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Showing Crafty Flutterby Creations

As the first signs of spring have finally arrived, now seems like an opportune time to welcome a few new flowers, flutterbies, and songbirds to the web store. Speed along your WIPs with a spry set of progress keepers, and pick the perfect pin for styling your sweet spring shawls.

My new Mini shawl pins feature a flower, flutterby, or songbird apiece. These featherlight shawl pins are perfect for lace, fingering, and sport weight projects.

Magnolia, Cherry Blossom, and Harp Charmed styles bring a daydream to mind of elegant afternoon tea in a lush castle garden.

Finally, after a long hibernation, progress keepers are back! My new sets feature flowers, flutterbies, Celtic knots, thistles, birds, and more. They’re joined by a limited restock of several classic sets!

Thank you all for an amazing year! I’d like to share the love with the entire Indie Untangled community with a special discount. Just use code SHOPSMALL2021 to receive a free gift and 25% off your order November 26th-29th! 💙

Your support throughout this difficult year has been heartwarming. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. It has been a joy to send each handcrafted shawl pin and carefully crafted end-minder off to its new home, and I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.

With just one event left for the year, I knew that I wanted to create something special to celebrate. There were plenty of perfectly pretty options on my wishlists with some of my favorite bead vendors, but somehow they just didn’t seem to fit the bill. While I was at Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, I went wandering (as I often do) and came across a wonderful little button booth sharing vintage designs from decades past. I may have gone a little overboard with my selections, but I just couldn’t resist!

Since we still have a couple of weeks before SAFF arrives, I thought I’d put together a little sneak preview collection for the Indie Untangled community. All of the buttons chosen for this collection come from anywhere between the 1930s and 1980s. From Lovely Lotus to Pinwheel Pearl, each etched mother of pearl button has its own singular shimmering pattern.

Explore these styles and my one-of-a-kind Victorian Button Shawl Pin collection in the Crafty Flutterby booth at SAFF from October 22nd-24th. Which elegant era will you embrace?

With summer flying by and fall just around the corner, I thought that we could all use a little friendly reminder to take it easy once in a while. That’s why I’ve invited our newest limited edition friends, the Sincere Sloths, to join the end minder family

The Sincere Sloths are sure to make you smile as they swing along your stitches. They’ll tame your yarn tails, hold joins secure, and act as a softhearted swatch for handy repairs or easy yarn shopping. Sloths are nature’s advocate for slow living. Each time you use them, I hope you’ll be reminded to take a mindful moment away from the daily hubbub.

Swing over to website or mosey into my booth at a festival to treat yourself before they disappear at the end of September!

Find us at :
Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival
September 10th-12th in Jefferson, WI

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival
September 25th-26th in Berryville, VA

The last few months have been so busy that I haven’t had time to really sit down and have a think on our end minder friends. Luckily, I received excellent feedback at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, which left me feeling inspired for July’s special debut. Without further ado, let’s get to know the Adaptable Alpacas!

These extra fluffy friends await your yarn to make their fleece fabulous. With the soft speckles of marble gray, they’ll easily pair with any shade — no matter how you put them to work.

Keep your ends tidy, store yarn for repairs, tame your joins, or make a handy portable color swatch for your next trip to the local yarn shop!

Each set includes six of these limited edition animals, kept safe and secure in their own crystal corral. The Adaptable Alpacas are prepared for anything, just pop them in your project bag and you’ll always have an ally on hand for tricky stitch-uations.

With the start of summer, I got to thinking about unique ways to celebrate the season. My Twirl design was retired several years ago when the Penannular debuted, but I’ve decided to bring it back in shining silver and bronze with one simple, classic, and elegant accoutrement — the freshwater pearl! If you are a newer member of my community, you might not be familiar with just how this unusual shape works to style your shawls. If that’s the case, I have just the blog post for you. In the spirit of my alliteration-loving nature, it’s entitled Give A Twirl A Whirl. 💙

Next, we have a new addition to my Charmed Celtic collection! I chose the Triquetra to expand this crowd-favorite line because of its many meanings, giving each member of our community an opportunity to connect with its infinite design in their own way. Two of my favorite interpretations are that the endless curves represent infinite love or an uninterrupted life, often given as a gift with best wishes for longevity.

I’m celebrating my birthday weekend with dazzling debuts, a weekend-long sale, and a free gift for every Flutterby friend! 💙

I was inspired by how we as a fiber community have grown together while apart and used that concept to create my MDSW festival exclusive. The sparkling leaves of the bead are kept snug and secure by an intricate wrap of wire — with graceful curves and spirals that complete the piece with flair. My signature Noteworthy style holds your shawl in place throughout the day and enables you to try your hand at new styling techniques, just as we have all helped to hold each other up and learn new skills.

Starting right now through Monday, you can preorder the Laurel Leaves MDSW 2021 Exclusive Shawl Pin in your choice of Shining Gold or Vintage Bronze. Along with FREE shipping within the U.S. on all orders over $15, you’ll save 10% sitewide with code MDSW2021 now through Monday. Each shopper who uses the code will find a free goodie bag of mystery notions in their order as a special birthday treat!

The Friendly Flutterbys have arrived, and they can’t wait to be the wind beneath your wings while you work. With four hearts to adorn each one, these handicraft helpers will put a little extra love in your project. Each set includes three white and three turquoise butterflies, just enough to set your stitches aflutter. They’re only available for April, so be sure to bring yours home today! 🦋

My next reveal is sure to make a splash on your rows. My Raindrop Stitch Markers have returned in Shimmering Clear to help provide sparkle and clarity to your stitching. Each set includes six droplets in each of three sizes for a total rainfall of 18, so whether you’re flying through breezy summer lace or cozying up with a warm cardi, you’ll have the perfect precipitation for your project. ☔

I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with Anzula Luxury Fibers in the creation of a new MKAL to celebrate the start of spring. Cavorting With Colors will be a playful piece combining colorful yarns and winding cables. We’ll be casting on April 16th, so there’s plenty of time to prepare!

For this event, we’ll be joyfully joining together four colors of Anzula Squishy — one full-sized skein and splashes of color from a trio of minis — to create our “triangle-ish” shawls. We’ve put together three unique kits covering a variety of preferred palettes: Garden Pond, Stepping Stones, and Flower Garden. Along with your four colorways of Anzula Squishy, you’ll also receive a free copy of the MKAL pattern and a special set of end minders to help you along the way. Have you picked out your color palette for our April 16th cast-on?

If you’d prefer to dance through your stash and create your own dazzling set, you can get the pattern 50% off through our start date of April 16th with COLORSMKAL50 as your code! Pattern is linked at the bottom of the Cavorting with Colors MKAL Kit description.

This month I’ve added three new critters to the end minder lineup. The new playful pups and curious kittens are here to stay. The Mindful Manatees are a March limited edition exclusive. 🙂 

First, we have the Playful Pups! These pups can’t wait to pounce on your project. Like the Lovable Lambs, they’ll happily play tug of war with your loose ends to hold six inches to one yard of lace, fingering, or sport weight yarn snug against your stitches. A one-foot yarn length will give them the cutest tummies possible. 

Next, we have the Curious Kittens!  Like their real-life counterparts, these cutie pies can’t wait to chase down your yarn tails. They’re purrfectly content to sit on your yarn joins and make those multi-skein projects even more pawspurrous.

Last, but certainly not least we have the Mindful Manatees! These gentle giants are ready to float on the edge of your project keeping cast-on tails and loose ends tamed for supremely serene stitching. The more yarn they hold, the cuter they get. These meditating, mindful Manatees are only here for March, so bring home a set today to make your crafting efforts go swimmingly!