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Get Busy!

Yarnies — it’s time to get your Fall on. Between last visits to the beach, final cookouts with friends and family and getting the kids ready for school, we’re all yearning to get that first sweater or shawl of the season off the needles or hook. I’ve been holed up in the dye studio working on new colorways to be released in September, but a few of them have me so excited that I just can’t wait.

Meet Gigli, a vivid Harbour Singles Fingering that captures the extinction burst of autumn colors we so love, before the trees shed their leaves for the long winter. (Rhinebeck sweater, anyone?). Pair it with Picante, a deep red glazed ochre, and you can almost feel the heat of the fireplace warming your toes, or use it with Porcino, a warm mushroom taupe.

Harvest Moon or Silvery Moon — which way do you want to go for your Ixchel sweater? Harbour Singles in Round Midnight, shown with Turmeric and Silvery Moon. Decisions, decisions.

Finally, there’s A Miasma of Mohair. I’m so smitten with dyeing Mirage kid mohair silk lace that I’m up to 14 colors currently in stock and adding new colors every few weeks. Use on its own, or paired with a companion yarn and the possibilities go on forever.