June 14, 2019

Introducing Stravaigin Yarn Co. Botanically Hand Dyed Yarns

Hi Everyone, I am new to Indie Untangled and very excited to join in! My name is Seathra and I am the creator, designer, and natural dyer behind Stravaigin Yarn Co. Yes, I know the name is a wee bit of a tongue twister…

A few years ago I moved to Scotland to complete my Masters degree at the Glasgow School of Art. I was smitten with the city of Glasgow and whenever I had a spare moment from school I would explore a new part of the city to relax and get inspiration. I would just hop on the bus, get off when something of interest caught my eye and explore the museums, vintage shops, cafés, pubs and parks in the area. I soon discovered that this unplanned, go-wherever-your-interest-takes-you approach to my outings was perfectly described by an old Scots word: Stravaigin (struh-vey-gin) loosely translating to having a wee wander aimlessly without intent or a set destination. These outings are among my most cherished memories of my time spent in Glasgow, so I decided to name my yarn company Stravaigin Yarn Co. to keep my beloved adopted city close to my heart. 🙂

Stravaigin Yarn Co. is a botanical dye studio specializing in ethically-sourced and wild-harvested dye plants. I work with the finest yarns sourced from small farms focusing on responsible farming practices and animal welfare. Dedicated to creating beautiful and conscious colour, I produce traceable, small-batch, unique yarns to inspire your creative projects.


June 14, 2019

Hello from Colorshow Creative!

I have always loved to create! In high school I sewed my own clothes, my mother and grandmother taught me to crochet as a child, and I am a self-taught knitter and quilter. The colors and textures of fabric and yarn inspire me as do other indie dyers. I am now offering yarn and other items on my Etsy store. I look forward to your visit!

June 13, 2019

Farrah Fowler Fun

  • A woman in glasses wears a purple v-neck cardigan.

Get your inner nerdy neurobiologist on: The character of Amy Farrah Fowler (AFF) is known to fans of The Big Bang Theory as the quirky scientist who works her way into Sheldon Cooper’s heart. She emerges from her social oddities to become Penny’s best friend and Sheldon’s wife and equal partner — all while rocking knee-high socks, an occasional tiara and usually a cardigan.

This design, Farrah Fowler, is inspired by Amy’s style and smarts: Top-down, raglan stockinette sleeves makes the construction easy while the simple cable pattern on the front and back keeps it interesting and cozy. The fit is intended for 1-2” of positive ease, but it will work beautifully if you prefer to wear it a little more fitted since the cable pattern has a good bit of stretch to it.

Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Green yarn

It started out as a normal dye day-work list tacked to the wall, yarns soaking, dye stocks mixed. Then I glanced over at a batch of one of my most beloved colorways, It’s Complicated, hanging on the drying rack and my brain started itching. What would happen if I… and the next four hours were lost to de-construction. It was instant love with each version, and also an unstoppable desire to see what would happen if… and the Relationships Matters set was born.

Dyed on Deep Sock, each of these are available now in my shop: It’s Complicated, Opposites Attract, Have We Met and No More Shall We Part. If, like me, you’re hankering to fade all four of them, they are also available as a kit with one full 100-gram skein of each color at a special price. And yes, of course, there is mohair!

June 12, 2019

The Knight with Two Sword Yarn Club

  • A toy knight figure stands on wood.

Round Table Yarns is pleased to announce the newest yarn club is currently open for sign-ups. Yarn club sign-ups run from June 12-24 or until all club spaces have been filled, whichever comes first.

Each club is based upon a story from Arthurian legends, and along with the yarn you’ll receive part of the story in each shipment. For this club, the story is of the Knight with Two Swords. A lady comes into Arthur’s court with a sword belted around her waist, searching for the knight destined to remove it. An imprisoned knight emerges from his prison in time to achieve the quest of the sword, taking it with him and thus becoming known as the Knight with Two Swords. But both the lady and Merlin warn this knight that all will not be well as he travels the land. Are they right? What might befall this Knight with Two Swords as he leaves the court and ventures through the forest?

June 12, 2019

Advent preorders & new summer colors

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I have lots of new and bright summer colors in the shop.

In other shop news, I am super excited to be offering Advent calendars for the first time this year. My Favorite Things Advents will be up for preorder on Sunday, June 16 at 9 a.m Central time. For the Advents, I am offering four options to help you find something that fits your budget and yarn needs. Each option will include the yarn, a beaded stitch marker and some small treats like candies and teas. Color inspiration will be pulled from my favorite things. So think Harry Potter, Disney, Christmas movies & treats, music, nature & outdoors, Doctor Who and winter. While there will be some traditional reds and greens, there will be lots of other colors included in these skeins. I also want to have a KAL for the Advents so we can use them together. So I will be wrapping them in an order I think will work well for a single project.

The options are these:
1) 24 – 10g minis = $75
2) 24 – 10g minis + 100g skein for Christmas Day = $100
3) 24 – 20g minis = $135
4) 24 – 20g minis + 100g skein for Christmas Day = $160

June 12, 2019

Don’t miss the REMIX

  • Teal yarn with Remix Fully Spun printed on the photo

It’s that time! Spots are open for you to join the Fully Spun REMIX subscription club! The club has been a lot of fun so far and we have plenty of fun colorways planned!

In the REMIX club, we take one of our Fully Spun Sock colorways you know and love and give it a REMIX, changing up the third ply for a fun new effect! Each month you will receive the colorway of the month, exclusive for the club duration, and a mini to match. Don’t miss your chance to sign up!

June 12, 2019

Online Indigo Workshop!

Register to participate in our Online Indigo Workshop, from wherever you are in the world, with the ability to ask questions during our live class session and also watch the recorded version of the class at your own pace after the live class session is over!

Pause when you need, fast forward when you need, ask questions in the comments if you aren’t able to watch it live! We want this to be a fun, lifelong learning and community-building event for everyone that chooses to participate.

In this online workshop, you’ll be learning:

-How to make indigo stock
-How to begin your first indigo vat
-How to dye fibers (wool, cotton and possibly silk) in your indigo vat
-How to troubleshoot with your vat

June 29th, 2019 at 11 a.m. CDT (6 p.m. in CEST/Sunday June 23rd, 4 a.m. KST and JST)

Nutmeg will be live streaming the class beginning at the time listed above for those that are registered! The class will be approximately 1 1/2 hours long, with time built in to answer questions from those of you that have them!

As we live stream, you’ll be able to pause when needed to follow along at your own pace. But also, the recorded version of our live class will be available shortly after the livestream ends for any of you that registered!

This means that if our CDT time zone isn’t convenient, you can still watch it anytime, anywhere and learn at your own pace! You will receive an non-expiring link to our class session to keep as a resource for you whenever you need it!

Class fee is $15 for individuals and $50 for group registration.

For full details or to register for this online workshop event, please visit our website!


June 12, 2019

Perfect Kits and KAL for all you Whovians!

  • A collage of yarn

Are you ready for a KAL?
Well, then: Allons-y!

Fairy Tale Knits has partnered up with Tabitha’s Heart Design on an all-new Doctor Who inspired KAL! The pattern is a gorgeous shawl inspired by the pan-dimensional surfboard from Doctor Who, and I’ve got four different sets of companion colorways ready to go as kits.

Order yarn by June 17
Cast on June 29
Cast off July 20

The yarn is my Mermaid’s Hair DK base, which is a 45/45/10 blend of Superwash Merino/alpaca/multicolored Stellina. It’s a perfect combination of study, soft and sparkly!

The KAL starts June 29, so grab your favorite kit below before it begins.

This asymmetric crescent is knit sideways using two contrasting colors in a series of alternating lace and texture patterns connected by slipped stitch stripes. The shawl is finished with a knitted-on edging. You will never get bored with this project. The pattern is suitable for the adventurous beginner to intermediate knitter. Skills required: basic stitches, simple lace, two-color stripes, knitted-on edging.

Color options (in order of collage picture)

Born of the Time War/Slitheen
This pairing matches up the deep blue Born of the Time War with a bright, bold Slitheen green. Named for a villain we all just love to hate, the Slitheen green is sure to brighten your wardrobe and your spirits. This is the kit that Tabitha used in her original design sample.

Heart of the TARDIS/13
Go bold with gold in this companion set, including the rich golden “Heart of the TARDIS” colorway and the delightfully fun 13. Don’t look directly into this colorway matchup – just grab it and cast on!

Sonic Screwdriver/Exploding TARDIS
Fans of Van Gogh will love this last set, featuring a rich, deep blue Sonic Screwdriver colorway and Exploding TARDIS, which is bursting with blues and golds on a background of neutral cream. Knit your shawl in this set and it’ll be your go-to accessory every time.

Harriet Jones MP for Flydale North/Time Vortex
This kit features the deep plum purple colorway inspired by Harriet Jones, MP Flydale North (look at her go!) and the jewel-toned speckled Time Vortex. Speed through space and time and your next knitting project with this set!

June 7, 2019

Spooky October ‘Advent’ calendars are here!

Hello all!

The very first annual spooky October “Advent” calendar preorder is coming to the shop tonight, Friday June 7th at 5 p.m. Eastern Time! I am so excited to be able to offer these this year. If you like my usual moody dyeing style and colorways, then you’ll LOVE the new ones that I’m brewing up for this set. It’s all a mystery of course, but I can tell you they will be spooky and EPIC. I’m pulling inspiration from all things creepy and unsettling – this is going to be so much fun!

Each calendar will include 30 mini skeins (92 yds/20g each) and one full-sized skein on our Tralala Sock base (75/25 SW Merino, nylon, 4 ply, 463 yds/100g) along with a few extra little goodies!

Preorder listings will be open until Saturday June 22nd at 11:59 p.m. (two weeks).

All calendars will be shipped no later than mid-September, but could ship much earlier.

Please see the small disclaimer on the product for additional circumstances, i.e. if this is a gift, or if you plan to order additional skeins.

I hope to see you in the shop!

Shanna Felice
Lambstrings Yarn

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