June 27, 2022

Get Ready for Summer – Paloma Stripe Shawl is Here!

  • A light-skinned woman in a white sweater holds a pink and peach garter and brioche shawl.
  • A light-skinned woman in a white sweater wears a pink and peach garter and brioche shawl.
  • A light-skinned woman in a white sweater faces away from the camera and wears a pink and peach garter and brioche shawl.

Who is ready for some summer fun? I definitely am — the temperature has been keeping me on my toes lately, but I’m ready for a beach trip with a drink in my hand! To celebrate, I’m excited to share with you my latest design: Paloma Stripe!

The Paloma Stripe Shawl is based on one of my favorite beverages. I love the taste of salt mixing with tequila and the fresh squeezed grapefruit soda flavor all mixing together. With these two yarns, I loved how subtle the two colors looked, reminding me of a Paloma. In the border of the shawl, I wanted to mimic a grapefruit slice with the brioche increases.

This is an asymmetrical shawl. It begins with simple garter stripes, and then brioche stripes are knit to create asymmetry. It ends with a row of brioche increases to create the grapefruit slice border.

Paloma Stripe Release — get 30% off no code needed now through July 12 on Ravelry or my website (no coupon needed)!

June 25, 2022

Preorders now available!

  • Wool stockings in neutral colors hanging on a mantle.
  • A collage of the north pole decorated door of Santa’s workshop, toys and a mailbox to mail letters to santa.
  • A collage of photos including a scarecrow, the back of a hayride tractor and signs pointing the way to the hayride and pumpkin patch.
  • A set of earthy green, red and amber toned minis with dinosaur charms and a jungle project bag.
  • A set of magic carpet themed minis in red, purple and gold hues.
  • A magic carpet progress keeper.

Advents are now available for the Christmas season!

We have brand new options available this year! In addition to our 24-day mini skein calendar, we have a brand new option to reveal a sock set every Sunday in December up until Christmas Day!

Fun themes include The Magic of the North Pole for the 24-day mini skein advent and Christmas Cottage for the sock set or single skein weekly reveal advent. Options for sock bases and DK are available. All include a handmade candle, a project bag and an option to add on SamsTinyTrinkets for more fun! Limited preorders!


Those looking for yet another fiber adventure: we just released our autumnal equinox box preorders with inspiration from a hayride! This set will be a fade set on full skeins intended for use in fun fade projects including Find Your Fade and What the Fade by Andrea Mowry! Check out the end photos for our latest fiber adventures that we just finished opening to ring in the summer season.

Huge Store Update!

  • Seven skeins of yarn from dark pink to light pink, peach in the middle, light green and aqua.
  • Four dark aqua, Berry and mustard color assigned pooling skeins.
  • Nightmare before Christmas themed sock yarn, purple, grey and black.
  • Nightmare before Christmas themed yarn, Sally Colors of aqua, hot pink, purple, black and orange.
  • Eight different fiber braids.
  • Bright mini skein bundles.

Hello all!

When I first started knitting, I desperately wanted to also learn to spin my own yarn… and like many who have come before me, that ultimately led to dyeing my own fiber to spin. For quite a while now I have wanted to bring hand-dyed fiber into the shop, and I’m thrilled to announce that we have recently released the first of many fiber colorways!

We have also just released our Summer Splash set, a stunning gradient set that brings an amazing burst of color to any project. Purchase as a set, or buy individual skeins à la carte!

Lastly, while summer is flying in by, we are working on our upcoming Halloween colors, as well as our Holiday Advents! The first two releases are in the shop, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. For those The Nightmare Before Christmas fans, you should definitely take a look at our Jack and Sally colorways!

We can’t wait to show you what else is heading your way this summer! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @cashmereandcoconutsstore and definitely make sure to favorite our Etsy shop.

While you’re there, save 10% across most our shop!

Have a fantastic weekend!

June 23, 2022

Fiberdog Fibers is now a Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em provider!

  • A braid of grey wool roving gathered by a thin black ribbon.
  • A braid of grey wool roving in the sun.
  • A braid of grey wool roving gathered in a spiral.
  • An unwashed grey fleece of a sheep.

Today I am proud to announce that I am now an official fiber provider for the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em initiative of The Livestock Conservancy (for more information go to rarewool.org)!

As you might already know, this initiative is an effort to get endangered breeds back into the minds and hands of fiber artists and I personally think it is a wonderful way to experience how different the wool of different sheep actually is.

So being a small part of this makes me very proud!

I currently offer Casper, a naturally-colored CVM/Romeldale roving, but I plan to add yarn as well as dyed versions of both roving and yarn in the future.

There is an option in the product listing for SE2SE participation, just make sure you also buy at least 4oz to qualify for your passport sticker!

As all of my products, I have created these roving braids from the raw fleece by hand, meaning I bought a fleece here in the US, washed it, picked it and carded it. You can certainly not say there is a lack of passion in my products for you!

One of the pictures above also shows the fleece itself and if you are curious about the sheep, her shepherd gave me a picture to use in the product listing.

June 23, 2022

A Very Purple Shop Update

  • Four skeins of variegated yarn that transition from deep purples to warmer colors in lighter shades.
  • Three full variegated and three mini semisolid skeins of yarn.
  • Half skeins of DK yarn in a variety of colors arranged in a grid.
  • Five braids of marbled spinning fiber.

When it comes to shop updates at Crafter Gamer Geek, the muses pretty much get their way. And this time around they apparently HAD to have purple. Not one to argue with muses, 95% of the June 29th shop update will include purple in some capacity. So, if purple is your jam, this update is for you!

Two new colorways, debuting on a Polwarth DK base (246yds/100g), we have Seirei Skyline and Loquacious Fungus. Each colorway sports a deep purple at one end of the skein and progresses to warmer and lighter tones at the other end. I wanted these to have a slight watercolor feel to them and I love how they turned out!

I’ll also be adding three new Gacha Sock Sets into the roster. They may all have purple, but they each carry a unique vibe. I’m calling them The One and Oni, Triple Threat, and Eternal Duality. I love them all, but to be honest the golden yellow mini skein paired with the purple gradient and wine tones of Eternal Duality gives me all the feels.

I’ve wanted to bring some of the colors from my sock sets onto DK yarn, but not with a direct “port.” So, I decided to try out some DK 50g semisolid skein sets! For this initial small run, I’ve taken Lady of the Jade Chamber, Divine Strategist, Sleepy Ninja, and Conqueror of Demons to create some four-skein sets that I just adore. Each 50g skein is approximately 116yds. Whether you want to cast on something stripey, or some other type of colorwork, these sets will afford you plenty of possibilities.

And finally, just in time for Tour de Fleece, I’ll be adding 10 braids of spinning fiber to the shop. These braids are all 100% Superwash Merino combed top and are marbled versions of the colorways: Conqueror of Demons, Seirei Skyline, Loquacious Fungus, The One and Oni, and Triple Threat. I’m excited to see how spinners will decide to approach these new braids.

The shop update will take place on Wednesday, June 29th at 7PM EST. Please come by to check out all these new offerings. I hope you find something that brings you joy!

June 23, 2022

Knitting Needle Rolls

  • A collection of four folded needle roll cases in a variety of floral prints.
  • A partially open knitting needle roll with exterior floral print and a cream colored lining visible. There are various wooden needles in the slots.
  • A fully open knitting needle roll with exterior floral print and a cream colored lining visible. There are various wooden needles in the slots.
  • A folded open knitting needle roll with exterior floral print secured with a beige cotton cord.
  • A partially open knitting needle roll with exterior floral print and a cream colored lining visible. There are various wooden needles in the slots.
  • A partially open knitting needle roll with exterior leaves print and a cream colored lining visible. There are various wooden needles in the slots.

This week SquareKnot Handmade is featuring our canvas knitting needle rolls.

These padded needle cases are available in coordinating fabrics to our ever-popular canvas drawstring project bags and are perfect for protecting your needle collection. The various sized pockets are tall enough to accommodate traditional single points but also provide plenty of slots for your DPNs, interchangeables, or circulars. The top edge folds down to keep needles in place. Then the case can either be rolled or folded and secured with the cotton cord. The padded canvas needle case roll would also work well for crochet hooks and notions.

Find yours today at squareknothandmade.com.

June 21, 2022

Delicate Balance shawl

  • A white woman holding a shawl with both hands. The shawl has a half donut shape and a lacy border.
  • A white woman wearing a shawl. The shawl has a half donut shape and a lacy border.
  • A white woman wearing a shawl. The shawl has a half donut shape and a lacy border.
  • A white woman wearing a shawl. The shawl has a half donut shape and a lacy border.
  • A white woman wearing a shawl. The shawl has a half donut shape and a lacy border.
  • A white woman wearing a shawl. The shawl has a half donut shape and a lacy border.

My latest pattern, Delicate Balance, is a lightweight and elegant shawl, featuring an unusual “half donut” shape and a graceful leafy lace border.

The lace is much easier to make than it looks because that airy feel is given by simply dropping some strategically placed stitches before binding off.

There is a 20% discount until Sunday, June 26 at midnight (Rome time) using the code delicate.

The pattern is available both on Ravelry and Payhip and there is an introductory 20% discount using the code “delicate.”

Sunset at the Lake Yarn Club

  • A pale pink hand-dyed and embroidered knitting bag with dried flowers and un-dyed yarn around it.
  • Close-up of a pale pink hand-dyed and embroidered knitting bag with dried flowers around it.
  • An olive-skinned woman holding a lit candle in her hands.
  • A lake at sunset with sailboats.
  • A lake at sunset with sailboats and dark tree branches

It’s yarn club time again!

For the first club installment of 2022 we came out with a bundle that evokes a perfect day out at the lake, with its quiet freshness that you wish to linger in until the sun sets. When both the water and the sky around are painted in delicate pinks that slowly turn into faded lavender greys.

We thought of a picnic on the docks, watching sailing boats passing by, knitting and swimming slowly into this beauty.

The yarn base we chose is quite obviously Aestiva, and we built the theme around it, dyeing the shiny threads into a dedicated shade. The colorway you can expect is changing like the sunlight on the water surface, light and filled with delicate speckles recalling the woods, bright skies, flowers and waving waters.

Collaboration details:
We’ve been working on this edition with the sweet Ilaria @in_bottega and her charmingly imperfect embroideries, and asked for Alice @lunariacandles to add a scented creation that could carry along the memories of this charming atmosohere whenever we light it.

We paired the yarn color with the delicate shapes that Ilaria sews on her vintage fabrics, to create a special bundle that is both useful and beautiful, as we always try to do in our clubs… In fact, Ilaria used Aestiva threads for her embroidery, and hand sewed her naturally-dyed fabric into some precious bags, each unique.

We are so thankful for this collaborations that returns after a couple of years: we worked with Ilaria for our very first club, and so many things happened since then that it seems appropriate to go back to our roots now to create something else with the same spirit.

We put a mood board in our Instagram highlights that will introduce you to our image for this club, and we hope that you’ll virtually dive in with us.

Subscriptions are open until June 24 at midnight PST, and we only have a few spots left, so you’ll have a limited time to join us! Shipping is scheduled around July 8.

With your Club you ‘ll get:
– 3 skeins of Aestiva
– 1 hand embroidered and sewed bento bag by Ilaria @in_bottega — you may choose between LAVENDER GREY and BEIGE ROSE fabric
– 1 scented creation curated by Alice @lunariacandles

You have the possibility to add more skeins in the club colorway if you subscribe, and… clubs with extra skeins added will get another little surprise, just to tempt you!