June 24, 2021

Lots of yarn new to the website and news for EU customers

  • Purple and green hand-dyed chunky yarn.

Things are quite difficult here at ECY Shedquarters at the moment. Lots of UK yarnies are struggling with the drop in sales at the moment (I tweeted about it recently and got a lot of sad DMs from various folks). This isn’t a cry for pity or help by the way (I’m pragmatic about it!) – just an explanation of where we’re at; and if you see people trying harder than ever on social media or reducing general stock levels this is probably why. If you are one of our EU or U.S. customers (the U.S. shipping charges tripled last year) and are still buying yarn from the UK then I really have to thank you profusely because I am acutely aware that the fees and stuff are not in your favour!

Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s basically a case of fighting something that’s actively trying to destroy my business and livelihood (and many others). We keep on dealing with things that it throws at us, and hopefully we will continue to do so, but it’s just constant and it feels so unnecessary. Plus it’s costing money which I don’t have. If you’ve ever wondered why on earth I’ve developed a love of running, this might help to explain why I do at the moment, as it’s the one thing that absolutely forces my brain to switch off (or should I say, into ‘trying to breathe’ mode 😆😆). Apologies for being ranty, but I do feel like I need to communicate sometimes about what is happening behind the scenes here.

Anyway… on with the yarn as that is what you are here for! I have added lots of new yarn to the website. Most recently was a few dyelots each of Pendle Chunky and Titus Fingering. We haven’t been able to get hold of Pendle Chunky for ages and so even though it is now summer in the UK (just about, haha) we had to have a little bit of a restock.. plus it is winter elsewhere in the world! (Pendle Chunky in Viola is shown in the images) Titus Fingering was really popular when we introduced it and we couldn’t resist restocking Sea Spray which sold out really fast, and adding a few other colours. Plus Falling Leaves (soft gold) is featured in The Knitter magazine which is out now. (Titus Fingering in Peony is shown in the images)

Before that we had updates of Brimham 4ply and Brimham DK. Brimham 4ply is our extrafine Merino/nylon sock yarn. Although we class this as a sock yarn it is a great all-rounder. It is soft enough for garments while being hard-wearing enough for items that get heavy usage. It’s soooo soft. If you would like some inspiration of how to use Brimham 4ply check out our Projects and Patterns blog post which can be found in the Yarn Specific Blog Posts section of the blog. (Brimham 4ply in Delphinium is shown in the images)

Brimham DK is the same Superwash Merino/nylon blend that you will find in Brimham 4ply but in DK weight. It is SO squishy and lovely. We debuted Brimham DK last year (in amongst the beginnings of the pandemic chaos!) but think it has been underrated so it is back this year with some different colourways. If you have a project you have made using Brimham DK that you would be happy for us to share in a blog post please drop us an email with the details and a high res image. Laura and I will also be starting projects using it very soon – we didn’t realise that we haven’t done yet! (Brimham DK in Pollen is shown in the images)

We have loads more yarn in progress and that includes Titus 4ply which should be going live on 7th July, a big Hayton 4ply update (finally – hooray!!!), Pendle DK which is even softer and more lush than it used to be, and the return of Brimham High Twist!

Don’t forget you can get a 10% discount on orders with a pre-tax value of over £100, excluding shipping costs which are calculated separately. Enter code 100THANKS in the discount codes box during checkout, to redeem it. Multiple codes cannot be used.

Would you like to see Eden Cottage Yarns in your LYS?
Well so would we! In 2014 I made the difficult decision to stop offering hand-dyed yarns to wholesale customers in all but a few cases, because I just didn’t have the infrastructure to be able to do it. However, 2021 finds ECY in different premises and with a whole team at my disposal, and I now think we are in a good position to start doing wholesale hand dyed yarn again. People already on our Wholesale Newsletter (I’m not sure if any of you are here) already know this but I thought it would be good to let you all know too.

So if you have a yarn store or know of one that might be interested they should get in touch by emailing us on [email protected] This is especially important to us for international stores as we continue to be impacted by the increased strain imposed by Brexit (I’m sure you can see now why I’m constantly ranting about it 🙈).

This next bit is for EU customers and it is REALLY important that you read this please (U.S. customers can ignore all of this!)
As of 1st July there will be changes to the rules regarding shipping orders to the EU. Orders below €150 (that’s £135 at today’s exchange rate) will incur VAT alongside potentially-higher customs charges upon import and we will not be able to join the IT system which would allow us to pay them until some time after 1st July (we have no idea when, and the only current system available is literally thousands of pounds to use). We have looked into limiting EU orders to those over €150 but this is not really feasible and actually it doesn’t benefit anyone as they’re also still liable for VAT and carriage fees anyway (just maybe less of an impact than on the smaller orders). A number of other sellers have decided to stop sales to the EU completely but we REALLY don’t want to do that.

There are a number of possible solutions in development and as soon as one becomes available to us we will implement it. Until that happens we will continue to ship orders to the EU but they will be classed as Delivered Duty Unpaid. This means there will be additional carriage charges to pay before the parcel will be delivered. Please do be aware that these charges are much higher than just the VAT alone, and if you return the parcel without accepting the fees we will be charged instead which would be really detrimental for us at what is already a very difficult time (it would force us to suspend EU orders altogether), so please, please, PLEASE consider that orders will be subject to additional fees at your end. It is out of our control unfortunately. Orders over €150 remain the same as they have been since January the 1st.

As soon as we are able to sign up for a system to allow us to include the fees upfront we will do so but as with everything else our government is woefully unprepared for these changes making it impossible for anyone else (especially us small businesses) to be prepared either. All of this being said, we are hoping to have a few more wholesale customers in Europe over the next few months which will help for ordering within the EU. I really hope you will stick with us though this difficult period – it’s pretty amazing that we’re still here as it is and I am so grateful to be able to say that.

If you’ve read this far I just wanted to say THANKYOU! We often get such lovely emails and comments, and it really does make our days. I generally try to be cheerful and positive, and that genuinely helps a lot with dealing with stuff, but I do believe in being realistic and communicative too.

Thank you again ❤️
– Victoria xox

June 1, 2021

Bumper Keld Fingering update!

Hooray! The sun has finally started shining here at ECY Shedquarters and I am so ready for it! Flowers are coming through, the birds are singing (so loud!), and I had my first Covid jab at the weekend. All this positivity really helps get the creative juices flowing and I am excited to bring you lots more lovely yarn. There’s nothing nicer than sitting in the shade on a sunny day and working on the latest project. 😍

Our next update will be going live on the website on Wednesday 2nd June at 3 p.m. UK time and will be Keld Fingering, our Merino linen singles yarn. We have been blown away by how popular this yarn is and the last update sold so quickly that we had to bring you more. And when I say more, I do mean an absolute mountain of it! I am *so* excited to unleash this lot!

You can find the update album on our flickr containing all the update colourways (there are quite a few!!). You can find an Introduction to Keld Fingering and our Keld Fingering Project and Pattern inspiration blog post on our new Yarn Specific Blog Posts Index. This is a fab new page which lists all the blog posts that are related to individual yarns. On the subject of blog posts, we have separated our posts out into four categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I have already mentioned the Yarn Specific Blog Posts, we also have FAQs, Shedcast Show Notes and ECY News which covers everything that doesn’t fit under any other category! Just click on the Blog heading in the main menu on the website to find links to all the blog sections.

Have you seen my latest new pattern? Riverside Walks is a large asymmetric triangular shawl combining fluffy garter stitch with sparkly lace sections which fade along the shawl. The pattern is available on our website and on Payhip but we have closed our Ravelry store. The pattern uses two skeins of Lowther Lace in Riverside with a Rosedale 4ply mini skein fade set in Ash but you could use a single 100g skein of any 4ply/fingering weight instead of the fade set. Our testers did a fantastic job in helping get this pattern ready to release and you can see some of these in our Riverside Walks blog post (in the ECY News section).

A few months ago we opened a preorder for hand-carved sheep, cows and shawl pins from Wood Works Crando. They are now finished and in transit from Japan! All of these have excited homes to go to but we are hoping to run another pre-order in the next few months. If you would like to find out as soon as the new preorder goes up drop us an email to [email protected] and we will add you to the list.

March 4, 2021

Pendle 4ply update and a sale!

  • Purple and pink yarn.

The bumper Pendle 4ply update is finally here! It went live on Monday, but don’t worry you haven’t missed out. I’ve been alluding to this update for ages — I had about 20 dye lots to play with which was really exciting for me as it meant not having to narrow down my colour choices so much. But then *everything* got in the way and it’s been sat waiting for ages for the photography to happen. On Monday the stars (or… clouds) finally aligned and I got all the photos done!

There are so many amazing colours for you to choose from, some deep and rich, some soft and pale and some variegated favourites. Pendle 4ply is an old favourite: pure Superwash Merino. It is soft and bouncy yarn which is great in shawls, accessories and garments. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend it for is socks because it is soft and fine wool, so after a few washes it’ll get a bit felted, and if you wear socks hard it would do the same. Not that it isn’t lovely on the tootsies, but it’s not the most ideal sock yarn. I have photographed lots of combinations of these yarns and you will find these in the update flickr album. Colours shown are: picture 1 – Mirkwood, Meadow Rue and Allium, picture 2 – Harbour, Cottage Snow Queen and Granite.

Also in flickr we have added combinations of Coniston Fingering with Keld Fingering to provide colourway inspiration for the latest pattern release from Jaya of Apoorva Designs. The Color Pop Shawl (picture used courtesy of Apoorva Designs) was first published in yarnpeople issue 5 but has been re-released with a new sample. Color Pop is a top-down, winged triangular shawl that uses a simple two-colour slip stitch pattern which creates coloured dots and lines that run across the length of the shawl giving it a classic texture. The shawl is a quick knit and also makes for a great start for those eager to learn slip stitch knitting. It uses one skein of Coniston Fingering as the main colour with one skein of Keld Fingering as the contrast colour. You will find the combinations on page 4 of the Two Colour Combination album. Combinations shown are Coniston Fingering in Ash with Keld Fingering in Dandelion and Coniston Fingering in Flowering Currant with Keld Fingering in Winter Garden.

🌼 Spring Sale 🌼
We had lovely weather here at ECY Shedquarters over the weekend so we thought we would do a spring sale to help clear the decks of some older batches. You can find all the reduced items in a section on the home page of the website, the prices have been reduced so you don’t need a discount code and you can still use the 100THANKS discount code for orders with a pre-tax value of over £100.

Having a clear out means more space for all the exciting yarn we have coming up over the next couple of months. Around mid-March we have a sparkly update including the introduction of Silverdale 4ply (like Rosedale 4ply but with silver stellina sparkle instead of gold!!). This is a huge update of Rosedale 4ply and Silverdale 4ply, full and mini skeins plus fade sets and rainbows! Late March we will have Keld Fingering – our super popular merino/linen singles yarn. Plus we have Hayton DK and Bowland DK almost ready for you and Bowland Aran going into the dyepots today and a lot more waiting to be dyed!!

February 25, 2021

Coniston Fingering live on the website!

  • Purple houndstooth fingerless mitts.

I have been off my feet for a while recovering from a procedure on my foot and that has slowed down yarn production but has meant I have had lots of time to work on pattern admin.

The first pattern I tackled was Rokeby, one of my oldest patterns – first released in 2010 😱 – fingerless mitts or fingerless gloves using two colours of Milburn 4ply™. They feature a houndstooth check pattern and an optional flip top to convert them into mittens. To revamp the pattern I obviously had to make a new sample, which turned into two samples 😆 and it reminded me how much I love houndstooth. Anyway, my point is that the pattern has been updated with new pictures and some clarifications to the instructions. You can get the digital download on our website. If you had previously purchased the download from either Ravelry or our website you should have had an email with the new version. If you had previously bought the pattern on Ravelry and can no longer access the site just pop us an email and we will send you a copy. The pattern contains two colour combinations and both have been made available as kits on the website alongside another bonus combination. You can choose from Fern with Charcoal, Black Tulip with Dusk or Estuary with Wicker. The kit includes a digital download of the pattern rather than a printed copy so you will receive that via a link in an email.

After working on the mitts I had the houndstooth bug and just had to keep going with it. From that the Rokeby Cowl was born! This cowl uses one 50g ball of each colour (I have used Milburn 4ply™ in Estuary and Wicker) and I have designed it so that you use as much of the ball as possible. The pattern is available on our website and you can also buy it as a kit in the same three colour options as the mitts so that you can make matching accessories or not! It is up to you. I have recorded a Shedcast about the design if you would like to know more and at the end of it I have included a demo of two-handed stranded colourwork knitting to give you an idea of how I do it. Check out the Shedcast over on the Eden Cottage Yarns YouTube channel — don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already! 😍

I have managed to get a couple of hours of photography done and so Coniston Fingering (Merino/mohair singles yarn) is live on the website now! I know you are going to love the great selection of colourways I have for you, some semi-solids and some variegated favourites. I have included my Carnations colourway (shown in the images, also shown is Dark Oak) too, in honour of Helda Panagary’s beautiful design, Frosted Neckerchief, from issue 131 of Inside Crochet. Digital copies of the magazine are still available online.

Liz Corke is the latest designer that we have interviewed for our blog and it is a really interesting read! To find out more about Liz and her designing process head over to the blog and do be sure to check out Liz’s website (we have a link to it in our blog post) for her latest pattern releases Claiseach and Dromanach. Claiseach is a hat made using a single skein of Hayton DK in Snow Leopard and Dromanach are mitts made using Hayton 4ply in Woodland Strawberries. The colours used for these two designs are both quite simple with a base of natural cream with dapples of colour providing interest. We have a small amount of new Hayton DK including Snow Leopard coming soon so will let you know when that is available. Woodland Strawberries will be available on Pendle 4ply when that update goes live (hopefully in the next week).

Milburn 4ply™ Yarnlings™ — Yes you read that right! Would you like a way of using different colours of Milburn without having to buy full balls? If so these packs are for you. On the website you will find a curated selection of Milburn 4ply™ Yarnling™ sets with options to suit any project. There are colour themed packs, bright packs, soft packs and a set of neutrals. We have also added a set of all 19 colours from the current palette. This set will also include Damson and Moss Yarnlings™ for free while stocks last so you will actually receive 21 colours for the price of 19! If you are new to the concept of Yarnlings™ we have a blog post which answers all the questions you might have.

February 11, 2021

Introducing the newest Milburn shade – Dusk!

  • A basked of purple balls of yarn.

Hello all! ECY Shedquarters has been enjoying some wonderful snow this past few weeks. It has been beautiful to look at but has given us a few issues with getting to the post office. The delays were never more than a day so there is nothing to worry about if you have placed an order.

The time has finally come for us to unveil the new addition to the Milburn palette. Please welcome Dusk!! Dusk has been an ECY classic for many years and we are sure it will be as popular on Milburn. To read more about this exciting new colourway check out our blog post about it. You will find our colour combination suggestions (the image shows Natural, Dusk and Estuary) on flickr and yarn packs including Dusk will be being added to the website over the next few weeks. Kits will gradually be updated with Dusk as an option over the next few weeks (this is quite a big job!!). If you see a kit on the website but would like to order it in Dusk before the option has been added choose another colour option and let us know in the order notes that you would like it in Dusk.

We have also been busy with producing the hand-dyed yarns you would expect from us. The snow makes it harder to get the yarn photographed so we aren’t able to give as much warning of when updates will be going live. The best way to find out when yarns go live is to sign up to our newsletter. You will find a link for this on the website. To give you an idea of what we have coming up, updates in progress include Pendle 4ply, Coniston Fingering, Lowther Lace, Rosedale 4ply and the introduction of Silverdale 4ply! Plus Bowland DK and Hayton DK so that should be plenty for you to choose from!

Our most recent update was Oakworth 4ply and before that we also snuck a few colourways of Bowland 4ply on to the website. Both of these yarns are pure Superwash wool, Oakworth 4ply being NZ Polwarth and Bowland 4ply being British Bluefaced Leicester. Oakworth 4ply is shown in colourways Hot Choc, Secret Garden and Cottage Original 2801210952. Bowland 4ply is shown in Murmuration and Larkspur. They are both really great all round yarns and I have done a great selection of colourways for you. Oakworth 4ply is a wonderfully versatile yarn. My latest pair of Daydreamer Socks used Oakworth 4ply in Bog Myrtle. You might not think of using a pure wool yarn for socks but the Polwarth wool is up to the test! This yarn is also great in shawls like Echoing Green by Jaya of Apoorva Designs which you can see in the images.

As we have Hosta and Larch included in this update we also have kits for this design back on the website. Our colours have evolved a bit over time and you can see the difference in Larch in the image. If these are not your colours there are plenty of other two colour combinations you can choose from and these can be made into a kit using the Add-on kit. If garments are more your thing, the Blossoming Sweater by Rachel Illsley of Unwind Knitwear is a beautiful design with colourwork detailing. This pattern is currently only available through Ravelry but showcases the yarn beautifully. Rachel used Driftwood and Briar Rose.

January 28, 2021

Announcing a new shade for the Milburn palette

  • A basket of yarn in black and white.

Friday will see the unveiling of our latest Milburn colourway! Yippeee! The announcement will be made in our newsletter at 1 p.m. and will be on social media shortly afterwards. You will be able to buy this new colourway on 4ply and DK from Monday 1st February at 9 a.m. UK time.

Friday also sees our Oakworth DK update go live at 1 p.m. We had hoped to have this update before the end of December but we ran out of time and haven’t really had suitable photography weather through January. Oakworth DK is pure Superwash Polwarth wool, so it’s more woolly than Merino, and I find it more hardwearing too. It’s a lovely crisp, solid yarn (it’s still smooth though) which softens with use. It makes a really nice addition to our stable as it is quite different to the merino and BFL bases. Colourways shown are Thunder, Twig. and Steel

A little bit earlier in the month we had a large mini skein update including Brimham 4ply and Nateby 4ply. Both of these yarns are Merino/nylon blends with Nateby being our original sparkly yarn also including silver lurex (picture shows Nateby colourways Hyssop, Faded Bloom, Hedgerow, Falling Leaves, Stone and Ash). There were also a few mini skeins of Rosedale 4ply (picture shows Damson, Coal and Tide) and the new Silverdale 4ply — these are also sparkly Merino/nylon blends but with Stellina – Rosedale has gold Stellina and Silverdale has silver! (see what we did there?!😆). We had hoped to have a full update to introduce Silverdale 4ply but the yarn is not currently available to us so this is on hold for a little while longer.

I have a couple of bits of shipping admin to share with you. With all the drama relating to shipping delays that the last few months brought us we have added another service level. You now will see the options for Standard shipping (split into first and second class for the UK only), Courier, and now the new Airmail Tracked & Signed option (1st class Signed For in the UK only). Signed For/Tracked and Signed is a way of adding extra peace of mind to your shipping without the extra cost associated with a courier shipment. This is a new offering for us and it may lead to some teething problems but hopefully it will be a positive addition all round. Take a look at our Shipping Info page to check out all the changes.

Customers in Europe are likely to experience delays in receiving their orders as the UK and EU work through the teething problems of the new trade deal. Please do be aware that if you are in the EU and placing an order with a VAT registered company in the UK, you are almost definitely going to have to pay an import tax. This is instead of the VAT that you would previously have paid as part of the order. It is the same system as you would use if you are ordering from America, China or any other non-EU country. Delivery agents (e.g. couriers/postal services) will also add their own fees on top of the import tax to cover their administration fees — we can’t tell you how much it’ll be because we are not given any indication of it at all. Sadly this is not something that we have any control over and is the new normal. Please do take this into consideration when placing orders as it will increase the overall cost of the order and the fees will have to be paid for you to receive your order.

We have also had notification that one of our main (and most reliable!) couriers has suspended part of their European service until they are more able to cope with the increased complexity of the process. When booking courier shipments we always do our best to find an appropriate service for the price charged to our customers. As the courier market is so variable at this time we may in some cases not be able to find a service to suit. In this case we will contact you to discuss possible options, whether this would be an increased cost for the shipment or the use of an alternative service. This is reflected on our Shipping Info page.

That’s the boring bit over with! The lovely Sophie McKane (aka Unicorn Designs) gave up some of her time for an interview with us about her life and designs. She is a fabulous knitwear designer specialising in (but not by any means limited to) garments for children and fingerless mitts. You can find links to the recent patterns she has released using our yarn on the Design Collaboration page but please be aware that some of the older links may be for Ravelry. Head over to our blog to read the interview.

We’re still working differently to how we used to, due to Covid restrictions and being as careful as possible. Between that and Brexit-related delays (which I’m sure will be a recurring theme for some time to come, sorry!) my turnaround time on yarn is about the same as last year – slow! It’s fine and I for one am not unhappy about it; it’s just different. We’re increasingly seeing undyed yarn being unavailable because of Covid and Brexit shipping issues mentioned earlier, and I’m not sure when that’s all going to be cleared up, so in the meantime I’ll just be doing updates of what I can actually get! Here’s an idea of where we’re up to (yarn availability notwithstanding):

Bowland 4ply – nearly ready
Oakworth 4ply – dyed
Pendle 4ply – this is a big one and currently in the dye pots
Coniston Fingering – waiting to go in the dye pots
Lowther Lace – waiting to go in the dye pots
Titus 4ply – planned
A sparkly update including mini skeins (hopefully Rosedale and Silverdale 4ply!) – aiming for mid-March
Bedale 4ply – planned
Bowland DK – aiming for April
Titus DK – pencilled in for May

November 30, 2020

Exciting new Keswick Aran

  • Green yarn with tweed neps.

The yarn updates are coming thick and fast now so with no further ado allow me to introduce Keswick Aran! As you may be able to guess from the name this is the same tweedy Merino yarn we have had in fingering and DK weight but in aran weight. If you have tried either of the other weights you will know that it is lovely soft Superwash Merino with donegal neps in cream, brown and black throughout. I love this blend so much and dyeing it is super-fun. On lighter colourways the darker neps show through and on darker colourways the lighter neps are more prominent. It just adds another exciting dimension to the yarn and really inspires my creativity. This yarn went live on the website on Friday but we have some stock still available. Colours in the images are Woodland, Faded Bloom and Slate.

The week before we added some Askham 4ply to the website to support the release of ViTalina Craft’s Lacystorm Sweater pattern which you can find on Payhip and Ravelry. Askham 4ply is a luxurious blend of baby alpaca and silk which some will remember from our mill dyed range of the same name. Now it is only available as a hand dyed yarn and we have a really nice selection available on the website. Colours shown in the images are Cloudberry, Scorched Moors and Meadow Rue. You will also find our Festive Fun colourway available on both Pendle Chunky and Nateby 4ply, these are likely to be the last batches of this colourway for 2020 so don’t leave it too late if you want to add a skein or two to your stash.

Over on the blog you will find a post about Christmas posting dates. If you are thinking of ordering but want items to arrive before Christmas please take a look at the blog post and allow plenty of time! There is also a new Shedcast up on the Eden Cottage Yarns YouTube channel so please do check that out.

November 19, 2020

Lots of yarny news!!

  • Hanging rainbow of yarn.

Can it really have been a month since my last post?? I have so much yarn to tell you about so it must have been!!

The updates have been coming thick and fast but don’t worry there is plenty to choose from. Our most recent update came this week and was Eldwick Lace, our luxurious mohair/silk blend. We now have so many colours for you to choose from and enough available stock to suit almost any project. We couldn’t update Eldwick and not also add some Bowland Aran at the same time. Why? you may ask… For Woodbine sweater yarn packs of course!! This pattern has been amazingly popular and is a fabulous snuggly winter jumper. Fiona Alice released the pattern recently so it is now available to buy directly from her and we have two yarn pack options available, the original Oak/Bark colourway and a version pairing Rambling Rose with Bark and Eldwick Lace in Briar Rose.

This latest update also means we have restocked a small quantity of Cat Knits aran weight yarn packs. So at the time of writing we have the book – Cat Knits by Marna Gilligan and yarn packs for all 16 of the designs available on the website. The perfect gift for knitters who love cats!

On the subject of gifts, we know this festive season is going to be challenging for many and so we wanted to offer any little assistance we can. To do this, we have a new blog post full of Gift Ideas (https://www.edencottageyarns.co.uk/blogs/news/gifting-in-2020). One of our couriers mentioned the other day that they are as busy now as they would normally be in the last week before Christmas so please do take into consideration that shipping may take longer than you expect and allow plenty of time for delivery!

Also on the blog you will see the first of a new series of blog posts detailing patterns and projects by yarn type. The first one published is Askham 4ply in readiness for an update coming very soon. We really wanted this to be a way of showing how others have used each yarn and providing pattern inspiration without Ravelry. It isn’t a database but we do see it as a living entity like our Design Collaboration page. If you would like to have a project shared on the blog there will be information about how to do so in the post. We love seeing your makes! Another new category you will find on the blog is Shedcast Show Notes. These are lists of links for any items mentioned in the Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast which you can find on the ECY YouTube channel. We try to release the Show Notes as quickly as possible after the Shedcast but it most definitely is Irregular…

Other recent yarn updates you may have missed have included Pendle Aran, Carlisle Fingering and Nateby 4ply. All three are merino based yarns, Carlisle is singles fingering weight, Nateby is our original silver sparkle 4ply and Pendle Aran is perfect for those wintery projects and quick makes. Some of the colourways include autumnal seasonal specials so make sure to grab them before they are gone. We have also snuck a new batch of Nateby 4ply in Festive Fun on the website as the last batch sold so quickly.Milburn DK in Steel is finally back in stock meaning we also have yarn packs for Magic Circles by Janie Crow back in stock with or without the pattern.

The last bit of news I have for you relates to patterns. My Ambleside Shawl pattern has been revamped with a new sample and updated pictures. If you have previously purchased the pattern you should automatically have received an update for it. If that purchase was on Ravelry and you are no longer using the site please do email us. The new version uses Hayton DK which we just to happen to have a great selection of. Also recently released using Hayton DK is Louise Tilbrook’s Barn Door Cowl. It is available on Payhip and looks so wonderfully squishy and snuggly!

Phew… well done for making it this far! I won’t leave it so long next time!! 🤣

October 15, 2020

Latest news from ECY Shedquarters

  • Green, mint and cream yarn.

It has been a busy few weeks here at ECY Shedquarters. Renovations are coming along nicely and the end is in sight! I am so looking forward to getting back to whatever classes as normal these days!! Even though the house is in chaos I have been managing to keep preparing lovely updates of yarn for you all. Over the last few weeks we have had updates of: Rosedale 4ply – our gold sparkly sock yarn in full skeins, mini skeins and mini skein fade sets for Helda Panagary’s Transference Shawl in this months issue of Inside Crochet. Pendle Chunky – super soft Merino in a selection of colourways that work well together as well as being beautiful on their own. This selection also works really well with the older batches on the website which are on sale to clear! We also have a great selection of Keld Fingering (merino/linen singles yarn) available from that update so there are plenty of yarns to choose from for any project. You can see all the update yarns plus our suggestions for colour combinations in flickr.

Over the next few weeks we have lots more for you and more still planned for the coming months! Almost ready to be added to the website we have Carlisle Fingering – our original merino singles yarn. After that we have Pendle Aran ready for those wintery makes and Nateby 4ply – our original silver lurex sparkle yarn. Plus we will soon have news of our Seasonal Stash Boxes to share with you and we are really excited about this one!!

Somehow Socktober took us by surprise this year although I do tend to start thinking about making socks in September so maybe that is why. Anyway… I know lots of you will be thinking about socks and so we have put our Sock Yarn category onto the homepage. In that collection you will find all the yarns that we class as proper sock yarns. By this I mean the yarns that are hard-wearing enough to withstand a lot of use and that it wouldn’t hurt too much to put through the wash (although I do really recommend hand washing any handmade items to be on the safe side!). Tempo 4ply and Brimham High Twist are my current favourites for socks but there are lots of other bases in the collection so do go take a look!

At the weekend I managed to record a new episode of The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast and you can find it (in two parts) on the Eden Cottage Yarns YouTube channel. With not having done one for a while I had a LOT to talk about so please do check it out!

In the Shedcast you may hear me mention Whitfell Chunky being on sale. I was a bit muddled (my brain is totally full of fluff!! 🤣) and got it confused with Whitfell DK which is on sale to clear with only the Ebony colourway left, but it got me thinking and I decided that we could have a flash sale on Whitfell Chunky too! Whitfell Chunky is 100% baby alpaca and is super soft and snuggly. For the rest of the month of October if you add Whitfell Chunky to your cart you will automatically receive a 10% discount on those items, no code is required. You can find a link to Whitfell Chunky near the top of the home page as well as in the Yarn menu. As always you can only use one discount on any order and so you will not be able to use the 100THANKS code for any orders which include Whitfell Chunky. This offer ends at midnight on Saturday 31st October UK time.

Our Milburn stock levels are finally getting back to normal, most colours are now available on both 4ply and DK with only Milburn DK in Steel still critically low. We are expecting new stock for this colour and a few others to arrive in the next few weeks!

October 1, 2020

Two bumper updates available to browse NOW!

  • Pale pink speckled yarn.

Hello all, dare I say it feels a bit autumnal again? As much as I love the heat, autumn (or fall for some of you!) brings Sweater Weather!! But, not just sweaters; shawls, hats, mitts… all the things it was too hot for over the summer. Have you started any winter projects yet?

Our most recent update went live on Thursday the 1st of October and was a bumper update of Keld Fingering. There is still a wonderful selection of colourways and plenty to choose from! Keld Fingering is a blend of Superwash extrafine Merino with linen and although it is a relatively new yarn it has been so popular! We love it for lighter tops as it is soft enough for next to skin wear. But it also works brilliantly in shawls and other projects. The linen takes the colour differently to the wool and so the finished fabric has a marled effect especially in the darker colourways. Laetus by Padma Ramesh is a beautiful shawl made using this yarn and we included the Lagoon colourway used by Padma in this update. Laetus, which means both “joyful” and “successful,” is a crescent shawl in all-over lace and the pattern is available on PayHip. The images show Keld Fingering in Summer Petals and Flowering Currant

Last week we had another bumper update which was an ECY classic. Titus 4ply is a blend of superwash extrafine merino with mulberry silk and it is ideal for all sorts of projects, from shawls to garments and everything in between. The silk adds shine and strength to the lovely soft merino. There is still a great selection available for you to choose from. The images show Titus 4ply in Cottage Garden and Coppice.

With normal activities a bit limited by the renovations at ECY Shedquarters we have had more time to focus on a few other tasks, including a focus on patterns. The Colour Pop Cowl by Tracey Todhunter was initially published in Inside Crochet issue 125. We love the simple but effective use of Yarnlings™ that give this cowl its name. Tracey has very kindly allowed us to release this pattern as a FREE digital download for our wonderful customers! 😍 You can find the pattern and a number of yarn packs available on the website.
Continuing our focus on patterns, we have been working on updating the Brigg hat pattern and it has been re-released with some brand new samples. If you have previously purchased this pattern you will have received the most recent version automatically in your inbox. If you had previously purchased it on Ravelry but now are not able to use the site send us an email and we can send the revised version in a different way.  

This cosy hat uses wonderfully soft chunky yarn. A striking cable runs from the brim to the crown, creating a bold feature that is easy to knit and perfect for knitters newer to cables. One size and two fit options, beanie and slouchy, make this easy knit the perfect chunky hat for a quick knit, or a last minute gift. Knit the beanie option and you will have enough yarn left from your single skein for an optional pompom. The pattern is available as a digital download on our website and we have plenty of chunky yarn to choose from with some more coming soon!

We just love Helda Panagary! I’m sure that you already know that if you have been following us for a while. This month’s issue of Inside Crochet saw the start of Helda’s new monthly column and we are so thrilled for her. Helda also has a new design in the issue, the Transference shawl. It is made using a Clematis fade set of Rosedale 4ply mini skeins. Frustratingly we weren’t able to have these ready in time for the release of the magazine but they are coming VERY soon. We included Carlisle Fingering mini skein fade sets in this weeks update and Rosedale 4ply mini skein fade sets will be coming next week! You can buy a print copy of the magazine in the usual places and it is also available in a digital format online. For more information of how to get a copy of the magazine head to the Inside Crochet website.

I told you we had been busy with pattern related items! Following a query about my Daydreamer Socks pattern, I decided it was time to revisit it and bring it up to date with how I would currently write a pattern (compared to how I used to write them!). It has a few updates to clarify the instructions, and some new pictures.
Newsletter subscribers will get the revised version when they sign up. If you have purchased this pattern on Ravelry or the ECY website you will also be receiving a separate email with a download link for the revised pattern. 

Woop woop, this is not a drill!! Milburn DK in Althaea is back in stock after a long absence due to COVID-19 related production issues. It is now available to buy on the website. Stocks of some other Milburn DK colours are also very low with a few batches in the later stages of production. We are hoping to have more to add to the website over the next few weeks.

Do you find it difficult choosing colours to put together in projects? This is something we hear quite often and so to help you out we have added a new collection in flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/edencottageyarns/collections/72157716005851798/). The collection is Colour Combinations and within it are albums containing images of two, three, four, five, six and seven colour combinations. So if you find a shawl project that needs four colours and don’t know where to start, check out the Four Colour Combination album. The images have yarn and colourway information so that you know what colours you are looking at. I hope you find it useful! We will be adding to these albums regularly so do keep checking back! We do also have a blog post about how to make the most of flickr and it has been updated to include this exciting new collection.