August 16, 2018

Nine Worlds Colourways & Goblet of Fandom

The bulk of the year is behind us and the heatwave (at least in England) is being broken up with some rain, the nights draw closer and the cold starts to filter in. Which says to me it’s time to get the needles and hooks working! August is still an uber special part of Summer, and not just because it’s our birthday. ????

This time we have for you TWO Yarns of the Month, in honour of Nine Worlds, Fenrir & Valkyrie. Both of which can be purchased in the shop.

Our Nine worlds colourways are always inspired by Norse mythology and they are exclusive to the period around the Nine Worlds sci-fi convention. So get yours here as they are only available until the 20th!

Speaking of limited time only, you also only have until the 20th to grab your place on the latest Goblet of Fandom. Come kick some Demon ass with Sam, Dean and Bobby.

If that wasn’t enough remember to drop by the shop next week for our shop update, you might find some special birthday treats!