February 19, 2021

OOAK Update!

  • A skein of teal yarn on a green, yellow, orange and pink abstract painting.

As an oil painter, I am always using turpentine to wash my brushes, and as such the liquid always become a muddle mixture of that day’s colors. Recently I started dyeing up some OOAK tonal skeins that I am playfully calling “Turpentine” for this same reason.

When I dye my variegated yarns with squirt bottles, I always have runoff. I just couldn’t see pouring it down the drain any more, and thus these skeins were born. Dyed solely from the runoff of my variegated yarns, each skein is unique in the way the colors mix and break in the pot and the way the yarn takes these colors. What looks green before can sometimes come out brown, or vise versa. It’s just so much fun to make these and I have had a wonderful response to them.

I have listed five new batches of these yarns, each colorway in two skeins, on my shop. Once they are gone, they’re gone. But there will always be more after my next dye session, so keep checking back!

January 23, 2021

January Shop Update!

  • Purple and blue yarn next to a purple and blue painting.

To end the first month of 2021 I have a small shop update with several new things.
The first is a series of new colors I am excited to continue producing throughout this year – yarns inspired by my “Tidepool” paintings. Begun in 2017, these paintings are more abstract and fluid in nature than any I had previously done. As such, the yarn colorways have to be dyed just right to achieve this same look. After much experimentation, I have finally settled on a technique and recipe I like and now I’m ready to share. The three new colorways from this series were the first in my series of paintings as well – “Morning Dandelion Moon”, “Green Sea Tears” and “Blooming Violet Gardens.”

The other update to the shop comes from my new monthly yarn club (Which you can still sign up for). Based off of a very early painting by Salvador Dali, “Landscape Near Ampurdan” is a bright sea of blue, broken up by orange, green and yellow. This colorway is available in limited quantities on my “Light” and “DK” base. And as an added bonus, there are also a few complementary tonals available now, too – in the form of yarns dyed strictly with the runoff from my variegated dye techniques. Since I only used the runoff from these colorways, I believe they’d make a great pairing. Look for them as labeled “Turpentine” on my site.

January 1, 2021

2021 Salvador Dali Yarn Club

  • Melted clocks and the words Salvador Dali 2021 Monthly Yarn Club.

As I enter 2021, I have a new set of goals for my yarn business, and one of them that has been brewing for awhile is a monthly yarn club. I’ve gone back and forth on the theme, wanting to do something related to art, and finally decided that I should focus on a single artist who has had an impact on my own artwork, specifically Salvador Dali.

Each month of 2021 I will be creating a yarn colorway inspired by one of his works, starting with his earliest and ending with his last. Each month’s colorway will come with a fun fact card that is all about the work in question and/or his life at that time.

For $35 a month, you will get a skein of yarn, the fun fact card, and one to two small items/notions relating to that month’s color. Furthermore, subscription members will get their choice of yarn base each month and an email will be sent to ask what you’d prefer.

You can subscribe at any time during the year to begin during that month’s color, but there will always be a cutoff date posted. Not sure if you want to subscribe? I will have a limited amount of skeins listed at the end of each month for you to purchase. These WILL NOT come with the added goodies (but will come with the fact card).

All packages will ship the last week of the month, to ensure that I have plenty of time to account for all subscriptions, dye yarn, and find goodies.

The second image on this post shows all of the works, in order, that I plan to use as inspiration this year, and the third image shows the January color. To get in on the start, you must subscribe by January 15th.

Let’s fill our year with yarn and art, and make it a fabulous one!

New DK Yarns available

  • Dark pink, green, blue and orange yarn above a painting with the same hues.

Being stuck at home has had some advantages, as I’m sure many dyers have discovered. For me, it has allowed me the time to think about my brand, my yarns and my market. With that in mind, I have finally begun dyeing and selling yarns on a DK base.

The colors I chose are from my already existing palette of “yarn inspired by art,” and are the ones I have found to be the most popular over time. From spring-y pinks and greens to the more subdued maroon to bright ocean blues and golden morning yellows, there is something for everyone in this selection of yarns.

This DK yarn is a 100% Superwash Merino, 231 yards per 100g skein. It’s so squishy and takes the dye so well, that photos can’t do it justice.

Check back often, because I may be adding more lovely hand-dyed colors to the mix throughout the month!

April 11, 2020

Online Launch Party

  • A rainbow of yarn laid out in a circle.

I have been dyeing and selling yarn on Etsy for almost four years, and while it has been a fantastic experience, everyone needs to move on eventually.

I am really excited to announce the launch of the official “The Knitting Artist” online store! All of your favorite colors are still here plus some new tonals and they’re waiting for you at my new website.

Everything is arranged by colorway, allowing you to look at each colorway then pick the base that works best for your needs. Not sure which base that is? I have a link that explains all of the bases I use as well.

Let’s celebrate! Take 15% off through the end of April with code LAUNCH at checkout.
Hop on over and check out all my new site has to offer.

January 13, 2020

New Colors!

  • Skeins of pink, purple, green and orange yarn in front of a painting with the same colors.

Winter is here but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of spring! I have released a new colorway to help us all do just that. “Beneath Wandering Thoughts” is inspired by a bright pink and green painting of the same name, with pops of purple and yellow to brighten the mood even more.

Available in my light, sock and silky single bases, this colorway is sure to help do away with the winter blues.

November 26, 2019

Cyber Sale + New Yarn

  • Bright yarn with Cyber Sale.

With festival season coming to a close, I have updated my entire inventory of hand-dyed yarns, including some new colors. Now available on my Silky Single base are several solids to match my variegated yarns. Why not pick up a set and make a lovely striped cowl or shawl this Christmas?

And what better time to do so then during my Cyber Sale. Beginning Thanksgiving – Nov. 28 – and running through Dec. 3, you can get 20% off a purchase of at least $25 in my shop, no code needed.

All my colorways are inspired by my own original artwork and are dyed with bright, vibrant colors to brighten any mood. Pop on in today and get your art and yarn fix.

September 22, 2019

New Yarn and Sale!

  • Skeins of bright blue, green and purple yarn.

I am releasing a new yarn just in time for fall – Silky Single! 70% SW Merino/30% Mulberry silk, 415 yards. This yarn is fingering weight, single ply, and super luscious. Dyed in all of my painting-inspired colorways, this yarn has a wonderful sheen and drape, and is great for shawls and accessories. The yardage makes it great for one-skein projects, or pick up a couple and mix things up a bit!

To celebrate my new yarn, I am offering 20% off all Silky Single yarn through October 1st. No code needed.

August 14, 2019

Back to School Sale!

  • Skeins of solid purple and blue and orange and pink, blue and yellow variegated yuarn with the words Back to school sale, 20% off entire store

As I begin my fourth year of teaching art, I wanted to celebrate with a yarn sale! All items — yarn and prints — in my Etsy shop are 20% off through the end of August, no code needed.

I recently added two new colorways, Clouded Winter Whispers (Blue/gold) and Rusted Morning Shore (Jewel Tone/Rainbow), and I offer all of my colorways on several different bases: sock, light fingering and worsted.

Pop by, check out my yarns and celebrate a new year with me!

April 30, 2019

Clearance Sale!

  • Pink, blue and orange variegated yarn

After a trunk show last weekend, I am working on making room for new bases and colors, but I need to clear a few things out first. Lots of sock yarn and colors I am retiring have been added to the clearance section of my shop, and I have restocked everything else in the normal yarn section. Lots of wonderful variegated colored for everyone, so get it before it’s gone!

Sock yarn on clearance is 25% nylon/75% Superwash merino 2ply. It is a nice base, but I am switching (back) to my 4ply base. The other colors I am retiring are the red — “Early Snow Flowers” — and the green/brown — “Green Rain Tears.”