February 25, 2021

Coniston Fingering live on the website!

  • Purple houndstooth fingerless mitts.

I have been off my feet for a while recovering from a procedure on my foot and that has slowed down yarn production but has meant I have had lots of time to work on pattern admin.

The first pattern I tackled was Rokeby, one of my oldest patterns – first released in 2010 😱 – fingerless mitts or fingerless gloves using two colours of Milburn 4ply™. They feature a houndstooth check pattern and an optional flip top to convert them into mittens. To revamp the pattern I obviously had to make a new sample, which turned into two samples 😆 and it reminded me how much I love houndstooth. Anyway, my point is that the pattern has been updated with new pictures and some clarifications to the instructions. You can get the digital download on our website. If you had previously purchased the download from either Ravelry or our website you should have had an email with the new version. If you had previously bought the pattern on Ravelry and can no longer access the site just pop us an email and we will send you a copy. The pattern contains two colour combinations and both have been made available as kits on the website alongside another bonus combination. You can choose from Fern with Charcoal, Black Tulip with Dusk or Estuary with Wicker. The kit includes a digital download of the pattern rather than a printed copy so you will receive that via a link in an email.

After working on the mitts I had the houndstooth bug and just had to keep going with it. From that the Rokeby Cowl was born! This cowl uses one 50g ball of each colour (I have used Milburn 4ply™ in Estuary and Wicker) and I have designed it so that you use as much of the ball as possible. The pattern is available on our website and you can also buy it as a kit in the same three colour options as the mitts so that you can make matching accessories or not! It is up to you. I have recorded a Shedcast about the design if you would like to know more and at the end of it I have included a demo of two-handed stranded colourwork knitting to give you an idea of how I do it. Check out the Shedcast over on the Eden Cottage Yarns YouTube channel — don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already! 😍

I have managed to get a couple of hours of photography done and so Coniston Fingering (Merino/mohair singles yarn) is live on the website now! I know you are going to love the great selection of colourways I have for you, some semi-solids and some variegated favourites. I have included my Carnations colourway (shown in the images, also shown is Dark Oak) too, in honour of Helda Panagary’s beautiful design, Frosted Neckerchief, from issue 131 of Inside Crochet. Digital copies of the magazine are still available online.

Liz Corke is the latest designer that we have interviewed for our blog and it is a really interesting read! To find out more about Liz and her designing process head over to the blog and do be sure to check out Liz’s website (we have a link to it in our blog post) for her latest pattern releases Claiseach and Dromanach. Claiseach is a hat made using a single skein of Hayton DK in Snow Leopard and Dromanach are mitts made using Hayton 4ply in Woodland Strawberries. The colours used for these two designs are both quite simple with a base of natural cream with dapples of colour providing interest. We have a small amount of new Hayton DK including Snow Leopard coming soon so will let you know when that is available. Woodland Strawberries will be available on Pendle 4ply when that update goes live (hopefully in the next week).

Milburn 4ply™ Yarnlings™ — Yes you read that right! Would you like a way of using different colours of Milburn without having to buy full balls? If so these packs are for you. On the website you will find a curated selection of Milburn 4ply™ Yarnling™ sets with options to suit any project. There are colour themed packs, bright packs, soft packs and a set of neutrals. We have also added a set of all 19 colours from the current palette. This set will also include Damson and Moss Yarnlings™ for free while stocks last so you will actually receive 21 colours for the price of 19! If you are new to the concept of Yarnlings™ we have a blog post which answers all the questions you might have.

February 25, 2021

Wearing (and knitting) of the green

  • Three and four-sided stone-like pins with curved edges in yellow and green on black backings that read MAB Elements, HANDMADE IN OHIO.

The artistic way to add a dash of green to your St. Patrick’s Day! MAB Elements new Wearing of the Green magnetic shawl pins join our original shawl pins and hammered dome earrings with green Aventurine to round out our new collection. Of course, shamrock and celtic knot stitch markers are also available!

The magnetic shawl pins are one-of-a-kind artist pieces that have a depth and colors which must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.  They are made from hand cut and forged copper that is then hand painted with alcohol inks and glazed for a high gloss finish. Pictures just don’t do them justice. Each one is signed and numbered. Made by hand in Ohio.

MAB Elements shawl pins are perfect for keeping you shawl in place with style, but also so much more. Wear on your winter coat, sweater, hat, cowl, you name it!

Gift certificates available.

Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $35.

Reasonable international shipping.

AURA – a new base with a soft halo

  • A smiling woman holds a basket of colorful yarn.
  • Skeins of white, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow and navy yarn.

We’re thrilled to release this new yarn that was born unexpectedly last summer and has already conquered us.

Aura, the Italian translation of the word halo, is our 100% Italian Alpaca sport-weight yarn, and it’s soft, smooth and shiny. In fact, we named it after the shiny hair that comes out after washing and dyeing the skeins, and it takes the dye so deeply that it gives the yarn a sort of colorful halo, making the whole shade beautifully changing.

This yarn is produced with a very fine fibre from a farm based in Southern Tuscany that was recommended by our spinning mill keepers, and we happily decided to give it a try; the fleece is actually great, and we’ll probably use it also in our other recurring blends, but we fancied to try a pure alpaca thread, and here it is!

For this first batch we luckily were able to have the natural white base, which we hand dyed in springy vibrant shades, along with a pitch black and a fawn in the natural fleece colors of the animals, that we kept undyed. You’ll be able to make some quite striking combinations, matching pastels with both dark shades and vibrant ones.

The whole palette is quite out of our comfort zone in terms of developing colors, but we felt it was time to welcome the upcoming season with braveness and positivity, and that’s what inspired this mood; by the way, the name game we always do when releasing a new collection, a bit unconsciously this time turn out focused on winds, weathers and environments of our precious globe. We hope you’ll enjoy them and the inspiration we saw in each shade!

Each skein is 100g – 350 m
We recommend to knit it with a needle range from 3.5mm to 4mm, because these threads are quite drapey, and hold their volume in the knitted fabric without blooming after washing and blocking. We suggest this base for shawls and neckwear, since it’s so soft and squishy. We’re already swatching for a few patterns, so you may have a look at our Instagram feed to get an idea!

AURA palette will be available in our Shop starting from:

A few useful notes:
• All yarns are ready to ship unless it goes sold out.
• Shipping runs regularly to the U.S. and Canada, though it may take longer due to the pandemic situation, but we’ll keep track of each parcel with you in case you need help.
• All our yarns contain Italian fibres and are minimally processed in a small-chain production, are nylon free and non-Superwash.

February 24, 2021

Hope & a Future

  • A woman drapes a rainbow and gray wrap with tassels around her head.

I was contacted by my Instagram friend Isabella Tonski, better known as Bellas Custom Crochets, to curate a collection of rainbow-themed colorways for a project that she had been dreaming up and was eager to design. I never could have imagined not only the stunning design that would flow off her hook, but the uplifting and deeply important message she has embedded into the construction of this elegant wrap.

The two main colors of gray and black represent the darkness and the hopelessness that the world has and continues to feel as we are living in this new way of self isolation. The pops of rainbow colors represent the promise of a Hope & a Future full of color and light even in the midst of so much darkness and shadow. The symbolism continues with the chevron stitching representing the highs and the lows and choosing to find value and purpose in the story that was being created in our lives.

Thinking of her message on hope resonated so strongly with me, and became a mantra of sorts with each stitch hooked. Working on this design brought a much needed sense of calm and comfort to my day and I love having a physical reminder of hope each time I wear this amazing garment.

Yarn kits for this uplifting wrap are available for preorder now and will ship in time for the pattern release on March 12th.

Follow Bella on Instagram @bellas_custom_crochets

February 22, 2021

Oh So Lovely Hidden Gems

  • A skein of yellow and green yarn next to a printed knitting pattern.

Our Hidden Gems base is a soft and scrumptious blend of 80% Superwash Merino and 20% bamboo fingering weight yarn with 436 yards per 100 gram skein and is one of our top selling yarns. It was featured in the Seed Club from Yarn Garden (Charlotte, MI) in the colorway “Garden Party.” The kit with the “Succulent Spikes” pattern by Lindsay Potter is available on our website with your choice of yarn color and cute little buttons to finish off your beautiful rectangle shawl.

Hidden Gems is an excellent yarn for any fingering weight pattern, especially for cowls and scarves as it is soft and squishy. The bamboo in the yarn lends to a unique coloring as it does not pick up the dye like the merino, giving it softer shades in areas. We have many colors to choose from in our online shop. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries!

February 22, 2021

Understanding Interchangeables

  • A purple knitting project on a red cord with white stoppers at the ends.

Trying to decide on an interchangeable needle set reminds me of buying a home. Okay, maybe it’s not quite the same level of commitment, but in both cases, you’ll be living with the decision for a long time, and discovering the little flaws as you go. When I decided to add a few brands of interchangeable needles to my shop, I did a lot of research, and I figured other knitters could use it to, so I created a chart that compares 14 brands of needles. This chart gives you a side-by-side look at the most important elements of the best-known interchangeable knitting needles systems. While this may not offer enough detail for you to decide which kit is right for you, it will at least help you narrow it down to the systems you’d like to know more about. You’ll find it – along with some other posts about interchangeables – over on my blog.

In the end, I decided to stock ChiaoGoo metals needles, and KA Seeknit (based in Japan) bamboo needles to start my needle shop, but I am always open to answering questions and helping knitters find their dream needles, even if it leads you away from my shop.

February 19, 2021

OOAK Update!

  • A skein of teal yarn on a green, yellow, orange and pink abstract painting.

As an oil painter, I am always using turpentine to wash my brushes, and as such the liquid always become a muddle mixture of that day’s colors. Recently I started dyeing up some OOAK tonal skeins that I am playfully calling “Turpentine” for this same reason.

When I dye my variegated yarns with squirt bottles, I always have runoff. I just couldn’t see pouring it down the drain any more, and thus these skeins were born. Dyed solely from the runoff of my variegated yarns, each skein is unique in the way the colors mix and break in the pot and the way the yarn takes these colors. What looks green before can sometimes come out brown, or vise versa. It’s just so much fun to make these and I have had a wonderful response to them.

I have listed five new batches of these yarns, each colorway in two skeins, on my shop. Once they are gone, they’re gone. But there will always be more after my next dye session, so keep checking back!

February 18, 2021


We are deep in winter, so these little penguins are the perfect accessory for your crafting! The stitch markers are hand sculpted and you get one Adélie, one macaroni penguin, one chinstrap, and one emperor looking lovingly at its baby hiding in its brood patch. Stitch markers are available with lobster claw clasps or soldered rings and gift wrapping is available for an extra fee.

February 18, 2021

Time to Get Organized!

With two larger pockets for tools and three small ones to hold your needles, this tool case is perfect for keeping all your project’s tools neat and organized on the go! The needle pockets can hold double-pointed needles up to 6 inches long. There’s also a detachable metal loop to keep your stitch markers handy and ready for action.

These tool cases are individually handcrafted in collaboration with Aria & Barre. Because of their labor-intensive construction, this is a limited edition preorder. Preorders will open Friday, February 19 at 11 a.m. EST through Monday, February 22 or until they sell out.