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Supernovas and Prize Draws

For those of you looking forward to Ambah O’Brien’s Supernova MKAL, I’ve got this Nebula inspired set of 12 x 20g mini skeins along with a new semisolid colourway Starless Night, perfect for the MKAL which starts in July. You can knit them as shown or split the colours that are closely dyed to make a similar gradient on either side of the pink. Or if MKALs aren’t your bag they would work perfectly for the Astria Shawl also by Ambah or any fade requiring pattern.

If that wasn’t enough minis for you we also have the Fight for the Queers Mini set in Progress Pride flag colours, dyed for an upcoming pattern from Knitboop, specifically designed for the Crafting Queer Future Project. With this project, five¬†collaborators and myself are aiming to remember and pay homage to our past and envision a brighter, better, safe future for LGBTQIA+ people across the world. To that end, we’re also running a crowdfunder prize draw, chock full of amazing prizes from fantastic contributors with more getting added weekly. To find out more about the project visit @ThirdVaultYarns on Instagram. Or if you just want to check out those prizes and enter to send some money the way of the Transgender Law Center, LGBT Foundation and the Stephen Lewis Foundation Partners In Pride head over to the prize draw.