January 16, 2019

Outlander Unclub

Outlander is winding to a close as is our Season 4 Unclub. Round 3 will be shipped out very soon, so don’t miss your chance to get yours. Did you miss out on round 1 and 2? You are in luck! There are still a few remaining kits left. These kits are the perfect gift for your yarnie friends or a special treats for you. These bags are limited, exclusive to this club, and will not be reproduced. The bag is a perfect project size with zipper closure, padded to stand on its own as a yarn bowl, and a strap.

January 15, 2019

Limited edition Valentines Day colorway available on our mini and half skeins!

Valentine’s Day is a little less than a month away and who doesn’t like a little yarn with their chocolate? “Kisses & Smooches” is our limited edition Valentine’s Day 2019 colorway available on our Squish Wish Sock mini and half skein sizes. Visit our website to snag one for your sweetie or yourself.

January 13, 2019

Harpers Ferry Pattern Release!

Alternating minis, mohair and short rows add a new twist in creating a beautiful canvas, as you watch each shade come together to finalize a beautiful shawl in Harpers Ferry.

I chose a high contrast mohair (pink) to pair with my main color (purple), as well as minis that allow the slipped stitch pattern to pop. You could easily use a set of gradient minis to create a more subtle look if you’d rather a more toned down version.

January 13, 2019

We love yarn minis almost as much as we love yarn cakes!

Happy 2019 New Yarn! I mean New Year 🙂

Porterness Studio hopes your new year is starting off with your WIPs humming along.

We love yarn minis almost as much as we love yarn cakes. We can’t have ALL the yarn in our local store, but can have a yummy color taste with minis. In honor of the yarn mini, Porterness Studio has designed this new necklace.

As a member of the Undie Untangled community, you’re the first to know about our new double-sided “Yarn Life” Mini & Stockinette Motif sterling silver necklace. It’s designed to show flip as you wear it during the day to show off both sides.  

Retail: $125
Indie Untangled introductory price: $95

Code: IndieYarnMini25 
This price is available until Thursday, January 24.

This item is made just for you.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for production.

Take care and have a lovely 2019 with your yarn stash!

January 13, 2019

Club CVM

The Livestock Conservancy identifies breeds of livestock that are in danger of becoming extinct. Currently the Romeldale/CVM breed is classified as Threatened. According to the Livestock Conservancy, breeds classified as Threatened have less than 1,000 registrations per year and less than 5,000 individuals worldwide.

I have been working with this wonderful breed since 2008. I maintain one of the few flocks of Romeldale/CVM sheep in the southeastern U.S. It is a unique situation to work with an endangered breed. Issues taken for granted in other breeds become a major undertaking and expense in a breed with small numbers and few breeders.

Club CVM is a quarterly fiber club. Each club release will be a Romeldale/CVM wool and/or Romeldale/CVM wool blend roving, batts or smidgens (mini batts) from my studio. The Romeldale/CVM wool is from my flock. The fleeces are professionally sheared each spring. I carefully skirt my fleeces and send them to the mill for washing and carding. The wool is returned and I create the final roving, batts or smidgens in my studio. Purchases of this club or any other products from my studio help to support my farm and conservation efforts for this wonderful breed.

The Club CVM boxes (first release) is available in the Wild Hair Studio Etsy shop. The Club boxes are for sale during the month of January. Then I will dye and prepare the fiber. Fiber boxes will ship in March and yarn boxes will ship April.

The first club release contains:
4 oz of Romeldale/CVM roving
2 oz of Romeldale/CVM wool and other luxury add-ins batts
A short news item about my flock/sheep with a photo. It may be a feature about a specific sheep or about the flock as a whole.

*The roving in the photo is the sample I carded for the first club release. It is a natural-colored dark brown, combined with hand-dyed blue and green. The batts will be in a coordinating color scheme.

I am also offering the option to receive this club release as handspun yarn. If you choose the handspun option, there is no choice of yarn weight. I will hand spin the 4 oz of roving and send this as 1 or 2 skeins of 2ply yarn. The 2 oz of batts will be spun and sent as one to two skeins of 2ply yarn. These yarns will not be super bulky, but also not super fine – more of a medium weight.

Wild Hair Studio is a participating fiber supplier for Leicester Longwool wool and Romeldale/CVM wool for the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ’em to Save ’em Challenge. This Club CVM release has 4 oz of Romeldale/CVM roving and will qualify for the Shave ’em to Save ’em Challenge.

January 12, 2019

2019 New Beginnings Yarn Club is Open!

It’s time for the 2019 STF Yarn Club to kick off! This year’s club is appropriately named the New Beginnings Club, after the new beginnings I’ll be experiencing in 2019 as a newly single woman, moving all by myself almost all the way across the country to New Mexico (new state of living, new state of being, just new states all around!) and what new colors I anticipate will come from all this change in environment and life.

This year’s club is a bit different than past years’ due to my relocation to New Mexico. I’ve decided it would be best to simplify the club offerings for 2019, as I’m really not sure what the future will be bringing me. I’ve changed the club to a quarterly shipment in March, June, September and December. And I’ve added more sizing options, from one skein per shipment up to four skeins per shipment.

For more information and details about which yarn bases will be included in this year’s club, check out the Visit This Shop link on this post. Up-front payments are already sold out, but there are monthly payment options available for U.S., Canada and international shipments. The clubs will be closing soon, though, so don’t wait!

And to read about my relocation to New Mexico, and see some gorgeous photos of where I’ll be living, check out my blog post.

I’ll hope you’ll consider joining me on my adventure!

January 10, 2019

Cute & Sweary Janu-ary!

Our January Bag of the Month comes with extra SNARK, and of course the cuteness to get away with it!

We are very excited to be working with artist and fellow businesswoman Cynthia Frenette for this bag of the month! We have painstakingly chosen three out of her tons of awesome designs and have made them available to you in our entire catalog!

Don’t miss this awesome pair up! Preorders ensure you don’t miss the items you want & help us grow! Thank you for 10 years!

Orders open Friday, January 11th @ 9 a.m. PST and close at midnight on Monday, January 14th. All orders will be shipped by February 15th.

January 10, 2019

Sunday shop update

Our next hand dyed yarn update goes live at 1 p.m. UK time on Sunday 13th January.

It will consist of Hayton 4ply in a selection of variegated and semi-solid colourways. Hayton 4ply is a beautiful mix of smooth, bouncy merino, a little nylon to make it more hard wearing, and a dash of cashmere for the ultimate luxury. It knits with both bounce and drape in equal measure – using larger needles and a lacy pattern creates drape, whilst smaller needles and a closer stitch type creates a nice warm, cosy fabric.

As always, our updates can sell out really quickly so please just be aware that there might be a lot of competition for skeins and you’ll need to be quick on the day. I don’t want to panic you, it’s just something to be aware of!

As a reminder, we ship worldwide.

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