February 17, 2019

The Cryptozoologist Shop Update: Spring Fling

The Cryptozoologist is having an update today at 7 p.m. GMT (2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST). Once again we’re offering a host of vibrant and exciting colourways all in 100% British BFL/nylon sock yarn.

There’s a literary theme running across some of the yarns this time, with The Gracekeepers and The Gloaming both inspired by the enchanting books of the same name by Kirsty Logan. Since both novels are soaked in seawater and have strong LGBTQ+ themes, it seems fitting that both of these yarns support the Mermaids charity, which helps transgender and gender variant children across the UK. We will be donating £3 from each skein sold to Mermaids.

Elsewhere, new colourway Ketterdam is inspired by the city in Leigh Bardugo’s novels Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. Leigh paints an industrial cityscape with a rich history, and accordingly Ketterdam is full of deep rusts and aged bricks, and speckled with soot.

Also making its debut this update is Velaris, which draws its inspiration from Sarah J Maas’ ACOTAR trilogy. Velaris is also known as the City of Starlight, and this deep rich blue yarn is evocative of clear nights spent watching the stars emerge as Twilight fades into dark. Sally we can’t provide you with your very own Rhys!

Away from the pages of fantasy works – we do have a life outside of books, honest! – there are new colourways in the form of Somnus Flower, a bewitching blend of lavender and aqua accented with pops of pink and yellow, and Roseate, a bright and joyful yarn bringing pinks together with mustard, greens and browns – just the thing for a spring shawl or sock project.

So whether you want to escape to a fantasy realm as you knit, or just pick up a pretty skein or two, why not have a poke about at The Cryptozoologist’s newest additions?

February 14, 2019

Something to Brighten Your Winter

Maybe it’s the recent constant drizzle we’ve had here in the Midwest, but something has us craving rainbows and bright cheery colors and our most recent dye session shows it! We’ve updated the shop with Rainbow Bright Minis which have a total yardage of just under 550. Perfect for color work, scrappy socks, scrappy shawls and blankets, or to have a collection of heel/toe pop colors handy for your next sock project.

We’ve also added our most recent Little Women-inspired colorway, Beth March. It’s inspired by soft pink kitten noses and hot house roses, with gentle speckles of Jo’s green and Marmee’s grey. We have a very limited number of skeins available. However, you’ll find plenty of bright color ways on fingering and bulky weights to help you limp through the deep winter months.

February 14, 2019

Marvellous Merino in many forms

Our next hand-dyed yarn update goes live on our website, www.edencottageyarns.com, on Saturday 16th of February at 8 p.m. UK time. Yarns included will be: Pendle 4ply and Pendle Chunky (both 100% Superwash Merino), Brimham 4ply minis (85% Superwash Merino, 15% nylon) and Nateby 4ply rainbow 🌈 minis (75% Superwash Merino, 20% nylon, 5% silver Lurex).

Pendle 4ply is a gorgeous, smooshy, soft, bouncy and smooth superwash merino yarn, which has great stitch definition. It is perfect for a wide variety of projects, although may be too soft for socks (or you may want to reinforce heels and toes with nylon thread held alongside the yarn).

Pendle Chunky is a smooshy, soft, warm, bouncy and smooth superwash merino yarn, which has great stitch definition making it perfect for a wide variety of projects, especially those winter woollies.

Brimham 4ply is a soft and bouncy sock yarn. The extrafine Merino Wool is the same quality as you will find in our other Merino-blend yarns with the addition of nylon making it especially hard wearing if it’s going to be well-worn and washed a lot. It’s great for a really wide range of projects, especially socks, and being machine washable (at 40 degrees or less) makes it very practical. This update consists of mini skeins of Brimham 4ply which are ideal for adding contrast colours to projects or for those times that a full skein is too much (apparently this is a thing…🤷‍♂️).

Also in this update we have sparkly rainbow sets of our Nateby 4ply mini skeins, which have been used in the Rainbow Smiles Sweater pattern by Dora. These would be perfect for any multicoloured project with the subtle sparkle adding an extra touch of luxury while also being highly practical owing to the nylon content.

All the colours available in the update will be posted in the Facebook event page and a Flickr album so that you can plan your purchases. We have something for everyone, so don’t hesitate as yarns can sell very quickly.

February 14, 2019

A New Yarn Base & Colorway!

I’m so excited to introduce our newest yarn base, Berry Squishy! Berry Squishy is a super squishy 2-ply 80/20 Superwash Merino/nylon blend fingering-weight sock yarn. It’s an extremely soft and springy sock yarn with great stitch definition and the nylon in this blend makes it very durable and perfect for socks, shawls, sweaters and other accessories.

To kick things off, I’ve also dyed up a brand new (very colorful) colorway called Happy Place. If you ask me, my happy place is really any place where there’s an abundance of soft, scrumptious yarn.

Both the base and new colorway will debut on our website on Valentine’s Day.

February 8, 2019

Introducing Destination Yarn!

Destination Yarn is an independent, hand-dyed yarn company located in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded by a former architect, we believe in the power of place to inspire creativity in all forms. Through a passion for travel, color and the fiber arts we create unique and vibrant colorways just for you.

We recently released a new collection of colorway inspired by PARIS. To create this series, I ended up taking inspiration from both the places themselves as well as the feel of it all. It’s a deep, moody, rich color palette, with a point of view inspired by impressionist paintings and old postcards as much as modern photographs.

This came out in the dyepots as a series of eight colorways — four variegated and four coordinating tonals. These colorways are designed to mix and match in any combination. Perfect for both fades and colorwork projects!

City of Lights is inspired by impressionist paintings and walks by the Seine. Palais Garnier is inspired by my favorite building, the Parisian opera house, with rich red velvet against the stone and iron of the exterior. With Parisian Fog I wanted to capture the image of the iconic Parisian buildings, with their wrought iron balconies, receding into the hazy distance. Finally, Montmartre translates the iconic stairs into yarn with warm, French gray speckled with the black of the ironwork and lampposts.

Just for fun, I dyed up the entire collection as a mini skein set — because how much fun is it to own them all?!

All of these colorways, the minis and so much more are available online, or find them at Booth 216-218 at Stitches West.

G’day from Australia

Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill is a boutique spinning mill located in the hinterland of the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. We pride ourselves on being incredibly sustainable: 95% of our power comes from our solar setup and we wash only using rainwater and a low phosphate detergent, with the waste water keeping our orchard green and healthy. We source all our fibre directly off farmers, most of whom live within one hour of our property/mill. Our yarns have the lowest carbon footprint of any commercially produced yarn in Australia, about 225km from farm to scourer to us (the alpaca travels even less distance, being washed by us on site).

Our yarns are yarns with heart. They are small-batch runs, designed to highlight the amazing work Australia does in growing some of the best fibre in the world. The merino we use is 17.5 microns, making it incredibly soft and luxurious, ideal for next-to-skin projects, or just that lovely cuddle factor. All of our fibre is traceable and every yarn has a story behind it: who grew it, where it was grown and how it was transformed into yarn, ready for you to use and love.

Our business is the true definition of small business. It is just my husband, Nick, and I, Isabel, who do everything from sourcing the fibre, processing the fibre and selling the yarn. Every time someone buys our yarn they become part of our story. To find out more, get in touch and say G’day!

February 2, 2019

The Roses I Want For Valentine’s Day

A bouquet is nice and all, but let’s be real — if you’re reading this, you’d probably rather have yarn! I mean, I knew my husband was a keeper for sure because he got me yarn for our first Valentine’s Day together.

Right after I had finalized my winter colors for 2019, I was playing around with some skeins of Rock Star XL and a new dyeing technique I was developing. The technique came out better than I expected, and I decided to play with it some more. The skeins that resulted from that initial experiment were marked as One Night Onlys and sold almost immediately. I kept looking at their listing photo, though, and musing about how well this color would fit in with the Winter Wonderland colors…

Six colors for a season seemed like a lot, but I really loved it. I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I finally gave in and picked a name for it, it seemed obvious: it would be for Valentine’s Day! (OK, maybe it wasn’t that obvious. It was the aforementioned husband’s idea. But we’re married now, I’m allowed to take credit for his ideas. That’s how it works, right?)

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” isn’t really your typical Valentine’s Day song. Which is good because I’m not a huge fan of V-Day. It’s a song that’s dramatic and highly colored and about hurt and pain and loss. Which are things we all experience at some point. With it’s contrasting tones of cool silver grey, warm dark pinks and occasional splashes of rich blues and purples, it seemed to echo the singer’s feelings about the duality of love. It seemed like a great fit for this color, to me, and I hope you’ll agree.

This color is now available on several bases, including Boogie Woogie, Rock Star Sport, Rock Star DK, Rock Star, Rock Star XL and Motown!

February 2, 2019

Brand new colorways, Mini sets, and a shop update!

Happy February all! We made it through the first month of the year and I think that’s cause for celebration, don’t you? How about a pretty yarn shop update?
Last month our new colorway (Birch) was about “new year, new beginnings, hope, and renewal.” This month, I’m applying that idea to dye pots, stepping out of my comfort zone color-wise, and improving on past creations. So, I’ve been hard at work here in the studio all week dyeing up some brand new colorways and revamping some old ones.

Our new colorways include Petrichor (minty aqua with speckles), Tall Tales (medium tan with nuetral woodsy speckles) and Buried Alive (dark grey brown with dark speckles). Shown above.

Colorways that got a face lift include Amethyst (cool purple gem tones) and Phantom (cool charcoal grey). Also shown above.

All five colorways are available and ready to ship on Saturday, February 2nd, 10 a.m. EST at LambstringsYarn.com on Sadie Singles, Tralala Sock, and Ewetopia DK bases.

We’ve also added Mini skein sets to the shop!

FINALLY, mini skeins sets are no longer limited to fiber festivals and fairs! These are sets of six mini skeins on our Tralala Sock base (92yds/skein, 552 yds total) put together in fun color combos by yours truly! Lots will be in the update, but they are mostly unique combos so make sure you act quickly.

The shop update will be Saturday, February 2nd at 10 a.m. ET. I hope you can make it!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

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