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Showing The Knitting Artist

Preorders are now open for the skein-only installment of my May Vincent van Gogh Yarn club. Orders will include the skein of yarn and a fact card about the artwork.

This month I am featuring the ever popular “Sunflowers,” which features a golden base with specks of dark gold, browns and green.

You have your choice of bases including fingering, sock, DK and Silky Singles. The example is shown on my Sock base, which tends to be a bit paler than the other bases.

All preorders will ship at the end of the month and orders must be placed by May 22nd.

Preorders are now open for the skein-only installment of my April Vincent van Gogh Yarn club. Orders will include the skein of yarn and a fact card about the artwork.

This month I am featuring “Gauguin’s Armchair,” a painting of van Gogh’s roommate’s chair featuring deep greens and reds with pops of gold, blue and violet.

All preorders will ship at the end of the month and orders must be placed by April 22nd.

It’s finally starting to feel like spring and for our March colorway in the Vincent van Gogh Yarn Club I am featuring a spring-y image, “Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass” from 1888. It features subtle pinks, greens and grays mixed with bright blues and reds.

Preorders will end on March 25th to give me enough time to dye and ship packages by the end of March. Your preorder will include the skein and a fact card about the artwork. This listing does NOT include any of the extra goodies for the yarn club subscribers. If you wish to receive ALL the fun things, you can subscribe on my website to start getting packages for March.

You may preorder as many skeins as you wish from the selected bases.

Base choices:
Light- 2ply fingering, 400 yds/100gram, 100% SW Merino
Sock – 4ply fingering, 463 yds/100gram, 75% SW Merino, 25% nylon
Silky Single – single ply, 438 yds/100gram, 70% SW merino, 30% Silk
DK – DK weight, 231 yds/100 gram, 100% SW Merino

It’s a new month and time for a new color in my “Vincent van Gogh” yarn club! This month I am featuring the early, yet well known, painting titled “The Potato Eaters.” This painting features rich tones of black, brown and green and so does this yarn! These photos do no justice to just how deep the browns and golds in this skein are!

If you wish to preorder a skein or two or five, you must place the order by February 22nd, which still gives me time to dye and ship before the end of the month. This package comes only with yarn and the fact card about the art. If you want ALL the fun stuff, you need to subscribe for $45 a month at my website.

I am now taking preorders for the January colorway of the Vincent van Gogh Yarn Club. The January colorway is inspired by a very early painting by van Gogh, “Scheveningen Woman Knitting.” This colorway features grays, tans and blues to match the original artwork.

This order is available in multiple bases and includes only the skein and a fact card about the artwork. To receive all of the monthly goodies you must subscribe to the full club, which can be done on my website.

To receive yarn by the end of the month, you must subscribe by January 20th.

“I dream my knitting, and I knit my dream.”

Vincent van Gogh has been an inspiration to many, including myself, but how would you interpret those gorgeous paintings into yarn? Come along with me on this journey to find out! From his earliest paintings of the common folk to the little yellow house to the ever famous “Starry Night,” this year is sure to be an adventure in painting!

Each month of 2023, I will be creating a yarn colorway inspired by one of van Gogh’s works, starting with his earliest and ending with his last. Each month’s colorway will come with a fun fact card that is all about the work in question and/or his life at that time.

$45 gets you a skein of yarn, the fun fact card, a monthly stitch marker and one to two other items that are van Gogh related. Some items may be knitting/crochet tools, others may just be fun items. Subscribers will also receive a discount on other items from my shop, including the option to order more of each monthly color at a discount.

Subscription members will get their choice of yarn base each month and an email will be sent to ask what you’d prefer. If you do not reply, the default base is my “light” base – 100% SW Merino, fingering, 400yds. Right now, other options are DK (100% SW Merino) and sock (Merino/nylon blend).

Not sure if you want to subscribe? I will usually have a preorder each month for the skein only (no items included).

All packages will ship the last week of the month, to ensure that I have plenty of time to account for all subscriptions, dye yarn, and find goodies.

For the July edition of my Andy Warhol Yarn Club, I am featuring the iconic sculptures created to represent the Brillo Soap Pad Boxes. These sculptures once again represent Andy Warhol’s idea of art imitating life, while also raising the question about commercial products as works of art.

Skeins of this colorway feature a tie-dye effect of reds, whites and blues, just like the sculptures. You have your pick of my usual bases and orders must be placed by July 22nd so that I may dye and send packages by the end of the month.

We are halfway through the year already and the June colorway for my “Andy Warhol Yarn Club” is ready for preorders! This month I am featuring one of the many famous Marilyn Monroe screenprints. This specific print features a pink and yellow image with areas of black to outline the features.

Select your base and how many skeins you want from my website. Base choices include Light, Sock, DK and Sport. All packages come with the yarn and a fact card about the artwork. Preorders are open until June 23rd, with yarn packages shipping the last week of the month.

As I continue with my Andy Warhol Yarn Club, I am opening up preorders for non-subscribers to receive a skein (or two, or ten!) of the May colorway. This month we are looking at “The Velvet Underground and Nico,” the cover of an album by the rock group the Velvet Underground and German singer Nico. This image features a bright yellow banana with areas of bold, black outlines.

The yarn for this month is dyed a bright yellow, and then is speckled with black, representing the iconic banana. All orders will include a skein in the base of choice and a fact card about the artwork. Orders will be shipped at the end of May, at the same time I ship the monthly subscriptions.

Interested in being in on ALL the fun? You can still subscribe to get the extra goodies and the yarns for the rest of the year. Just visit my website, hit the subscribe button at the top, and follow the directions. I would love to have you on board!

The April colorway for my monthly Andy Warhol Yarn Club is now available for preorder on my website for those who are not subscribed. Your preorder will include a skein of the monthly yarn and a fact card about the artwork.

For April we are looking at a silk screen series titled “The Electric Chair.” While this image is mostly blue and yellow, as any dyer will tell you — color does what it wants! The blue and yellows in these skeins blend together in areas to create green, but I still think it’s pretty! The final skeins MAY have less green, but expect they will look close to the photos pictured.

All preorders must be placed by April 23rd, to allow time to dye and ship packages.

Still interested in joining the club and getting the goodies? Subscriptions are always open and will begin with the month you chose to subscribe.