Our Five Year Anniversary Celebration Continues!

  • Two skeins of lavender and blue yarn.
  • A full sized skein and two mini skeins of blue and pink yarn.
  • Three skeins of yellow speckled yarn.
  • Three skeins of lavender yarn with speckles.

We’re so grateful for all of the support we’ve received over the years and are thrilled to be celebrating five years in business this month! We’ve been giving away limited edition enamel pins (they’re nearly all gone!) to celebrate and this week, we have a special, limited-edition colorway fresh in the shop! Ewe Crew Celebration yarn is available in single hanks, our expanded sock sets and now, our expanded DK weight sock sets! So many choices to experience this fabulous new colorway. Stock the stash now because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

In the midst of all the celebration this month, we’ve also updated The Clever Cup and Star Light Star Bright in the shop. The Clever Cup is named after a fab coffee shop in Sarasota and is full of juicy, citrus hues. Great yarn for great times. Don’t miss it!

Registration is Nearly Closed for our Falloween Retreat

  • Fall leaves and the text Ewe Crew in the Woods Falloween Retreat.
  • Four sock sets in various colors.
  • Four sock sets in various colors.
  • Two skeins of yarn in yellow pink and green variegated.
  • Three skeins of yarn in blues, golds and oranges.
  • Bright multicolored mini skein sets and the text Many Minis For Ewe sideways.

We’ve opened registration for our first ever Ewe Crew in the Woods Falloween Retreat, taking place from October 28-31! Registration opened on Wednesday night, and the retreat is already nearly full, but a few slots remain. We’ll be heading up to the cool of north Georgia to a rustic, yet luxurious, resort to spend time stitching with friends, enjoying activities and having a great time. An epic SWAG bag is in store for participants and there will be loads of time to stitch and relax! Be sure to get all of the details on our website.

This week we have the return of our Stellar Sock Sets in the shop along with the colorways Cosmic Bowling and In Tandem, both of which are cheerful sunny colors just right to lift your mood this time of year. Happy yarn makes for happy knitters! Our Many Minis for Ewe are a great way to stock your stash with brilliant pops of color for all those “scrappy” projects. Don’t miss out on our gorgeous neons, reds, and citrus sets.

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The Virgin River Mystery Box is Here!

  • Mountains and a river and the text Virgin River Mystery Box.
  • A collage of four Christmas craft kits.

We couldn’t wait to get to Season 4 of Virgin River and so many of our friends are loving it! Due to popular demand, we’ve introduced our NEW Virgin River Mystery Box. This one-time box will feature a mystery yarn colorway based on the series in your choice of base and number of hanks, along with other notions and goodies based on the series.

While we’re all waiting to see if Preacher will fall for another woman and whether Mel’s baby belongs to Jack or her deceased husband, we can be stitching away with gorgeous yarn and themed goodies. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss it! The box is scheduled to ship out 4-6 weeks after ordering.

While you’re browsing the site this week, be sure to check out the few remaining colorways from our Christmas in July event along with super fun, beginner-friendly Christmas Craft Kits. Be sure to join the Yarny Ewes Facebook group for loads of fun and events and check out our weekly podcast on YouTube.

New Christmas in July Mini Set is Here!

  • A package of mini skeins of red and green yarn.
  • Multiple skeins of red and green yarn.
  • Head shots of two light-skinned women with colorful yarn and the text Knitting podcast every Saturday morning at 9:30am eastern time on YouTube: shop update, WIPs/FOs, prizes and more.
  • Multiple skeins of red and green yarn.

As Christmas in July is drawing to a close, we have the proverbial icing on the cake or uhh… in this case, Christmas Tree! The 2022 Christmas in July Mini Set is a beauty! Colorful mini skeins bring joy and delight to any Christmas project you decide to take on. This set is not due to be re-released, so be sure to snag a few so you have plenty to stock your stash!

We’ve restocked some of our colorways that are perfect for Christmas stitching. Check out Holly Jolly, Sour Puss, and Bottle Green. Need help finding the perfect combo? Just reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

The folks at CocoKnits seem to know just what we need to make our stitching both efficient and joyful and they’ve just released their newest product! The new CocoKnits Kraft Bins are made from the same wonderful, washable paper fabric as the Kraft Caddie, Maker’s Board, and other CocoKnits products. The new bins arrive flat but expand and can stand on their own. They nest as well, making them incredibly space saving. Offered in three sizes, you will likely find you need them all!

Christmas in July is the last opportunity to get in on the Twelve Days of Christmas and Eight Nights of Hanukkah calendars. These fun open-a-box-a-day calendars are filled with yarn and extra goodies. Additionally, each day of the calendars, we will host a LIVE! opening over on our YouTube channel. There, we can find a few moments together in the midst of the holidays and enjoy seeing the surprises! We sure hope you will get in on this fun, annual event! This weekend is the last opportunity to order!

Be sure to tune in every Saturday morning to our podcast over on YouTube and join our Yarny Ewes Facebook group.

Reindeer Droppings for Christmas in July

  • A light-skinned hand holding three skeins of red and green variegated yarn.
  • A large skein of red, green, blue and white yarn with red and green mini skeins and a knit sock.
  • Multiple white paper bins and the text Cocoknits.
  • Twisted and loose skeins of red, green, blue and white yarn.

New in the shop this week for Christmas in July is Reindeer Droppings! Hmmmm… I can hear you: Reindeer Droppings? Well, yes! I mean, you don’t think those magical, mystical creatures that lead Santa’s sleigh are without their, ahem, bodily functions, do you? But we imagine the bits that they leave behind are magical and mystical as well as, well… colorful and sparkly!

This super fun colorway is splattered and speckled with all the Christmas colors we know and love with some unexpected shades tossed in for whimsy. We’re also bringing it to you on O Henry and Dickens, our wildly popular sparkle bases. The silver shiny bits remind us of tinsel on the tree and they certainly add a festive flair to any project.

Reindeer Droppings is also available to you in our expanded Sock Sets, and with a twist! Choose from Lite or Dark; or maybe don’t choose at all and snag both sets for some variation in your sock knitting.

Because we know you love coordinating colorways, Games Reindeer Play and Nose So Bright are also new in the shop this week! They bring out the reds and greens in Reindeer Droppings and are the perfect companions. Snag them all for great Christmas gift stitching!

The new Kraft Bins from CocoKnits are now stocked in the shop! These brand new bins are made of the same great washable paper we’ve come to know and love from CocoKnits. We’re so excited about them.

Be sure to download our FREE Holiday WIP Tracker if you haven’t done so already!

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O Christmas Tree is new for Christmas in July

  • Green yarn with multi speckles.
  • A skein of green yarn with a mini skein of yellow and a mini skein of teal yarn.
  • Two light-skinned women against a backdrop of yarn.

Christmas in July continues at Olive & Two Ewe Studios! Each week, a new Christmas colorway has been added to the shop and O Christmas Tree is new this week. Subtle shades of traditional Christmas colors are complemented perfectly by speckles and pops of slightly less-than-traditional colors, for a modern look. The expanded sock sets feature two coordinating minis for loads of versatility in socks or other projects.

Be sure to download their FREE Holiday Tracker to keep up with all of your holiday stitching.

While you’re checking out our site, but sure to take a look at the upcoming new Limited Edition Forté Needle Set coming soon from Chiaogoo, as well as the L Yellow Shorties set. Both are currently on preorder and are expected to ship to customers later this year, fall and beyond. Be sure to join our Facebook group, The Yarny Ewes, for exclusive Features, Knit-Alongs, prizes and more. You can catch our weekly podcast over on YouTube on Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Eastern. Check out our YouTube channel now to catch up on past episodes. There’s always something new going on at Olive & Two Ewe!

Christmas in July offers New Colorways

  • A skein of red and green speckled yarn unfurled and the same skein twisted with orange and green minis. The text Hard Candy Christmas and Christmas in July.
  • Two skeins of red and green speckled yarn.
  • The text Christmas in July and WIP tracker.
  • Pink, green and gold yarn, a multicolored sock and the text Christmas in July.

Christmas in July continues over at Olive & Two Ewe Studios with two new colorways and a FREE Holiday Project Tracker.

Gingerbread Man debuted last week to hungry fiberistas who quickly made Gingerbread Man Sock Sets go to preorder status and caused a couple other bases to sell out! Preorders continue, so be sure to get in on the yummy fun.

Hard Candy Christmas is brand new this week and is available on multiple bases as well as their expanded (one full hank, two minis) Sock Set! The two-mini Sock Set is a great idea as it creates ultimate versatility and options when planning socks.

To help take some of the panic out of holiday gift planning, we (Carolyn and Michelle) are offering our FREE downloadable Holiday Project Tracker. With space to jot down the names of gift recipients, patterns, and notes, it provides a place for you to see your progress and plans at a glance.

Christmas in July is in full swing in our Facebook group, The Yarny Ewes, and everyone is invited to join. The group offers a supportive environment and features exclusive opportunities for members.

Be sure to catch our Saturday morning LIVE! podcast at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time or watch at your leisure on our channel for giveaways and more fun.

Christmas in July is Coming!

Christmas in July picture with images of Christmas Crafter box graphics.

We’re celebrating Christmas in July with all the goodies to get you ready for the holidays! Each week, new holiday-inspired colorways will be released on a variety of our scrumptious bases.

Access to our special holiday Stitching Kits is available now for only a few more days! Choose from either the Christmas Crafter’s Edition or the Hanukkah Crafter’s Edition. Kits will be chock full of yarn and various other craft supplies to get you started creating ornaments and/or other holiday-related small decor or other projects.

This event will be the last chance to get in on our Twelve Days of Christmas and Eight Night of Hanukkah calendars as well! Each calendar will feature brand new colorways and extra holiday goodies along with a LIVE opening each day of the Twelve Days and Eight Nights!

Be sure to join our Facebook group, The Yarny Ewes for even more fun and exclusive information and access to Special Features.

Check out our LIVE! podcast every Saturday morning at 9:30 am Eastern Time on YouTube (you can also watch older episodes now)!