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Showing magazines and books

We wholeheartedly invite you to come sit and knit with us while getting lost watching the flames of our campfire dance. Our latest issue – Issue 8, Campfire – is out now! 13 modern, wearable knitwear designs will keep us cozy and warm, not only around the fire, but also in our everyday adventures. Get your very own print copy of Issue 8 now, and browse our selection of traceable, sustainable yarns – four of them brand new to match the designs of Issue 8!

Hello everyone!

Cashmere & Coconuts is thrilled to announce we have just released several new and exciting products!

After the incredible success of our Holiday Advent Set, based on the Great British Baking Show, we have put together our very first Summer Knitting Box! Just like our Advent set, our Summer Box comes with 24 20g mini skeins, one full size 100g skein, each based on our summer theme of geodes, crystals and agates, as well as 1-2 small themed gifts. Each skein is on our 75/25 Sock base, which is an incredibly soft and yet durable Merino/nylon base. You also have the option to upgrade your box to either our MCN Sock base, or if you really want to capture that sparkle found in so many geodes and crystals, our Sparkle Sock base! No matter which base you choose, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

We also have launched our brand new Monthly Fiber Box, which will be based on a different theme each month. Orders are accepted until the 10th of each month, or until all spots are filled. Space is very limited, so make sure to grab your Fiber Box while you can!

We are pleased to announce that we have launched two new shawl kits, with patterns by the incredibly talented Ambah O’Brian! Her Lilli Pilli shawl is a particular favorite of ours, and you can choose between a variety of color ways to customize your perfect shawl!

Last, but certainly not least, our widely popular Outlander Sock Box is restarting again! For those who love the beauty of Scotland, Jamie Fraser’s accent (and kilt! Ahem!) and love to watch as Claire gets herself into one scrap after another, this box is for you! Each month you’ll receive one full size 100g skein, two coordinating mini skeins, and several small goodies that any Outlander fan would love to have! (Skeins shown in photo are examples of previous Outlander boxes, however this is a Mystery Box). All Outlander skeins stay exclusive to our Outlander Sock Box for a minimum of six months and will not be released before then.

One more nugget of awesomeness for you all! Cashmere & Coconuts is offering an exclusive discount only for Indie Untanged members! Use discount code INDIEUNTANGLED14 to save 14% off your orders from now until Valentines Day!

More to come next week!

Hello all! We have been a bit quiet over here in ECY Shedquarters as I have been off for surgery (I’m still recovering but a bit more mobile for work — I’ve got a long way to go yet). It definitely feels as though summer is over, it is getting a lot cooler and I am needing to wear more of my woollens now. I feel the cold really badly as well, so by the time it’s properly cold I’ll be completely bundled up. 😆

I have two updates to tell you about. Both have already happened but were quite large updates so there is plenty still to choose from. The first update was Bowland 4ply (100% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester). I was looking back through past updates and was really shocked to see that the last big update of this yarn was 18 months ago!! Considering this is a classic ECY base it really is quite a big deal, but supply was really limited for quite a while and we got distracted with other things (as you do!).

This update is all semisolids which are perfect for garments, stripes or colourwork. You can browse the colourways in this update in the flickr album and we have also included some combination suggestions. There are also a few yarn packs of multiple colour combinations in the Bowland 4ply collection on our website. Image shows Bowland 4ply in colourways Linen, Apricot Tulip, Cloudberry, Azalea and Dianthus.

The second update is Bowland DK. Another long-term favourite, Bowland DK is also 100% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester. This update is also all semi-solids as I really do see them as the core of my business. You can browse the colourways and colour combination suggestions in the update flickr album and find all available Bowland DK on our website. The image shows Bowland DK in Cottage Original 2409211415, Thunder, Tarn and Larkspur.

I have recently seen a lot of pattern inspiration focused around stripes; Veera Valimaki’s recent book and the Douglas Cardi by Andrea Mowry in particular. The cardi really inspired me and so I went up to the garage (aka stock room) and pulled together some new five colour DK yarn packs but using two x 100g skeins of each colour rather than one.

There is a new menu category for “5 colour DK packs 1kg”. We have also converted these into yarn packs specifically for the Douglas Cardi with different size options based on the yarn requirements. Most sizes use two skeins of each colour but if you are at either end of the range the quantities of yarn have been adjusted for you. The sizing from the pattern is shown in the listings to help you out.

There are also a number of Milburn DK packs; these have more size options so please do check carefully to make sure you get the right one for you. Design specific yarn packs have their own category in the Yarn menu to make it even easier to find them. One of these selections is shown in the images.

Moorit has launched!
We are so excited about Moorit, a new crochet magazine. We have copies of the magazine and yarn packs for the cover design which is a wonderfully cosy sweater in Whitfell Chunky. We also have a preorder running for Pendle Chunky in a selection of colours all shown in the image. The preorder will close on 15th October so make sure you get orders in before then. Yarn packs for the Cumulo sweater are listed by size with the sizing from the pattern detailed on the product page. All yarn packs come with a discount to the price of the yarn sold separately.

Also on the website we have yarn packs for the Shikhar wrap by Jaya of Apoorva Designs, which was released in August (I didn’t quite get the yarn done before my surgery so it’s had to wait). You can find more information about this wrap on the pattern page on Payhip. The Shikhar Wrap is made up of sections of different stitches and patterns inspired by architectural elements of the Taj Mahal, including striped chevrons, honeycomb lace, an intarsia floral design and an arched section. The wrap uses sparkly Rosedale 4ply in Natural, Red Kite, Larch and Charcoal and these yarns can be bought together as a yarn pack at a discount compared to buying the yarns individually. This can be found in the Design specific yarn pack collection. Also, for a limited time Jaya is offering a free copy of the pattern to the first five folks who buy the yarn! In with your order you will receive a discount code to be used to get the free pattern from Payhip.

We still have plenty of five colour hand dyed yarn packs that could be used the the Stephen West Shawlography MKAL or Starting Point/Fading Point if you are taking part in Joji’s Fall KAL. These packs could also be used for any other five colour (500g) 4ply/fingering weight pattern. Check out the available selection in the “Five colour 4ply pack – 500g” collection.

I finally have some good news about our Milburn DK production. We have received new batches of Althaea, Night Sky and Natural which is a massive relief. Natural has been out of stock for a REALLY long time! This also means more DK yarn packs have been added to the website as quite a lot of our combinations use it. There are more colours in the queue to be restocked and we expect those to start arriving in the next few weeks!

Oops, I seem to have rambled on again! I will try not to leave it so long again next time,
Happy Crafting!! x

The La Cave à Laine annual sale is on!

Once a year I offer big discounts on bags end of collection, or not so perfect, and/or never seen online!

This period of the year is for me a letting go moment to find new space for the upcoming collections. Sending lonely bags from past collections to new homes, knowing they will be cherished and used, it is the best!

I am a quite harsh critic when it comes to the things I make, so I often find myself surrounded by tryouts or mockup which are good and functional, but not perfect enough to be released into the world.⁠ Maybe there is just one in that shape that didn’t convinced me, or a forgotten stitch on the top, or a mockup with still thread running, but perfect to fulfil its duty!

I take the annual sale as a moment of letting go my futile perfectionism and give everybody the possibility to enjoy an handmade item!⁠

That’s why in this year sale you will find loads of bags and pouches that never saw to starlight of social media!⁠

I am sure you will give them a loving home!⁠

The sale is not public, and it is exclusive to my and Indie Untangled’s newsletter subscribers, and you can access only through the link in this post!

Hi, I’m Sophie, the dyer from Botanical Yarn, based in York, UK! I’ve created an aqua to lilac exclusive mini skein fade set especially for the Indie Untangled Across the Pond event this weekend. I’m a crazy plant lady, and at last count have 316 house plants, and I’m inspired by unusual plants and flowers to dye my colourways, hence some of my unusual names for my yarns!

I also love mini skeins and the possibilities that they can bring. The exclusive fade set that I’ve created comes with 10 minis, which can be used to make various projects, including shawls, hats and garments, or a blanket to keep you warm whilst crafting!

I will be live during Indie Across the Pond from 3 p.m. CET this Friday, Saturday and Sunday — make sure you’re registered, as you will also get a coupon code for 10% off purchases over £75 ! — and feel free to book a personal shopping appointment with me, as I would be very happy to help you pick colours for your next project! You can follow me on instagram here.

Approaching the beginning of winter, we had almost three weeks of recurring storms, heavy snow and freezing winds, that made us dive into our woollies and stay home mostly knitting and dyeing. As it often happens, we get to have ideas when we are at work at the pots, watching our colors develop… and this time we came to a sort of mood-palette that grew in our minds: our Winter Palette, made of a selection of shades that reckon with this dark and cold season coming.

We wanted to insert all the colors that would lovely match our mood and that could be used together in cozy project. To do so, we took a few recipes from one base, and dyed them over others, mixing up our current array of shades.

We played this game only on our fingering hand-dyed bases, A Chic and A Heavenly Blend, so that you can use them both in a pattern requiring the same gauge.

But we’re not finished yet! We added to the shop limited edition stitch markers that are hand moulded by our talented friend Carla @laboratorioindie, with whom we already collaborated for a club and Advents. She created four super cute figures perfect to jump into our Winter Mood, made in copper, brass and aluminum.

All sets and the Winter Mood palette will be available in our Shop starting from:

!!Plus, in the shop you’ll find a few copies of the lovely Yedra Knits – ISSUE 1, that contains many awesome patterns and the gorgeous Cornelius sweater featuring our A Chic Blend Nubi!!

A few useful notes:
All yarns, magazines and markers are ready to ship unless they sell out. Shipping runs regularly to the U.S. and Canada, though it may take longer due to the pandemic situation, but we’ll keep track of each parcel in case you need help.

Yarns featured in the Winter Mood palette are:

A Heavenly Blend: 50g – 225m per skein, 50% Aquilana Wool – 25% alpaca – 25% cashmere, hand dyed.
A Chic Blend: 50g – 225m per skein, 60% wool – 20% alpaca – 20% mohair, hand dyed.

All our yarns contain italian fibres, and are minimally processed in a small chain production, nylon free and non-Superwash.

Can it really have been a month since my last post?? I have so much yarn to tell you about so it must have been!!

The updates have been coming thick and fast but don’t worry there is plenty to choose from. Our most recent update came this week and was Eldwick Lace, our luxurious mohair/silk blend. We now have so many colours for you to choose from and enough available stock to suit almost any project. We couldn’t update Eldwick and not also add some Bowland Aran at the same time. Why? you may ask… For Woodbine sweater yarn packs of course!! This pattern has been amazingly popular and is a fabulous snuggly winter jumper. Fiona Alice released the pattern recently so it is now available to buy directly from her and we have two yarn pack options available, the original Oak/Bark colourway and a version pairing Rambling Rose with Bark and Eldwick Lace in Briar Rose.

This latest update also means we have restocked a small quantity of Cat Knits aran weight yarn packs. So at the time of writing we have the book – Cat Knits by Marna Gilligan and yarn packs for all 16 of the designs available on the website. The perfect gift for knitters who love cats!

On the subject of gifts, we know this festive season is going to be challenging for many and so we wanted to offer any little assistance we can. To do this, we have a new blog post full of Gift Ideas ( One of our couriers mentioned the other day that they are as busy now as they would normally be in the last week before Christmas so please do take into consideration that shipping may take longer than you expect and allow plenty of time for delivery!

Also on the blog you will see the first of a new series of blog posts detailing patterns and projects by yarn type. The first one published is Askham 4ply in readiness for an update coming very soon. We really wanted this to be a way of showing how others have used each yarn and providing pattern inspiration without Ravelry. It isn’t a database but we do see it as a living entity like our Design Collaboration page. If you would like to have a project shared on the blog there will be information about how to do so in the post. We love seeing your makes! Another new category you will find on the blog is Shedcast Show Notes. These are lists of links for any items mentioned in the Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast which you can find on the ECY YouTube channel. We try to release the Show Notes as quickly as possible after the Shedcast but it most definitely is Irregular…

Other recent yarn updates you may have missed have included Pendle Aran, Carlisle Fingering and Nateby 4ply. All three are merino based yarns, Carlisle is singles fingering weight, Nateby is our original silver sparkle 4ply and Pendle Aran is perfect for those wintery projects and quick makes. Some of the colourways include autumnal seasonal specials so make sure to grab them before they are gone. We have also snuck a new batch of Nateby 4ply in Festive Fun on the website as the last batch sold so quickly.Milburn DK in Steel is finally back in stock meaning we also have yarn packs for Magic Circles by Janie Crow back in stock with or without the pattern.

The last bit of news I have for you relates to patterns. My Ambleside Shawl pattern has been revamped with a new sample and updated pictures. If you have previously purchased the pattern you should automatically have received an update for it. If that purchase was on Ravelry and you are no longer using the site please do email us. The new version uses Hayton DK which we just to happen to have a great selection of. Also recently released using Hayton DK is Louise Tilbrook’s Barn Door Cowl. It is available on Payhip and looks so wonderfully squishy and snuggly!

Phew… well done for making it this far! I won’t leave it so long next time!! 🤣

August can be a quiet month for us retailers, though whether that applies in these days of lockdown we will have to wait and see. With that in mind, Mr. ECY and I planned to have major house renovation work done and so we are taking a much-needed week off starting on the 15th August. Orders placed after 5 p.m. on Thursday the 13th August won’t be shipped until Tuesday 25th August at the earliest. We have been given a schedule of six weeks in total for the work, since the workmen are subject to social distancing rules. I’ve also been instructed to abide by them too (of course! I’m not going to put myself at risk!), so in all honesty I’m not sure how much this work will impact the running of the business. I am planning to hide in the dye shed (with the kettle and microwave, haha) though so who knows — I might even get more done?! It takes us right to the end of September, but it does mean a lovely new staff room (my kitchen) where I can keep it clean and safe within Covid guidelines, which we hope will mean that Debbie and Claire can return to working here with me rather than from home. Laura will be holding down the fort, answering emails during the week while I’m off but there is only so much she can do remotely so please bear with her!

Anyway, to make up for this week off I have TWO updates planned beforehand. They are closer together than we would normally go for, but under the circumstances we are sure you won’t mind! The first update will be at 4 p.m. UK time on Friday 7th August and will be Coniston Fingering and Keld Fingering — our special merino singles blends (Coniston has mohair in, and Keld has linen in). If you want to get your hands on either of these yarns I would recommend setting an alarm if there’s anything you really want, as they have both been very popular in previous updates and sold out quickly. There will be more of course, but I do like to do different colours each time in order to mix things up a bit!

The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast is back, going through all of the colours that will be available in Friday’s update along with loads of colour combinations and suggestions for different ways of using these yarns. It is quite a long one this time (oops) so grab a cuppa and head over to the ECY YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can also find all the update colourways in the flickr update album — this is a brilliant way to do some window shopping ahead of the update!

The second update will be the following week, Tuesday 11th August at 8 a.m. UK time and will be Hayton DK and Titus Lace). Both of these yarns are merino blends: Titus Lace is Merino/silk and Hayton DK is Merino/cashmere/nylon. They’re both absolutely lush!

Why not pair a skein or two of Titus Lace with a copy of The Shawl Project Book 5 by The Crochet Project which we now have in stock on the website? If you are unsure about what yarn you need you can take a look at our blog post introducing the book. I know it hasn’t been *that* long since our last Hayton DK update but although there are still quite a few colours available, not many of them could be classed as sweater quantities. Since many of you have mentioned that you have been working on larger projects recently I wanted to give you a good new selection to choose from.

We love putting together beautiful boxes of goodies for you! 2020 has been such a strange year (bit of an understatement I know!) but preparing these boxes is a great way for us to feel some normality. The intention behind our stash boxes is to give you or the yarny in your life a wonderful surprise and this one is no different. The box contains two skeins of fingering weight yarn (in exclusive colourways dyed especially for this — it’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect from ECY but if you do really want to see beforehand we will be able show you a pic) and a pattern the yarn can be used for. You get to choose between crochet and knitting patterns. There will be a few other seasonal goodies in the box including a pouch of tea. Super Secret Summer Stash Boxes will be sent around the 27th August and are available on the website NOW. They are selling quickly, especially the knitting ones so don’t delay if you want to get your hands on one!

Hopefully by now it won’t be a surprise to you that four Milburn colours have been discontinued – Autumn Fields, Damson, Dogwood and Moss. They are making way for new shades, two of which you have already seen – Crocosmia and Compost. The other two shades have to wait until the stocks of the discontinued colours run out. I really can’t wait to show you the new shades so how about a sale on the discontinued colours? I have reduced the price of Milburn 4ply™ in Autumn Fields, Dogwood, Damson, Moss and Milburn DK™ in Damson and Moss. (Autumn Fields and Dogwood in Milburn DK™ have already sold out!) You can now find these yarns in the Reduced to Clear section as well as the Milburn 4ply™ and Milburn DK™ sections respectively. You don’t need a code to take advantage of the discounted prices, just add them to your cart and away you go!

Project bags are back in stock on the website which means kits are also back in stock. These make ideal gifts for the maker in your life as they contain a printed pattern, the yarn required to make it, a project bag and a sachet of soak. We also have add-on kits which allow you to choose yarn for the project from all available yarns on the website. Simply place the add-on kit and the yarn in your cart and we will make the kit up for you!

I also wanted to let you know about an improvement to the website and a blog post about the change. If you have struggled to search for the quantity of yarn you need for a project then this is for you. We don’t know why we didn’t think about it sooner! In short, we have added a new category to the Yarn menu on the website with options for three or more skeins, five or more skeins, six or more skeins and seven or more skeins. This should help avoid disappointment of browsing through colours that are not available in the quantity you need! The blog post about this new feature can be found in the FAQ section of the blog.

Hi folks! How is it nearly August??? I always find that summer is a great time to make socks, wouldn’t you agree?! They are quick, portable, lightweight and always useful! So with that in mind I have some sock-related news for you.

Vikki Bird’s fundraising Seed Head sock pattern is now published. Until 14th August 2020, £2 from the purchase of this pattern will go towards The Flower Power Fund (for Marie Curie UK). You can buy the pattern on Payhip and LoveCrafts. We have an update coming next week of the yarn that Vikki used – Tempo 4ply. This is our PROPER sock yarn – by that I mean it’s a nice tough Merino (more coarse than in our other yarns, but still soft) with nylon added. It’s incredibly hard wearing in my experience (I have socks in it that I’ve been wearing a LOT for nine years now!!). The update goes live on Tuesday the 28th of July at 7pm UK time.

On the subject of Marie Curie, our Flower Power yarn raised a grand total of £1667!! So thank you ever so much to everyone who bought some – and I have to give another big shout out of thanks to YarnUndyed for donating the yarn. This is the kind of awesome thing that can happen when people work together. 🥰

Going back to socks… we still have a great selection of sock yarn from the latest update. Brimham High Twist is perfect for socks as it is machine washable and hard wearing. If you like your socks with a bit more interest, why not pair a skein with a contrasting mini skein? They’re also available in Brimham High Twist as well as other bases, including sparkly silver Nateby 4ply and sparkly gold Rosedale 4ply. There is also a good selection of Harewood Fingering still available from our last update so you should find plenty in stock for any project.

For the crocheters we have stocked the latest book from The Crochet Project! The Shawl Project Book 5 features five designs using laceweight yarns and we are totally in love with it! Each design has a different construction method with a combination of join as you go, granny stripes and more! We have a new post on the blog introducing you to all the designs and providing our suggestions for which of our yarns you could use. Our Titus Lace, which would be the perfect pairing with this book, is out of stock but we have plans for another update very soon. We will let you know when that will be as soon as we can!

Next up, a little bit of housekeeping. There is a new episode of The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast on the Eden Cottage Yarns YouTube channel and it has captions! (We are working to add captions to all episodes so please do bear with us!) This one is a nice quick one showing you the yarn for the update after next which will be a singles special — featuring Keld Fingering and Coniston Fingering. In the Shedcast I say that the update will be on 28th July but that is the Tempo update (OOPS!). Keld Fingering and Coniston Fingering, which are both fingering weight merino singles blends, will be coming on 7th August!

Other future updates in the plan include Hayton DK, Titus Lace and a Summer Stash Box!

We ship worldwide but have recently had to increase shipping charges to the US due to increases in the costs to us. Our free shipping offer has ended but we have replaced it with a 10% discount to orders with a pre-tax value of over £100. The discount only applies to products purchased and not to the shipping charges. To take advantage of this offer enter the code 100THANKS during checkout.

My new book, Modern Italian Lace Crochet, will be released on June 2, 2020. Preorder today to make sure you have your copy on the day it releases!

Bringing Yesterday’s Crochet into the Modern World!

Designer Karen Whooley learned to crochet lace at her Italian grandmother’s knee. But what she learned as a child has now become her number-one strength.

In Modern Italian Lace Crochet, Karen brings to you a little bit of her family history that started in the early 20th century, takes the lace that she learned, and turns it on its head to become more modern, more vibrant and much more approachable for every crocheter.

Includes 10 New Beautiful Designs

From shawls and accessories to beautiful, wearable garments, each of the 10 projects in Modern Italian Lace Crochet is full of memories. Karen uses ideas and stitches she learned from her Italian heritage but puts them together to become classics that modern crocheters are looking for.

The first 100 orders will receive a custom stitch marker that commemorates the launch of the book! Other goodies will be included too!

PLUS every order gets a free digital version of the book as well to be delivered to your inbox on June 2, 2020.

Want a digital copy? Modern Italian Lace Crochet can be found at multiple sites in a digital format. Visit