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Crafting Queer Future : Prize Draws & Patterns

LGBTQIA+ Pride month may be over, but we’re still here and our Prize Draw is still open to entries!

Our Goal with Crafting Queer Future is to raise money to support LGBTQIA+ people across the world for a better brighter and most importantly safe future. We’re starting this project by raising funds for charities and organisations that support this/our community and by direct mutual aid. You can check out the Prize draw here.

There are 22+ prizes and three days left to enter, so don’t walk run over to the crowdfunder and join us now!

If Prize draws and delayed gratification aren’t your thing then grab a copy of the new Balance Shawlette pattern on Payhip or Ravelry and you’ll still be putting money towards a good cause as all the proceeds for July will go directly to the crowdfunder organisations.

Balance as a shawlette draws on the idea of duality and perceived imbalance, whilst showing that all our varied differences make completeness and balance. With it we’re celebrating and fighting for queer joy. Using sets of eyelets to symbolise difference, and copying them on each side as if in a flip of a coin, or a look in the mirror, these disparate parts make a whole.

Designed using the yarn Chastity of Kitty Pride Fibres dyed for the Crafting Queer Future project, the Kaleidoscope shawlette takes two skeins in Tabby DK.

If you’re looking for other yarns that support this project check out Fight for the Queers, my yarn dyed for an upcoming pattern Yu Ra of knitboop has designed for our project.

Hope you’ll join us and have a wonderful weekend. Happy Disability Pride Month!