September 19, 2019

Yarn packs for the Woodbine Pullover!

  • Skeins of purple and grey yarn.

Issue 9 of Laine magazine is being released on Friday 20th September and the cover design is the Woodbine pullover made using our Bowland Aran and Eldwick Lace. Sadly, this might be the last issue of the magazine, but we are honoured to have been involved and wish the team all the best moving forward.

So… our next update will go live on Friday 20th September at 7 a.m. (UK time) and will include yarn packs for the Woodbine pullover in six colour combinations with options for the sizes as detailed in the pattern. Also included in the update are other batches of both Bowland Aran and Eldwick Lace which could also be used to select your own colours for this design. The yarn packs will appear on the home page on Friday morning so all you need to do is go to the website and you’ll see them. They work out at a pretty hefty discount compared to buying the yarn separately. If we sell out, please don’t panic — we can produce more. 😘 We have also ordered a few copies of this issue of Laine to sell alongside the yarn packs!

This week also sees the fourth anniversary of the release of our Drift Collection. Follow us on social media to join in the celebrations including a discount to all products on the Drift Collection page of the website and a giveaway. To reintroduce the collection we also have a new blog post appearing on the website on Friday showing all the designs reinvigorated in Milburn DK!

August 22, 2019

Alpaca/silk laceweight yarn and last call for our summer sale!

  • Skeins of pale pink yarn

It has been a while since our last update but I wanted to tell you that 10 beautiful new batches of Askham Lace are now up on the website! Askham Lace is baby alpaca/silk — if you’ve not used this blend before it is supremely soft with a bit of a fluffy halo. It is warm and light, AND… you can make a large project out of one skein! I made my Wray cardigan with slight more than one skein (the last 2cm of the hem was a second skein — I honestly don’t know why I didn’t just stop when the first skein ran out!). Also, Jaya’s amazing Sun and Shower shawl uses one skein of lace weight — it’d be a great project to sink your teeth into this autumn!

If that doesn’t suit your budget we are having a summer sale, with 20% off most of the hand-dyed yarn! It excludes mill-dyed yarns and the latest updates (minis and Askham Lace) but the rest of the hand dyed is all up for grabs! We’ve created a collection for it on the website so it’s all in one place, and you can find that on the homepage of our website.

There are three reasons for this sale!
1. I’ve got workmen in at the moment (we’re getting an upstairs bathroom!) and it’s going to disrupt my dyeing/updates etc, so I thought what if we just have a big clear out so that we can continue earning (I can’t afford to take the two weeks off!);
2. I’m due to stocktake and this will hopefully make it a much smaller job;
3. There’s a new yarn plus a few big updates I’d like to do but I really need to clear space for them!
The sale is going to end at midnight on Monday 26th August (UK time) but there is still quite a bit of stock to choose from!

– Only ONE discount voucher code can be used per transaction so you can’t use the free shipping code as well, however the sale code will get you a bigger discount anyway.
– You MUST enter the code in the box at checkout. It cannot be applied retrospectively.
– We cannot combine orders so if you place more than one separately they will be shipped separately.

We also spotted that Joji’s Fall KAL is starting soon and it occurred to us that this might be a good time to put our Joji Yarn Packs into the sale, too. They’re designed for any pattern that uses five 100g skeins of 4ply/fingering weight yarn, e.g. Starting Point and Fading Point. I used one of these packs for a Starting Point wrap and loved it. It’s a great autumn project and the yarn pack with my colours is in the sale. Full details and sign ups for the KAL are in her Ravelry group (note that we are not affiliated with this in any way so can’t help you with anything other than yarn!).

That is all for now but our hand dyed yarn updates will be coming thick and fast with news of lots of pattern releases in our yarns!

July 3, 2019

Our next hand-dyed yarn update

  • A white basket of purple yarn.

Here in the UK and across Europe, temperatures are soaring and we know from personal experience that the last thing you want to be working with is thick, heavy yarn. We have the perfect antidote for that in our next update, which will be taking place at 7pm (UK time) on Friday 5th July and will feature Titus Lace. Titus Lace is a beautiful, shimmery, soft and smooth 2ply laceweight. The merino is superwash (although we recommend you handwash anything made in laceweight yarn) and together with the silk content creates great stitch definition and a fabric with great drape.

Friday 5th July also sees the release of part two of the Four Seasons Collection, our collaboration with Jaya (@jayalakshmimh on Instagram). The Sun and Shower shawl is a circular shawl knit from the centre outwards using Titus Lace in new colourway Sunrise. Members of the subscription club have already been sent their boxes containing a printed copy of the pattern, the yarn required for the design plus a few specially selected goodies. In the update we will also have individual boxes for this design and copies of the printed pattern available on the website. Subscriptions to the club are also still open and if you sign up now you will receive both the Echoing Green and the Sun and Shower boxes now and then the Autumn and Winter boxes will be sent to you ahead of their respective pattern releases. Four more information about the collection head over to our Blog and search Four Seasons.

We have an exciting new page on the website which showcases all the beautiful pattern designs we have been involved with. It can be accessed from the Blog drop down menu at the top of the website, just click on the Design Collaborations link which features at the top left of the drop down menu. On the page you will also find links to the patterns and ways to follow the designers.

Over the summer we are doing things a bit differently with smaller but more frequent updates. Last week saw one of these mini-updates featuring Oakworth DK, our New Zealand Polwarth yarn. There is still a lovely selection of colourways available on the website so check them out before they go! We love this yarn but feel it can be overlooked for the better known Merino and BFL based yarns. If you would like to find out more about the incredible Polwarth sheep from which our Oakworth DK comes, enter Polwarth into the Blog search to find our blog post about them.

June 6, 2019

Anyone for rainbow mini skeins?

  • A set of pastel mini skeins.

Our next update will take place at 8 a.m. on Friday, 7th June (UK time) and will consist of Carlisle Fingering in both full 100g skeins and 20g mini skeins. The update will include mini skein fade sets which are packs of five skeins, fading from one colourway to another. Also included are rainbow mini skein sets which, as you might guess, come as a set of seven and you have a choice of a Jewel Rainbow set, in which the colours are deep and saturated, or a Pastel Rainbow set in which the colours are light pastel shades. The full skeins available in the update are all variegated colourways, some of which are OOAK Cottage Originals blending some of our most popular colourways together.

Carlisle Fingering is our Superwash Merino singles yarn and is soft, smooth, smooshy and cloud-like. It knits/crochets into a soft, snuggly fabric with a little bit of a fluffy halo, but nonetheless good stitch definition. It comes out light and airy, but warm and cosy at the same time. Also still available on the website are a selection of full and mini skeins of our sparkly Nateby 4ply yarn, including mini skein fade sets, and Bowland DK from our last update.

Recently added to the website, we also have a new project bag design. It features Victoria’s Bluefaced Leicester sheep design which can be found on other Eden Extras such as the Notions Pouches and Tote Bags as well as the most recent dyelots of Milburn 4ply and Milburn DK.

May 16, 2019

Hands up for sparkly yarn!!

  • A set of five skeins of purple yarn with sparkles.

Here at ECY Shedquarters we love the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place every year. We take the opportunity to get together with friends for good food, a few drinks and most importantly some awesome (and some not so awesome?!) music. What better way to celebrate this spectacular camp-fest than with some fabulous sparkly yarn! Our next update is mostly dedicated to Nateby 4ply with a great selection of full 100g skeins, individual 20g skeins and five mini skein fade sets. The fade sets start with one of our popular colourways and fade through to another colourway. The set in the pictures is Black Magic Rose to Rust, but we also have Stonecrop to Compost among others.

The update goes live on Tuesday 21st May at 8 p.m. (UK time) so set those alarms! Also in the update is an ECY classic, Bowland DK, which is our 100% superwash British Bluefaced Leicester yarn. If you prefer 4ply/fingering-weight yarns, you will still find a great selection of Bowland 4ply on the website from our last update.

We are closed on Friday 17th and Monday 20th May so orders placed will be processed after we come back on Tuesday 21st May. We ship worldwide and our shipping costs can be found on the Shipping Info page of our website which you can find a link to in the website footer.

April 11, 2019

We have two exciting new yarns for you!

  • Light pink yarn.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival is starting to feel like a distant memory, but it was so great to get the chance to meet so many lovely people from all around the world. Thank you to everyone who did come and say hello to us and to those who couldn’t make it this year we hope to see you at a future event.

We are back to work with an update to tell you about and two exciting new yarns:

The first is available on the website now and is called Askham Aran. This soft, dreamy yarn is such a joy to work with and wear — it creates a warm, fluffy, and drape-y fabric which can feel heavy to work with but is still lovely and light to wear. The gentle sheen shows through the alpaca fluff, meaning that stitch definition is not crisp but is still visible. The yarn is the same luscious blend of baby alpaca and silk that is also be found in Askham Lace and Askham 4ply and we have a number of our signature colourways available to choose from. It has undergone rigorous testing (knitting and crochet) and the whole ECY team adores the combination of shine and warmth. It also definitely passed the squish test with everyone who tried it at Edinburgh!! You can find our finished projects on Raverly here.

Our next update will take place at 8 a.m. (UK time) on Monday 15th April and will include Titus DK, Pendle Chunky and our second BRAND NEW yarn, Hayton DK. Hayton DK, like its 4ply counterpart, is a beautiful mix of smooth, bouncy Merino, a little nylon to make it more hard wearing and a dash of Cashmere for the ultimate luxury. It knits with both bounce and drape in equal measure — using larger needles and a lacy pattern creates drape, whilst smaller needles and a closer stitch type creates a nice warm, cosy fabric. The mix of fibres combines the best of both worlds. We have also tested this yarn and can confirm it is every bit as lovely as the 4ply version. Our finished knit and crochet projects using this yarn can be viewed on Ravelry here.

With all this focus on the new yarns, you would be forgiven for thinking the other yarns in the update are purely filler, but you would be so wrong! Titus DK is a beautiful and subtle yarn. It is a very luxurious blend of Superwash Merino and mulberry silk. The silk gives it a gorgeous shine (especially in dark or rich colours). It is ideal for all sorts of projects, from gloves to garments and everything in between. It washes well in the machine, and the silk gives it strength so it can take a lot of use.

Pendle Chunky is a smooshy, soft, warm, bouncy and smooth Superwash Merino yarn, which has great stitch definition, making it perfect for a wide variety of projects. We particularly love it in hats and cowls, although its next-to-skin softness makes it just as good in sweaters.

February 28, 2019

Two subscriptions and an update!

You would be forgiven for thinking that in the run up to Edinburgh Yarn Festival here in the UK we might be focusing solely on that, but here at ECY Shedquarters we had other ideas! So this week we have LOTS to share with you including the latest round of signups to our monthly yarn club, an exciting collaboration and our usual website update.

Most exciting for us is the next stage of our relationship with Jaya (aka Jayalakshmi – @jayalakshmimh on Instagram) in the form of a very special collaboration, the Four Seasons Collection subscription. Four Seasons is a collection of four shawls/wraps inspired by Jaya’s love for simple and meaningful poetry, by some of her favourite poets. Each poem and the associated design celebrate the season while also conveying a deeper meaning and philosophy of life.

For each design we will be preparing a parcel which will include; the pattern; the yarn required; a packet of tea; and other goodies. Payment is made for the whole collection up front and then subscribers can sit back and wait to receive their quarterly kits in time for the release of the pattern. To sign up head to our website at 7 p.m. UK time on Friday 1st March but please be aware that numbers are limited.

Also going live on the website on Friday at 7 p.m. UK time is the next round of signups for our monthly exclusive yarn subscription club, The Potting Shed. Sign up for three or six months to receive a monthly parcel containing a skein of 4ply/fingering yarn in an exclusive OOAK colourway, a soap/skincare product and a postcard showing the inspiration for the colourway. The Potting Shed has been running for six months now and we have been able to offer more slots so make sure to head to the website to check it out. Sign ups will stay open until 31st March or until all slots have been filled!

Last, but most certainly not least, is our next update which will be live on the website on Sunday 3rd March at 1 p.m. UK time and will be Oakworth 4ply which is our 100% Superwash NZ Polwarth wool yarn. Oakworth 4ply is a gorgeous, crisp, bouncy and smooth yarn, which has great stitch definition. It is perfect for socks, being hardwearing, but also perfect for shawls, hats, fingerless mitts, cardis, sweaters and more. We have a great selection to choose from in the update including some of our newer variegated/dappled colourways alongside the signature muted ECY palette of semisolids. After this our next update will be our Post-EYF stock update which will take place in early April.

Happy Shopping!

February 14, 2019

Marvellous Merino in many forms

Our next hand-dyed yarn update goes live on our website,, on Saturday 16th of February at 8 p.m. UK time. Yarns included will be: Pendle 4ply and Pendle Chunky (both 100% Superwash Merino), Brimham 4ply minis (85% Superwash Merino, 15% nylon) and Nateby 4ply rainbow 🌈 minis (75% Superwash Merino, 20% nylon, 5% silver Lurex).

Pendle 4ply is a gorgeous, smooshy, soft, bouncy and smooth superwash merino yarn, which has great stitch definition. It is perfect for a wide variety of projects, although may be too soft for socks (or you may want to reinforce heels and toes with nylon thread held alongside the yarn).

Pendle Chunky is a smooshy, soft, warm, bouncy and smooth superwash merino yarn, which has great stitch definition making it perfect for a wide variety of projects, especially those winter woollies.

Brimham 4ply is a soft and bouncy sock yarn. The extrafine Merino Wool is the same quality as you will find in our other Merino-blend yarns with the addition of nylon making it especially hard wearing if it’s going to be well-worn and washed a lot. It’s great for a really wide range of projects, especially socks, and being machine washable (at 40 degrees or less) makes it very practical. This update consists of mini skeins of Brimham 4ply which are ideal for adding contrast colours to projects or for those times that a full skein is too much (apparently this is a thing…🤷‍♂️).

Also in this update we have sparkly rainbow sets of our Nateby 4ply mini skeins, which have been used in the Rainbow Smiles Sweater pattern by Dora. These would be perfect for any multicoloured project with the subtle sparkle adding an extra touch of luxury while also being highly practical owing to the nylon content.

All the colours available in the update will be posted in the Facebook event page and a Flickr album so that you can plan your purchases. We have something for everyone, so don’t hesitate as yarns can sell very quickly.

January 31, 2019

A DK yarn update and a sale from Eden Cottage Yarns

The latest update went live on our website on Thursday 31st January. Yarns included are Pendle DK and Bowland DK so you get to choose between 100% superwash merino or 100% superwash bluefaced leicester. At the time of writing there is stock available in a beautiful selection of colourways so head to the home page of the website.

While you are on the website make sure you check out the stock included in our Yarnuary sale (that’s totally a thing, right?!). We decided it was time to have a bit of a clear out and so are offering 15% off the price of selected yarns on the website when you use the discount code 15YARNUARY2019. This cannot be used in conjunction with the free shipping offer. Yarns from the most recent updates are not included in the sale and we have not yet decided how long the sale will last so get your purchases in sooner rather than later!

January 10, 2019

Sunday shop update

Our next hand dyed yarn update goes live at 1 p.m. UK time on Sunday 13th January.

It will consist of Hayton 4ply in a selection of variegated and semi-solid colourways. Hayton 4ply is a beautiful mix of smooth, bouncy merino, a little nylon to make it more hard wearing, and a dash of cashmere for the ultimate luxury. It knits with both bounce and drape in equal measure – using larger needles and a lacy pattern creates drape, whilst smaller needles and a closer stitch type creates a nice warm, cosy fabric.

As always, our updates can sell out really quickly so please just be aware that there might be a lot of competition for skeins and you’ll need to be quick on the day. I don’t want to panic you, it’s just something to be aware of!

As a reminder, we ship worldwide.

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