May 10, 2022

Gone Knittin’

  • Skeins of yarn on blacked striped wool in various hues of blue, green and orange. A bait and tackle box charm that reads Gone knittin'.
  • Brightly colored blue, orange and green yarns.
  • A bait and tackle progress keeper that reads gone knittin' with two attachable stitch marker fishing lures.
  • Three skeins of yarn- blue tonal skein, a variegated orange and green skein, a speckled colorway with green, orange and blue speckles.
  • Speckled orange, blue, green, and yellow colorway on a black striped wool base.
  • Blue, purple and orange variegated skeins of yarn.

Inspired by lazy days on the lake, our new Gone Knittin’ collection reflects the vibrancy of the lake, the fishing gear and pontoon parties! Check out this gorgeous collection and reel in your biggest catch yet!

Lacking the proper gear? No problem — SamsTinyTrinkets has you covered with her amazing bait and tackle progress keeper that has two attachable stitch markers. That’s right! It HOLDS your stitch markers for you!
We are hosting a KAL knitting the Rock It Tee by Tanis Lavallee. Join us on Instagram. These colors make the perfect pairings for this gorgeous striped summer tee!

April 26, 2022

A Woolen Mystery

  • A flower shaped soap, a lotion bar, bird and flower charms, yellow yarn skein with speckles and a floral bag with butterflies.
  • A blue jay and daisy charm set.
  • A lotion bar, flower shaped soap and a candle with orange peel on top.
  • A skein of yellow yarn with green, purple and orange speckles.
  • Yellow speckled yarn, a floral bag, a blue jay and daisy charm set, flower shaped soap and a candle with orange peel on top.

Our A Woolen Mystery yarn club subscription offers a unique and all-encompassing adventure each month to “visit” all the “places you can knit!” Boxes include a handmade soap or lotion bar, a handmade candle to smell all the scents of your journey, a project bag to carry your one-of-a-kind yarn, and charms to mark your progress! Choose from a sock set or single skein. Monthly to quarterly boxes are available! These boxes include one-of-a-kind products with colors and charms you won’t get anywhere else!

Next month is Key West! Subscribe today and get 5% off your boxes when you sign up!

Check it out today on as boxes are limited!

March 20, 2022

Fiber Adventures!

  • A genie bottle, a magic carpet with a young woman riding atop, a green building in Arabia and colorfully adorned camels carrying cargo.
  • Prehistoric dinosaurs under a red and orange sky, dinosaur eggs and fossils and a green jungle.

Fly high on a magic carpet or brave the prehistoric caves amongst the dinosaurs — this takes “places you knit” to a whole new level!! Unwrap a unique, new 20g mini skein with a handcrafted progress keeper by SamsTinyTrinkets every day for the week leading up to the first day of summer (June 21st)! On June 21st unwrap an extra special gift set including an exclusive Woolen Women Fibers sock set on our 80/20 Superwash Merino/nylon fingering-weight yarn (100g skein+20g mini), handcrafted fiber arts trinkets from SamsTinyTrinkets, an exclusive AggiePurlsByTheShore drawstring sock sack AND a homemade candle made by the Woolen Women. Your box will come with items wrapped individually for each of the seven days; the extra special “first day of summer” soak set, handcrafted trinkets, candle and bag will be separately packaged for the big day! You can expect a variety of colorways and trinkets inspired by the two themes- your choice, of course!

A Prehistoric Woolen Adventure and the Magic Carpet Ride will both be a fade set. The sock set will be a one-of-a-kind colorway — you can expect anything from speckled, tonal, variegated or a combo of these dyeing techniques.

March 6, 2022

Claire’s Cabinet | Women’s History Month

  • A collage including a photo of orange, purple, brown, green, blue and pink minis, a sheep lotion bar, a bag with mushrooms on it and a set of five herb and alchemical-inspired charms.
  • Mini skeins of orange, purple, brown, green, blue and pink yarn.
  • A sheep-shaped lotion bar.
  • A set of three progress keepers including Claire’s alchemy cabinet, lavender and a tonic of berries.
  • A bucket project bag with forest mushrooms on the fabric.
  • Assorted alchemy and herbalist inspired progress keepers including a book, a cabinet, a mortar and pestle, a tonic in a cup with berries and a vile of lavender.

Celebrating Women’s History Month, the Woolen Women have created “Claire’s Cabinet,” inspired by the brave Claire Beecham in Outlander. Pioneering medicine in both the past and the present, her journey through the stones in two timelines reminds us of both the struggles and the limitations women overcame to pave an ever-winding path of knowledge and contribution to the science and medical field.

Boxes include seven 20g minis and an adorable sheep lotion bar, with options to add on a project bucket bag, a variety of SamsTinyTrinkets -all hand made!

Being a scientist myself and now a full-time creative with a women-owned and operated handmade business, I find it is imperative we celebrate the history of women and all the broken glass ceilings over the years. I found that as I pursued and gained my doctorate, I felt a responsibility and a sense of hope and pride that I was a woman who was part of the ever-changing and growing science field. It gave me the courage to start my business and to reach for anything I wanted to do. Today I work with the two most inspiring women to me: first, my mommy, @aggiedecarloknits, who overcame many medical obstacles, raised children and now, despite pain and limitations, still creates and makes her beautiful bags. Second, my twin, who plays the many roles of mom, full-time creative and full-time business owner, wife and so much more. Together we are The Woolen Women and with each passing color, collection and podcast, I can feel history being made.

Celebrate women and all they do this Women’s History Month! Shop small, shop women-owned.

February 21, 2022

A Woolen Fairytale

  • Various project bags with maker notions, diverse colored hands, butterflies and unicorns on them. A package of yarn minis in blues, green, orange and yellows.
  • Skeins of bright hot pink yarn with a set of purple,teal and pink flower stitch markers. A project bag with pink bottom fabric and butterflies on it.
  • Pastel neon purple skeins of yarn with bright neon purple,blue and pink speckles. A unicorn stitch marker and a unicorn project bag.
  • Sky blue skeins of yarn with matching blue bottle glitter stitch marker.
  • Pink, blue and green variegated yarns with a storybook green stitch marker.
  • Bright green yarn with splashes of bright blue speckles. A fairy stitch marker with pink hair and a green dress.

Inspired by all our paths as we embrace new journeys in our making, our personal lives and in business — introducing the Woolen Fairytale collection. As the Woolen Women are living their version of a storybook ending, so can you!

What’s your fairytale like? Embrace creativity and color your way through to your fairytale ending with these gorgeous colorways! Matching yarn, charms and project bags inspire so many combinations for shawls, sweaters and more!

Want to see our maker lives as the Woolen Women — mothers, a scientist-turned-indie dyer and more? Check out PhDyer on Patreon and our vlog on YouTube on the Woolen Women channel.

January 16, 2022

A Woolen Darling Collection is live!

  • An image collage featuring seven mini skeins of yarn fading from light Tiffany blue to dark blue to bronze. A set of high heel, pillow, and teacup charms and a Victorian armchair and chandelier project bag.
  • An image collage featuring seven mini skeins of yarn fading from light Tiffany blue to dark blue to bronze. A set of high-heel, pillow, and teacup charms and a Victorian armchair and chandelier project bag.
  • An image collage featuring two skeins of yarn in black and white, a yarn-inspired project bag and a heart and grenade charm set.
  • A collage featuring multiple images of skeins of yarn in black and white and a heart and grenade charm set.
  • Two skeins of yarn twisted together in black and white and black and white yarn side by side.
  • A collage of photos of a striped sweater with red, green, blue, berry and nude colors on the needles.

Celebrate love with these new mini sets! From frog to prince, this is the true love’s kiss mini fade set with seven 20g CASHMERE minis.

The second fade set celebrates the shinier side of Valentine’s Day. 😉 A Tiffany blue fades into a bronzed gold, appropriately named Dripping in Diamonds, on our sparkly lurex or a gold Stellina base exclusive to this mini set. Make your set even more magical by adding on a SamsTinyTrinkets charm set and Aggie’s Bag sock sack to match!

There is so much chaos to indie-dyed yarn. Sometimes it’s messy, unpredictable — and that makes the art absolutely wonderful. My science background has me experimenting in the dye studio to control that chaos. As a result, I’ve developed a true deep black that won’t terribly bleed and a true stark white that speaks brilliance. Woolenwomenfibers has developed a unique process to produce white wool on a variety of bases! The fiber keeps its integrity while revealing brilliant, shiny white underneath that creamy, natural un-dyed color. The black undergoes four processes of color, underlayed with three hues other than black to prevent saturation of full black dye in order to achieve a deep dark color that won’t bleed like a saturated black will!

They are one-of-a-kind processes I have created in my laboratory of color.

You can find these sets and much more on AND at our trunk show with The Knittincoop in Virginia the week of January 25th! Who’s going?! It’s going to be fantastic!

Want to see more of my transition from laboratory to dye studio? Check out PhDyer patreon to follow my making journey. The lowest tier at just $3 includes a weekly making update and vlog with 10% off ALL OUR PRODUCTS! top tiers get behind the scenes content, knit nights and monthly yarn commissions. I love to meet new makers and our little group has been growing so much lately! We have become a true fiber family. Join us today! Your support is so greatly appreciated.

January 9, 2022

Last chance!

It is the last day to snag a Valentine’s Day advent. We were inspired by love through the ages! This special countdown calendar will represent an iconic love story for each of the 14 days up until the big day. Each day you will open a Cashmere blend mini with a special set to open Valentine’s Day. You can decide if you’d like to add on SamsTinyTrinkets and an Aggie’s bag sock sack! Don’t miss out!

Swipe to see last year’s matchmakers and heartbreakers countdown calendar. We go all out to make these so special and unique!

December 26, 2021

End of year sale | Big savings and free shipping!!

  • A collage of colorful yarn and a project bag.

15% off our spectacular mystery fiber retreat weekend packages, knit kits and more! Free shipping on US orders over $35 and flat rate shipping to Canada. Now through Jan 1st!
We are so very grateful for all our fiber friends and family. We feel honored to be able to work doing what we love and that our products speak creativity and joy in all of you. Happy holidays and may the New Year bring you all the joy each day has to offer and good health.

December 6, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Skeins of white speckled, teal and pink, purple and green variegated hand-dyed yarn.

WoolenWomenFibers has the perfect gifts for this season- all our colorways bring sentimentality and warm memories to all your projects with gorgeous, vibrant and heart warming themes.

Order by December 10th to ensure your goodies will arrive by Christmas!

Watch behind the scenes as we create in this year’s vlogmas! Available on woolenwomenfibers IGTV and on our Woolen Women YouTube channel.

Happy holidays and happy making!