October 20, 2020

Sturdy, roomy sisal project baskets

  • A pink basket with a strap.

There’s nothing better than working on a knitting project and keeping a WIP well organized on the move and at home. These attractive handwoven baskets do just that. They are roomy and attractive and will sit as a conversation piece while keeping your project stashed away or by your side. They are all woven by hand by marginalized women from my tribe in Kenya and while I am also weaving I have not yet mastered the craft as well as these women have. My mission is to help them keep their craft alive.

October 12, 2020

Warm the Line

A sewing machine illustration that reads #vote2020 and #warmtheline

This November, many of us are hoping for a record turnout at the voting polls. While many will vote by mail, I suspect there will still be those whose lives have been so upturned by this pandemic that they will be standing in long cold lines on November 3. The longest lines may be in those cold swing states where neighborhood polling places have been removed. We are crafters — knitters, crocheters, sewists — making items to send to voters who may be in need of warm accessories to make standing in line bearable. Please see project details on our Instagram account or the, #warmtheline hashtag.

Buy an item to commemorate the project with our hand-drawn logo by an emerging artist.

October 12, 2020

Sheepie print project bag SHOP UPDATE!

  • A collections of bags with sheep.

Are you ready for an all sheepie print project bag shop update? My online shop will be updated this Sunday, October 18th at 8 p.m. EDT.

There are many sizes and shapes of bags available: small notion pouches, mini totes, zipper project bags with waxed canvas bottoms, small and large totes. I also managed to sew a few scrappy-quilt-y bags, all with the beloved sheepie print. These are perfect for all your fall and winter knitting projects from socks to bulky sweaters.

Most of the bags are one of a kind so make sure to grab yours.

Happy making!

September 28, 2020

Happy Knitting Boxes

  • A box with a photo of a yellow tote and straw hat.

Are you ready to make all your fiber friends happy?

I am delighted to introduce you to Happy Knitting Boxes: four different boxes with a selection of our best accessories for fiber lovers, including hand-dyed (or hand-printed) project bags, unique stitch markers, wool soap, and knitting patterns. Boxes contain an array of handmade and handpicked items of the highest quality, made in France or Europe, by us at La Cave à Laine, or by our trusted collaborators.

All boxes are completely religion and gender neutral, allowing you to enjoy it in every season and to give it as a present to all your friends. They come in cardboard boxes and every component of each box, from the mailer bag to the last of the wrapping, is entirely recyclable.

Allow me to present each and every box:

– Happy Knitting Box Lite: a hand-printed tote bag, notions, and printed knitting patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box: a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, wool bar soap, and printed patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box Yarn Edition: a choice between a skein of hand-dyed Merino fingering or hand-dyed kid-silk, plus a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, and printed patterns.
– Happy Knitting Box Deluxe: a knitting kit composed of two skeins of hand-dyed yarn and a hand-dyed cotton pouch, a hand-dyed and handmade project bag, notions, and printed patterns.

September 24, 2020

Fall Series of Facebook LIVE Events

  • A koala and sloth bag with a clear window.

When the weather changes this time of year, the fingers itch to begin a new project — and along with a new project comes a new project bag! Tika Bags has created some new designs with new fabrics to celebrate the beginning of fall and KNITTING SEASON!!!

We will be hosting two Facebook LIVE Events in October to celebrate. Join us October 17 and 18 at 1PM EST to see our new fabrics, new products and a Give-Away! Tune in to find out how to enter the contest!

Shoppers will be able to purchase directly from the LIVE event using Comment Sold, so you can pre-register at tikabags.commentsold.com/account ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss out on the first few goodies.

In addition to our quality crafted project bags, Tika Bags has become known for our unique and cleaver notions. We scour the marketplace to find the bestest and brightest tools that exist. So plan on finding some here during these events. This year we’re offering a Trick or Treat bag with every purchase of $75 or more. Why shouldn’t we adults have some fun and mystery too?

September 23, 2020

Pattern Pockets are Back!

  • Cases made with various fabrics.

New pattern pockets are back in stock! If you recently received a Grace bag, you’ll want to make sure you grab one of our matching Pattern Pockets to go along with it!

The Pattern Pocket is a handy tool for storing and viewing your in-progress knitting patterns. The clear vinyl pocket stores multiple sheets of paper easily, and enables you to read and follow your pattern without having to remove it. The unique design folds in half and fits in most bags for easy portability, and can be snapped in a reverse position, creating a built-in stand so that you don’t have to keep leaning over the table to read your pattern.

The clear vinyl window allows you to use highlighter tape or wet erase markers to mark up and follow your pattern, then wipe with a wet paper towel when you are ready to move on!

The Pattern Pocket is made from 100% cotton fabric, lined to provide stabilization, and closes with a heavy-duty snap.

Dimensions: Approximately 12″ x 9″ open. When folded it’s approximately 9″ x 6″, and 1″ thick. You can easily store at LEAST 12 pages in here (which is what I have done – I haven’t needed to try more yet)!

September 10, 2020

The Aquarelle Collection is here: Hand-dyed project bags

  • A cotton bag with handles dyed peach.
  • A stack of colorful bags.

Rediscover colours with our special collection of organic cotton project bags hand-dyed and handmade in our atelier in Alsace, France.

*The cotton is organic*
This collection is made entirely of organic cotton, both the outer fabric and the lining. The cotton is sourced from European suppliers extremely conscious and aware of all the ecological and social problems involved in the supply chain.

*The dyes are fiber reactive*
The dyes I chose to create my colours are fiber reactive dyes: they blend with the fiber and will permanently stay there. No bleeding, no fading! I have longly debated with myself if to use natural dye or chemical dyes: I have read tons of literature on both choices, considering both the tinctorial proprieties and the ecological impact.

At the end I have chosen fiber reactive dyes: they last longer, they environmental impact is minor (see below), they do not fade and are light fast.

*The Technique is Unique*
The technique I have developed to create all these intense colour nuances is rather unique.

Each bag is dye individually, making it exceptional and distinctive.

I cut and wash all cotton before beginning the dyeing process. I then batch dye similar colours in small sessions. Each piece of fabric is dyed by itself: it is the only way I can control the effect I want to achieve and the intensity of the colours.

*The Process is Mindful*
In developing my dyeing technique I have payed the uttermost attention to use as less water as possible.

Each bag is dyed with less than 10 cl (3.5oz) of water. As I apply a special technique I have developed, before each dyeing session I calculate exactly how much dye I should make and use.
If there is some dye left I then use it to dye the lining fabric or even some bags pieces and handles.

*The Final Touches are conscious*
Once every bag is dyed and cured for 48 hours (at least), I plan the last fixing wash.

I batch similar colours together, saving not only water but also electricity.

I use my handmade unscented Marseille Soap washing liquid, and vinegar to fix the dye.

Once the rinsing water from the washing machine is completely clear, the fixing process is complete and eternal. I then let each bag dry before the first ironing.

*The Sewing is by Me*
Once the dyeing process is done, then there is the sewing left.

I sew everything myself, with the occasional help of my mother, in my atelier in Alsace, France.

I decide colour pairing, thread colours (all cotton!) and handles.

Each bag is sewn with the highest attention to details: each stitch is loved. The occasional rogue stitch can escape our watchful eyes, but there is no end to the perfect finishing touches.

August 28, 2020

Is it Sweater Weather yet?! – Oh, and we restocked our Grace Bags

A blue bag with white alpacas wearing red knitwear.

The high today in Central PA is finally less than 80, and I am here.for.it! Spring and Summer were such a mess…not just because of COVID, but I had some major personal challenges, including losing my job that I was insanely passionate about. And while some view fall as a sign that all things change — “and yet, change mocks us with her beauty” (Thanks, Olaf!) — I love the promise of change. That none of these challenges are forever.

Wearing sweaters and leg warmers and wool socks and shawls and hats is always a bonus, of course! I’ve already been mapping out all the projects I plan on starting, in the hopes that I might finish one or two this year!

Which is why it’s a good thing our Grace Bags are back in stock! These are hands down my favorite bags, especially because I can have a project in it, plus a pattern pocket, PLUS a small project in it’s own Kellie bag in there!

This bag has been my go-to purse all summer, too. It’s so lightweight, and the strap makes it convenient, no matter which way I want to carry it.

I would love for you to tag me on Instagram @rocksoliddesigns with your fall projects, and let me know which season is your favorite!

August 8, 2020

Wool Totes – Great Knitters’ Project Bags

  • An orange and brown tweed tote bag.

I make tote bags using beautiful wool fabrics. They come in five different looks and two sizes (both fairly large) and in a number of colorways and patterns. Some of the bags lean towards quiet sophistication while others are a bit more bold. They are roomy enough to carry sizable knitting projects with pockets to organize your knitting tools and personal accessories, as well as plenty of room for laptops and iPads, pattern magazines and books.

August 7, 2020

A Step Towards Sustainability

  • A cotton drawstring bag with orange flowers and green yarn peeking out.
  • A person hugging a tree.

We can’t change the world by ourselves, but we do have a responsibility to “do no harm” while making it simple for others to do their thing. We’re all on this round planet together and together we can ensure that our combined footprint is a green one.

Attention knitters, crafters and all-around eco-friendlies: The LoLo Body Care Eco-Bag is perfect for small bulk purchases, single craft projects, and as a beautiful gift bag. The uses are endless.

The LoLo Body Care Eco-Bag is different because it’s 100% organic cotton Fair-Trade Certified. The main benefit of organic cotton is that it is not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or GMOs. These toxins are harmful to farmers and workers, consumers, and entire eco-systems. A standout effort in the organic cotton movement is to use growing systems that replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture.

Even better? Every time this useful bag is purchased, one tree gets planted with our partners, One Tree Planted.

We’re proud to create a sustainability loyalty program that is both respectful to people and the planet. And we are deeply grateful that every time you purchase a LoLo Body Care product you are partnering with us to keep the planet healthy.