May 24, 2020

Shine On! Golden Silk Yarn is in the Online Shop

  • Golden yarn.

I’m pleased to present our latest yarn, Aten. It hit the online shop just last week.

Aten is a golden yarn with a brilliant shine, especially under sunlight.

Like all our yarn and fiber, Aten does not contain any dyes. It’s made from 100% Muga silk, a naturally golden variety of silk.

The raw silk is produced by Muga silkworms, which have been raised by people in the Indian state of Assam for thousands of years. (Learn more on the Fauna section of our website.)

Aten is a lace weight, slightly textured yarn, with noils at some parts. It is dense and feels soft without being slippery – giving it a great drape. Each cone contains about 1.2 oz of yarn, or about 370 yards.

One of the things I like most about Aten is its versatility. You can, of course, break out the tiny lace-knitting needles, but it also works wonderfully as a carry-along yarn, creating a beautiful marled effect. I used the yarn both ways when knitting the Diaphanous Raglan — a cute, cropped sweater with fluttery lace sleeves. (I went full drama with the bell sleeve, but the pattern also offers short-sleeved options!)

The raglan pictured here was made with Aten and our yarn Nebelung, which gets its steel gray color from carbonized bamboo and Coopworth sheep wool.

I can’t wait to see how others use Aten to add a bit of glamour and shine to their fiber art projects!

Start your summer with our Tie-Dye yarn series

  • Bright tie-dye yarn.
  • A hand holds neon tie dye yarn.

With summer on the horizon and the promise of warmer weather, I knew I wanted to dye something that was fun and cheerful. Using inspiration from tie dye, holographic fashion and trends I’ve been seeing on the fashion runway, I created three new colorways: Cosmic Tye Dye, Lavender Highlights and Ombre Skies.

Recreating and translating looks from the runway into fun colorful skeins of yarn, our Tie-Dye series in our 100% Merino Fingering Singles, is a bright pastel palette of yarn meant for fun summer knits, whether you’re making a cosy shawl for cool summer nights or a fun summer sweater.

While most of us are still staying home right now, I hope these cheerful colors will remind us of the brighter days ahead!

Don’t let this quarantine bring you down and use the promo code QUARANSKEIN for free shipping on all purchases above $50 in our shop.

May 21, 2020

Laceweight yarns ready for those summer projects

  • Skeins of sage speckled yarn.

Monday 25th May is a public holiday for us, so at ECY Shedquarters and we are taking the opportunity to have a few days of downtime. This means we will be closed Friday 22nd through to Tuesday 26th May. You will still be able to place orders during this period, but they will not be processed until after we get back to work on Wednesday 27th May. Emails will also be off during that time and we will start checking them and replying from Wednesday.

Boring admin out of the way! Now I can tell you about our next update which is coming on Monday 25th May at 1pm UK time. We have had a few requests recently for laceweight yarns (2ply) and considering we have very little of it left on the website, we decided it was time for an update of Titus Lace (Merino/silk) and Askham Lace (baby alpaca/silk). We have a great selection of colourways for you and are sure you will find the perfect skein for your next laceweight project so set your alarms to be sure to get your hands on it!

In case you missed our last few updates, you have definitely not missed out. There is still plenty to choose from on the following bases: Brimham High Twist (full and mini skeins), a great all rounder with fantastic stitch definition; Coniston Fingering, our luxurious blend of extra fine Merino and Superkid mohair giving a sumptuous fuzzy halo; and Rosedale 4ply (full and mini skeins), our fab new gold sparkle yarn! Check out the Latest Update category on our homepage to find all these yarns and more!

While we are closed you might be interested to take a look at The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast on YouTube. I (Victoria) have filmed a few episodes now talking through various things like the colourways in our updates, suggestions for combining colours and whatever else comes to mind at the time! If you search for Eden Cottage Yarns you will find the channel. I hope you like it!

We also still have a pre-order open for our yarn raising money for Stonewall, a UK charity supporting the LBGT community. This exclusive colourway, Trans Rights are Human Rights, was created as part of the Operation: Social Justice initiative started by Angie of GamerCrafting, and we have already donated £200 from sales of our first batch of it. 20% of the purchase price of this yarn will be donated to Stonewall to help them campaign and educate around the subject of equal rights for the LGBT community as well as to support and empower members of the community. Our next donation will be sent at the end of the month so get your orders in before then.

We are still shipping to most countries worldwide but please do be aware that it may take quite a bit longer die to the global coronavirus situation. For more information check out our Shipping Info page.

May 21, 2020

Introducing Rustic Highland Non-Superwash Wool

  • Skeins of red, gold, white, blue and pink yarn above stones.
  • Skeins of pale pink yarn.

Rustic, crunchy, non-Superwash.

Have you see my new line of non-Superwash wool yet? This mix and match collection is making my heart so happy. It’s perfect for sweaters, hats, felting projects and colorwork.

Preorders are open through May 25 for this beautiful base (as well as my other two DK bases) and will ship by June 15.

100% Peruvian Highland Wool is everything you think of when you think of traditional wool. It’s earthy and full of life, and I’ve chosen 10 colors that mix and match well to introduce this lovely new base.

If you’re considering the 4 Day Knitalong with Marie Greene of Olive Knits in July, this would make a beautiful choice. At $18 per skein, the price point for Rustic Highland Wool makes an affordable and beautiful sweater. Details about the measurements and yarn requirements for the 4 Day KAL are all up on my website along with three base yarn options.

Happy Making!
Heather Jane

The 64 Pack

  • A navy knit hat with pink hearts.
  • A set of gray to green mini skeins of yarn.

As a small child, a visit to the doctor’s office was fraught. Though Dr. Kyman was a gentle soul, the smell of alcohol, the swab down my throat or, horror of horrors, an injection, made for a very bad day. Mom was gratefully big on rewards, so we took a trip to the gift shop for a pack of Lance cheese crackers with peanut butter and, on a really good day, a new box of 64 Crayolas — the one with the sharpener on the back!

When I set out to make some mini skein sets, I felt much the same joy as I did when cracking open that fresh box of crayons and the unlimited possibilities to come. I dumped several hundred mini test skeins on my work table and lost myself in combining colors. My first eight sets of Deep Dips were born, but I love mixing colors so much there are sure to be more to follow. Each set includes five 20 grams/80 yards of Deep Sock, for a total of 100 grams/400 yards. Perfect for making hats, fingerless mitts or fair isle socks, or for trim or colorwork details on a sweater. Match up to stash yarn or grab some full skeins of coordinating Deep Sock for your large scale projects.

Is life back to normal yet? No? Well then code CXL15 will still get you 15% off at checkout.

Samples shown are Heart Head by @tellybeanknits, MoreEnds by @theresaschabes, Northeast Kingdom Hat by @savoryknitting and Eska by @ysolda.

Mind Wanderers Yarn Club

  • Dandelions blowing against a blurred green background.
  • Skeins of taupe yarn.

This new club for spring is dedicated to that special inner space, where we hide sometimes while knitting, that state of mind when thoughts just flow adrift and make us feel somehow lifted and lightened.

As knitters before being yarnmakers, Giulia and I often search for beautiful yarns and accessories to build our private, personal imaginary room where we can linger knitting in tranquility.

Now, it’s is a bit difficult to describe our vision for this club, as we wish to evoke feelings and perceptions that are by definition very personal and evanescent; in fact, we mean to celebrate delicacy and mild thoughts, when we linger with our needles moving smoothly, and the world seems to be set aside.

We were somehow forced to stay home, and time to reflect and knit became much more frequent than usual, so we rediscovered the beauty and sense of peace that we held in our hands, and minds.

So, the lightness inherent in our very special fibre, Cashmere, is the core of this club. Our Heavenly Blend is hand dyed in a unique ethereal colourway that we created to exalt its fluffiness and let it pass to our souls. We really hope that the hues we decided to dye for this occasion will match also your concept of MIND WANDERER, of flying thoughts and lightened spirits

We worked with two talented Italian artisans to create the right accessories to match both the yarn and our ideas, and we’re so happy with this collaboration!

Again, we created a bundle of evocative, charming and always useful handcrafted pieces, that, we hope, will bring some sheerness to your thoughts and knits

Please make note of a few useful bits of information about the club:

– Subscriptions will be listed in our online shop from May 22, 8 p.m. CEST

– Subscriptions will be open until May 31, unless they sell out before

– Subscriptions consist of only one shipment of the entire bundle that will be scheduled in early June

– As in previoous editions, we decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are handcrafted especially for this event and all unique

– Each club bundle will include 150g (three full skeins) of our most precious and beloved fingering yarn, a blend of Italian wool, Cashmere and alpaca in their natural grey and fawn hues, that is hand dyed exclusively for the club, and two different accessories, curated by our lovely partners Marcella of Latuamomis and Carla of Laboratorio Indie.

May 18, 2020

Keep all those new WIPs organized!

  • A green box bag with pictures of honey.

In some places, we are going on month three of social distancing/isolation/sitting at home. I don’t know about everyone else, but spring always causes my Startitis to go crazy anyway, and with having little else to do, well… there are a lot of new projects on my needles! :/

So to help with that, we’ve restocked the shop with project bags! There are cute wintery llamas and sweet honeybees that remind us of all the time we get to spend outdoors (distantly) right now, cheerful yellow poppies, and reminders of how much we miss traveling.

These bags are available in our Kellie style, in all three sizes, along with some other favorites! Keep all your new projects organized and tidy with its very own bag to hang out in, while you cast on yet another fun item.

May 18, 2020

Sock Kits with FREE and FAST shipping!

  • Gray yarn with orange mini skeins.

I have launched my newest Sock Kit collection. Featuring one skein of a 463-yard, super soft Superwash Merino/nylon blend and one mini skein of a 92-yard, super soft Superwash Merino/nylon blend.

Eight new colorways:
Wishing It Were Fall
Simply Shabby
English Tea Garden
Garden Party
Bonfire at Mightnigh
Girly Girl
Blueberry Muffin and Java

Get yours before they sell out!

FREE Etsy shipping for orders over $35 or more. Same day shipping! 1- to 5-day fast Priority Mail shipping in the U.S.

Happy knitting/crocheting!

Pre-order ‘Modern Italian Lace Crochet’

  • A woman models a gold crocheted sweater on the cover of Modern Lace Italian Crochet.

My new book, Modern Italian Lace Crochet, will be released on June 2, 2020. Preorder today to make sure you have your copy on the day it releases!

Bringing Yesterday’s Crochet into the Modern World!

Designer Karen Whooley learned to crochet lace at her Italian grandmother’s knee. But what she learned as a child has now become her number-one strength.

In Modern Italian Lace Crochet, Karen brings to you a little bit of her family history that started in the early 20th century, takes the lace that she learned, and turns it on its head to become more modern, more vibrant and much more approachable for every crocheter.

Includes 10 New Beautiful Designs

From shawls and accessories to beautiful, wearable garments, each of the 10 projects in Modern Italian Lace Crochet is full of memories. Karen uses ideas and stitches she learned from her Italian heritage but puts them together to become classics that modern crocheters are looking for.

The first 100 orders will receive a custom stitch marker that commemorates the launch of the book! Other goodies will be included too!

PLUS every order gets a free digital version of the book as well to be delivered to your inbox on June 2, 2020.

Want a digital copy? Modern Italian Lace Crochet can be found at multiple sites in a digital format. Visit

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