July 11, 2022

July Yarn Club Preorders

  • A red, white and blue box of Brillo with a red, white and blue skein of yarn.
  • A red, white and blue skein of yarn, tied two different ways.

For the July edition of my Andy Warhol Yarn Club, I am featuring the iconic sculptures created to represent the Brillo Soap Pad Boxes. These sculptures once again represent Andy Warhol’s idea of art imitating life, while also raising the question about commercial products as works of art.

Skeins of this colorway feature a tie-dye effect of reds, whites and blues, just like the sculptures. You have your pick of my usual bases and orders must be placed by July 22nd so that I may dye and send packages by the end of the month.

June 15, 2022

June Andy Warhol Preorders

  • A skein of pink and yellow yarn next to an image of Marilyn Monroe in the same colors.
  • A skein of pink and yellow yarn, wound two different ways to show the colors.

We are halfway through the year already and the June colorway for my “Andy Warhol Yarn Club” is ready for preorders! This month I am featuring one of the many famous Marilyn Monroe screenprints. This specific print features a pink and yellow image with areas of black to outline the features.

Select your base and how many skeins you want from my website. Base choices include Light, Sock, DK and Sport. All packages come with the yarn and a fact card about the artwork. Preorders are open until June 23rd, with yarn packages shipping the last week of the month.

May Andy Warhol preorders are open!

  • An album cover featuring a yellow and black banana and the text Andy Warhol, next to a yellow skein of yarn with black speckles.
  • A close up of a yellow skein of yarn with black speckles.
  • A skein of yellow yarn with black speckles.

As I continue with my Andy Warhol Yarn Club, I am opening up preorders for non-subscribers to receive a skein (or two, or ten!) of the May colorway. This month we are looking at “The Velvet Underground and Nico,” the cover of an album by the rock group the Velvet Underground and German singer Nico. This image features a bright yellow banana with areas of bold, black outlines.

The yarn for this month is dyed a bright yellow, and then is speckled with black, representing the iconic banana. All orders will include a skein in the base of choice and a fact card about the artwork. Orders will be shipped at the end of May, at the same time I ship the monthly subscriptions.

Interested in being in on ALL the fun? You can still subscribe to get the extra goodies and the yarns for the rest of the year. Just visit my website, hit the subscribe button at the top, and follow the directions. I would love to have you on board!

April 16, 2022

April Andy Warhol Preorders Now Open

  • A screenprinted blue and yellow artwork featuring an electric chair paired with a yellow, blue and green skein of yarn.
  • Two skeins of variagated yellow, blue and green yarn.

The April colorway for my monthly Andy Warhol Yarn Club is now available for preorder on my website for those who are not subscribed. Your preorder will include a skein of the monthly yarn and a fact card about the artwork.

For April we are looking at a silk screen series titled “The Electric Chair.” While this image is mostly blue and yellow, as any dyer will tell you — color does what it wants! The blue and yellows in these skeins blend together in areas to create green, but I still think it’s pretty! The final skeins MAY have less green, but expect they will look close to the photos pictured.

All preorders must be placed by April 23rd, to allow time to dye and ship packages.

Still interested in joining the club and getting the goodies? Subscriptions are always open and will begin with the month you chose to subscribe.

March 14, 2022

Andy Warhol Yarn Preorders Open for March

  • An artwork featuring a red and white soup can, next to a skein of yarn that features areas of red, white and gold.
  • A skein of yarn featuring sections of red, white and gold.

If you remember back to January, you may remember my “Andy Warhol Yarn Club.” After the success of the first two months, I have decided to start opening up preorders for the monthly colorways to the general public, for those who just cannot commit to a whole year.

For March, I am highlighting the famous Campbell’s soup can from 1962. This skein features a section of red, a section of gold and a section of white. (Final skeins will NOT have the red bleed as badly as here – I have figured out how to avoid it for the future). Preorders DO NOT include the monthly goodies, just the yarn and an art fact card.

Select your base below from my usual options – Light, Sock, DK and Sport. All skeins will be dyed and shipped by the last week of March.

Interested in the whole club with all the goodies? Hit the subscribe button on my website to join in the fun! You can subscribe at any time during the year and cancel at any time also. Subscriptions are $40 +tax a month.

December 26, 2021

Andy Warhol 2022 Yarn Club!

  • A soup can illustration with the words Andy Warhol Yarn Club.

After the success of the 2021 Salvador Dali Yarn Club, I am excited to announce the 2022 Andy Warhol Yarn Club! Andy Warhol is such a character of an artist, with his bright colors and interesting pop-culture subjects. I can't wait to create yarns with these colors and I can guarantee that every package will be a unique experience.

Each month of 2022 I will be creating a yarn colorway inspired by one of his works, starting with his earliest and ending with his last. Each month's colorway will come with a fun fact card that is all about the work in question and/or his life at that time.

$40 gets you a skein of yarn, the fun fact card, a monthly stitch marker and 1-2 other items that are Warhol related. Some items may be knitting/crochet tools, others may just be fun Warhol items. Subscribers will also receive a discount on other items from my shop including the option to order more of each monthly color at a discount.

Subscription members will get their choice of yarn base each month and an email will be sent to ask what you’d prefer. If you do not reply, the default base is my “light” base – 100% SW Merino, fingering, 400yds. Right now, other options are DK (100% SW merino) and sock (merino/nylon blend)

Not sure if you want to subscribe? I will have a limited amount of skeins listed at the end of each month for you to purchase. These WILL NOT come with the added goodies (but will come with the fact card).

All packages will ship the last week of the month, to ensure that I have plenty of time to account for all subscriptions, dye yarn, and find goodies.

Curious about what works I'll be using? The second image in this post shows all the images I have picked (Subject to change), in order from top left.

Visit my link to subscribe today! You must subscribe by January 16th to start receiving January shipments.

(Images being used are subject to fair use copyright. Images are only being used in the form of a small printed image with historical facts and therefore abide by all rules set forth by fair use laws.)

September 15, 2021

OOAK Flash Sale!

  • Skeins of purple yarn.

I’m back from a string of fall trunk shows and my website has been updated with all of my inventory, including an abundance of one-of-a-kind tonals (OOAK). It’s for that reason that I am running a flash sale on all my “Turpentine OOAK” colors!

Starting today and running until I am low, all of my yarns labeled “Turpentine” are $15, down from their usual $22. There are several bases and color options available to fit any need!

What is “Turpentine?” Well, every time I dye my variegated yarns I have a ton of runoff at the bottom of my pan. Instead of dumping this down the drain, I pour it all into a pot, throw a few skeins in and see what comes out! The result is usually a muddled masterpiece of whatever I was dyeing that day, with small speckles and breaks of random colors.

Once a color is gone, it won’t be back, so grab it while you can!

June 20, 2021

Mini Madness at the Knitting Artist!

  • Pink, purple, blue, black and yellow mini skeins in a circle.

I recently had my largest shop update in a while and am very excited to announce that it contained minis! For all those mini-skein projects you’ve got in your queue, I have a plenty of options to help you start knitting!

First, for those who want a full set, I now have 8 different sets available in my shop. Each set is inspired by my variegated skeins of yarn, which in turn are inspired by my own original artwork. Because of their inspiration source, some sets have 5, while some have 6 minis, and are priced accordingly. The minis themselves are 20g/92 yards each, and a 2-ply 75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon. While not the same content as my “Light” yarn, they would still pair well with any full skeins I have because of their 2-ply base.

The other update I have is the limited availability of socks sets. A pair containing my full skein variegated sock yarn on 75% SW Merino, 25% nylon 4ply sock yarn with a 20g mini of the same base, these are great for those who wish to add a color pop for their heels and toes! Available in select colors, more will be added throughout the summer.

February 19, 2021

OOAK Update!

  • A skein of teal yarn on a green, yellow, orange and pink abstract painting.

As an oil painter, I am always using turpentine to wash my brushes, and as such the liquid always become a muddle mixture of that day’s colors. Recently I started dyeing up some OOAK tonal skeins that I am playfully calling “Turpentine” for this same reason.

When I dye my variegated yarns with squirt bottles, I always have runoff. I just couldn’t see pouring it down the drain any more, and thus these skeins were born. Dyed solely from the runoff of my variegated yarns, each skein is unique in the way the colors mix and break in the pot and the way the yarn takes these colors. What looks green before can sometimes come out brown, or vise versa. It’s just so much fun to make these and I have had a wonderful response to them.

I have listed five new batches of these yarns, each colorway in two skeins, on my shop. Once they are gone, they’re gone. But there will always be more after my next dye session, so keep checking back!

January 23, 2021

January Shop Update!

  • Purple and blue yarn next to a purple and blue painting.

To end the first month of 2021 I have a small shop update with several new things.
The first is a series of new colors I am excited to continue producing throughout this year – yarns inspired by my “Tidepool” paintings. Begun in 2017, these paintings are more abstract and fluid in nature than any I had previously done. As such, the yarn colorways have to be dyed just right to achieve this same look. After much experimentation, I have finally settled on a technique and recipe I like and now I’m ready to share. The three new colorways from this series were the first in my series of paintings as well – “Morning Dandelion Moon”, “Green Sea Tears” and “Blooming Violet Gardens.”

The other update to the shop comes from my new monthly yarn club (Which you can still sign up for). Based off of a very early painting by Salvador Dali, “Landscape Near Ampurdan” is a bright sea of blue, broken up by orange, green and yellow. This colorway is available in limited quantities on my “Light” and “DK” base. And as an added bonus, there are also a few complementary tonals available now, too – in the form of yarns dyed strictly with the runoff from my variegated dye techniques. Since I only used the runoff from these colorways, I believe they’d make a great pairing. Look for them as labeled “Turpentine” on my site.