March 26, 2020

Keep calm and ‘Cat Knit’ on

  • A woman in a gray colorwork hat with a black and white cat.

I wouldn’t normally go for the “Keep calm and…” trope but on this occasion it does fit in perfectly here, I’m afraid! I do hope that wherever you are and whatever your situation, you are staying safe and well. It’s such a weird time, isn’t it — being cheerful and talking about lovely new things seems a bit off, but at the same time being negative is hardly helpful either.

ECY is still going — Laura works from her bat cave at home in Cambridgeshire anyway, and obviously I work from home anyway too, I just now don’t have any physical help. I called our post office this week to ask how they feel about me continuing to send post (David drops it off on his way to work and he’s still working full time, so it’s no extra travel) — they asked me to please keep sending post over as often as I can (I did ask if it would help to bring it in on fewer days per week), as they are a small self-employed business and really need to keep afloat for as long as possible — and I am their biggest customer. So I’m still sending post at the moment — obviously if that changes I will let you know. It will take longer for me to dispatch orders though now as I’m packing them in between dyeing, processing yarn, photographing said yarn, and doing all my usual social media and stuff. Again, if anything changes I will let you know!

With all that out of the way I wanted to tell you that we have a VERY exciting update happening on Saturday at 8 a.m. UK time! Now… we wouldn’t have planned to have a huge update right in the middle of a pandemic, especially not one that involves a lot of investment in yarn, merchandise, books, and so much time… but it’s been in the offing for 12 months and we couldn’t possibly have known what would happen!

This weekend sees the launch of Cat Knits by Marna Gilligan of ‘an caitin beag’ (she of sinister cat fame!). Cat Knits is a book of 16 knit designs all featuring Marna’s signature kitties on a mixture of garments and accessories. It’s a wide-ranging book actually — it feels like there’s more than 16 items in there. Each chapter covers a different yarn weight, so there’s a 4ply section, and DK section, an Aran section, and a Chunky section, all using our yarns. Each section has a garment AND matching accessories included, and they range from nice simple textures, to stranded colourwork (like sinister cats), to intarsia.

With everything that is going on globally, plans for the launch have changed many times over the past few weeks and may still change again, but the CURRENT plan (correct as of the time of writing!!) is that Marna, Laura and I will be going live online on Instagram at 2 p.m. UK time on Saturday. We really hope that you will join us as together we talk through each of the designs, the yarns required and other items that have been produced to accompany this fantastic book. If you can’t join us don’t worry — I think the video will be available for playback (I am a bit clueless about live streaming if I’m honest), and we will turn it into a blog post too for better accessibility.

In the update we will have:
– copies of the book
– yarn packs for each of the 16 designs in the book
– Eden Cottage Cats project bags
– some of Marna’s items (tote bags, stitchmarker sets and pin badges)
– plus our own exclusive Eden Cottage Cats enamel badge (due for delivery next week so we might have a slight delay on those).

There will also be a few additional colours of Pendle Chunky that can be used in place of Silver Birch for the Chunky chapter. We also have an option for you to buy all the merchandise with one click. The “very catty merch” bundles are limited so get in quick if you want to get hold of them!

Although this update has taken a large proportion of our focus that hasn’t impacted other yarns being added to the website. Only last week we added a selection of colourways in our alpaca/silk yarns Askham 4ply and Askham Aran.

March 12, 2020

News of charity yarn coming this weekend

  • Pastel rainbow mini skeins.

When we heard about Operation: Social Justice, we felt we had to get involved as it is a great opportunity to spread the love with acts of random kindness. Our chosen charity is Stonewall, an organisation in the UK supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Our next update will be going live at 12 noon UK time on Sunday 15th March and will include a special one-off colourway “Trans Rights are Human Rights” on our Brimham HT base. We will also have pastel rainbow mini skein sets on the same base. 20% of the purchase price of these two products will go to Stonewall. There are a limited number of skeins of the one-off colourway but if they sell out we will open preorders for more.

Over the past few weeks we have been very busy adding yarn to the website, restocking some of our popular bases. On Friday 13th March we will add a few colourways of Bowland 4ply, our 100% British Bluefaced Leicester yarn. Last week we had a small sock yarn update featuring Tempo 4ply and Brimham 4ply in a selection of browns and neutrals. Before that was a bumper Hayton 4ply update, adding a great selection of variegated colourways and semisolids on one of our most popular bases, a blend or Merino, Cashmere and nylon. Prior to that we had Oakworth DK, our New Zealand Polwarth yarn, in a great selection of colourways. This yarn is a real workhorse and is great in a wide variety of projects including the free Follifoot Legwarmers pattern, which is available both or our website and on Ravelry.

Looking forward to next Friday we are very excited to announce that we have an alpaca-based update with both Askham 4ply and Askham Aran getting a much needed restock. Both of these yarns are a blend of baby alpaca with silk, making them super soft with a lovely shine.

February 20, 2020

News of our next update and a new pattern release

  • Skeins of sky blue yarn.

Our next update is Oakworth 4ply and it will be live on the website on Friday 21st February at midday UK time! This is a big bumper update with plenty of colours to choose from and is in support of a special pattern release — read on for more information about this.

Oakworth 4ply is our New Zealand Polwarth yarn, if you want to read more about the incredible sheep it comes from we have a blog post about it on our website. This yarn is a bit underrated in my opinion – it’s soft, hardwearing, and has good stitch definition – so I am delighted for it to be featured, and I hope you’ll give it a try. 🥰

The Blossoming Sweater (which is absolutely gorgeous by the way!) by Rachel Illsley of Unwind Knitwear is being released on Friday and calls for Oakworth 4ply (funnily enough!). We will have plenty of stock in the original colours used by Rachel for the design – Driftwood and Briar Rose. However, I’ve also dyed a wide range of other semi-solid colourways so that you can play with your own colour combinations; PLUS there are a handful of lovely variegated colourways, just because. 🙂 Rachel is offering a 15% discount off the price of the pattern until Monday 24th February and there will be a KAL running for this design in the Unwind Knitwear group on Ravelry, too.

February 13, 2020

Coniston Fingering coming back to the website on Saturday!

  • Blue and white fuzzy yarn.

A few months back we launched an exciting new yarn, Coniston Fingering and we were blown away by how much everyone loved it. Not that this should have come as a surprise as the whole ECY team are besotted with it. Coniston Fingering is beautiful extra fine Merino with luxurious superkid mohair (the finest and softest fibres obtained from the first shearing) all lovingly spun into a singles yarn. We just love the combination of a single ply with a beautiful mohair halo. It is soft, fuzzy, drapey but with a little bounce too, and just a sheer delight to work with.

We just knew that as soon as possible we needed to have more on the website and so this Saturday at 3pm UK time we will have a great selection of our signature muted semi-solids alongside variegated colourways. There should be something for everyone! Head over to the home page of the website on Saturday to find all the lovely new yarn.

We do also have some colourways still available from our most recent update including Pendle Aran and Bowland DK, the DK is in sweater quantities! Plus we have kits available for the final pattern in the Four Seasons Collection, our incredible collaboration with Jayalakshmi of Apoorva Designs.

February 6, 2020

Our next hand-dyed yarn update

  • Skeins of green yarn.

Happy February everyone! I am here with news of our next hand-dyed yarn update, which will be going live on Saturday 8th February at 5pm UK time. The update will include Bowland DK, Pendle Aran and the final installment of the Four Seasons Collection, our collaboration with Jayalakshmi of Apoorva Designs. Snowy Evening is the winter design, which is to be released on Saturday and it uses four skeins of Pendle Aran in colourway Oak. The update will include printed copies of the pattern, a limited number of the winter subscription boxes and add-on kits which allow you to choose your own yarn to be made into a kit. As the collection is now complete we also have a pattern bundle so that you can purchase all four patterns together at a discounted price.

December 19, 2019

Hand dyed yarn to support a stunning new pattern!

  • Skeins of pink wool and mohair yarn.

We have a very special update planned for you on Tuesday 24th December at 10 a.m. UK time. The yarns included are Titus 4ply, our Merino and silk blend, Eldwick Lace, mohair and silk and a small top up of Hayton DK, Merino, Cashmere and nylon. This may seem like a randomly thrown together selection but it is to support a new pattern release which I can’t share just yet, but rest assured it is bound to be popular! There are two options for yarn for this design, either using the Hayton DK on its own OR holding the Titus 4ply double with Eldwick Lace. With that in mind we have come up with a large number of combinations of the Titus 4ply and Eldwick Lace to give you some ideas. Check out our flickr to find the album of the combinations!

On Monday just gone we had a small update of Nateby 4ply and Nateby 4ply mini skeins, some in festive colourways. If you worried that you missed out, don’t worry we still have a great selection left available on the website. Plus we have restocked the Woodbine sweater yarn packs so if you wanted to give that beautiful jumper a go, check out the website.

I should also mention that although we will be accepting orders through the website, we will close on Friday 20th December and not be back until Monday 6th January. We will process orders and start replying to emails following our return in January.

Seasons Greetings to all and we wish you a very Happy New Year! Here’s to a joyful 2020 xxx

December 5, 2019

Limited Edition Festive Yarn and a Crochet Scarf kit from Janie Crow

  • White yarn speckled with green and red.

I am feeling really creative at the moment and you may have noticed this coming out in my whimsical seasonal yarns. This year I am feeling very festive already and have thrown caution to the wind (I know how to live!) with a new colourway I am calling Festive Fun! It was first released on our new Brimham High Twist sock yarn base, which is a blend of extrafine Merino with nylon in a fingering weight but this sold out really quickly and so I have opened a pre-order for more. This plus two other winter inspired colourways (Winter Lights, and Winter Solstice), and a OOAK Cottage Original batch are available on the website now.

I have also added a little batch of fluffy Festive Fun (Coniston Fingering – our other new yarn, Merino and Mohair!!) and sparkly Festive Fun (Nateby 4ply) will be coming soon. Which leads me nicely on to our next update which will be Nateby 4ply and will take place on Monday 16th December at 8 a.m. (UK time). You can expect Festive Fun plus a combination of variegated colourways and our signature semisolids.

Here at ECY Shedquarters we love sharing the results of collaborations with designers and this week we have an incredibly exciting design to share with you. Jane Crowfoot (you may know her better as Janie Crow) has really captured everything that is great about the Milburn DK palette in the Magic Circles Scarf – when I put together the Milburn palette I had in mind the overall ‘look’ – so to see it crocheted up into such a beautiful design is quite a significant wish fulfilment for me if I’m honest. Hence my gushing about it!

For now this design is only available as a kit including 17 balls of Milburn DK and a printed copy of the pattern which you can get hold of either through our website or Jane’s.

Are you looking for a present for the yarnie in your life but aren’t sure what to get? We can help!! We have gift vouchers available on the website all year round. Or for a more personal touch we offer Gift Selection Help. Simply select the size of gift and give us some details about the recipient (e.g., do they knit/crochet? What colours do they love/ should we avoid? Are they a beginner/more experienced?) and we will put together a parcel especially for them! You can find both items in the Gifts section of the website which can be accessed via the Yarn menu.

With Christmas fast approaching we are already feeling the effects. The most important for our customers is how this affects our order shipping timelines. Please allow a little bit of extra time for delivery during this busy time and take note of the following last order dates to allow adequate time for delivery by Christmas. Orders placed after this probably won’t arrive in time. We won’t be processing orders after the 20th as we’ll be closed for annual leave (as you might imagine!).

UK 1st class Wednesday 18th December
UK 2nd class Monday 16th December
Mainland Europe/EU* Friday 13th December
USA/Canada Wednesday 11th December
Australia/New Zealand/*Eastern Europe
/Sweden/Italy/Greece/Turkey Monday 9th December
Asia/Far and Middle East/Central and
South America /Africa Friday 6th December

November 28, 2019

Merino and mohair in perfect harmony!

  • Icy blue fuzzy yarn.

We just love the combination of a single ply with a beautiful mohair halo. It is soft, fuzzy, drapey but with a little bounce too (when worked at a tighter gauge in particular), and just a sheer delight to work with. We have tested it at a tighter gauge where it behaved well with firmness and bounce, up to a large loose gauge where it created a very light and soft fabric with drape. Do you love the effect of holding a mohair strand with a fingering weight yarn? Do you find it a bit fiddly and wish you could get the same effect in ONE yarn? If so this is the answer!

Coniston Fingering is an incredibly indulgent blend of the best quality fibres, extrafine Superwash Merino with Superkid Mohair spun as a singles yarn. Superkid Mohair refers to the finest and softest fibres obtained from the first shearing making this yarn even softer than our Eldwick Lace but with the versatility and stitch definition of Carlisle Fingering.

Can I just add that I know that people think these yarns aren’t good for sweaters, but I really do beg to differ – I’ve got sweaters made in singles Merino yarns which are still going strong after years of wear. They haven’t pilled, dropped, or fallen apart in any way. It’s all about choosing the best quality fibres and having them spun properly. 🙂

Our latest update featuring this exciting new yarn went live on Wednesday but we still have stock available in a selection of our signature semisolids alongside some variegated OOAK batches and seasonal specials. ❤️ Also included in the update and with stock still available we have Carlisle Fingering mini skeins which would make great stocking fillers or are perfect for adding colour to designs.

That is not all that has been going on at ECY Shedquarters as we also have been making preparations for our Seasonal Stash boxes. We wanted to do something really special and festive again this year, so have teamed up with some lovely people to offer you a one-off seasonal gift package (kind of like a one-off club month). What we do is start with one of Ellen Shek’s beautiful handmade project bags (made exclusively for this collaboration), and then I dye yarn inspired by the fabric she chooses, and we put them together in a box along with a pattern download code, some special Birdhouse tea, a specially-made Mahliqa Wire stitch/row marker, and usually some other festive treats (because we can’t resist getting other little bits to add in for you!). We wrap it all up so that it’s a pleasure for you to dig into, and put it in a box for shipping. We only have crochet boxes left so please remember that stocks are limited, and once they’re gone we can’t produce any more. The boxes will be shipped on or around the 6th December and so should make it to you before a certain date in December, if you get what I mean! ????

November 7, 2019

Another new yarn added to the range!

  • Silver yarn with orange speckles.

Yesterday saw the release of our exciting new yarn Brimham High Twist, which is the same blend of Superwash extrafine Merino with nylon (85%/15%) as you will find in our Brimham 4ply but with… a TWIST!! ???? This version has two strands twisted tightly together give it a different texture, and make it a good solid yarn with plenty of structure. It’s smooth and soft enough for next to skin wear as well. Worked at a looser gauge it has enough drape for lace, and it has very crisp stitch definition for cables and lace. Being more tightly spun the yardage of this yarn comes in lower than its 4ply sister but with 360m/392yds per 100g this is still plenty for a shawl.

This new yarn is available on the website now in a selection of variegated and semi-solid colourways including some limited edition seasonal specials with another update coming soon.

Speaking of seasonal colourways, we have added a new section to the website especially for these limited editions. You can find it on the home page with a number of Halloween, Autumn and Bonfire night inspired colourways on a range of bases including Pendle Chunky and Nateby 4ply mini skeins. In amongst the seasonal colourways we have also been restocking several of our yarn bases including Hayton DK (Merino Cashmere and Nylon) plus two of our most popular yarns Titus 4ply and Hayton 4ply, Brimham 4ply mini skeins alongside the Pendle Chunky and Nateby 4ply mini skeins previously mentioned. Do be sure to check out the website!

September 19, 2019

Yarn packs for the Woodbine Pullover!

  • Skeins of purple and grey yarn.

Issue 9 of Laine magazine is being released on Friday 20th September and the cover design is the Woodbine pullover made using our Bowland Aran and Eldwick Lace. Sadly, this might be the last issue of the magazine, but we are honoured to have been involved and wish the team all the best moving forward.

So… our next update will go live on Friday 20th September at 7 a.m. (UK time) and will include yarn packs for the Woodbine pullover in six colour combinations with options for the sizes as detailed in the pattern. Also included in the update are other batches of both Bowland Aran and Eldwick Lace which could also be used to select your own colours for this design. The yarn packs will appear on the home page on Friday morning so all you need to do is go to the website and you’ll see them. They work out at a pretty hefty discount compared to buying the yarn separately. If we sell out, please don’t panic — we can produce more. ???? We have also ordered a few copies of this issue of Laine to sell alongside the yarn packs!

This week also sees the fourth anniversary of the release of our Drift Collection. Follow us on social media to join in the celebrations including a discount to all products on the Drift Collection page of the website and a giveaway. To reintroduce the collection we also have a new blog post appearing on the website on Friday showing all the designs reinvigorated in Milburn DK!

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