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Showing stitch markers

From May 26-31 we will be accepting new members to subscribe to our Southern Stitch Box Subscription!

How does it work???
1. Chose your yarn — from sock yarn or DK-weight yarn. Can’t decide? You can always choose both or change it up each month!
2. Choose your frequency — you can buy once to try us out, subscribe for monthly delivery or subscribe for quarterly delivery!
3. Choose any add-ons — do you want to add on an additional skein, a sock bag, or get ALL THE THINGS with a deluxe subscription?
4. Sit back and wait for your delivery! You’ll receive an email and tracking info when your package of squishy yarny goodness is on its way to you!

Sign up and join the waitlist now so you have first access on May 26!


Oh friend, I have something that I am ridiculously excited to tell you about today.

You may know that we have these WONDERFUL simple cat stitch markers in our shop that I absolutely love.

But we have been unable to find them in smaller sizes (I know you LOVE our mediums)… Or in other colors… Or in a style that would work for crocheters…

So I decided to make them.
As in, from scratch.
Design, model, cast, the whole nine yards.

But since this is the first time we have tried this, let me tell you, it has been a process! In fact, it has taken us almost exactly a year to finally have these in our hands and they just hit the shop for you!!

I would like to present our BRAND NEW cat clips. 😻

These adorable, sturdy metal clips are exactly what I was hoping for.
– Comes in three colors (silver, bronze, and gold)
– Comes in two sizes (medium and large)
– Works for knitting or crochet
– Place on your needle, or clip to a stitch

I have been using my samples on my projects for MONTHS and can’t wait to send some cute little kitties your way too. 😘

We have amazing specially curated boxes to start your summer off right. These summer solstice boxes are one of our yearly fiber adventures. Choose between two themes: Joyful Jungle (inspired by Tarzan and Jane) or Up, Up, and Away (inspired by the movie Up). Boxes are curated with these themes in mind so that there are colors to suit everyone’s palette. Joyful Jungle will feature amazing earth tones with pops of jungle brights and Up, Up, and Away will feature that gorgeous sky blue with rainbow colors!

Preorders for our special Fiber Adventures to celebrate the summer solstice are available for only a short while longer — through May 25th or until they sell out, so run, don’t walk! SamsTinyTrinkets will be making amazing characters and other charms to go with these themes. There will be one-of-a-kind colors, project bags, charms and more!


End your summer even better with our Christmas in July Countdown boxes! Inspired by “A Year Without a Santa Claus,” we will count down each week in July, opening a sock set package a week until July 25th. We are so excited to include SamsTinyTrinkets characters and options for skin tones in this countdown! Colors and characters will include themes from the Heat Miser, Jack Frost, Mother Nature, Santa Claus and more!

We have an EXTRA SPECIAL countdown option with nontraditional goodies to open each week. Instead of a sock set a week, goodies will include a sock set, single skein, a yarn braid, and a mini set with all your usual extra goodies including a project bag and SamsTinyTrinkets. Preorders close June 1st for these!

We are so excited about this month’s subscription box!

This month’s colorway is called Playful Peacock! This colorway comes with an adorable peacock stitch marker!

With our subscription box, you pick the yarn weight, we pick the colorway. And as long as you are a subscriber to the club, you get discounts on the ENTIRE site! It is the perfect gift for yourself or for your favorite fiber artist in your life!

A Woolen Yarn box takes us on an amazing boating adventure this June! We are going whale watching! Board a beautiful boat and set out for the open ocean. As the boat comes to a stop, the waves lull you into a rhythm as you stitch away the afternoon watching the gorgeous whale dorsal fins breach the water. Take this amazing adventure all from the comfort of your home as you experience the excitement through color, handmade charms, Scents of the ocean in our lanolin lotion bars and candle, and extra goodies including whale and ocean themed junk journaling supplies AND a handsewn water bottle holder! Knit the Dorsal Socks by Helen Stewart (Curious Handmade), pattern included!

Never heard of a Woolen Yarn Box? It is our subscription box that takes you to “places you knit,crochet, and make all day!” Boxes are always splendidly themed and include:

* Yarn in your choice of a sock set or single skein
*Two SamsTinyTrinkets — progress keepers and stitch markers that are HAND CRAFTED by polymer clay artist Sami, of SamsTinyTrinkets! — coordinating to the theme
* One Mystery sock or small accessory knitting pattern from a independent designer (if you are a crocheter please leave a note for us and we can send you a crochet pattern instead)
* A sock sack or other sewn handmade knitting accessory
* A handmade organic lotion or soap in colors, styles, and scents that fit the theme
* A handmade candle in colors, styles, and scents that fit the theme
* A minimum of one mystery goodie

Don’t like scented goodies? Basic box options available:

* Yarn in your choice of a sock set or single skein
*One SamsTinyTrinkets — progress keepers and stitch markers that are HAND CRAFTED by polymer clay artist Sami, of SamsTinyTrinkets! — coordinating to the theme. If you have your eye on one of the charms in particular after we premier the box- please DM us and we will make sure it gets in your box! Otherwise the charm is one of the two at random from the full box reveal.
* A minimum of one mystery goodie
* One Mystery sock or small accessory knitting pattern from a independent designer (if you are a crocheter please leave a note for us and we can send you a crochet pattern instead)

Subscribe today before this box is gone! Preorders end May 23rd and these boxes are one of a kind!

See some of our past boxes as well!

Hey friend!

Last week, I shared a tip about how I use an extra Melody Clip on my row counter to help me keep track of those times where I need to increase (or decrease) every 6 rows.

But right after, I had several emails from very confused friends asking, “OK Dawn, what exactly is a Melody Clip, because I searched on your website and couldn’t find it!”

So, I thought I’d create a post to explain. (Because if there’s one confused friend, I know there are more who weren’t brave enough to ask!).

Almost all of the stitch markers on our website come in two different styles.

-Infinity Ring
-Melody Ring

Our Infinity Ring stitch markers are closed loop style markers. They are my absolute FAVORITE stitch markers to have on my needles. The unique teardrop shape lets them hug close to your needles, but gives a nice little bit of wiggle room to stick your needle tip in. They glide effortlessly from needle to needle. It comes in both simple bead styles and ones with dangly charms.

Our Melody Ring stitch markers are removable stitch markers. They work for both knitting and crochet. Slide them on your needles, OR clip them on a stitch. Nothing to open and close — they’re a pressure clip, so you can just “pop” them on and off of a stitch one handed. They’re our most versatile stitch marker!

And the best thing about our Melody markers? They clip right on your chain row counter so you can keep track of multiple pattern elements at once!

Make sense?

I love both styles and keep some of each in my knitting bag at all times (you never know what you’re gonna need 😉).

Complete with ice-dyed yarn, hand-sculpted and painted lemonade charms, 17 oz tumbler, stickers, a project bag and more, our Woolen Lemonade stand turns this classic cold, refreshing beverage into color, creativity and the happiest of happy mail! Visit the Woolen Lemonade stand on and purchase an already made gorgeous lemonade set OR build your very own CUSTOM lemonade set by picking your very own flavors that will translate into gorgeous color and charms! Each order is entered into a drawing. We draw a winner each Wednesday for our live WoolenWomenWednesday events on Instagram 12 p.m. ET and that lucky maker gets their set made live! This is special on so many levels.

First, you are able to converse with us on how you’d like your set to look. Do you like speckles? Want more orange variegation? A brighter yellow? We want to hear it all! You will be able to be in the chat as we ask you questions and make your perfect set!

Second, this brings nostalgia into your makes! Do you have memories of a cold lemonade on your front porch with that special family member or loved one, or perhaps you had a lemonade stand as a kid? My favorite is my Mom’s lemonade. She would put oranges in the pitcher and it was DELICIOUS! So special. You make this kit your own so it is perfectly special to you!

Third, SamsTinyTrinkets makes her charms absolutely custom and special to your flavors — you pick and provide your input if you join live! What could be more special for the warmer weather then having your very own custom lemonade hanging from your project?

Lastly, you are getting to see the creative process through and through — the process of talking about color as Sami and I match up our pastels and dyes for your set. We talk about execution of technique: what kind of dyeing — maybe ice dyeing or low immersion — and how she will go about sculpting. You get to see the creative process as it unfolds and is executed, seeing as they are all made live, as there is no practice and all the magic happens in real time. This brings you, the maker, into our creative space and gives you a chance to help create if you are building your own set. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Snag your special kit today and join us live for WoolenWomenWednesdays on Instagram live 12 p.m. ET to see if it is your kit we are making!

Several months ago, I was knitting a sweater while on our weekly Wednesday Zoom knit night.

It was a pretty simple pattern, but I was at the point where I needed to decrease every sixth row for the shaping.

I was chattering away and just mindlessly knitting (as one does) and suddenly stopped.

“Gosh darn it! I blew past that decrease row AGAIN!”

Everyone laughed because we’ve all done it, even though I try to pick REALLY simple patterns to knit on knit night. (I just can’t reliably talk and concentrate on a pattern at the same time. 😂)

But Jean said something that changed my life forever.

“You just need to put a melody clip on the 6 loop of your counter so you don’t forget!”

Well, duh! That was EXACTLY what I needed!

So I dug a lovely amethyst melody stitch marker out of my tin and clipped it on my counter until I could make myself a specific “decrease” clip so there would be no doubt in my mind what that extra clip meant.

Then when I got to the studio the next day, I worked up an official set of “Increase / Decrease” clips SPECIFICALLY for my row counter.

So why am I telling you this today?

Well, because I had a new friend email me just the other day to ask if we had a solution for this very problem!

She had a pattern where she needed to increase every fourth row and just kept blowing past it. I was so happy to report that I knew that problem oh so well, and that yes, I had the perfect solution!

We have two types of these I & D reminder clips.

The small melody clip type is designed to go on your row counter. The large lobster claw type is designed to clip onto your actual knitting (or crochet) showing where the increase or decrease needs to go. Both are super helpful for those situations where you can’t devote your ENTIRE attention just to counting your rows (like all the time for me 😉).

If you think these little guys might be helpful for you, too, you can find them over on the website.

Happy knitting friend!


For the sixth annual Southern Skeins Advent Calendar, this year’s theme is inspired by bright shiny Christmas lights and jewels. This calendar is made of various color stories and will take you on a whimsical magical journey through a Christmas Kaleidoscope of color! Our Advents come in either DK or Southern Sock yarn, and all come with 24 mini skeins.

Each mini is a little bundle of joy, bursting with brilliant reds, greens, blues and golds from bright to light! It’s like holding a handful of Christmas ornaments ready to be strung together into something beautiful and festive. Whether you’re knitting a cozy scarf or using our annual Advent pattern, this Advent is perfect to bring your holiday creations to life in a kaleidoscope of Christmas color! As always, we are offering a variety of options to fit every budget.

Option 1: Standard Advent:
24 days of yarn (in Southern Sock or Southern DK yarn),
100g skein to open Christmas Day
Reusable fabric calendar
Advent knitting pattern
Knit-a-long with prizes!
And a few other goodies!

Option 2: Deluxe Advent:
All the Standard goodies plus…
Drawstring project bag by Miss Fiber Fox!

Option 3: Just the Yarn (no extras):
24 mini skeins of Southern Sock or Southern DK to unwrap daily
Advent knitting pattern
Knit-a-long with prizes!

Please reach out with any questions! Happy Adventing!

Many years ago, when my kids were still small, I knit up a tiny little octopus just for fun.
But because I’m a whimsical creature, I knit him with five feet instead of eight.

My kids were immediately IN LOVE.

They took Pentapus out into the yard on adventures.
They made movies of him.
They cut reams of paper into tiny little hats and tiny swords so that Pentapus could become a pirate.

But if you asked them, I don’t think they could have told you that he was supposed to be an octopus.
They didn’t care WHAT he was.
He was just Pentapus.
And he needed to go on adventures!

Now my kids are great big teenagers and I think it’s finally time that Pentapus got to have adventures ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Please help us out by knitting your OWN Pentapus and sending us photos of his adventures in YOUR town.