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Showing Twice Sheared Sheep

Our popular cat clip stitch markers now come in pastel!

Smooth, beautiful, and completely snag free and removable.

Slide these beauties onto your needles like an ordinary stitch marker, or clip them onto a stitch anywhere on your work.
– Ultra Durable
– No gap knitting
– Removable
– Works for knitting & Crochet

I can’t wait to send some cute and colorful little kitties your way. 😻

The calendar tells me there’s still a few more weeks of winter, but my heart is just pulling me to springtime. And I, for one, am SO ready for it.

The new beginnings!
The return of the sunlight!
The beautiful colors! 😍

It’s also the time of year when the organization bug can hit me pretty hard. I start looking at everything around my home in a different way.

Things that I’ve been hanging on to might find their way into a donation bin. Or that basket behind my yarn box that’s a jumbled, tangled mess, will be dumped onto the floor and sorted through.

We’re adding a new pretty to the shop that is both colorful AND can help you keep things neat and tidy.

Is your needle bin a mess of tangled cables?

Do you have to compare every cord every time and say “I THINK this one is a 16″…”?

Introducing our new Snap ID cord organizer tags! Here’s a few reasons you’ll just drool over these:
– White Faux leather with gray veining & engraved snaps
– Coil up your interchangeable cord or fixed circular needles
– Snap a Snap ID onto the loop of the cord
– Keeps cords from tangling
– Allows you to identify the length at a glance!

Wishing you happy needle bins as we move (too slowly) into Spring!

Hey there friend!

Do you remember that cute hat pattern that we included in our Advent Box last year?

It’s called the Holly Beanie and it was designed specifically for the box by my awesome friend Sarah Gross. (Psssst.. she also designed the Snow Days Beanie which I know you all love!)

Well I have a HUGE announcement to make:

Sarah has officially joined out team! Not only is she an amazing designer, she’s also an incredibly talented photographer and I feel so privileged to have her creating photos and videos that we can share all over social media!

That means that if you’ve been playing the “whose hands are knitting” game on our Instagram, there is now another set of hands to guess…
Is it Dawn’s hands? Katie’s? Or Sarah’s?
It’s getting harder to tell. 😂

To celebrate Sarah joining our team, we’re hosting a knit-along for her newest design, the Holly Beanie!!

And we certainly couldn’t have a knit-along without discounts and prizes!

So, to kick things off, today and tomorrow ONLY grab the knit-along kit and get a FREE pom pom!

The kit includes everything you need to knit the Holly Beanie (just add the needles!):
– Holly Beanie PDF pattern
– 1 Ball Everyday Merino Superwash wool yarn (in your choice of color)
– 1 set Shortie Bamboo Cable needles
– 1 faux fur pom pom (in your choice of color)

We’ll whisk your kit off to you right away so that it will be in your hot little hands in time for our Cast On Party on February 19th.

Have you seen our new viral Yarn To Go Carousel?

Well, fun fact friend, it took me SEVEN tries (aka prototypes) before I finally had a version that I thought was good enough for you.
With each try, I would spend a couple of days knitting with it and putting it through its paces to see what annoyed me.
Because I knew if it annoyed me, it would annoy you too.

I’d think I finally had it down, but then the yarn would get tangled around the base…
Or wrap around the spindle top and when I yanked the yarn to get it spinning, it slid off the table. 🤦‍♀️

But after trying the seventh prototype in every situation I could think of, what I finally got was the most multifunctional yarn holder I’ve ever used.
(It’s kind of magical actually.)

Set it on a table.
Hang it from your wrist.
Knit in your favorite chair.
Knit in the doctor’s office or at the park.
Anyhow. Anywhere.
And when you’re done, fold it up flat and stash it in your bag.

Here’s a few things I think you’ll absolutely adore:

Thing 1: Goes with you wherever you may knit
Thing 2: Folds down to practically nothing
Thing 3: Large enough to accommodate FULL sized skeins

They have been SOOO popular that our first batch sold out in less than a day. 😲
Don’t worry, though, you can preorder yours to ship in about a month and get knitting… anywhere! 😍

I confess that maybe I can be somewhat particular. There’s a peace that comes with order and organization, and having everything tucked away into its perfect little nook.

Occasionally, the organization bug will hit me extra hard and I’ll wake up with a sudden burst of inspiration. Before I know it, I’m going room by room, moving furniture, emptying cupboards, digging in closets and maybe finding my long-lost favorite book or that spare remote from… several televisions ago.

While I’m swept up in the flurry of organizing I look at everything differently.

Do I love this?
Do I need this?
Do I have to have this?

And most importantly…
How can I organize this? 😍

If this sounds at all familiar, then I’d love to introduce you to one of the newest little Pretties to join our shop.

Our Tin Organizers are absolutely perfect for keeping all of your bits and bobs in their own little space.

If you’re the type of person who hates to have your food touch, or if you just want to find your notions without dumping everything on the table and rummaging through them, then you’ll absolutely adore this little helper.

You’ll get:
– One set of dividers
– Choose either Large or Small

Each set comes with two interlocking pieces that allow you to divide your tin into four compartments.

Isn’t it funny how something can begin as a seed of an idea and then can grow into something that becomes an intergal part of your life?

Last year, I turned to my husband and said, “You know that Mother’s Day box we did this year? I’d like to do MORE of those!”

It was just three boxes out of a whole year. We’d already done one, I thought for sure it’d be easy to just add two more…

Little did I know that those three boxes would become so central to my entire year.
They were the receptacle of all of my creative juices — every whim and desire.
They fed my soul to bursting as I planned every little thing, made dream boards, and currated until everything was a perfectly packaged gift.
They were the source of sleepless nights and aching muscles as we moved hundreds of boxes around our studio.
And they were the straw that broke the camel’s back and let us know that we DEFINITELY needed a bigger space.

But best of all, they created something that I never could have predicted.
A community of wonderful friends.

I am grateful for that most of all.

Thank you my dear friends for giving me such a beautiful year.
It was a gift.
For me as much as for you.

And I can’t wait to do it all again next year!!

I’m delighted to announce that Early Bird enrollment is now open for our 2024 Surprise Box Club!

So, what exactly is the Surprise Box Club?
It’s my chance to spoil you rotten all year long!

Club members receive three surprise gift boxes stuffed with beautiful tools and goodies to use in your knitting and crochet life — one each for spring, summer and fall.

Each box is expertly designed to be both beautiful and useful.

Here’s what to expect:

– First box ships early March – “A Garden Of Friends” Theme for Spring
– Second box ships early June – “Beachside Vacation” Theme for Summer
– Third box ships early September – “Cabin In The Woods” for Fall
– No pressure to keep up with another make-along
– Just presents!
– 8 Full sized products per box
– Over $140 total value per box!

Grab your spot in the 2024 club by midnight Dec 22nd and get these bonuses:

1. Up to $60 discount off the full club price
2. $50 gift card towards our 2024 Advent Box
3. Private Club Facebook Group
4. Early VIP access to all 2024 collections

I can’t wait to spoil you rotten all year long!

We’ve had lots of customer requests for new patterns of Trinity Bags.

I realize that our club subscribers have gotten all the pretty new bags and we haven’t had any new designs in the shop for a very long time.
Well, that ends today!

I’m proud to announce TWO new Trinity Bags on the website.
Mountain Meadow & Night Forest.

Introducing our Trinity Bag, the perfect on the go knitting project bag for your small projects!

This cotton canvas zippered pouch is the perfect grab-and-go bag for socks, hats, mittens, shawls, and more. It easily accommodates two to three balls of yarn, your needles, pattern (folded in half), and all your knitting bag essentials!

The wipe-clean vegan leather bottom ensures that it stays clean no matter where you set it, and the exterior zippered accessories pouch keeps all your notions.

As you know, we take customer requests VERY seriously around here. When we say, “I’ll add that to the customer request list” I really do add it to the list and really do try my very best to make it happen. Sometimes I can make this happen pretty quickly, but other times it takes me a long time (like a year in the making kind of long time).

Well today, I have a wish request to fulfill!!

Large Cable Locks are here!!

I have been looking for a supplier for these for a full year and finally found the right one who could make them in both the sizes we needed (I get some pretty funny looks from suppliers when I tell them that I need to fit a knitting needle through that hole) AND could make them in any color that we want!

So we ordered four of our best colors and added a brand new Periwinkle color just for the larges!

Clicky over to our website to grab a set or two for your knitting bag. Take it from me, you never know when you might need a one!

Most of you may know Katie (though you don’t know it).

Her official title is Social Media Coordinator, but really, she’s my girl Friday.

She’s the one I turn to to bounce ideas off of.

She helps me test new products and keeps me updated on all the news around the knitting world.

She’s the one to make sure all the pretty pictures and videos and tutorials get posted online for everyone to see.

And, unfortunately, she’s the one who ends up consoling sad friends on the internet when I click a wrong button and the website goes haywire. 😬 (Sorry, Katie!)

Needless to say, if everyone had a Katie at their side, the world would be a MUCH better place. 🥰

Well, this weekend was Katie’s 30th birthday and we think that’s kind of a big deal.

I’ve been told in the past that adults shouldn’t really make a big deal of their birthdays anymore, but I think that’s utter hogwash.

I think that if you have a chance to celebrate someone awesome that you love, you should take it!

So we’re having a Birthday party in the shop for Katie.

But you get all the presents!

Katie has picked out some of her very favorite things for you and all week this week, you can get 20% off any of them by using the coupon code KATIESFAVS

How to get the discount:

1. Now through Friday, head on over to the website and see what’s on Katie’s favorites list
2. Use the code KATIESFAVS at checkout to save 20% on any of these items

A few weeks ago I asked you all what you would like to see in the shop for fall and OVERWHELMINGLY you told me that you wanted to see leaves!

Big billowing piles of leaves.
In ALL the colors.
In ALL the shapes.

And I’m here to tell you today that they have arrived!!

You’re one click away from…
– Free Festive Patterns
– Gorgeous new stitch markers
– Delightful row counters
– Adorable new charms
– And even a little Halloween magic 😘