February 14, 2019

bunnymuff BOGO!

Welcome and come shop the Big Bunny BOGO!

From February 14-24, buy one pattern and get one free*, no coupon required.

*excludes all Choose Love patterns with ♥ icon. A portion of these patterns is used to purchase goods/services in the Choose Love Shop for refugees in need!

February 8, 2019

Inversion – the new upside and inside out collection from Woolly Wormhead

Inversion is the new collection from Woolly Wormhead and features five hats in her signature sideways construction.

Inversion is a special collection of hats featuring stitch patterns that manipulate the fabric across or via the rows, rather than the more common method of manipulating stitches within the row. Furthermore, each hat is reversible.

To emphasise the stitch patterns and construction, each hat has been designed in two colours, and examples of the right side and wrong side have been provided in opposite colourways. Each hat requires two skeins of hand-dyed DK weight yarn.

Each hat is knitted sideways and due to their construction, each of the patterns can be adjusted by adding or removing panels for different head circumferences. Within the instructions there are also adjustment points should you wish to alter the length.

Each of the patterns is provided in both written and charted format. The eBook contains detailed photographic tutorials and the single patterns contain illustrated tutorials and links to additional tutorials that can be downloaded as PDFs or viewed as short videos. Online support will be available through the Ravelry forums via specific discussion threads.

About the patterns:

Sprays of dipped stitches suggest a Venus fly trap, but on the reverse becomes more abstract and more mysterious. Either way, there’s a distinctly organic, almost vegetal impression to the crown, a highlight of this design.

Variegated yarns will look their best in this hat, with the elongated stitches allowing each nuance of the changing colours to shine. Choose a solid contrast shade or go dippy with two wild colourways playing against each other.

Starry clusters pop against a dark sky — but just reverse it to get on a different wavelength entirely. Using a solid colour for the clusters and a variegated one for the background shifts the focus to the garter ridges.

Brickwork gets even more compelling in two colours, and the same is true for this variation on the Muratura Hat. Depending on which side is viewed, the fabric may be more suggestive of the bricks, or of the mortar between; either way the simple technique of knitting into the row below builds a strong statement.

Laminard’s strong undulating lines come from a simple dropped-stitch pattern and careful use of colour. The elongated stitches will show off variegation beautifully, but a little restraint in your choices will highlight the elegant flow out of that perfect crown.

The difference between the two sides of this hat is striking. Is the design a strong mosaic stitch grid, emphasised by short row wedges at the crown? Or is it a stripy beanie? Believe whatever you want to believe — just enjoy the ride.

Use code ‘reversible’ to receive a 20% towards the eBook and/or single patterns until the end of February. Code can be redeemed on Ravelry or at woollywormhead.com.

For indie dyers, Woolly Wormhead produces PYO (print your own) marketing and wholesale packs and they can be found on her website!

Vagabondo is here! And there is 25% off!

Vagabondo is a fun hat and the beginning of my experimentation with wandering cables! It is also a playful investigation into asymmetry within symmetry, a concept that is evolving in my head and that I would love to express in my knitting and sewing world.

You can enjoy it with a 25% off with code VAGA25 on Ravelry until the end of February!

Vagabondo means wanderer in Italian and it represents what this cables are doing: wandering around your head, creating a unique textured fabric. The wandering cables are not assembled in a traditional way, but instead they form a new textured fabric made of moving waves.

“Io Vagabondo” is also a very famous Italian song, by the group Nomadi.

(My son, who’s modelling the hat, is known to have a very big head, that’s why the hat is an adult size!)


– Clear written instruction in English and Italian
– Easy to follow charts
– Easily fit from pre-teen to adult
– Professionally tech edited
– Tips to knit cables without a cable needle
– Perfect for beginners and cable beginners as well

January 30, 2019

Knit Collage Handmade Yarns

Here at Knit Collage, we create unique yarns to inspire your creativity and to get your needles humming! Most of our yarns are handspun with the exception of our Wildflower yarn that is made from fabric. Some of our yarns are chock full of trims, like flowers and ribbons and others are simply spun into interesting textures with fun colors. Check our our winter yarn favorites and wide ranging selection of patterns to go along with them too!

January 13, 2019

Harpers Ferry Pattern Release!

Alternating minis, mohair and short rows add a new twist in creating a beautiful canvas, as you watch each shade come together to finalize a beautiful shawl in Harpers Ferry.

I chose a high contrast mohair (pink) to pair with my main color (purple), as well as minis that allow the slipped stitch pattern to pop. You could easily use a set of gradient minis to create a more subtle look if you’d rather a more toned down version.

January 9, 2019

Nimbus – Free Hat Pattern

Nimbus means a luminous cloud or halo around a supernatural being or a large gray rain cloud. I designed this hat to have a cable crown to show the world your inner supernatural strength. Not only on the good days but also on the days when a gray rain cloud may be hovering over you.

This hat was designed on smaller needles to create a very dense fabric and fit snug when worn. I did this intentionally. It has been my personal experience with knit hats that they tend to stretch with time. The goal for having such tight stitches and a dense fabric is to try and keep this from happening. For more information on this pattern, yarn requirements, and materials needed you can download your free copy from the blog on my website or by going to Ravelry.

I have also added some hat kits to the website which can be used for Nimbus or for any hat the requires DK and Lace held together. Each kit comes with two skeins of yarn and a free coordinating pom pom.

January 8, 2019

Meet Brooke of Fully Spun

My name is Brooke, and I am the Owner and Dyer behind Fully Spun. Not familiar with Fully Spun? The short version of our story is that we love color! The long version is that our mission is to allow others to express themselves through color by dyeing yarns in non-traditional and traditional methods. My primary dye technique, the Fully Spun method, is to hand-dye wool roving before having it spun. Some people will love Fully Spun yarn because it looks like handspun, and others simply fall in love with the colors. You can read more about that on our About page, but I’d like to update you on something amazing that I am currently a part of.

I was excited when Diane of Lady Dye Yarns invited me to join seven other Black Female Entrepreneurs and be a part of the Fab 8 Craft Club. This is the perfect way to support many small businesses in one purchase and in return get a great deal on eight handmade and hand-designed items!

What you will get in the Fab 8 Craft Club Collaboration:

1 Skein of Fingering Weight Yarn (425 yards) by Lady Dye Yarns
1 Skein of Yarn by Fully Spun
Exclusive Knitting Pattern by Jeanette Sloan
Exclusive Crochet Pattern by Knit And CroShay
Stitch Marker(s) by Mrs U Makes
An enamel pin by CreativeCeci
A button by Crochet Luna
AND a SURPRISE GIFT (we will reveal later on in January)

Sign up here.

January 3, 2019

Start the new year with a shawl!

You are sitting by the fire (or at the beach, depending on the hemisphere you live in), needles clicking away, ready to bind off your latest project, and pondering what to cast on next.

You could cast on anything, but why not cast on a beautiful shawl that will be sitting perfectly on your shoulders, that is plush and confortable, fun to knit and worth your knitting time?

Yes, exactly!

All my shawl patterns feature special attention to yarn usage, clear instructions and marvellous knitting time.

You will have fun while knitting one of my patterns, being assured to have in your hand a well written and clear set of instructions: each one is worth your knitting time! 🙂

I love to play with details, fit and versatility, and you can be confident you will knit a timeless piece of your wardrobe!

For the whole month of January, enjoy 20% off all my patterns: use code INDIE2019 at checkout.

January 2, 2019

Young, Scrappy, and Cozy. A Hamilton-Themed MKAL

A Hamilton-themed Mystery Knit-A-Long! The project will result in generous cowl that wears a bit like a shawl (but is easier to drape around your neck). Each clue of the pattern has references to the show, and the cowl itself will have elements that are reminiscent of it as well. Don’t worry if you’re (gasp) not a Hamilton fan — those elements can be skipped very easily, and you’ll still have an awesome cowl in the end.

The project requires less than a typical skein of DK weight yarn in each of three colors, so it’s terrific for stash busting as well.

December 17, 2018

Limited Cush Update just in time for the New Year!

Selfish knitting has begun! We’re updating our Corral with a bevy of beautiful speckles, multicolors and tonal colors in our luxury bulky, Cush. Breathless Cush is 75 Superwash Merino/15 Cashmere/10 Silk, 146 yards. This yarn is soft and drapey and has amazing hand.

Check out our two newest accessory designs in Cush, available on Ravelry now. Snoflinga is a quick and fun colorwork hat; two skeins makes two hats with reversed colors. Vite Grande is a free cowl pattern using one to two skeins of Cush. Vite Grande is a super fast and easy knit with a ton of WOW power. You’ll want to hop on these quick and cozy knits asap.

This is a limited time Cush Update, starting December 18th, 9 a.m. EST. Let us know you saw this on Indie Untangled and use the code INDIESNO to receive 10% off your order!

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