April 29, 2021

Tabby Cat Stitch Markers

  • Striped ginger cat stitch markers.

Ginger tabby cats have hit the shelves of WeeOnes this week! These hand-sculpted cuties come complete with hand-painted paw pads. You can now get ginger, grey, or tan tabby cat stitch markers to match your furbabies. They are available with soldered rings or lobster claw clasps and can be gift-wrapped for a small fee.

April 22, 2021

The perfect base for spring & summer projects

  • Skeins of bright pink, blue, orange and green yarn.

50% Cotton 50% Superwash Merino is the perfect base for spring and summer knit or crochet projects.

We have made several projects using this yarn.

Picture #1 is shown with our directional stitch markers and cast on makers. Colors – Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Saffron, Jolly Rancher, Pistachio

Picture #2 Colors Jaw Breaker, Alabaster, Frolic, Candy Necklace, Galaxy

Picture #3 Minimalist Cotton Tee by Minimalist Knitting – Color Galaxy

Picture #4 Streamline Tank by Alexandra Tavel – Color Jolly Rancher

April 20, 2021

NEW Limited Edition – Alice in ‘Fiberland’ Stitch Markers

Keep your knitting on track with this new limited edition set of 11 handcrafted stitch markers made with real stones, PLUS 11 bulb removable stitch markers.  Use them together or independently for up to 22 stitch markers in this charming set.  Three beginning of round markers feature a charm for the “Alice” theme – a white rabbit (with howlite stone), a book (aventurine), and a teapot (aventurine).  Other stones are amethyst, sodalite, and rhodonite.  Fits up to size US 10.5 knitting needles. $11.95 for set of 22 markers.

Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $35.
Reasonable international shipping.

April 15, 2021

Succulents, Glowing Aliens, and Knitting Cats

  • Mini succulent charms.

My surroundings always inspire my work and during the pandemic I found myself very drawn to plants. They make a space pretty, need love to thrive, and can transport you mentally to a far-off place. My recent love (obsession?) of plants has brought these wee succulent stitch markers to you. I think they are adorable and hope you do, too.

Now for some whimsy. We have glow-in-the-dark aliens and a tiny spaceship and a set of knitting cats. Just in case you find yourself missing in-person knit nights — these little ones will keep you company. Both the knitting cats and the aliens will come with a bonus surprise if you order through Sunday April 18th.

April Limited Edition Notions: Flutterby End Minders and Raindrop Stitch Markers

  • A hand holds blue and white plastic butterflies wrapped in purple yarn.

The Friendly Flutterbys have arrived, and they can’t wait to be the wind beneath your wings while you work. With four hearts to adorn each one, these handicraft helpers will put a little extra love in your project. Each set includes three white and three turquoise butterflies, just enough to set your stitches aflutter. They’re only available for April, so be sure to bring yours home today! 🦋

My next reveal is sure to make a splash on your rows. My Raindrop Stitch Markers have returned in Shimmering Clear to help provide sparkle and clarity to your stitching. Each set includes six droplets in each of three sizes for a total rainfall of 18, so whether you’re flying through breezy summer lace or cozying up with a warm cardi, you’ll have the perfect precipitation for your project. ☔

April 8, 2021

12 Day of Christmas in July Advent Kit

We are excited to announce our third annual 12 Days of Christmas in July advent kit!

What to know:

– With the purchase of this kit you will receive 12 individually-wrapped gifts of DK yarn and notions (plus some extra treats)
– You open one gift a day for the first 12 days of July
– Included in the kit is a pattern (knit or crochet) that uses the yarn in the kit. Knit pattern is being designed by Makenzie Alvarez of Hanks and Needles. Crochet patter is being designed by Emily Davies of Hooked Hazel.
— Theme: Hawaiian Christmas: colors inspired by pictures
– Presale – order before May 17th to save 10% code: INDIE10
– Kit price $115.00 Valued over $135.00

Email us by clicking the Contact Vendor box if you have any questions.

Stardust Yarn Club – April Box

Hello from Stardust Fiber Studio!

For those who don’t know, we have a monthly subscription box! This month’s colorway was a collaboration between our studio and Mother of Purl!

Each month, you will receive two skeins of our Andromeda base (437 yards each of 100% Superwash Merino wool in fingering weight) and one exclusive stitch marker (either knit or crochet) only available to Stardust Yarn Club subscribers!

We also have our Stardust Sock of the Month club available as well!.

A bonus about our clubs is that we do not auto-charge you every month. You will receive an invoice on the 5th asking if you would like to renew.

Interested? Check out the pages for the Stardust Yarn Club and the Stardust Sock of the Month Club for more info!

For Yarn is the Magnet, and My Needles are Steel

  • Purple, blue, pink and green round stitch markers.

“to show the way I feel
(With you I might try) my secrets to reveal
For you are a magnet and I am steel” — Walter Egan, 1977

Yarn has a wonderfully magnetic pull on us fiberistas, and we wouldn’t have it ANY. OTHER. WAY. Until now, all of my stitch markers have been made of colored copper wire, and the thing about copper wire, is that it’s not ferrous — that is, magnetic. But sometimes, you really just want a set of stitch markers that you can casually toss onto a magnet as you’re removing them from a project, or you want a stitch marker that sticks to a magnet when trying to pick them up out of shag carpet (y’all have shag carpet, right??), or you may just want to keep a tin of stitch markers on your fridge. You never know.

These sets of 30 stitch markers are made from iron rings that have been powder coated in an array of colors. The powder coating keeps the metal from rusting, and let’s face it, make the markers look like a basket fulla Peeps. Each ring has a seed bead of Deep Deep Purpley Black glued securely over the join of the rings to keep them snag free on your favorite yarn. Each set comes in its own tin, which not only has a magnet on the inside, but also has a magnet on the outside, so you can attach your tin to all of your kitchen appliances or even the hood or your car, should you feel so… inspired to do so.

The MEDIUM size fits needles up to size US10 / 6mm.
The LITTLE size fits needles up to size US6 / 4mm.

$25 for the set of 30 markers in a tin. BUT! I offer an automatic 15% discount to ALL ORDERS over $16, and I offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the domestic United States!

April, Advents and The Pink Moon

I hope you are all well and getting vaccinated soon (or already have done so!). I went this week for my first and almost can’t believe the prospect of going back to some kind of normalcy soon — hurray! It truly feels like a spring rebirth. I have a lot of new things to share, so read on, my friends…

First of all, the 2021 Advent calendar preorders opened up last week and they are selling like hot (pan)cakes 😂! So hop on over and reserve yours today! And for a limited time, U.S. shipping is free! Each day of December through Christmas, you will get to open a surprise mini skein of yarn. There will be 25 minis in total, along with some other fun holiday or fiber-related goodies added in here and there! This year, again, when you order early, you have your choice of five base yarns and we also have some fun optional add-ons: a special handmade project bag as well as a coordinating full-size skein in your chosen yarn base. You also have the option for a brand new Pancake and Lulu pin, designed especially for the calendar. This year, I created a mood board as a hint!

The 2021 Full Moon Surprise special yarn series continues! And this month the moon is PINK! Preorders for the April Pink Moon skein are now open and will close on Monday, April 11th at Midnight EDT. The skeins will be dyed and shipped out to be received* by the month’s full moon – for the Pink Moon, it is April 26th. This month I have also created a special stitch marker/progress keeper set to match! I found pink moon beads and couldn’t resist. I also have created a few other new marker sets, so click over and check them out!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and stay well, friends!
xx, Aimee

April 1, 2021

It’s Spring!

  • Beaver charms with silver ring attachments with a green background.

I don’t know about you, but spring is my favorite season. It makes me want to head outside armed with my binoculars to see what wildlife I can see. In honor of spring time adventures – I’m highlighting a few wild animal inspired stitch markers. The shop has a ton of wildlife including these beavers, robins, and sea turtles.

This month the theme of the surprise stitch marker set is: babies. You’ll get a set of six stitch markers with free shipping.