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August 31, 2021

Yellow Brick Rodeo

  • A yellow sweater with a variegated slipped-stitch yoke.

Whether it’s your first rodeo (for a top-down yoked sweater) or not, this quick knit is a terrific way to let a variegated colorway shine. The spiraling zigzag pattern uses only one strand of yarn on any given round—no stranding—and is worked by simply slipping a stitch here and there. The not-too-cropped bodice is in relaxing stockinette stitch (no purling!) and is easily lengthened if you prefer. Plus, the yoke pattern is both charted and written out line by line, so you’ve got this!

The pattern is on sale at a 30% discount through Saturday, Sept. 4th — use the code lionsandtigersandbears on either Ravelry or Payhip.


April 5, 2021

The Knights Who Say KNIT

A knight holding wooden knitting needles with a skein of yarn on her head.

Lyrical Knits seeks the finest and silliest knitters to join in a Mystery Knit-a-Long quest for the grail! The pattern is for a shawl, and there will be coconuts! Unladen swallows! And you must bring us… a SHRUBBERY! The pattern is available for preorders and is discounted through April 15th.

March 3, 2021

Cozy McBlanket

  • A blue, gray and gold striped sweater held out like a blanket.
  • A woman in a draped blue, gray and gold striped sweater.

Lyrical Knits has just released a pattern for a knitted blanket you can wear: Cozy McBlanket is a blanket with sleeves, but the magic is in some cleverly placed short rows to help it curve around your shoulders and neck for a better fit than your average blanket. No more having to leave your lap blanket behind when you make the trip from your desk to the kitchen for another cup of tea.

The pattern is currently on sale at a 30% discount through Sunday, March 7th with the code wrapmeincoziness on both Ravelry and Payhip.

February 9, 2021

Hello Ruby Tuesday

A pink lacy sweater.

Lyrical Knits’ new pullover pattern features a stunning lace design, drop shoulders and no finishing. Worked from the top-down with a strand of sock yarn + mohair laceweight held together, the sweater has a lovely drape with just a touch of a halo. Sizing is to fit anywhere from a 29-60″ bust, and the pattern in on sale at 30% off through Monday, Feb. 15th with the code hanganameonyou.

October 19, 2020

Stark Baking Mad: A Great British Baking Shawl

Purple, cream and green yarn.

Baking and knitting are two creative outlets that became sources of comfort during the pandemic. When we bake, we get a tasty treat to eat; When we knit, the finished object isn’t edible, but it keeps us warm and nourishes the soul.

Lyrical Knits’ upcoming mystery knit-a-long marries both baking and knitting in Stark Baking Mad: Great British Baking Shawl 2 — an homage to The Great British Baking Show. Like the show, the MKAL will rise to the occasion with a bit of camp, a recipe with each clue, and an occasional pun.

The mystery shawl pattern is worked with four skeins of sock yarn in three colors (two skeins of the MC, one skein each of CC1 and CC2), and preorders are available until November 10th when the first clue drops.

September 1, 2020

Hope and Feathers: a free shawl pattern

A moss green and dappled pink shawl.

Named for an Emily Dickinson poem, this sweet boomerang-shaped shawl uses only two skeins of sock yarn and begins with a tiny one-stitch cast on. The solid color sections make for practically mindless knitting while the slip-stitch colorwork is much easier than it looks — you only every use one strand of yarn at a time, and just slip a stitch here and there.

The pattern is on sale at 25% off on both Ravelry and Payhip with the code hope2020 through Sunday, Sept 6th, or you can get the pattern for free when you sign up for the Lyrical Knits newsletter (you’ll be sent a welcome email with download instructions once you confirm your subscription).

August 17, 2020

Bernadette’s Cardigan

A woman wearing a pink short sleeved cardigan.

Get ready for the cool, fall weather in this homage to the cute cardigans worn by the character of Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory. Bernie is a famously short, sweet, and sassy microbiologist who wore a cropped cardi over an adorable dress through most of the series. She must’ve had one in 20 different colors, and it’s easy to see why — they’re versatile enough to wear with skirts or jeans, so you may need to knit one in more than one color, too.

This top-down design is worked up in fingering weight yarn and is completely seamless. Get the pattern at 30% off on Ravelry or Payhip with the code “feelthebern” now through Sunday, Aug. 23rd.

June 17, 2020

Tiny Dancer Sweater Pattern

A grey pullover with a purple and green variegated front.

Lyrical Knits’ latest sweater pattern is designed to help you use up a skein or two of variegated sock yarn, minis, or even Fade leftovers. The colorwork pattern involves occasional slipped stitches, and you only ever use one strand of yarn on any round. The pattern is 30% off through June 22nd with no coded needed — the discount will be taken in your cart.

June 10, 2020

Lyrical Knits Birthday Bash Sale

A collage of sweaters and shawls and the words Enjoy 40% off Lyrical Knits patterns.

Lyrical Knits is hosting an annual birthday sale! Use the code birthdaybash to enjoy 40% off any and all patterns in my shop through June 14th. Sweater knitters can also join in the annual sweater-a-long thread on Ravelry for additional support, inspiration, and company as we knit our way through the summer.

April 22, 2020

New pattern name is a little swear-y

A silver cabled hat with a gold pompom.

A new hat pattern whose title sums up all the feels about 2020. Complaining won’t fix the pandemic, but you can give 2020 the what-for and knit a really cool hat that’s way easier than it looks (cables only every 10th row!) and is entirely reversible.

So that’s two hats for the price of one, right? And the price is even 30% off through April 28th — no code is necessary. Just add the pattern to your Ravelry cart, and the discount will be applied when you check out.