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Showing Third Vault Yarns

Hello again!

I’ve got some exciting new things to share, including my favourite new yarn set! Worlds Beyond is inspired by the fantastic TTRPG podcast Worlds Beyond Number, with fantastic storytelling and amazing soundscapes. This yarn though! Bright with dark, swirling colours, splashes and speckles. This set has it all. Made up of the colourways Stars Abound, Stories Untold and Norn.

Stars Abound is the first in this set. It’s a very variegated colourway with splashes of teal and navy with oranges, golds and red splashes and speckles interspersed with white. Stories Untold is the next in the set combining two darker orange speckle sections alternating with navy and teal. Finally, there’s Norn, with its darker blues and teals rounding off the set.

It’s also time for the next installment of our project bag club, with an exclusively-designed fabric made into a beautiful bag by Sew Yarnilicious and exclusive yarn all themed around the Shadow and Bone TV series. It’s available in 50g or 100g skeins on a range of our bases. So what are you packing in your project bag to cross the fold?


It’s been a while and a busy February. With March upon us, alongside the wonderful hints of spring, I wanted to sprinkle a little joy into this budding month!

This new pattern celebrates the intertwined and changing nature of craft and industry in history. It features garter stitch with a stranded intarsia interlocking cable. Unravel & Entwine is a two-size shawl that can be knit up with 120g of 4ply for a shawlette or 250g for the big squishy shawl of your dreams. It’s now available via our Payhip and Ravelry shop. If you’re more of a DK fan, you can switch things up and break out the DK yarns for it too!

We’ve also got a fantastic shop update for you this Friday, 3rd March, featuring mini sets like Beachcombing (inspired by shell collecting FOMO), Enchanting as the Sunset and more. There’s also an update to our Loading Bar collection of colourways with Stray and the Last Campfire, inspired by two wonderful adventure/puzzle exploration games. All of our Loading bars will be getting the update, though a couple are taking a little longer to load. 😉 The Loading Bar collection is inspired by video games and with this new update they are perfect for your assigned/planned pooling projects.

The bulk of the year is behind us and the heatwave (at least in England) is being broken up with some rain, the nights draw closer and the cold starts to filter in. Which says to me it’s time to get the needles and hooks working! August is still an uber special part of Summer, and not just because it’s our birthday. ????

This time we have for you TWO Yarns of the Month, in honour of Nine Worlds, Fenrir & Valkyrie. Both of which can be purchased in the shop.

Our Nine worlds colourways are always inspired by Norse mythology and they are exclusive to the period around the Nine Worlds sci-fi convention. So get yours here as they are only available until the 20th!

Speaking of limited time only, you also only have until the 20th to grab your place on the latest Goblet of Fandom. Come kick some Demon ass with Sam, Dean and Bobby.

If that wasn’t enough remember to drop by the shop next week for our shop update, you might find some special birthday treats!

Have you signed up for The Alchemist’s Tote yet? If not there are only a couple of days left to do so! In this Edition we’ve got a Steampunk flavour added to our Alchemical theme. You get yarn and a special project bag from The Tudor Rose Crafts Studio and an extra from Front Pocket Studio. So head over to the website for more information.

Or are you just looking for some limited edition yarn? We’ve got our June Yarn of the MonthThanks available in store also, does it call to you? If so grab it quick because if you wait it will be gone forever!

It’s been a little while in coming, so I’m just as excited as you are! Third Vault Yarns’ new line of Bamboo yarns, called Kaguya 4ply, is being put in the shop. There are a range of new and exciting colourways, though in limited quantities, so if you’ve been lusting after some soft, silky, colourful bamboo, don’t wait too long when the shop update goes live this Saturday 12 p.m. BST.

Also, just a quick heads up that there are only a couple of places left on this quarter’s Goblet of Fandom. Our awesome voted-for theme is MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. I can’t wait to get dyeing so jump aboard quick! Sign up here.

I’ve been on tenterhooks all week waiting for the February 2018 issue of Knitting Magazine to come out. The Geek Chic Issue is jam packed with articles and patterns that talk about the fandoms and the things we get geeky over. For me that’s Science Fiction and Fantasy, Knitting, Computers, Books and Games. Nearly all of which feature here, and guess what.
So do we!

There’s a great profile on Third Vault Yarns, as well as a knitting pattern in our And You’ll Drop Your Weapon colourway, a yarn inspired by Rey and originally featured in the February 2017 YarniTea club. You can also find a very Whovian design on the next page, that I was inspired by the Steampunk style Time Vortex to design. Aside from those two there are a number of other fantastic patterns that I can’t wait to knit, so I would recommend you picking up a copy.

If you’re just looking for a geeky yarn fix then don’t worry, we’ve got that for you and more with “And You’ll Drop Your Weapon,” “Kill It If You Have To” and a bunch of other colourways, including Gamora and Cosmic Turtle both for the first time available outside the Goblet of Fandom clubs they started in.

Speaking of clubs, there are just four days left to get your place on the Vaulter’s Book Club for this quarter. The book for this month is “The Long Way To a Small, Angry Planet” by Becky Chambers, with a knitting pattern designed by Diane Ugo. You get some squishy themed yarn, a specially designed knitting pattern, a little extra and a yummy sweet treat. So go sign up via the Google form or on the website.

The Newest Yarn Club from Third Vault Yarns has just launched and is open for sign ups. In The Vaulter’s Book Club you get themed yarn and a specially designed pattern, with an extra and a sweet treat. (If you’re outside the UK this is also a great opportunity to try some UK sweets, even if we know it’s all about the yarn!).

The book/series chosen for each installment of Book Club will either be free or have a nominal cost in ebook form allowing everyone to join in. Book Club discussion will occur either on Ravelry or in The Vault Facebook group.

The First edition of Book Club is inspired by the I Bring the Fire series by C. Gockel.

So what are you waiting for? Join our sci-fi and fantasy-themed book club, sign up for some yummy yarn and treats and settle down with the first book of the series.

If you haven’t already, go check out the new Sandman-themed Endless collection and grab some yarn from the latest shop update in the new website store.

It’s that time again, Sign-ups are open for the April edition of the YarniTea! club from Third Vault Yarns. Yes, I know the name is a little unimaginative but actually the name is a play on words inspired by the Unity game engine and I hope symbolises the perfect combination of Yarn and Tea or, if tea isn’t your tipple, coffee.

In true Third Vault style we have a geeky theme every month, and for April it’s all about Pacific Rim. Remember those big monsters and the man-powered robots duking it out over the sea. Some Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi and pretty good soundtrack. What’s not to love!

For your delectation we will have themed yarn, themed tea (there is a non Jaeger, but geeky coffee option) and a wonderful themed crochet pattern by Rachy Newin. so what are you waiting for sign up here.

Things have been quiet from The Vault lately but no longer! We have a new monthly yarn club, combining the best things, it might just be that I’m British but who doesn’t love yarn patterns and TEA! Yes I can’t overstate this, TEA my friends. Let’s not forget that It’s a Third Vault Yarns club, so it’s full of Sci Fi and Fantasy goodness. With that in mind our theme for February is Rey from The Force Awakens, don’t wait, get your sign ups in here as they close on February 10th.

We will also have the first installment of the Quarterly Yarn Club for 2017 opening for sign ups next week.

If that wasn’t quite enough yarn for you we’ve got our winter collection updated in the store with each of the colourways on a variety of bases. Inspired by books and fantasy themes; There Be Monsters, with the Atomic sea, lightning and strange creatures from the deep, More Steam, which represents a fantasy industrial age in Britain with Isambard Kingdom Brunel at its heart and Dragon scales with great shimmery iridescent scales. Check out the Collection at

In the pattern world, we’ve recently released the next addition to the Glass collection of short row centric patterns with Blown Glass, a large drapey shawl, using short row techniques to help your knitting flow and cut down on the really long rows you get in large shawls. It’s also a great canvas for different colour combinations and you can even use your minis to make this shawl your own. So check it out now whilst it is on offer for the KAL.

Speaking of KALs, the For the Love of Short Rows KAL in the Third Vault Ravelry group is starting on Valentines Day, the 14th of February. This KAL is designed to help you get confident with short rows if you aren’t already, or just challenge you to try a new method. It’s fine to have tackled short rows before, if so pick a type of project you haven’t used them in and give them a go there. We want to help you discover or (reinforce) your love of short rows, so come join us! Pick one of the patterns offered for the KAL by some of our fantastic designers or bring one you’ve been hesitant to start and just have fun.

Are you eagerly awaiting the new series of Lucifer? Looking for some themed yarn to work up for Halloween or do you just appreciate bold and beautiful colour?

The Lucifer Project is a collaboration between two geeky UK dyers, living in the North and South but bridging the divide with their common interests, made up of two skeins of hand-dyed yarn. The fiery skein is from Rhapsodye Yarns and represents Lucifer Morningstar in all his bold devilry and the bronze skein from Third Vault Yarns represents Mazikeen from the series and gives a nod to the same character in the comics.

These two beautiful colourways are available in Merino on fingering or DK weight or with a luxury upgrade to an MCN base. Great used together or made into things separately, all that is left to ask is:

What do you desire most?

If it’s this box, you can get yours by signing up here.

What will you be making on September 19th?