September 23, 2022

Spooky, scary, autumnal, and fun!

  • Three sock sets themed which witch is which- poking colored with green and purple speckles, Cottage green with brown speckles and a subdued moon purple with silver tones. A witch, moon, kettle and granny square charm set and two witch themed project bags.
  • Sweater weather IPA beer themed fall sock set with beer browns, autumnal burnt oranges and pops of green sock set. Pumpkin beer charm set and a quilted fall assortment bag.
  • Mad for Macchiatos themed sock set with coffee browns, caramel drizzle blended in and hints of machiatto browns. A machiatto custom charm set with a scone and a coffee themed notions pouch. A coffee wax seal envelope.
  • Brain eating Llombie sock set with bright zombie greens, black,greys and pops of pink. A zombie llama project bag and charm set in like colors.
  • Pumpkin eater sock set with pumpkin orange, eggplant and plant greens. A charm set of two pumpkin eater people in like colors and a house on the hill themed spooky sock sack in orange and black.
  • Hocus pocus themed sock set with green, black, purple, red, orange and blond mix of colors. A set of three hocus pocus sisters charms in like colors.

The Woolen Sock KAL has begun! Earn points for using our colors, bags and charms! Want to stash bust? Join us! We just want to knit and crochet with you ALL the socks through the autumn season. Check out the link in our Instagram bio for all the rules on how to earn points. Themed sets for Halloween, our Woolen Cafe and more will earn you points towards winning a custom, dreamed-up-by-YOU yarny set including bag and charms. The KAL runs through fall until November 15th so join in on the fun by using the #wwsockkal2022 to show us all your beautiful socks! Check our some of our sets today — so much fall season fun to be had and so many fun themed socks

August 19, 2022

Woolen, Wild & Free

  • Skeins of various speckled, variegated and tonal browns, worn leather,grey and tan colors. A sign that says “woolen wild and free. A project bag with various horses on the fabric and various horse charms with sugar cube, cowgirl hat and apple accessories to match.
  • White, grey, speckled brown and gold, deep leather browns and mahogany skeins of yarn.
  • A knitting jewelry set with a brown spotted horse, a tan cowgirl hat and a sugar cube.
  • A drawstring project bag with tan fabric on the bottom and horses running on the top with a light blue backdrop.
  • Various gradient shades of yellow, blue,green, orange and reds.
  • White,grey, and green skeins with various variegated skeins of blue and greens.

Shop our brand new rugged and rough equine collection!

The collection was inspired by the beauty, freedom and ruggedness of the horseback riding trails, wild horses and more. It’s perfect for transitioning into the fall with deep hues of wood tones, leather and tack gear.

SamsTinyTrinkets has outdone herself making customizable horse fiber arts jewelry sets that really bring these colorways to life. Store your yarny goodies in an adorable “feed bag” sock sack that mom made. Make it a complete Wild and Free set and get your fall knitting started in the most beautiful way!

June 25, 2022

Preorders now available!

  • Wool stockings in neutral colors hanging on a mantle.
  • A collage of the north pole decorated door of Santa’s workshop, toys and a mailbox to mail letters to santa.
  • A collage of photos including a scarecrow, the back of a hayride tractor and signs pointing the way to the hayride and pumpkin patch.
  • A set of earthy green, red and amber toned minis with dinosaur charms and a jungle project bag.
  • A set of magic carpet themed minis in red, purple and gold hues.
  • A magic carpet progress keeper.

Advents are now available for the Christmas season!

We have brand new options available this year! In addition to our 24-day mini skein calendar, we have a brand new option to reveal a sock set every Sunday in December up until Christmas Day!

Fun themes include The Magic of the North Pole for the 24-day mini skein advent and Christmas Cottage for the sock set or single skein weekly reveal advent. Options for sock bases and DK are available. All include a handmade candle, a project bag and an option to add on SamsTinyTrinkets for more fun! Limited preorders!


Those looking for yet another fiber adventure: we just released our autumnal equinox box preorders with inspiration from a hayride! This set will be a fade set on full skeins intended for use in fun fade projects including Find Your Fade and What the Fade by Andrea Mowry! Check out the end photos for our latest fiber adventures that we just finished opening to ring in the summer season.

June 10, 2022

The Woolen Creamery!

  • Three skeins of yarn in banana split colors with a popsicle project bag and a banana split charm.
  • A sock set in a chocolate ice cream color with colored speckles and a mint green mini, a popsicle project bag, and a sundae charm with a bone charm with the name O’mally printed on it.
  • A brightly colored variegated skein of yarn with a popsicle project bag, a sundae and a cherry charm.
  • A soft serve strawberry colored skein with bright speckles and a brown mini, a vintage creamery fabric and a banana split charm.
  • A dark hot fudge splashed skein with bright speckles, a popsicle project bag, a waffle cone ice cream and a cherry charm set.
  • A packaged woolen creamery order including a yarn truck with goodies inside, brightly colored skein of yarn, and a popsicle project bag and sundae charms.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream yarn, that is! The Woolen Women are bringing the ice cream truck to you (as each order includes an adorable ice cream truck with goodies inside!) and we are creating YOUR ice cream order LIVE on Instagram every Wednesday at 12 p.m. Eastern!

Have a pet? Bring them too! We are creating pup cups and kitty cups with your pet’s name on the charm!

How does it work?

Order your custom order on Your name goes into a drawing live the following Wednesday — and if your name is picked. we make your yarn-y ice cream order including your custom yarn, charm and project bag (with your input on how you’d like your yarn and charm to look) live!

If your name isn’t picked, you will see a reel on our Instagram with the making of your yarn, charms and bag. So fun! Check out and visit our Woolen Creamery today!

Swipe to see some of the past Ice cream and pup cup orders!

May 19, 2022

Darling Dahlias

  • Skeins of brightly colored yellow, purple, pink and orange yarns. A flower patterned project bag and varying brightly colored flower charms.
  • The start of a knit tee shirt in a bright red slub yarn and brightly speckled darling dahlia colorway.
  • A trio of skeins of yarn with slubs in a bright speckled red, pink and orange.
  • Purple, variegated pink and yellow, orange and brightly colored sun yellow skeins in a slubby yarn with texture.
  • Skeins of yellow and white and orange and white yarn with slubs.
  • Variegated purple, pink and green on a slubby yarn base.

Dahlias symbolize wealth, love and elegance. This collection brings it all with a wealth of gorgeous, rich and vibrant color with a touch of elegance in the dusty purples — all colors that you will fall in love with again and again. The collection is perfect for building your own fade or mix and matching for a pop of some serious color for colorwork!

Add on matching progress keepers as a set of three vibrant flowers by SamsTinyTrinkets and store it all in a fun, summery project bag by Aggie’s Bags. The perfect summertime set!

We are having a knit-along on Instagram for the Rock It Tee by Tanis Lavallee. If you win you get THREE monthly subscription boxes from us! Wow! That’s over $300 in value! All the rules on how to score points are on our Instagram and it’s meant to be laid back and fun so we are giving until July 30th to finish this easy going tee. These Dahlia colors are prefect for this summer top!

May 10, 2022

Gone Knittin’

  • Skeins of yarn on blacked striped wool in various hues of blue, green and orange. A bait and tackle box charm that reads Gone knittin'.
  • Brightly colored blue, orange and green yarns.
  • A bait and tackle progress keeper that reads gone knittin' with two attachable stitch marker fishing lures.
  • Three skeins of yarn- blue tonal skein, a variegated orange and green skein, a speckled colorway with green, orange and blue speckles.
  • Speckled orange, blue, green, and yellow colorway on a black striped wool base.
  • Blue, purple and orange variegated skeins of yarn.

Inspired by lazy days on the lake, our new Gone Knittin’ collection reflects the vibrancy of the lake, the fishing gear and pontoon parties! Check out this gorgeous collection and reel in your biggest catch yet!

Lacking the proper gear? No problem — SamsTinyTrinkets has you covered with her amazing bait and tackle progress keeper that has two attachable stitch markers. That’s right! It HOLDS your stitch markers for you!
We are hosting a KAL knitting the Rock It Tee by Tanis Lavallee. Join us on Instagram. These colors make the perfect pairings for this gorgeous striped summer tee!

April 26, 2022

A Woolen Mystery

  • A flower shaped soap, a lotion bar, bird and flower charms, yellow yarn skein with speckles and a floral bag with butterflies.
  • A blue jay and daisy charm set.
  • A lotion bar, flower shaped soap and a candle with orange peel on top.
  • A skein of yellow yarn with green, purple and orange speckles.
  • Yellow speckled yarn, a floral bag, a blue jay and daisy charm set, flower shaped soap and a candle with orange peel on top.

Our A Woolen Mystery yarn club subscription offers a unique and all-encompassing adventure each month to “visit” all the “places you can knit!” Boxes include a handmade soap or lotion bar, a handmade candle to smell all the scents of your journey, a project bag to carry your one-of-a-kind yarn, and charms to mark your progress! Choose from a sock set or single skein. Monthly to quarterly boxes are available! These boxes include one-of-a-kind products with colors and charms you won’t get anywhere else!

Next month is Key West! Subscribe today and get 5% off your boxes when you sign up!

Check it out today on as boxes are limited!