August 7, 2020

A Step Towards Sustainability

We can’t change the world by ourselves, but we do have a responsibility to “do no harm” while making it simple for others to do their thing. We’re all on this round planet together and together we can ensure that our combined footprint is a green one.

Attention knitters, crafters and all-around eco-friendlies: The LoLo Body Care Eco-Bag is perfect for small bulk purchases, single craft projects, and as a beautiful gift bag. The uses are endless.

The LoLo Body Care Eco-Bag is different because it’s 100% organic cotton Fair-Trade Certified. The main benefit of organic cotton is that it is not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or GMOs. These toxins are harmful to farmers and workers, consumers, and entire eco-systems. A standout effort in the organic cotton movement is to use growing systems that replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture.

Even better? Every time this useful bag is purchased, one tree gets planted with our partners, One Tree Planted.

We’re proud to create a sustainability loyalty program that is both respectful to people and the planet. And we are deeply grateful that every time you purchase a LoLo Body Care product you are partnering with us to keep the planet healthy.

A Pawsome Mystery Box

  • Packages with black and white cat stickers and dog paw tissue paper.

As most of you are well aware, I love animals. That’s why our next mystery box celebrates our four-legged family members! There are a few details about this mystery box that make it extra special. The first is how customizable it is! You have your choice of cat or dog, notions only, pin and notions, or cuff and notions. Now, for the big surprise. Instead of exclusive colors of Suavest Sheep, mystery box recipients will be the first-ever stitchers to try my two new shapes of end minders — inspired by our favorite furry stitch companions! 

Everyone will receive a progress keeper set, stitch markers, end minders, a surprise item, a digital pattern code, and a clear jar to store your treats. There’s also the Rainin’ Cats and Dogs box which includes all of the notions for both pets and the Whole Kitt-en Ka-Poodle — which includes every single treasure from these sets!

I can’t wait for you to see all of the purr-fectly adorable treats hiding inside these awesome packages!    

July 18, 2020

Wildflower Shop Update at adKnits!

  • A blue flower in clear resin.

AdKnits, a line of nature-inspired goods for knitters and makers, recently added a bunch of new wildflower-themed items to the shop! This fabulously floral update includes honeybee stitch markers, a dogwood flower project bag, and progress keepers with charms featuring dried flowers cast in resin! Visit the adKnits website to see these and lots of other flower-inspired goodies!

Maker’s Hand Relief: Crafted Skincare for Your Craft of Choice

  • Sticks of hand lotion.

Bring relief to those hard working hands of yours. Whether you’re a fiber crafter or you work with wood, metal, paint or pottery; keep those hands in good shape with Maker’s Hand Relief. Tired of the same old overly oily balms and lotions & creams that just don’t work? This hand crafted balm is formulated to moisturize and provide healing nourishment to your skin without leaving your hands feeling oily. So apply this balm, rub it in, and then pick back up your knitting or crochet hand work knowing you’ve taken a simple step in taking care of your hands.

Maker’s Hand Relief is hand crafted with organic and pesticide-free ingredients. No artificial or unpronounceable ingredients are used in these products. This balm can help to repair that dry cracked skin and help to mend those hangnails. Restoring the health of your skin and your hands.

We are all Makers, we love our craft, we use our hands and we work hard everyday to make something that brings joy to ourselves & others. So I invite you to give Maker’s Hand Relief a try. Purchase one now, or maybe two! One for home and one (or two) for your project bags!

July 3, 2020

Pay It Forward with LoLo

  • Silver tins with an orange and cream label.
  • Silver tins with an orange and cream label.

Have you ever been someplace like a coffee shop, ordered, and when you got ready to pay the cashier they told you it had already been paid for by someone else? What a surprise! That feels so amazing. Recently we heard from Ms. A., a registered nurse who reached out to us for support. The staff at Woodwind Hospital was experiencing severe dryness from the hospital soap and continuous handwashing. Ms. A. had heard that LoLo Bars were hand-savers, keeping hands moisturized and healthy. When Ms. A. reached out for donations, she indicated that 155 would be enough for the medical staff. Because of generous and loving Pay It Forward support, 200 LoLo To-Go Bars were sent helping the housekeeping staff as well.

Some of the messages included were:
“Thank you for being heroes!”, “YOU make a difference!”, “Thanks for taking care of us,” “I so much appreciate your selfless service.”

In the past few weeks, we have donated over 500 LoLo To-Go Bars. We want you to be the reason someone in your life feels that way. Do you know someone who deserves a Pay It Forward? If so, we’re all in.

Our “Pay It Forward” spin:

Spend $30 (subtotal, BEFORE shipping) and we’ll send a person of your choosing a free To-Go Bar.
Spend $60 (subtotal, BEFORE shipping) and we’ll send a person of your choosing free a Body Bar.
What you need to do:

Choose someone you want to receive a “Pay It Forward”.
Fill in our easy form.
What we’ll do:

-Handcraft your request with love, sign the card as you requested, and slip it in the mail.
-Send you an email which will include the tracking number so you know it’s on its way.

Vivid, Saturated Color!

  • Green, aqua and purple speckled yarn with the words Maelstrom Fiber Arts Barefoot in the Grass.

I love color. I mean, I REALLY LOVE color. A lot. As a small-batch indie dyer, I get my inspiration from the world around me. This summer, my little patio garden where I like to relax in the morning with my coffee is an explosion of blooms. This wonderful place is where I got the inspiration for my latest preorder colorways! “Barefoot in the Grass,” “Bourbon & Lime” and “Luminous” are the latest beauties to come out of my dye pots. Once ordered, they will be ready to ship in around two weeks.

We are also doing a first-time-EVER special October Mystery Gift Box! I have been planning this forever and ever and it has finally materialized! Although I can’t spill ALL the tea, I can tell you that it is a spooky-themed mystery weaving project with a bit of knitting incorporated into it (you must be able to knit in the round to complete the project according to the pattern.) It is super fun to do and will make a STUNNING wall decoration for that big Halloween party!

The kit includes yarn, pattern, accessories, loom frames and extra goodies. Once you open the box you are all ready to go — the only things you will need are your knitting needles, hooks and scissors. It makes a wonderfully unique and fun gift! There are a limited number of kits being produced this year so don’t miss out! The order deadline is September 15, 2020, and boxes start shipping on October 1!


Butterfly at the Beach

  • A silver mermaid stick shawl pin sits on a skein of blue yarn.

With the summer solstice just a few short weeks away, I knew I wanted this month’s mystery mailing to take you all on a magical journey to the seaside. This beachy box holds ocean beauties both real and imagined, and I can’t wait for you to unwrap what’s inside. Treat yourself or a friend before orders close on June 14th.

For this month’s fun: you have your choice of notions only, notions and pin, or notions and cuff for this fin-tastic find. Beyond that, each box includes:

❧A Shell-tastic Progress Keeper Set
❧Seaworthy Stitch Markers
❧End Minders
(to keep your cast on tails tide down!)
❧A Clear Jar to store your treasures
❧And a surprise item! 🎁

Each item in the mystery box is exclusive to the mystery box. If surprises aren’t your cuppa tea; check out our Sunset at the Beach collection! New beach, nautical, and mermaid themed items are being added throughout June and July.

Mind Wanderers Yarn Club

  • Dandelions blowing against a blurred green background.
  • Skeins of taupe yarn.

This new club for spring is dedicated to that special inner space, where we hide sometimes while knitting, that state of mind when thoughts just flow adrift and make us feel somehow lifted and lightened.

As knitters before being yarnmakers, Giulia and I often search for beautiful yarns and accessories to build our private, personal imaginary room where we can linger knitting in tranquility.

Now, it’s is a bit difficult to describe our vision for this club, as we wish to evoke feelings and perceptions that are by definition very personal and evanescent; in fact, we mean to celebrate delicacy and mild thoughts, when we linger with our needles moving smoothly, and the world seems to be set aside.

We were somehow forced to stay home, and time to reflect and knit became much more frequent than usual, so we rediscovered the beauty and sense of peace that we held in our hands, and minds.

So, the lightness inherent in our very special fibre, Cashmere, is the core of this club. Our Heavenly Blend is hand dyed in a unique ethereal colourway that we created to exalt its fluffiness and let it pass to our souls. We really hope that the hues we decided to dye for this occasion will match also your concept of MIND WANDERER, of flying thoughts and lightened spirits

We worked with two talented Italian artisans to create the right accessories to match both the yarn and our ideas, and we’re so happy with this collaboration!

Again, we created a bundle of evocative, charming and always useful handcrafted pieces, that, we hope, will bring some sheerness to your thoughts and knits

Please make note of a few useful bits of information about the club:

– Subscriptions will be listed in our online shop from May 22, 8 p.m. CEST

– Subscriptions will be open until May 31, unless they sell out before

– Subscriptions consist of only one shipment of the entire bundle that will be scheduled in early June

– As in previoous editions, we decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are handcrafted especially for this event and all unique

– Each club bundle will include 150g (three full skeins) of our most precious and beloved fingering yarn, a blend of Italian wool, Cashmere and alpaca in their natural grey and fawn hues, that is hand dyed exclusively for the club, and two different accessories, curated by our lovely partners Marcella of Latuamomis and Carla of Laboratorio Indie.

May 18, 2020

Keep all those new WIPs organized!

  • A green box bag with pictures of honey.

In some places, we are going on month three of social distancing/isolation/sitting at home. I don’t know about everyone else, but spring always causes my Startitis to go crazy anyway, and with having little else to do, well… there are a lot of new projects on my needles! :/

So to help with that, we’ve restocked the shop with project bags! There are cute wintery llamas and sweet honeybees that remind us of all the time we get to spend outdoors (distantly) right now, cheerful yellow poppies, and reminders of how much we miss traveling.

These bags are available in our Kellie style, in all three sizes, along with some other favorites! Keep all your new projects organized and tidy with its very own bag to hang out in, while you cast on yet another fun item.

April 30, 2020

’80s Roller Rink Collection now available!

  • Untwisted skeins of neon green yarn.

I have designed six new super funky, neon colorways to bring some fun into our lives during this hard time.

Lights Off!
Quad Skate
Ms. Pacman
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The normal price for my skeins are $22, but I have discounted them to $18 with free U.S. shipping for orders over $40.

Skein Information:
80% Superwash Merino, 20% nylon
3-ply fingering weight
400 yards (366 meters) per 100g