September 22, 2020

Autumn is in the Air

  • A bronze shawl pin with leaves on green yarn.

Since the mornings finally have that crisp breeze that signals a new season, I thought it was about time to share my newest shawl pins. These Charmed Styles range from wilderness finds to spooky delights. I can’t wait to see which projects you style with these! 

My favorite of these new additions is the Rowan Leaf. In traditional folklore, this tree is said to grant protection — especially to travelers. Its power was to keep those on a journey from getting lost. Since each of us have our own unique path to follow, I thought this charming talisman would be a special treat for all. 

Leaves of Change – Limited Edition Fall End Minder Set

  • Red, orange and yellow bunnies on brown, blue and green yarn.

This fall’s special edition end minder set captures the beauty of fall in brilliant red, bold orange, and crisp yellow. Whether you’d like to hop into cozy knits with Bunny Hugs or graze your way through worsted WIPs with Suavest Sheep, there’s a set for every stitcher — including an assortment with lambs, rabbits, and sheep to adorn all of your autumn projects.

Perhaps it’s a little early for these cool-weather companions, but I thought we could all use a colorful reminder of cozy days to come. I hope they’ll inspire all of us to make a change that matters, whether it’s craft or life related. Celebrate the splendor of the transitional season to come with Leaves of Change! 🍂

A Pawsome Mystery Box

  • Packages with black and white cat stickers and dog paw tissue paper.

As most of you are well aware, I love animals. That’s why our next mystery box celebrates our four-legged family members! There are a few details about this mystery box that make it extra special. The first is how customizable it is! You have your choice of cat or dog, notions only, pin and notions, or cuff and notions. Now, for the big surprise. Instead of exclusive colors of Suavest Sheep, mystery box recipients will be the first-ever stitchers to try my two new shapes of end minders — inspired by our favorite furry stitch companions! 

Everyone will receive a progress keeper set, stitch markers, end minders, a surprise item, a digital pattern code, and a clear jar to store your treats. There’s also the Rainin’ Cats and Dogs box which includes all of the notions for both pets and the Whole Kitt-en Ka-Poodle — which includes every single treasure from these sets!

I can’t wait for you to see all of the purr-fectly adorable treats hiding inside these awesome packages!    

Butterfly at the Beach

  • A silver mermaid stick shawl pin sits on a skein of blue yarn.

With the summer solstice just a few short weeks away, I knew I wanted this month’s mystery mailing to take you all on a magical journey to the seaside. This beachy box holds ocean beauties both real and imagined, and I can’t wait for you to unwrap what’s inside. Treat yourself or a friend before orders close on June 14th.

For this month’s fun: you have your choice of notions only, notions and pin, or notions and cuff for this fin-tastic find. Beyond that, each box includes:

❧A Shell-tastic Progress Keeper Set
❧Seaworthy Stitch Markers
❧End Minders
(to keep your cast on tails tide down!)
❧A Clear Jar to store your treasures
❧And a surprise item! 🎁

Each item in the mystery box is exclusive to the mystery box. If surprises aren’t your cuppa tea; check out our Sunset at the Beach collection! New beach, nautical, and mermaid themed items are being added throughout June and July.

Practically Purple in Every Way – Mystery Boxes!

  • Purple and gold packages sealed with stickers bearing purple umbrellas.
  • A paper bag with a purple and white geometric pattern.

They say that April showers bring May flowers, so I decided to theme this month’s mystery box around my favorite umbrella-carrying heroine. Whether you’re a fan of Poppins or simply the color purple, you’re sure to find something special. 
You’ll notice that April’s mailing is not a preorder. With everything changing so fast right now, I’ve decided to mail them out in batches twice a week. If you know of anyone who needs cheering up, I’m happy to help with these hand-wrapped surprises!  

Of course, I can’t share a peek inside just yet, but I can tell you all of the options so you can find one you adore. Choose from notions only, shawl pin and notions, or shawl cuff and notions to perfectly suit your passion. Each styling solution is completely exclusive to this mystery box.  

Parallelominis Spring Knit along!

  • A purple and blue shawl.

Join your fellow knitters in a stroll through their stash for the scraptastic Parallelominis KAL and create your own colorful wrap for spring. Camaraderie is the name of the game — just have fun! The KAL is happening now through May 17th. Every participant that shares their FO gets a free pattern and a chance to win a $50 gift certificate for Crafty Flutterby Creations. Let’s get this party started with an Indie Untangled special 60% off the Parallelominis pattern through the end of March with code ”INDIELOVE”.

Create a reversible parallelogram from your favorite mini skeins, scrap yarn, or both! With the Parallelominis pattern yarn weight, length, and width are all adjustable to best suit your signature style. While working with so many fun colors, keep your ends tidy and add whimsy by wrapping the yarn tails around a sheep, bunny or lamb end minder.

⁣Another added benefit of designing with mini skeins is the ability to support many of my fiber friends all at once. My sample includes yarn from Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarns & Fibers, Black Cat Fibers LLC, Unplanned Peacock Studio, SpaceCadet, A Hundred Ravens, Bumblebeeacres Farm, Why Knot Fibers, Amanda Hope Yarn, Oink Pigments, Fairy Tale Yarn Co, and Destination Yarn. I can’t wait to see which dyers you combine for your creation! 🧶

See you on Ravelry soon for this knit-a-long adventure!

Celtic Styles Are In Bloom

  • A silver shawl pin on a skein of pink yarn.

Wander through our Celtic Spring collection and celebrate the rich heritage of the Celtic lands. Whether you dream of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or Cornwall — there’s a handcrafted journey to take with your handknits.

Our journey begins in a highland forest, the intertwined roots our new Tree of Life Pin are a reminder of how we are all connected to each other and the world around us. As you venture out of the woods into a Welsh or Cornish garden, the Blossoming Pin reminds you to take a quiet moment to stop and smell the flowers. Our journey concludes on a rolling Irish hillside with a flock of sheep grazing on the green fields of clover. This month’s limited edition end minder sets pay tribute to St. Patrick’s Day in a sparkling way. Whether you could use a lucky charm or a pot of gold this treasure trove will tame your ends and dazzle your friends.

Cast On Be Anything with a Special Offer

  • A blue and green lacy shawl with a silver shawl pin.

We’re celebrating the completion of the Go Anywhere collection with 25% off ebook and individual patterns. Use code INDIELOVE by March 7th for 25% OFF the following patterns: Be Anything, In A Book, In The Sky, Take A Look, Ways to Grow or the Go Anywhere ebook.

Each pattern in the Go Anywhere collection is inspired by the Reading Rainbow. Spark your imagination and let your mind wander the path of possibilities as you create each new pattern. You can Be Anything when you make your own wings! This shawl completes my Go Anywhere collection with one last installment of inspiration and lace. With a head in the clouds and feet on the ground, we each can find our goals and step toward them stitch by stitch. With a garden trellis to connect these two beautiful worlds, this design features a strong cabled spine and lush green grass to keep you grounded, and a bright blue sky filled with butterflies to keep you dreaming.

Colorful Shawl Cuffs for a Colorful Year

  • A purple shawl cuff with a silver Celtic knot.

Make a colorful start to the year with my new series of colorful shawl cuffs!

I knew that I had to put my own personal touch on this bold trend, but I wanted to do so in an environmentally friendly and stylishly functional way. Each piece is handcrafted with cork fabric and metal snaps. Cork is a renewable fair trade resource and a great vegan alternative to leather. The woven backing feels soft against the skin, even where the charms are hand-stitched onto each piece. One of my favorite benefits of working with this material is the brilliant array of colorways to choose from!

These Cuffs are available in both Classic and Charmed varieties. Each piece has a unique texture of natural cork bark serving as a reminder of the similarities and differences that we share. We’re all human, but each one of us has our own special abilities and path to walk.

Will our path join at Stitches West later this month? See these cuffs and many other handcrafted goodies in my booth February 20th-23rd.

Pretty in Pink Valentine Mystery

  • Packages wrapped in pink and kraft tissue paper.

Do you remember how it felt to come into school on Valentine’s Day and see that small pile of happy notes? Each one was a token of friendship, whether it featured a shared favorite character, sweet treat, or simply words of love. As a fellow crafter, I imagine you also held the handmade cards in even higher esteem! As adults, we tend to focus on providing that magical feeling for others, not ourselves. It’s absolutely generous, but sometimes we need a reminder that we’re worth that effort too. That’s why my first 2020 Mystery Box is all about love!   

This surprise set of handcrafted treasures is all themed around “Pretty in Pink”! If you’d like to give your next piece a unique and lovely styled flair, you can also choose between the exclusive Shawl Cuff or Shawl Pin to complete your treat!

Each recipient will find…
-A Charm Bracelet
-The Key To Happiness Progress Keeper Set
-Flutterby Stitch Markers in exclusive colors
-End Minders in exclusive colors and assorted fiber friends
-A clear jar to store your treasures

And, a free pattern code so you can play matchmaker for your stash!