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Showing Twice Sheared Sheep

A few weeks ago I asked you all what you would like to see in the shop for fall and OVERWHELMINGLY you told me that you wanted to see leaves!

Big billowing piles of leaves.
In ALL the colors.
In ALL the shapes.

And I’m here to tell you today that they have arrived!!

You’re one click away from…
– Free Festive Patterns
– Gorgeous new stitch markers
– Delightful row counters
– Adorable new charms
– And even a little Halloween magic 😘

My favorite thing happened last night…
I was sitting on my porch, absorbing the warm sunlight like the sunflower that I am and I heard the distinct rattle of dry leaves on the wind.

Aaaaaah *swoon*!
I instantly had visions of warm, sunny days walking through corn mazes, and candy apples, and big billowing piles of leaves crunching under my feet.

In other words, heaven.

Now I’m not ready for winter (it was a LOOOOONG winter last year) but I am soooo ready for that kind of in between zone of sunny days and harvest and fall, fall, fall!

So I think it’s the perfect time start making some pumpkins!

And this year I have both a knit AND a crochet version for you!!

Each pumpkin requires about 100 yards of yarn for the pumpkin body and 20 yards of accent yarn for the stem and leaf.

These cute samples are made in our very own Everyday Merino yarn and they just SCREAM fall to me. 🥰
Crochet – Terra Cotta & Pine
Knit – Ochre & Pine

While it still may be 90 degrees outside most days, I can see the hints of fall coming our way and I have a whole selection of gorgeous new charms and shiny things coming for the cooler weather.

But the studio simply isn’t big enough for me to just add on more shelves to accommodate everything (I think I need a pocket dimension for that) so we’re having an End of Summer Clearance Sale!

While it’s always hard for me to decide what stays and what goes, I rest peacefully knowing that this is just another opportunity for me to give you a killer deal and send some more pretties out into the world. 😘

From now through Sunday August 20th, save up to 50% on select:

– row counters
– stitch markers
– storage tins
– and bags

Fair warning, though!
Some of these pretties have VERY limited stock, so grab yours before they disappear forever!

Our 2023 Advent Box just opened for preorder!!

If you’ve never seen one of our Advent Boxes before, they are absolutely over the top.

We spoil you absolutely rotten with 25 days of FULL-SIZED knitting (or crochet) goodies 💕

Fair warning, we’re not like most other knitting or crochet Advent boxes you may know. Every day is different (tell me that you don’t lose a little excitement after the 10th mini-skein in a row…) and there is no make-along to keep up with during the holiday season.

Absolutely no pressure.
Just presents!
Every. Single. Day!

So what’s inside?
I can’t tell you that! It’s a surprise!

But here’s what I can tell you…

Inside you’ll find:
– 25 full-sized products
– 14 of our signature items in EXCLUSIVE colors and charms (think stitch markers, row counters, knitting bags, or anything else that may have seen in our shop or social media)
– 7 unique items that have NEVER been seen before (and may never be available in the shop)

That all breaks down to at least:
– 1 chain row counter
– 1 set of stitch markers (for either knitting or crochet)
– 1 skein of wool or wool blend yarn (worsted weight)
– 1 pattern to coordinate with your yarn
– 20 other surprise goodies!

Just click the link to see what we’ve included in the last two years of boxes so you can get a feel for what to expect.

Then grab your spot!

Don’t forget to use the coupon code ADVENT25 to get $25 off your box through July 31st!

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect cable needle for a while, and we finally made it!

Made from smooth natural bamboo, these little “shortie” needles are just what the doctor ordered for easy, stress-free cable knitting.

– No getting in your way
– No slowing you down
– No slipping out unexpectedly
– No stabbing you as you cross

No Stress – No Frustration – Just Knit!

Available in a pack of 3 popular sizes for all your cabling needs:
– 3mm (US 2.5)
– 4mm (US 6)
– 6mm (US 10)

Hey hey friend!

Summer has officially started so I thought that was the PERFECT excuse for a summer knit along!

But it should be something relatively quick…
And easy to take along on road trips and summer adventures…
And easy enough that everyone can join in…

So I’ve written up a BRAND NEW free pattern for you just for the occasion.

Introducing the Magic No Gauge Socks.

This is a great basic sock pattern that magically works for all your sock knitting needs.

– Any Yarn
– Any Gauge
– Any Foot
– No Math Involved!
– Photo and Video stitch guides to help along the way

Just click the link to join the knit-along and get the pattern free. 🥰

Hey, hey there!

I just got a much anticipated shipment of the new 2.0 version of our viral sock rulers. And they are now in color!

The new 2.0 version of the rulers come with the same great sock ruler with shoe sizes on the front and a standard ruler on the back.

They also come in three brand new, gorgeous colors!

Always knit the correct sock size, no matter who the recipient is.

– Works for both top-down or toe-up socks
– Place the ruler with the arrow snug into the heel (or toe) of your sock and knit until you reach the line for your desired size
– Then begin working your toe (or your heel)
– No math
– Just knit!

I just know these are going to go like hot cakes!

Oh friend, I have something that I am ridiculously excited to tell you about today.

You may know that we have these WONDERFUL simple cat stitch markers in our shop that I absolutely love.

But we have been unable to find them in smaller sizes (I know you LOVE our mediums)… Or in other colors… Or in a style that would work for crocheters…

So I decided to make them.
As in, from scratch.
Design, model, cast, the whole nine yards.

But since this is the first time we have tried this, let me tell you, it has been a process! In fact, it has taken us almost exactly a year to finally have these in our hands and they just hit the shop for you!!

I would like to present our BRAND NEW cat clips. 😻

These adorable, sturdy metal clips are exactly what I was hoping for.
– Comes in three colors (silver, bronze, and gold)
– Comes in two sizes (medium and large)
– Works for knitting or crochet
– Place on your needle, or clip to a stitch

I have been using my samples on my projects for MONTHS and can’t wait to send some cute little kitties your way too. 😘

Happy Star Wars Day, friend!

Today is May the 4th and is unofficial Star Wars Day (May the 4th… May the force be with you… Get it?)

It is also the day that I paint a new Star Wars-themed tin, and give it away as a FREE gift to you. 💕

Well, this year, I went a little crazy and painted TWO tins.

Din Grugu (Baby Yoda) using the force on his lunch, and a Chibi-style Din Djarin (Mando) because I don’t think he gets nearly enough love.

I honestly couldn’t decide which to give you this year, so you can have BOTH!!

But here’s your warning…
These are LIMITED EDITION tins and only available today through Sunday (5/4 – 5/7).

Here’s how to get yours:

1) Head over to the website and pick out whatever your heart desires.

2) When you have $35 in your cart, your Baby Yoda tin will appear automatically.

3) Add $70+ total to your cart, the Mando tin will appear as well like magic!

No coupon code necessary.
Just hurry because these tins disappear May 7th!


Hey friend!

Last week, I shared a tip about how I use an extra Melody Clip on my row counter to help me keep track of those times where I need to increase (or decrease) every 6 rows.

But right after, I had several emails from very confused friends asking, “OK Dawn, what exactly is a Melody Clip, because I searched on your website and couldn’t find it!”

So, I thought I’d create a post to explain. (Because if there’s one confused friend, I know there are more who weren’t brave enough to ask!).

Almost all of the stitch markers on our website come in two different styles.

-Infinity Ring
-Melody Ring

Our Infinity Ring stitch markers are closed loop style markers. They are my absolute FAVORITE stitch markers to have on my needles. The unique teardrop shape lets them hug close to your needles, but gives a nice little bit of wiggle room to stick your needle tip in. They glide effortlessly from needle to needle. It comes in both simple bead styles and ones with dangly charms.

Our Melody Ring stitch markers are removable stitch markers. They work for both knitting and crochet. Slide them on your needles, OR clip them on a stitch. Nothing to open and close — they’re a pressure clip, so you can just “pop” them on and off of a stitch one handed. They’re our most versatile stitch marker!

And the best thing about our Melody markers? They clip right on your chain row counter so you can keep track of multiple pattern elements at once!

Make sense?

I love both styles and keep some of each in my knitting bag at all times (you never know what you’re gonna need 😉).