April 26, 2022

A Woolen Mystery

  • A flower shaped soap, a lotion bar, bird and flower charms, yellow yarn skein with speckles and a floral bag with butterflies.
  • A blue jay and daisy charm set.
  • A lotion bar, flower shaped soap and a candle with orange peel on top.
  • A skein of yellow yarn with green, purple and orange speckles.
  • Yellow speckled yarn, a floral bag, a blue jay and daisy charm set, flower shaped soap and a candle with orange peel on top.

Our A Woolen Mystery yarn club subscription offers a unique and all-encompassing adventure each month to “visit” all the “places you can knit!” Boxes include a handmade soap or lotion bar, a handmade candle to smell all the scents of your journey, a project bag to carry your one-of-a-kind yarn, and charms to mark your progress! Choose from a sock set or single skein. Monthly to quarterly boxes are available! These boxes include one-of-a-kind products with colors and charms you won’t get anywhere else!

Next month is Key West! Subscribe today and get 5% off your boxes when you sign up!

Check it out today on WoolenWomenFiber.com as boxes are limited!

April 15, 2022

#OneAday: a new challenge

  • A bag with gold leaves.
  • A gray, blue and gold zip bag with an orange tassel.
  • A blue and pink tote bag.
  • A double zipper bag, in light blue, pink and grey.
  • A pink and orange drawstring bag with pink handles.
  • A red velvet bag.

For the month of April, I set myself a challenge: publish one bag a day on both my Instagram profile and my shop.

20 of these bags were sewn during the month of March 2022. The remaining 10 never made it to Instagram. All these bags are UNIQUE and NUMBERED: if you fell in love with one and want to buy it, don’t hesitate: there is just one of each bag and once is sold, is gone forever!

The month is nearly over and almost all the bags are published (to end on the 30th with a BANG! Look at the last picture for a sneak peek!) and you can see all the bags in my shop and my Instagram feed!

All bags have a number and I won’t make them again in the future. There will be similar bags, maybe, but nothing identical. They also give a perspective on what you could expect in the upcoming months. I will play with colours, features, different closures, shapes, prints…

Dig in and let me transport you in my world, modelled around novel and special colours, unique prints, and practical shapes, to make your next project bag truly unique!

March 31, 2022

Shawl kits, colorwork kits and more!

  • A navy and pink skein of yarn, and the beginnings of a shawl to show how it knots with assigned pooling.
  • Three skeins of yarn, blue, grey and light silver gray.
  • Two skeins of yarn in medium grey, neon green and neon pink.
  • A light peach full size skein of yarn and three mini skeins, in DK weight. The mini skeins are safe green, brick yellow and Navy blue.
  • A baby blue full-size DK skein and three minis, in mustard, aqua and purple.
  • A sock size hand sewn project bag with a yellow background and white dandelions.

For most people, the coming spring brings to mind flowers, new grass springing up, beaches, fun in the pool and all things warm. For a yarnie, the end of winter marks when you begin to an all the wonderful things you want to make for the NEXT winter, all the holiday gifts you want to create, and for a dyer, what on earth are you going to do for this year’s Advent?!?

Our advents will be releasing shortly, so have no fear, but in the meantime we have oodles of amazing new shawl kits, blanket kits and colorwork kits for hats and mittens! Tired of trying to decide what colors work best with each other? We have you covered!

I don’t know about you, but I recently discovered the joys of assigned pooling, and I have to say, it’s completely taken over both my dye room and my WIPs. Sorry to the three pairs of socks I was working on, but it’s just simply amazing to watch something so neat as assigned pooling create a simply stunning garment! We’ve released two colorways designed specifically for assigned pooling (although you’re welcome to use them in any other project you’ll like!) and we promise there will be more to come!

So dive in, and while you’re at it, enjoy 20% off all our solid color Peruvian Highland Wool and 10% off all other yarn purchases! Make sure to check out our amazing handmade sock project bags, as well as our larger knitting tote bags!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, we have some pretty spectacular announcements coming up that you won’t want to miss, and right now we are running a giveaway for a free shawl pattern and, possibly even a free skein of yarn!

March 30, 2022

Yarncentrick: A New Indie Pop-up

  • Purple and blue fiber, pink, black and gray yarn, blue and green stitch markers and the Yarn Centrick logo.
  • Burgandy and blue yarn.
  • A project bag made from yellow flowered fabric.
  • Multicolored striped hand knit socks.
  • Three skeins of gray and pink speckled yarn.
  • Skeins of pink yarn next to pink cherry blossom flowers.

Yarncentrick is a new pop-up happening on Friday, May 6, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in Mt Airy, Maryland. This one-day event will showcase more than 20 indie dyers, artisans and small creative businesses in an outdoor setting under covered pavilions. The grounds are paved and accessible and there is plenty of parking. Here’s a peek at some of the vendors. Get your ticket and find the full vendor list at yarncentrick.com.

March 20, 2022

Fiber Adventures!

  • A genie bottle, a magic carpet with a young woman riding atop, a green building in Arabia and colorfully adorned camels carrying cargo.
  • Prehistoric dinosaurs under a red and orange sky, dinosaur eggs and fossils and a green jungle.

Fly high on a magic carpet or brave the prehistoric caves amongst the dinosaurs — this takes “places you knit” to a whole new level!! Unwrap a unique, new 20g mini skein with a handcrafted progress keeper by SamsTinyTrinkets every day for the week leading up to the first day of summer (June 21st)! On June 21st unwrap an extra special gift set including an exclusive Woolen Women Fibers sock set on our 80/20 Superwash Merino/nylon fingering-weight yarn (100g skein+20g mini), handcrafted fiber arts trinkets from SamsTinyTrinkets, an exclusive AggiePurlsByTheShore drawstring sock sack AND a homemade candle made by the Woolen Women. Your box will come with items wrapped individually for each of the seven days; the extra special “first day of summer” soak set, handcrafted trinkets, candle and bag will be separately packaged for the big day! You can expect a variety of colorways and trinkets inspired by the two themes- your choice, of course!

A Prehistoric Woolen Adventure and the Magic Carpet Ride will both be a fade set. The sock set will be a one-of-a-kind colorway — you can expect anything from speckled, tonal, variegated or a combo of these dyeing techniques.

March 6, 2022

Claire’s Cabinet | Women’s History Month

  • A collage including a photo of orange, purple, brown, green, blue and pink minis, a sheep lotion bar, a bag with mushrooms on it and a set of five herb and alchemical-inspired charms.
  • Mini skeins of orange, purple, brown, green, blue and pink yarn.
  • A sheep-shaped lotion bar.
  • A set of three progress keepers including Claire’s alchemy cabinet, lavender and a tonic of berries.
  • A bucket project bag with forest mushrooms on the fabric.
  • Assorted alchemy and herbalist inspired progress keepers including a book, a cabinet, a mortar and pestle, a tonic in a cup with berries and a vile of lavender.

Celebrating Women’s History Month, the Woolen Women have created “Claire’s Cabinet,” inspired by the brave Claire Beecham in Outlander. Pioneering medicine in both the past and the present, her journey through the stones in two timelines reminds us of both the struggles and the limitations women overcame to pave an ever-winding path of knowledge and contribution to the science and medical field.

Boxes include seven 20g minis and an adorable sheep lotion bar, with options to add on a project bucket bag, a variety of SamsTinyTrinkets -all hand made!

Being a scientist myself and now a full-time creative with a women-owned and operated handmade business, I find it is imperative we celebrate the history of women and all the broken glass ceilings over the years. I found that as I pursued and gained my doctorate, I felt a responsibility and a sense of hope and pride that I was a woman who was part of the ever-changing and growing science field. It gave me the courage to start my business and to reach for anything I wanted to do. Today I work with the two most inspiring women to me: first, my mommy, @aggiedecarloknits, who overcame many medical obstacles, raised children and now, despite pain and limitations, still creates and makes her beautiful bags. Second, my twin, who plays the many roles of mom, full-time creative and full-time business owner, wife and so much more. Together we are The Woolen Women and with each passing color, collection and podcast, I can feel history being made.

Celebrate women and all they do this Women’s History Month! Shop small, shop women-owned.

February 21, 2022

A Woolen Fairytale

  • Various project bags with maker notions, diverse colored hands, butterflies and unicorns on them. A package of yarn minis in blues, green, orange and yellows.
  • Skeins of bright hot pink yarn with a set of purple,teal and pink flower stitch markers. A project bag with pink bottom fabric and butterflies on it.
  • Pastel neon purple skeins of yarn with bright neon purple,blue and pink speckles. A unicorn stitch marker and a unicorn project bag.
  • Sky blue skeins of yarn with matching blue bottle glitter stitch marker.
  • Pink, blue and green variegated yarns with a storybook green stitch marker.
  • Bright green yarn with splashes of bright blue speckles. A fairy stitch marker with pink hair and a green dress.

Inspired by all our paths as we embrace new journeys in our making, our personal lives and in business — introducing the Woolen Fairytale collection. As the Woolen Women are living their version of a storybook ending, so can you!

What’s your fairytale like? Embrace creativity and color your way through to your fairytale ending with these gorgeous colorways! Matching yarn, charms and project bags inspire so many combinations for shawls, sweaters and more!

Want to see our maker lives as the Woolen Women — mothers, a scientist-turned-indie dyer and more? Check out PhDyer on Patreon and our vlog on YouTube on the Woolen Women channel.

February 6, 2022


bookish (adj.) A. Devoted to reading and studying rather than worldly interests. B Relying chiefly on book learning rather than practical experience. C. More acquainted with books than with real life.

I’m so excited to announce Forbidden Fiber Co’s next Treasure Trove box!

Book-ish is a celebration of all things reading. No matter your media preference (e-book or printed), favorite genre, there is something for everyone in this box!

The Knitting and Crochet Treasure Trove will include a full skein of our Fortitude DK yarn and three coordinating mini skeins, for a total of approximately 420 yards of yarn. The knitting pattern will be designed by me (Leann Ross), and the crochet pattern will be designed by Elisa of Strings and Cuddles. I’m excited to be working with Elisa for the first time!

The Cross Stitch Treasure Trove will include a fat 1/8 yard of fabric and at least six (6) skeins of our handdyed floss. The pattern will be a new FFC original.

Both boxes will contain lots of fun reading-themed goodies on top of all that. And, if you can’t choose, we have a Hybrid option available – all the yarn and cross stitch goodies, plus one set of all the extras! On top of all that, there is also the option to add on one of our hand-embellished cotton canvas project bags.

So. Many. Goodies!

I hope you’re as excited about this theme as I am! These boxes will ship on or about March 11th, so our open pre-order period will go through Friday, February 18th. As always, we will make a few extras so that if you’re unable to purchase before the cut-off, you still have a chance to get one. The options will be much more limited at this point, though.

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating one of my most favorite hobbies the best way I know how – through stitching!