September 15, 2022

Pumpkin Harvest has Arrived

  • An array of pumpkins and multicolored yarn.
  • Three skeins of orange, green and blue multicolored yarn.
  • One large hank of orange, green and blue multicolored yarn with two mini skeins in burgundy and blue.
  • Three hanks of burgundy yarn.
  • Three hanks of blue yarn.

OK, if Starbucks has already released their Pumpkin Spice goodies, it MUST be time for fall! I must admit, there’s not much “pumpkin spice” anything I love (except for their super yummy pumpkin scones that, really, let’s be honest, have more of a gingerbread feel) but the fresh Pumpkin Harvest in the shop this week has me swooning!

Pumpkin Harvest pulls together all the most perfect shades of brown, orange, green, and blue and melds them together into one delectable hank of yarn that will have you looking for the hay bales in the pumpkin patch so you can sit awhile and stitch. Not only are these the most perfect shades together, but the colors just shine even brighter with the addition of the pin-prick speckles for which Carolyn is becoming a legend.

We’ve got this glorious colorway on multiple bases (it is ahhh-mazzing on the The Beast!) and also have it available in our expanded sock sets! Choose either the fingering or DK weight on the sock sets, or both! Each hank of Pumpkin Harvest is accompanied in the sock set with a mini of the coordinating shades of Queen of Tarts and Words of Wisdom. Which, incidentally brings us to the next new item in the shop: Words of Wisdom! This aquamarine-esque colorway is again, really made resplendent with those pin-prick speckles I mentioned earlier.

Our little fall-loving hearts are going to be pumping this week as these shades are just absolutely delicious. I’m actually envisioning a sweater now of Potato Peel Pie as the main with Pumpkin Harvest as the colorwork. Wouldn’t it be divine?

Birthday Club for 2023 is proving to be super popular. We love how so many of you are ordering NOW so you don’t get left out! What a fab gift to yourself or for that special fiberista in your life.  Check it out and order now so you can tick that bit off your To Do list.

CocoKnits has just recently released two new items as part of their Sweater Care Line, the Sweater Care Brush and Super Absorbent Towel. We adore their products and love carrying them in the shop!

Be sure to tune in this Saturday morning to our LIVE! to see all the yummy yarn and hear more about what’s coming up. We can’t wait! You can find us on YouTube.

September 8, 2022

Fiber Friends Collection Today & Grab Your Drink Yarn!

  • Skeins of yarn in green, purple and black speckles.
  • Skeins of yarn in yellow, bright pink and dusty pink.
  • A photo of a light red drink with squares going down the side in reds, oranges and browns.

Tonight at 7 p.m. Central launches our Fiber Friends Collection! A sheep (and ducky!)-inspired collection, there will be four colorways — two variegated and their matching tonals — and a sock set! Offered on a variety of bases, this preorder will only be open for a few days!

And closing Saturday is September’s Drink of the Month! It’s September, when pumpkin spice lattes come back, the leaves start to turn, and we all begin to think about cooler days. Plus, it’s apple picking time! All this just begs for an apple-based drink, so September’s drink is Apple Cider Sangria! In shades of oranges, reds and browns, it’s the perfect yarn to wear when you’re jumping in piles of leaves!

September 6, 2022

Dragonflight Yarn Club – September Box

A skein of brown and green yarn and the text Dragonflight Yarn Club September Box Forest Floor Available now!

We are so excited about this month’s subscription box!

This month’s colorway is called: Forest Floor! We found the cutest mushroom stitch markers to go with it!

With our subscription box, you pick the yarn weight, we pick the colorway. And as long as you are a subscriber to the club, you get discounts on the ENTIRE site! It is the perfect gift for yourself or for your favorite fiber artist in your life!

The Socksy Ewe Sock Club Subscription is Open!

  • Multiple hanks of multi-colored yarn and the text Socksy Ewe Monthly Sock Club Subscription.
  • A large hank of pink yarn with a small hank of variegated yarn and a sock tool, with the text A new sock set and goodie delivered each month.
  • A set of seven solid color mini skeins of yarn in blues, pinks, green and gray.
  • A circle filled with yarn in fall colors with circles of brown, orange and copper yarn and the text Autumn vibes.
  • Three hanks of variegated blue yarn.

Our Socksy Ewe Sock Club subscription has been rocking and rolling for nearly a year now and we’re delighted to be able to open additional slots for a limited time! This subscription brings a new sock set to your door each month in your choice of either our Fitzgerald or Twain sock yarn (a full skein and coordinating minis) plus a premium goodie! Colorways are brand new and sure to delight. Perfect for sock knitters or those who love single hank shawl patterns, The Socksy Ewe is a great way to get busy on holiday gift knitting. While slots in the club open up very rarely, subscribers are able to cancel at any time. This “set it and forget it” club is a fab way to have new color delivered to your door every month!

Brand new in the shop this week is our Summer Many Minis for Ewe set! Featuring seven glorious summer colors, the set means your stash is always stocked with what you need to add pops of color and interest to your projects. Colorways include Spun Sugar, Daisy, Aubergine and others. Stock up now while they last!

Looking ahead to fall, we’re getting ready for cool weather knits. This week finds Broody, Burnt, Copper and Potato Peel Pie featured in the shop as the perfect fall palette. These colorways are available on multiple bases, but if you can’t find what you need, let us know! We’re always happy to set up a special order for three or more hanks in a particular colorway and base. Sweater quantities are always easy to order with a simple email to mich[email protected]

Our Stuck on You colorway has been updated in the shop this week and it’s a great transitional option for projects.

Be sure to check out our weekly podcast this Saturday over on YouTube to see these colors featured and to hear about our upcoming KAL and more!

August 23, 2022

Have you heard about our new subscription box?

The text Knit stitch tees, T-shirt subscription for knitters.

We have something new launching this October that we have been trying to keep a secret… However, it is just too exciting to keep all to ourselves so without further ado we would like to announce the first Southern Skeins Knit Stitch T-Shirt Club!

The Knit Stitch Tees T-Shirt Club is a monthly t-shirt subscription of handpicked, super-soft tees all designed by Jenna! Our t-shirts feature super soft fabrics, unique designs, fun colors and a comfortable fit.

We have opened up the waitlist for the first Knit Stich box that will be sent out in October. These shirts will not be available anywhere else on our website so be sure to join the subscription box waitlist so you don’t miss out!

August 19, 2022

Winter Sock Set Boxes

  • Mountains in the background with pink text: Winter in MN, A Yarny Countdown.
  • A winter glacier and northern lights with text reading the details of the sock set boxes, including weight of yarn, yardage, and number of sock sets included.

There are still a few sock set boxes available for preorder. These sock sets are inspired by winter activities in MN and the Twin Cities. The sock sets are on my Tough Sock base (75% SW Merino, 25% nylon, 4-ply) and will be a mix of variegated, speckled, and tonal colorways. Each colorway is a new creation just for this box.

These boxes will ship in November so that you can enjoy them during December in whatever way you wish.

Winter Garden Gift Box

  • Skeins of yarn surrounded by dry leaves, a candle and a metal vase, in black and white.
  • Skeins of yarn in burgundy and warm dark and light pink tones as inspiration for Warm&Cosy bundle.
  • Skeins of yarn in deep blue and light cold tones as inspiration for Cold&Starry bundle.

This year we decided to make something different from the Advents, and we wanted to make it simpler for you to choose and to know what you’ll get, but still something special that could make your heart beat when you’re opening it!

So we conceived a BOX filled with yarn, of course, and some delicious treats to warm yourself during cold winter days. This is a GIFT to give your loved ones or yourself, to keep you company for some days and evenings, especially after Christmas… when all the hassle slows down and you just stay nested at home.

Our theme is WINTER GARDEN, a place where you can silently grow things, despite the cold outside, may they be flowers, berries or knitted pieces. We all need a place like this, where we can sit and slow our minds, a place filled with tasty and fragrant herbs and flowers.

We found a real charming place like this, in the heart of the Alps, and that led us to this idea: the Herbal Farm Naturalpina, where Alice and her family are currently preparing dedicated products from their organic garden, that will be dried and ready to jump in our boxes and warm up our souls.

There’s more big news for this box!

We decided to insert a SHAWL PATTERN dedicated to this theme and yarn, designed by a gorgeous creative that we adore: Tif Neilan. The pattern will come in a printed version, with the possibility to download a digital one.

The Winter Garden theme will spread throughout with its fragrances and flavours, and give birth to a stunning knitted piece.

The Box comes in two main colour groups of yarn shades that you can choose from: Warm and Cosy or Cold and Starry.

The content, as you read so far, isn’t totally secret.

The whole box contains:

  • Six A Chic Blend skeins – 50g / 225m each –  in three different shades; two were picked by Tif and ourselves from our current palette, and one is a dedicated and  new shade.
  • A selection of natural herbal products prepared by Alice @naturalpina in a curated, eco-friendly package.
  • An awesome pattern by Tif Neilan  designed to create the Winter Garden Shawl (printed + digital).

We prepared a mood board for each color inspiration, just take a look here: Moodboard Warm&Cosy and Moodboard Cold&Starry

Plus we decide to offer a YARN + PATTERN ONLY option, in case you don’t wish to receive the added content. You’ll find a dedicated listing  for this HERE.

Preorders will be open until September 9 and boxes will be shipped in November, so well in advance to the Christmas hassle.

Please also note that the box has its own dedicated packaging, so it will not be possible to combine it with other orders.

August 16, 2022

13 Days of Halloween Advent Calendar!

An orange background with a haunted house with the word 13 days of Halloween Yarn Advent.

We are so excited to be doing a Halloween Advent calendar this year!

*** PREORDER CLOSES September 24th ***

Preorder our exclusive, limited-edition 13 Days of Halloween Advent! This will ship by October 8th, 2022 to ensure delivery by Oct. 19th, 2022.

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? This year, for the very first time, Dragonflight Yarns is releasing an exclusive Halloween-themed mini skein set. Trick or treat yourself with 12 20g mini fingering skeins, one full 100g fingering skein, and many fun Halloween-themed goodies!

Each mini skein will be individually wrapped and numbered so that you can open one a day in order! Start unwrapping on October 19th and look forward to the full skein on Halloween Day!

August 6, 2022

Dragonflight Yarn Club – August Box

A cream colored skein of yarn and the text Dragonflight Yarn Club August Box “N-ewe-tral” available now

We are so excited about this month’s subscription box!

This month’s colorway is called: N-ewe-tral! We found the cutest sheep stitch markers to go with it!

With our subscription box, you pick the yarn weight, we pick the colorway. And as long as you are a subscriber to the club, you get discounts on the ENTIRE site! It is the perfect gift for yourself or for your favorite fiber artist in your life!