Lazy Summer Lace

  • Skeins of variegated, red and gray yarn from Murky Depths

The dog days of summer are the ideal time to tackle that gorgeous lace shawl you’ve been contemplating. Hopefully you have a little extra time off from the usual demands, but the thought of a big wooly sweater on your lap just doesn’t appeal. Something substantial, yet light and airy, fits the bill perfectly.
I might be the world’s slowest lace knitter and, to be frank, lace yarn just doesn’t sell that well. But I might love lace weight yarn best of all, and dyer’s prerogative, I offer three different bases.

Siren Lace is a 80/20 Merino silk 2ply. Each ply has a very tight twist, plied together a bit loosely. This one is perfect for showing off those complex lace patterns while giving a light as air, ethereal finished object. The silk content adds to the strength of the yarn, while lending a fine hint of sheen.

Harbour Lace is my Merino singles base and the one that I dye in both solids and variegated colors. I have a weakness for singles in all weights, but lace is the one that truly makes my heart sing. It’s Superwash, so all the soft squishy goodness with low risk for felting or pilling.

Yakima Lace is the belle of the ball — a Merino, silk and yak blend, this one has it all. The wool gives this singles yarn strength and spring, the silk adds a distinct but subtle sheen and the natural colored yak down adds the magic. It has a wonderful halo, and the natural silvery grey color create an irresistible depth and nuance of hues when dyed. It’s practically iridescent.

To add to the temptation, I’m offering 15% off all my lace yarns for the whole month of August. No coupon code required.

All Things Considered…

  • Gray, red and blue variegated yarn

It would be a bit hyperbolic to say I wouldn’t be a dyer if it weren’t for National Public Radio, but it’s a fact that the radio, set to my local NPR station, is the first thing I turn on when I hit the dye studio and the last thing to go off at the end of the day. When I’ve heard the weekend rotation for the second or third time, I switch over to my tablet and NPR subscriber’s gift Bluetooth speaker to catch some older podcasts. The range of programming makes a job I already love infinitely more pleasurable.

While I’ve been an NPR sustaining member for a long time, I’d love to do more to support this national jewel, so I’ve created my newest colorway, Wait Wait! Available on Deep Sock and Neptune Merino DK, 25% of all sales will be donated to NPR on a monthly basis. I promise to keep stocking these as long as you keep buying them.

Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Green yarn

It started out as a normal dye day-work list tacked to the wall, yarns soaking, dye stocks mixed. Then I glanced over at a batch of one of my most beloved colorways, It’s Complicated, hanging on the drying rack and my brain started itching. What would happen if I… and the next four hours were lost to de-construction. It was instant love with each version, and also an unstoppable desire to see what would happen if… and the Relationships Matters set was born.

Dyed on Deep Sock, each of these are available now in my shop: It’s Complicated, Opposites Attract, Have We Met and No More Shall We Part. If, like me, you’re hankering to fade all four of them, they are also available as a kit with one full 100-gram skein of each color at a special price. And yes, of course, there is mohair!

February 20, 2019

Fighting the Februry Blues

I’m not a fan of cold weather and by this time of year all I want are the early signs of impending spring. But the color lover in me can’t help but be captivated by the special way the winter light plays on the landscape. The brittle, egg shell quality of the atmosphere and the somber, smoky hues outside inspired a small collection dyed on a new-to-me base, Majuro MCS fingering, and on Mirage kidsilk mohair lace.

There are two separate palettes I think of as The Mountain and the Sea. The first captures my impression of the wintry landscape outside my Catskills home, in the magic hour as the sun begins to set. The second was inspired by memories of a frigid New Year’s Day long ago, spent on the beach on Cape Cod, and the interplay between the icy waters, the bent sea grass on the dunes and the overcast sky. And, of course, what winter color scheme would be complete without a breathless frozen pink?

December 6, 2018

New Neptune Merino DK Introductory Offer!

There’s no denying it’s sweater weather here in the Northeast. Hat, glove and scarf weather, too. If you are anything like me, there is a renewed ferocity to your knitting or crocheting, driven by the desire to get warm now!

No better time to introduce my newest base, Neptune DK. This 100% Merino has all the benefits of a Superwash, but at 230 yards per 100 gram skein, this 4-ply yarn has all squish factor you’re craving right now. A joy to dye, it takes color like crazy, producing amazingly saturated results.

This first roll out is limited to seven of my favorite colors, including Sirocco, Girl Gone Mad and Electric Ladyland, plus one haunting new one, Ghost Rider. I can’t wait to explore all the possibilities this addition to my line up has to offer, so expect new colors to pop up between now and the end of the year.

To tempt you to treat yourself to its charms, I’m having a 15% off sale on this base, from now until this Sunday midnight, East Coast time. Still plenty of time to knock out a few last-minute gifts!

As always, I’m happy to take custom orders. If you see color in one of my other bases you’d like me to dye for you in Neptune DK, send me a custom order request on my shop, or shoot me an email. I will honor the sale price through this Sunday evening, and generally ship custom orders in less than two weeks, two skein minimum required.

November 8, 2018

Cooler Days, Warmer Colors

As winter ascends and the world outside my window shifts towards a monochrome field, I’m compelled to create from the boldest, most saturated colors in my mental paint box. One of the many wonderful aspects of having married into an Indian family many years ago is my prized collection of silk saris, not to mention decades’ worth of photos of weddings, graduation parties, baby showers and other joyous gatherings.

I find myself turning to these often these days as a source of inspiration and ideas. These new fall colorways are all executed on Harbour Singles fingering to best capture the silken fabric sheen. I’m happy to take custom orders for singles, lace and DK weights as well.

Shown together here are Turmeric, Sirocco and Lucia, as well as my current favorite — Mysore Silk.

August 16, 2018

Get Busy!

Yarnies — it’s time to get your Fall on. Between last visits to the beach, final cookouts with friends and family and getting the kids ready for school, we’re all yearning to get that first sweater or shawl of the season off the needles or hook. I’ve been holed up in the dye studio working on new colorways to be released in September, but a few of them have me so excited that I just can’t wait.

Meet Gigli, a vivid Harbour Singles Fingering that captures the extinction burst of autumn colors we so love, before the trees shed their leaves for the long winter. (Rhinebeck sweater, anyone?). Pair it with Picante, a deep red glazed ochre, and you can almost feel the heat of the fireplace warming your toes, or use it with Porcino, a warm mushroom taupe.

Harvest Moon or Silvery Moon — which way do you want to go for your Ixchel sweater? Harbour Singles in Round Midnight, shown with Turmeric and Silvery Moon. Decisions, decisions.

Finally, there’s A Miasma of Mohair. I’m so smitten with dyeing Mirage kid mohair silk lace that I’m up to 14 colors currently in stock and adding new colors every few weeks. Use on its own, or paired with a companion yarn and the possibilities go on forever.

Thinking About the Weather

A rare five day stretch in the country and dye studio last week, with no particular plan in mind, dovetailed with the brutal heatwave in the Northeast. It’s little surprise that I ended up with a refreshing river of cool blues.

Some of the new items just added to the shop are Mystic Harbour Singles in both fingering and lace (shown with companion color Destroyed), Sea Glass Yakima Merino, silk, yak lace, Ocean’s 11 Harbour Singles Fingering, and Portsmouth Siren Merino silk lace.

Stay cool and knit on!

Are You Experienced?

I wouldn’t call myself old hippie, but to be honest, I’m not exactly young anymore…and this was the music of my youth. But mostly, the color names make themselves known to me during the creation process, and who am I to argue?

Electric Ladyland is such an intense, vivid semi-solid blue that it practically vibrates. Previously only available in Harbour Singles Lace, finally in stock in Harbour Fingering.

Purple Haze comes on Triton MCN DK. Psychedelic, purple, (kiss the) sky blue — what else could I possible name this?

We didn’t live on Hendrix alone. Even if the name No. 9 means nothing to you, you might still love this layered red violet beauty. Available on Deep Sock and Triton MCN DK.

Siren Song

Mirage, my newest base, has me totally enthralled. Aptly named, the play of light off the silk core seen through the shimmering halo of mohair creates a magical aura of color and texture.

It’s technically categorized as lace weight, but versatile enough to knit or crocheted with a wide range of needle or hook sizes for various effects. Work on its own or combine with another fiber and the possibilities are endless.

The first five colors, shown here, are now live in my shop. More to come in the next few weeks, because I just can’t stop thinking about this stuff!

Shipwrecked, shown with Destroyed Harbour Singles (available in fingering or lace).
The Dreamtime, alongside Deep Sock in Uluru.
And Clockwise from top left Painted Lady, The Moors, Shipwrecked and Lorelei.

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