Spring for some Big Clippy Progress Keepers!

Yank Your Yarn not only has you covered with classic round stitch markers; she also has a lot of Progress Keepers in her shop as well! Bonnie carries her line of “Big Clippy” progress keepers, which are oversized, movable single stitch markers featuring a 21-23mm lobster clasp and a large charm, festooned with coordinating beads. You can use these on the chunkiest of chunky yarns, and since they are moveable, Big Clippies can be used on your Crochet projects, too! Not only that, folks have been wearing a Big Clippy as a pendant, clipped to a purse or a keychain, or even as a zipper pull! Bonnie has a charm for everyone in her Big Clippy Progress Keeper line, from critters to fandoms to outer space!

February 25, 2021

Wearing (and knitting) of the green

  • Three and four-sided stone-like pins with curved edges in yellow and green on black backings that read MAB Elements, HANDMADE IN OHIO.

The artistic way to add a dash of green to your St. Patrick’s Day! MAB Elements new Wearing of the Green magnetic shawl pins join our original shawl pins and hammered dome earrings with green Aventurine to round out our new collection. Of course, shamrock and celtic knot stitch markers are also available!

The magnetic shawl pins are one-of-a-kind artist pieces that have a depth and colors which must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.  They are made from hand cut and forged copper that is then hand painted with alcohol inks and glazed for a high gloss finish. Pictures just don’t do them justice. Each one is signed and numbered. Made by hand in Ohio.

MAB Elements shawl pins are perfect for keeping you shawl in place with style, but also so much more. Wear on your winter coat, sweater, hat, cowl, you name it!

Gift certificates available.

Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $35.

Reasonable international shipping.

February 18, 2021


We are deep in winter, so these little penguins are the perfect accessory for your crafting! The stitch markers are hand sculpted and you get one Adélie, one macaroni penguin, one chinstrap, and one emperor looking lovingly at its baby hiding in its brood patch. Stitch markers are available with lobster claw clasps or soldered rings and gift wrapping is available for an extra fee.

February 17, 2021

Getting ready to add a little Irish to your day

Amy’s Trinket Shop is happy to present the latest line of holiday trinkets — Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Even if you’re not Irish, these trinkets will be sure to add a spring to your stitch. The St. Patrick’s Day line of stitch markers features various shades of green, gold, and white beads. Holiday-specific charms also adorn this lucky bunch of stitch marker sets. We hope by using these fancy little gems they will lead you to a pot of gold at the end of your row. Don’t forget to favorite Amy’s Trinket Shop for the latest shop updates. We look forward to hearing from you soon, A

February 11, 2021

Color of the Month Club

Time to sign up for the March Color of the Month Club! Each month brings an exclusive new color to the club for the year. The color theme for March is based on St. Patrick’s Day (see the inspiration photo). The choice of yarn is between Fingering and DK weights (or both) in our Treasure Dust line. The cost includes a skein of yarn, a small gift, pattern suggestions, and shipping. Follow the link on our website “Color of the Month Club.” Be sure to join the fun!

February 6, 2021

The Great British Baking Show Yarn Club: Pudding Week

Ready, Set, Bake! Its time for Pudding Week everyone!

This is the third installment in the second season of the Great British Baking Show Yarn Club, and it’s bread themed. You receive one fingering skein of Balsam Base (Merino/Cashmere/nylon) and one progress keeper. The colorway will be made up of light pastel colors. The Little Bitty Delights progress keeper will be a cup of creamy pudding that you will want to eat up. This set will be perfect for a spring project!


1. One fingering skein of Balsam Base (See Base page for details)

2. One Little Bitty Delights progress keeper

3. One surprise

Remember this is a preorder and will ship out in mid-March, so please order separately from other items!

February 4, 2021

February Love

  • Pink, green, blue and yellow conversation hearts with knitting instructions.

Do you need a little help keeping track of your project’s instructions? Consider picking up these cute hand-sculpted conversation heart stitch markers that are sure to keep you on task and make your knitting that much easier.

This month the surprise stitch marker theme at WeeOnes is “Be My Valentine.” You get five surprise adorably themed stitch markers with either lobster claw clasps or soldered rings.

February 3, 2021

Introducing the Buffy Mystery Yarn Club!

  • A drawing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mystery Yarn Club is finally here! I’ve been wanting to share my love of Buffy for a long time now, and what better time to kick it off than Jilly & Kiddles’ second birthday, right? This club will be centered around the slayers of the series: Buffy, Kendra, and Faith AND fiber. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve cooked up and how everything ties in together as we explore these iconic characters from one of my very favorite TV shows.

This will be a three month mystery yarn club, and shipping within the U.S. is included. Each month you’ll receive a skein of fingering weight yarn, a set of custom Buffy/Yarn-themed goodies by DKGraham, and some other fun extras I’ve been planning out for a while. If you’ve ordered one of my clubs before, you know I always strive to provide a great value, and this is no exception. Let’s have some fun merging two awesome things: our love of fiber and our favorite cult classic series! Orders open 2/4 and close on 2/22; after that they will no longer be available. There will be a limited number of club memberships available and orders will close early if they sell out.

Each of the three monthly club installments includes:

— 100-gram skein of an EXCLUSIVE Buffy-inspired colorway in Jilly & Kiddles fingering weight yarn (bases may vary each month)
— A different custom THEMED notions set each month by DKGraham
— TWO more surprise themed extras
— Shipping is INCLUDED within the U.S.
— Each monthly shipment will be valued OVER $50

If you are outside of the U.S. and would like to order, I’m happy to help with that! Please email me directly for an estimate of additional shipping costs prior to purchasing.

Shipping dates for the club:

1st Shipment: Buffy kit ships April 15th
2nd Shipment: Kendra kit ships May 15th
3rd Shipment: Faith kit ships June 15th

This club has been in the works for quite some time, and I’m so excited to share it with you! I’ve spent a long time finding all the perfect items to include in the shipments and I know you’re going to love it. Plus, Kirstan of DKGraham really knocked it out of the park with her custom-themed goodies, because she’s a huge fan of the show too! She REALLY knows how to incorporate yarny fun with pop culture and it wows me every time. We’re totally geeking out about it. You don’t want to miss out on this one. And if you aren’t familiar with the show, no worries — I share two places you can watch it on the product page in my shop. Take a peek now before you forget…

February 2, 2021

Amy’s Trinket Shop… still growing

  • A pink robot stitch marker.

I opened Amy’s Trinket Shop in June of 2020. The endeavor continues to be a source of joy and excitement for me, and I love making trinkets, shopping for beads and charms to expand my designs and offerings, and exploring the fiber industry from this new angle! The support of friends, family, and fellow knitters all contribute to my enjoyment and success, and continue to make Amy’s Trinket Shop a labor of knitter-fueled love!

I sell direct through my Etsy shop, as well as through various consignment or wholesale relationships. For 2021, I look to keep growing as a small business, continue collaborating with other shops and businesses in the fiber industry, and continue producing more trinkets that bring smiles and joy to knitters in creative ways. More recently, I’ve been hard at work making a line of Valentine’s trinkets and have started working on themed designs for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Please be sure to favorite Amy’s Trinket Shop for the latest updates and information on new products and designs. Custom orders are accepted and gift wrapping is available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

January 28, 2021

Color of the Month Club

Introducing our new Color of the Month Club! Each month brings an exclusive new color to the club for the year. The color theme for each month for this year is based on holidays. There will be a choice between two different bases/weights. The cost includes a skein of yarn, a small gift, pattern suggestions, and shipping and is based on the fiber content and weight of yarn, between $30-$40 per month. The link can be found on our website. Be sure to join the fun!