

While you’re there, save 10% across most our shop!

Have a fantastic weekend!

June 23, 2022

Fiberdog Fibers is now a Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em provider!

  • A braid of grey wool roving gathered by a thin black ribbon.
  • A braid of grey wool roving in the sun.
  • A braid of grey wool roving gathered in a spiral.
  • An unwashed grey fleece of a sheep.

Today I am proud to announce that I am now an official fiber provider for the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em initiative of The Livestock Conservancy (for more information go to rarewool.org)!

As you might already know, this initiative is an effort to get endangered breeds back into the minds and hands of fiber artists and I personally think it is a wonderful way to experience how different the wool of different sheep actually is.

So being a small part of this makes me very proud!

I currently offer Casper, a naturally-colored CVM/Romeldale roving, but I plan to add yarn as well as dyed versions of both roving and yarn in the future.

There is an option in the product listing for SE2SE participation, just make sure you also buy at least 4oz to qualify for your passport sticker!

As all of my products, I have created these roving braids from the raw fleece by hand, meaning I bought a fleece here in the US, washed it, picked it and carded it. You can certainly not say there is a lack of passion in my products for you!

One of the pictures above also shows the fleece itself and if you are curious about the sheep, her shepherd gave me a picture to use in the product listing.