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Showing gifts and accessories

The Salinger Pop Club is now open for new members and you are gonna love it! Our most popular club, the Salinger Pop Club offers an entry-level club experience with an affordable price point and beautiful yarn. Salinger is our mini hank in our Superwash Merino/silk/Cashmere base. It is 80 yards and 20 grams of luscious color to instantly add that perfect pop to your projects. Each Salinger Pop Club monthly subscription comes with one mini hank in an exclusive club colorway, plus a coordinated stitch marker. The club colorways are only available to club members, who have access to special orders of the club colorway on all our bases.

And speaking of special orders, we are happy to do them! We know we may not always have just what you want for your projects, so we are happy to work with you to make your yarny dreams come true. Just send an email to [email protected] to get the process started.

Everyone loves to be spoiled and we’re happy to help you make a fiber friend’s wishes come true. Our Fiber Fairy program offers personal shopping and special packaging for your fiber friend. We can make your gift known or anonymous. Just give us a shout at [email protected] and we can put together just thing to make your friend feel spoiled.

We have a restock of the gorgeously dramatic Splitsville as well as Crush It in the shop. Such amazing color! Splitsville is perfect for socks where the dye technique appears as microstripes. We love Crush It for it’s bright and warm pop of color. Also in the shop is our brand new colorway Parade, a bold bronze with multi-faceted speckles.

We’ve also got a new pin in the Pin Shop: the Color Wheel Spinner! Check it out here.

Our popular cat clip stitch markers now come in pastel!

Smooth, beautiful, and completely snag free and removable.

Slide these beauties onto your needles like an ordinary stitch marker, or clip them onto a stitch anywhere on your work.
– Ultra Durable
– No gap knitting
– Removable
– Works for knitting & Crochet

I can’t wait to send some cute and colorful little kitties your way. 😻

The calendar tells me there’s still a few more weeks of winter, but my heart is just pulling me to springtime. And I, for one, am SO ready for it.

The new beginnings!
The return of the sunlight!
The beautiful colors! 😍

It’s also the time of year when the organization bug can hit me pretty hard. I start looking at everything around my home in a different way.

Things that I’ve been hanging on to might find their way into a donation bin. Or that basket behind my yarn box that’s a jumbled, tangled mess, will be dumped onto the floor and sorted through.

We’re adding a new pretty to the shop that is both colorful AND can help you keep things neat and tidy.

Is your needle bin a mess of tangled cables?

Do you have to compare every cord every time and say “I THINK this one is a 16″…”?

Introducing our new Snap ID cord organizer tags! Here’s a few reasons you’ll just drool over these:
– White Faux leather with gray veining & engraved snaps
– Coil up your interchangeable cord or fixed circular needles
– Snap a Snap ID onto the loop of the cord
– Keeps cords from tangling
– Allows you to identify the length at a glance!

Wishing you happy needle bins as we move (too slowly) into Spring!

🌈 Embark on a magical journey with Neverland, our enchanting color way inspired by the classic tale of Peter Pan. 💫 Dive into an adventure with our hand-dyed yarns, fibers, and embroidery threads, each shade and texture capturing the spirit and whimsy of Neverland’s unforgettable characters and scenery.

🌟 Crafted with love, our range includes everything from sumptuous 100% grade A silk embroidery threads, perfect for delicate detailing, to robust and cozy fibers for spinning, including Merino, Rambouillet, and Cheviot. Whether you’re an avid spinner, knitter, or crocheter, Neverland offers a treasure trove of possibilities.

🧚‍♂️ Our yarn bases are versatile, catering to all your crafting needs. The sock set or mini-skein bundle is ideal for fun color work projects, adding a touch of Neverland’s magic to your creations.

As February rolls in we hope you are feeling as cozy and creative as we are! We’ve got loads of gorgeous yarny things to show you today!

We’re starting off with Noemi Zimmer’s Half of my Heart Beanie or Cowl — what a cute pattern! We’ve got some lovely kits that will really show off the colorwork pattern in squishy Shelley, our worsted-weight base. The kit comes with two hanks of Shelley in coordinating colors. If you want to do the three-color version, grab another hank or something from your stash.

Pour yourself a cuppa and check out the lovely Tea Time Tin & Stitch Marker Set. It’s so fancy!

Want to add some texture to your knitting? We’ve got something to make it Pop! Poppy, by Fat Bunny Yarn, a fingering weight Superwash Merino with nylon neps is just the thing. Check out all the amazing colors! Poppy is a fingering weight yarn so you can mix and match with our fingering base Twain for monochromatic texture or use it as a pop of color in addition. Need some inspiration? We’re thinking of how great Poppy would be in Mairlyn’s Beachy Keen Shawl or Shellie Anderson’s Athens top. Weavers will love the something special it adds to their projects, too.

We’ve got a super restock of beautiful colors on Bronte, our Suri alpaca/silk base that are perfect for blending with so many other colors to add lush softness. Also, we have some of the same, and some different colors on Woolf, our luxurious grey alpaca/silk/cashmere base, and some newcomers on The Beast, Alcott and Hawthorne.

There’s still time to get in on our Spring Out of Winter Eun Sweater Make-A-Long! This modern, comfy sweater is a great layering piece to bridge that chilly space between winter and spring. Click here to get your preorder in right away.

Also, if you’re in Central Florida, you’re invited to our little Yarn Party welcoming the Bay Area Knitting Guild’s Annual Yarn Crawl to Needleworks on Saturday, February 3rd.

Also make plans to join us at our Trunk Show at Knit & Stitch in Cocoa on Saturday, February 10th.

Last but not least, we are live on our YouTube channel, The Traveling Two Ewe Knit, every Saturday morning at 9:30AM Eastern time. Grab your coffee or tea, your yarn, and let’s have a great time together!

Fiber friends are the best friends! Thanks for being a part of our yarn community, and we’ll be back next week for more updates and adventures!

Hey there friend!

Do you remember that cute hat pattern that we included in our Advent Box last year?

It’s called the Holly Beanie and it was designed specifically for the box by my awesome friend Sarah Gross. (Psssst.. she also designed the Snow Days Beanie which I know you all love!)

Well I have a HUGE announcement to make:

Sarah has officially joined out team! Not only is she an amazing designer, she’s also an incredibly talented photographer and I feel so privileged to have her creating photos and videos that we can share all over social media!

That means that if you’ve been playing the “whose hands are knitting” game on our Instagram, there is now another set of hands to guess…
Is it Dawn’s hands? Katie’s? Or Sarah’s?
It’s getting harder to tell. 😂

To celebrate Sarah joining our team, we’re hosting a knit-along for her newest design, the Holly Beanie!!

And we certainly couldn’t have a knit-along without discounts and prizes!

So, to kick things off, today and tomorrow ONLY grab the knit-along kit and get a FREE pom pom!

The kit includes everything you need to knit the Holly Beanie (just add the needles!):
– Holly Beanie PDF pattern
– 1 Ball Everyday Merino Superwash wool yarn (in your choice of color)
– 1 set Shortie Bamboo Cable needles
– 1 faux fur pom pom (in your choice of color)

We’ll whisk your kit off to you right away so that it will be in your hot little hands in time for our Cast On Party on February 19th.

Greetings, yarn friends! We hope that you had a peaceful holiday season and that the new year is off to a great start. Today’s treat is a collection of earrings to showcase your love of fiber arts and the animals that create your favorite fibers. 🧶🐑

Each pair is laser cut in our studio from sustainably sourced beech or walnut hardwoods. Choose from yarn love, spinning wheel, stitch love knit and crochet, sheep, alpaca, or rabbit. The stitch love earrings could represent your enjoyment of sewing, quilting, embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint, sewing together your knit or crochet projects, or all of the above.

Whether you want to treat yourself or a fiber arts friend, we’ve got just the pair for you!

Have you seen our new viral Yarn To Go Carousel?

Well, fun fact friend, it took me SEVEN tries (aka prototypes) before I finally had a version that I thought was good enough for you.
With each try, I would spend a couple of days knitting with it and putting it through its paces to see what annoyed me.
Because I knew if it annoyed me, it would annoy you too.

I’d think I finally had it down, but then the yarn would get tangled around the base…
Or wrap around the spindle top and when I yanked the yarn to get it spinning, it slid off the table. 🤦‍♀️

But after trying the seventh prototype in every situation I could think of, what I finally got was the most multifunctional yarn holder I’ve ever used.
(It’s kind of magical actually.)

Set it on a table.
Hang it from your wrist.
Knit in your favorite chair.
Knit in the doctor’s office or at the park.
Anyhow. Anywhere.
And when you’re done, fold it up flat and stash it in your bag.

Here’s a few things I think you’ll absolutely adore:

Thing 1: Goes with you wherever you may knit
Thing 2: Folds down to practically nothing
Thing 3: Large enough to accommodate FULL sized skeins

They have been SOOO popular that our first batch sold out in less than a day. 😲
Don’t worry, though, you can preorder yours to ship in about a month and get knitting… anywhere! 😍

It’s time to order your Spring Maker’s Box!

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a little magic today and order your Spring Maker’s Box. Boxes will ship the last week of March! Don’t delay and be sure you are signed up for this next one — there is a limited quantity available!

The Spring Box will include an exclusive knitting pattern with coordinating hand-dyed yarn along with other curated items from the Factory Girl’s favorite makers. Check out my Instagram for the reveal of the Winter Box shipped for Jan 1! 🥰

I’m so excited for what’s including in this next box (and others coming for summer and fall!)… Think spring and new beginnings emerging from their winter’s rest.

I confess that maybe I can be somewhat particular. There’s a peace that comes with order and organization, and having everything tucked away into its perfect little nook.

Occasionally, the organization bug will hit me extra hard and I’ll wake up with a sudden burst of inspiration. Before I know it, I’m going room by room, moving furniture, emptying cupboards, digging in closets and maybe finding my long-lost favorite book or that spare remote from… several televisions ago.

While I’m swept up in the flurry of organizing I look at everything differently.

Do I love this?
Do I need this?
Do I have to have this?

And most importantly…
How can I organize this? 😍

If this sounds at all familiar, then I’d love to introduce you to one of the newest little Pretties to join our shop.

Our Tin Organizers are absolutely perfect for keeping all of your bits and bobs in their own little space.

If you’re the type of person who hates to have your food touch, or if you just want to find your notions without dumping everything on the table and rummaging through them, then you’ll absolutely adore this little helper.

You’ll get:
– One set of dividers
– Choose either Large or Small

Each set comes with two interlocking pieces that allow you to divide your tin into four compartments.