Grow Together, Save and Celebrate with Crafty Flutterby!

Gold swirled metal shawl pins atop a skein of light blue yarn.

I’m celebrating my birthday weekend with dazzling debuts, a weekend-long sale, and a free gift for every Flutterby friend! 💙

I was inspired by how we as a fiber community have grown together while apart and used that concept to create my MDSW festival exclusive. The sparkling leaves of the bead are kept snug and secure by an intricate wrap of wire — with graceful curves and spirals that complete the piece with flair. My signature Noteworthy style holds your shawl in place throughout the day and enables you to try your hand at new styling techniques, just as we have all helped to hold each other up and learn new skills.

Starting right now through Monday, you can preorder the Laurel Leaves MDSW 2021 Exclusive Shawl Pin in your choice of Shining Gold or Vintage Bronze. Along with FREE shipping within the U.S. on all orders over $15, you’ll save 10% sitewide with code MDSW2021 now through Monday. Each shopper who uses the code will find a free goodie bag of mystery notions in their order as a special birthday treat!

April Limited Edition Notions: Flutterby End Minders and Raindrop Stitch Markers

  • A hand holds blue and white plastic butterflies wrapped in purple yarn.

The Friendly Flutterbys have arrived, and they can’t wait to be the wind beneath your wings while you work. With four hearts to adorn each one, these handicraft helpers will put a little extra love in your project. Each set includes three white and three turquoise butterflies, just enough to set your stitches aflutter. They’re only available for April, so be sure to bring yours home today! 🦋

My next reveal is sure to make a splash on your rows. My Raindrop Stitch Markers have returned in Shimmering Clear to help provide sparkle and clarity to your stitching. Each set includes six droplets in each of three sizes for a total rainfall of 18, so whether you’re flying through breezy summer lace or cozying up with a warm cardi, you’ll have the perfect precipitation for your project. ☔

Celebrate Spring with a Mystery Knit-along!

  • Purple, pink and gold skeins of yarn.

I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with Anzula Luxury Fibers in the creation of a new MKAL to celebrate the start of spring. Cavorting With Colors will be a playful piece combining colorful yarns and winding cables. We’ll be casting on April 16th, so there’s plenty of time to prepare!

For this event, we’ll be joyfully joining together four colors of Anzula Squishy — one full-sized skein and splashes of color from a trio of minis — to create our “triangle-ish” shawls. We’ve put together three unique kits covering a variety of preferred palettes: Garden Pond, Stepping Stones, and Flower Garden. Along with your four colorways of Anzula Squishy, you’ll also receive a free copy of the MKAL pattern and a special set of end minders to help you along the way. Have you picked out your color palette for our April 16th cast-on?

If you’d prefer to dance through your stash and create your own dazzling set, you can get the pattern 50% off through our start date of April 16th with COLORSMKAL50 as your code! Pattern is linked at the bottom of the Cavorting with Colors MKAL Kit description.

More Mindful End Minders to Add to Your Menagerie

  • A hand holds white plastic dogs wrapped in light blue yarn.

This month I’ve added three new critters to the end minder lineup. The new playful pups and curious kittens are here to stay. The Mindful Manatees are a March limited edition exclusive. 🙂 

First, we have the Playful Pups! These pups can’t wait to pounce on your project. Like the Lovable Lambs, they’ll happily play tug of war with your loose ends to hold six inches to one yard of lace, fingering, or sport weight yarn snug against your stitches. A one-foot yarn length will give them the cutest tummies possible. 

Next, we have the Curious Kittens!  Like their real-life counterparts, these cutie pies can’t wait to chase down your yarn tails. They’re purrfectly content to sit on your yarn joins and make those multi-skein projects even more pawspurrous.

Last, but certainly not least we have the Mindful Manatees! These gentle giants are ready to float on the edge of your project keeping cast-on tails and loose ends tamed for supremely serene stitching. The more yarn they hold, the cuter they get. These meditating, mindful Manatees are only here for March, so bring home a set today to make your crafting efforts go swimmingly!

Colors of Love Shawl Pins

  • A silver shawl pin with a green stone on a cake of blue yarn.

My new Colors of Love shawl pin celebrates the many ways we all give and receive love — fostering an inner light as warm and bright as this diamond’s sparkle.

It’s available on all four of my settings, both to suit your unique style and commemorate a special facet of friendship. Warm gold brings to mind romantic love, rose gold the playful love of friendships, silver the shining example of community care, and rich, earthy bronze for family love, the first we give and receive. 

The bead itself is multifaceted to capture the light and surrounding colors. To me, it represents how each loved one we have brings out a unique piece of ourselves. Together, the best in us shines bright. 

Sparkly Friends and Lacey Finds

  • A lacy gold shawl pin.

This month’s glittering and lacey new offerings arrive perfectly timed for Monday’s deadline. All orders placed by December 14th will ship in time for Christmas within the USA!

My winter collection makes a glitzy and glamorous debut with this month’s limited edition end minders. This helpful herd will make for a gorgeous and glittering gift in your choice of Suavest Sheep, Lovable Lambs, Bunny Hugs, Crafty Cats, Dependable Dogs, or an assortment of all! Which animal would you like guarding your ends?

Next up is my Victorian Christmas Collection. Whether you prefer to style your beautiful work with a shawl pin or vegan leather shawl cuff, I’ve got a lacey style for you. The new cuff features a sophisticated lace print for a truly timeless style. The intricate scrollwork of these paired pins shines in your choice of warm gold or wintry silver.

Shop Small and Save on Sparkling Shawl Pins, Cuffs, Patterns and Notions!

  • A bronze shawl pin on pink yarn.

The Crafty Flutterby Creations shop small sale starts now! Save 20% sitewide through November 30th at 11:59 PM ET, no code required (discount auto applies).

I designs and handcrafts shawl pins, cuffs, patterns and notions to make stitching a joy from start to styling. My end minders tame your yarn tails and bring a smile to your face as soon as you open your project bag. My shawl pins add wearability, versatility and a beautiful accent to your stunning handiwork. The sale includes my newest pins: sparkling Czech glass and timeless Celtic knot. The dove of peace pin has returned from the archives to bring hope for the days to come. Check out the bestsellers collection full of pins, cuffs and notions selected to brighten anyone’s day. Looking for a fun easy knit to wear your pins or cuffs on? The latest pattern Ages Hence has got you covered.

With designs for every yarn weight and a wide variety of pins with beads, charms and metal settings, I’ll be by your side this Saturday to help you find the perfect piece for your personal #ShawlPinStyle! Tune in to the Virtu-wool Festival November 28th at 11 a.m. ET on Facebook for shawl styling tips with pins and cuffs.

It’s Rainin’ Cats & Dogs In Here

  • Black and white plastic dogs and cats.

Introducing new End Minder shapes just in time for the holidays: Crafty Cats and Dependable Dogs!

As with the Suavest Sheep and Bunny Hugs these cute critters are designed to keep your cast on tails, color changes, and other loose ends tidy and out of the way as you knit or crochet. They’ll make a pawsome stocking stuffer for any animal loving stitcher, and I believe that there are quite a few of you in my community. Which new furry friends will mind your ends?

First, we have the purrfect pal for your project — the Crafty Cats! Available in both black and white, these pawsitively adorable pals knead a purpose. They can easily be purrsuaded to spend their days playing with your yarn.

Have you heard the bark about town? The Dependable Dogs are here to help! These pawsome pups are the ultimutt end minder. If yarn ends are making your life ruff, just place your tail against their hearts, wrap it around, and secure your new stitch pet’s sweater.

September 22, 2020

Autumn is in the Air

  • A bronze shawl pin with leaves on green yarn.
  • A hand holds a br
  • A bronze shawl pin on sparkly blue and brown yarn.

Since the mornings finally have that crisp breeze that signals a new season, I thought it was about time to share my newest shawl pins. These Charmed Styles range from wilderness finds to spooky delights. I can’t wait to see which projects you style with these! 

My favorite of these new additions is the Rowan Leaf. In traditional folklore, this tree is said to grant protection — especially to travelers. Its power was to keep those on a journey from getting lost. Since each of us have our own unique path to follow, I thought this charming talisman would be a special treat for all. 

Leaves of Change – Limited Edition Fall End Minder Set

  • Red, orange and yellow bunnies on brown, blue and green yarn.

This fall’s special edition end minder set captures the beauty of fall in brilliant red, bold orange, and crisp yellow. Whether you’d like to hop into cozy knits with Bunny Hugs or graze your way through worsted WIPs with Suavest Sheep, there’s a set for every stitcher — including an assortment with lambs, rabbits, and sheep to adorn all of your autumn projects.

Perhaps it’s a little early for these cool-weather companions, but I thought we could all use a colorful reminder of cozy days to come. I hope they’ll inspire all of us to make a change that matters, whether it’s craft or life related. Celebrate the splendor of the transitional season to come with Leaves of Change! 🍂