July 20, 2018

Tired of Crumpled, Dirty Paper Patterns?

I am a tactile person. I love knitting, because I love the feel of the yarn in my hands. In fact, even though I have an e-reader, I rarely use it, because for me, nothing compares to holding a book in my hand, and being able to tangibly see the progress I’m making through the storyline or lessons.

Which means I’m stuck in the aughts, where people still print patterns on paper and put them in a project bag while they are working on the item.

I’m also insanely forgetful and clumsy, which means by the end of a project, I have printed the pattern 12 times, spilled coffee or water on seven of them, and the remaining five are so worn at the folds that important steps like “AT THE SAME TIME” are no longer legible, leading to lopsided cardigans.


The Pattern Pocket is great for knitters like myself, who still enjoy having that physical paper with them while they knit. Pattern Pockets are designed for storing and viewing your in-progress knitting patterns. The clear vinyl pocket holds multiple sheets of paper easily, and enables you to read and follow your pattern without having to remove it. The unique design folds in half and fits in most bags for easy portability, and can be snapped in a reverse position, creating a built-in stand so that you don’t have to keep leaning over the table to read your pattern.

People: YOU WON’T RUIN IT BY SPILLING COFFEE. It keeps your pages nice and tidy so you never miss those all-important steps ever again. And an added bonus: Having a pattern pocket means it is a LOT harder to misplace your pattern. (Not impossible, just… harder).

The clear vinyl window allows you to use highlighter tape or wet erase markers to mark up and follow your pattern.

The Pattern Pocket is made from 100% cotton fabric, lined to provide stabilization, and closes with a heavy-duty snap.

Dimensions: Approximately 12″ x 9″ open. When folded it’s approximately 9″ x 6″, and 1″ thick.

You take care of your project; why not take care of your patterns, too?

Explore over 100 indie yarn and fiber shops

With the changes in the marketplace, plenty of new indie shops have been opening on FiberCrafty. This means lots of gorgeous new listings and product options! Scroll through and just browse or use our filters to search for breed specific yarn or fiber, a yarn weight for that project you have been eyeing or if you just want something in purple.

Posted pictures correspond to the shops listed below!

Pen & Hook is one of our newer shops and has a really unique product line of hand dyed sari silk. It’s available in 12 colors and varying lengths. Just imagine all the unique ways this could be used from adding textured stripes, to a gorgeous statement cowl to wrapping gifts or creating jewelry. Lisa also has beautifully hand-dyed silk yarn listings.

The Spun Bunny shop has a variety of yarn in different fibers (yak, silk, Cashmere and more!) and weights (from lace to worsted), as well as different types of spinning fiber that range in preparations like braids, rolags, and silk brick. Marissa’s love of color really shows!

One of my favorite things about the APLCrafts Handmade shop is that many of the yarns can be used beautifully together. Alicia also offers great suggestions for coordinating yarns in each listing. She doesn’t always repeat her colorways so if you see something you like, don’t wait around.

Sharon mostly has yarn but also offers some fiber in her CabinWool shop as well. She uses a range of yarn bases including corriedale and has some really beautiful variegated options. Check out her beautiful “Kissin Cousins” sets – two coordinating skeins that can be purchased individually as well.

LizaDeeOriginals is another newer shop and each time I see one of her listings for yarn or fiber, it takes my breath away! Bobbie’s dye technique is unique and she also has some true, gradual color gradients.

Jacqui of Lowlander Yarn Studio has just started adding listings to her shop and she offers a luxurious yarn base that is perfect for shawls! It is a blend of BFL, silk and cashmere available in multiple tonal colors, inspired by nature.

This is just a sampling of the shops and products on FiberCrafty! Do you follow us on Instagram? We help you stay in the loop with our newest listings. If you want to hear about sales and coupon codes, let us know!

Shop owners – if you are looking for an easy to use, cost-effective place to host a shop front, take a look at FiberCrafty! We provide a lot of information in our FAQ and it just takes a few minutes to open a shop. Questions? Just hit the Contact Vendor button!

July 11, 2018

Semiramis Shawl Kits with Yarn Over New York and Gannet Designs

KnitSpinQuilt is exited to announce the first of several collaborations with yarn dyers!

This very first kit is a collaboration with Yarn Over New York and Gannet Designs. Customize it and make it exactly what you want: you get a medium drawstring project bag, one or two skeins of fingering-weight yarn, a lace shawl pattern, and a stitch marker.

The project bag — a medium drawstring project bag sewn by Alisa of KnitSpinQuilt — is made from a fabric whose pattern was designed by Naomi of Gannet Designs. The lovely, lovely yarn is dyed by Jessie of Yarn Over New York.

You get to customize the kit in several ways. We’re offering it in three different colors (green, blue, and purple) and two different yarns: Times Square Sock (Merino/nylon) or Astoria (alpaca/Merino). Choose your color, choose your yarn base. Finally, choose whether you want one skein of yarn, or two skeins of yarn.

The kit comes with a pattern for a brand new shawl: the Semiramis Semicircular Shawl, designed by Alisa of KnitSpinQuilt using Gannet Designs lace patterns. You can make a shawlette with one skein of yarn, or a large shawl with two skeins. You’ll also get a custom matching stitch marker as a little bonus.

You can pre-order the kit at Yarn Over New York’s new website. Orders are capped at 30 kits, so hurry over!

You’ll receive a Ravelry download code for the pattern as part of your purchase. Don’t have Ravelry? We’ll print it and mail a physical copy of the pattern to you with the yarn — just make a note in your order.

Join us in the Hundred Acre Woods This Friday

Our June bag of the month will be LIVE this Friday June 29th!

Join us in the Hundred Acre Wood where all the good knitting spots live!

We have two Tigger-ific Fabrics, a special limited edition stitch kit and yarn sock!

Winnie the pooh Fans will not want to miss this!

These fabrics are limited and may sell out before orders close Monday at midnight! So set your alarm and join us for our newest release!

June 28, 2018

Post TNNA Shop Update

Hello! We are Helen and Mary Beth, sisters from NJ, and also known as The Crafty Toads. We hand dye beautiful yarn and make project bags. Our inspiration comes form all over: favorite books, our beautiful Jersey Shore surroundings and other fun, whimsical ideas. Come check out our Youtube podcast, The Crafty Toads, to see what new craft or yarn has grabbed our attention (we have the crafting attention span of an ant).

For the last several weeks, the Toads have been dyeing like crazy to prepare for TNNA. We knew we would have quite a bit left to update the shop when we returned but we wanted to have a good representation of all our colorways. TNNA was a blast. We met so many great people and took some orders to expand our wholesale reach as well as set up some trunk shows at new to us shops. Stay tuned for more info on those.

When we got back from TNNA we took a couple of days to enjoy visiting family (NEPHEWS!!!) and then a couple more to regroup and recharge — because 4- and 6-year-old nephews are exhausting and GROSS. Earlier this week we went on a listing bender and updated our shop with all the Sock Toad, Hairy Toad and Sweater Toad we brought back with us. We also listed the popular Dream Catcher Kits and the sample 50-gram skeins of our TNNA colorway. Just head to the shop to see all the beautiful yarn.

June 22, 2018

It’s a Knit-spiracy!

The Illumikniti are real! Starting today at 10 a.m. the first of several Knit-spiracy collections goes live on the website. Perhaps you are already a member of this secret society. Or perhaps you would like to join. From the Advanced Master to the new Apprentice, this collection offers a variety of products, kits, an enamel pin and two exclusive colorways named the Golden Age of Fleece and the New Knit Order.

Many of the items and kits are set up as a preorder. These items are only available for preorder through Sunday, July 1, unit 8 p.m. EDT. Orders will ship in late August/early September. Just click on the yarn tab and then click on Knit-spiracy collection to see all of the items available.

Some of these items may remain for a while, but like all good knit-spiracies you never how long they will stick around.

June 14, 2018

Yarn Clubs and Yarn of the Month

Have you signed up for The Alchemist’s Tote yet? If not there are only a couple of days left to do so! In this Edition we’ve got a Steampunk flavour added to our Alchemical theme. You get yarn and a special project bag from The Tudor Rose Crafts Studio and an extra from Front Pocket Studio. So head over to the website for more information.

Or are you just looking for some limited edition yarn? We’ve got our June Yarn of the MonthThanks available in store also, does it call to you? If so grab it quick because if you wait it will be gone forever!

June 12, 2018

Woodland Creatures for Puerto Rico

KnitSpinQuilt is celebrating the incipient summer of 2018 with woodland creatures! Hedgehogs and owls have simply stolen the show for this particular update.

These prints — especially the hedgehogs — were really popular at the Moms and Makers Market on May 12 in NYC. If you’re a fan, check the shop out ASAP!

Each bag is fully lined with white Kona Cotton fabric, and each color of top is cut and sewn in batches of four (for the medium bags) or two (for the large bags). When each color of these bags is gone, it’s gone until the next batch is sewn up, so grab them before this shop update sells out!

As always, 30% of the purchase price for everything you buy from KnitSpinQuilt is donated to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico disaster relief efforts, which are still sorely needed even after all this time: The projected deadline for 100% restoration of power in Puerto Rico has passed, and restoration of power has really not been achieved.

Celebrities such as Lin Manuel Miranda (author and star of Hamilton) have been championing this cause: I figure it’s the least I can do to donate a bit to the cause of helping people get their homes and everyday lives back. See my blog for more information about Puerto Rico disaster relief with links to articles and additional reference posts.

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