October 9, 2016

October Shoe Sale!

October is here. With it comes fall colors, pumpkins, Halloween, and my birthday!

In honor of all of it, I am running a sale at my shop on my fabulous custom shoes. From now until the end of the month I am offering $5 off, with no coupon code needed.

Pick a color and size and I’ll hand dye and hand draw a pair just for you! It’s that simple.

Start your fall off right with a new pair of shoes. 🙂

Knit the Rainbow

As an artist, I am obsessed with color and finding new methods to create beautiful things. Therefore, it only seems fitting that my new stitch markers represent the rainbow of colors that I have come to love, recreated with beautiful, handmade polymer beads.

Each set comes with six markers, each of which is unique in its own way thanks to the swirling method I use to create the beads. The clay beads are accented by the use of my tradition beads as accents, allowing for an elegant finish. Perfect for size 8 needles and lower, these are snag free dangling marker that will show off anyone’s knitting!

April 24, 2016

Earth Day Everyday!

Recently I have been experimenting with polymer clay beads, especially the swirl kind. They are so fun to make and oh so pretty — the perfect accent to my stitch markers! So I decided to give it a whirl and have created this beautiful set of Earth inspired markers to celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day and just Spring in General.

Made using coated wire and secured with crimp beads, these markers are snag free and come in sets of 6. Each polymer bead used is uniquely different, yet a part of the matching set.

Expect many more polymer bead markers to come!

April 6, 2016

Introducing new gift sets!

I’ve been wanting to update my shop for awhile, but couldn’t think of new ideas. It wasn’t until an art group I was selling things through returned a stack of unsold cards that I realized I could pair them with some handmade markers. The result is a gorgeous gift set that any knitter will love! Each gift set that includes one homemade knit stitch motif card paired with 5 stitch markers – 4 small and 1 large.

Cards are 100% handmade with an original design painted on the front and a blank inside. Created using all acid free materials so they can last as long as you want them.

Markers are made with mostly Italian beads (gifted by my travel-enthusiast aunt) with coated wire. Beads are kept in place by crimp beads and a dot or two of super glue. The small ones ‘should’ fit size US6 needles, the large size US 15.

Sold and shipped together. If you want separates please see my other listing or PM me.

Made and sold in Texas, US.

January 1, 2016

Shoe sale! (And new colors)

Hello 2016! 2015 was great, but 2016 will be better. Why not explore the year in a new pair of shoes?!? Now through January 31st you can get a custom made pair of knitted shoes for $5 off with the code “HI2016”. AND I have also added new color combos that allow you to get your shoes dyed two colors instead of one! So many amazing things are happening, you better take advantage while you can.

Ready to explore 2016 in a new pair of shoes? I am!

November 23, 2015

Where will you travel?

As an avid knitter, I am always finding ways to add knitted things to my art. Many of you will remember my “Yarnbombed Postcards” from a few months back. Well, I have been busy making more and have finally added them to my shop. Maybe you want to travel to Washington DC? Or the Grand Canyon? Or Beautiful Florida? Well now you can, and get a nice giggle while you’re at it! They make great gifts, or keep them for yourself in a nice frame at home or in the office.

And also, I am constantly looking for more cards, so if there is a location you want to see, or if you have cards you want me to bomb, please contact me and I am sure we can make it work!

July 27, 2015


It’s been a while since I have made new things for the shop, but I have been keeping busy. And this coming month I will be relocating to a new apartment! As I prepare to move apartments I have decided that I need to clear out some inventory. What better way than to offer FREE THINGS!

• Using coupon code SBOshoes will get you a free $5 item (cards, markers, etc) with purchase of a pair of shoes
•Using coupon code SBOprints will get you a free $5 item (cards, markers,etc) with purchase of a fine art print (any size)
• Using coupon code SBObogo will get you a free item of equal value with purchase of a $5 item (cards, markers, etc).

Shipping fees still apply. Add items you wish to receive for free to cart and enter codes at checkout.

April 27, 2015

For the Humorous Knitter…

As an artist, I am constantly finding new ways to represent the knitted form in a creative way. Recently, I worked on a collaborative mural project and was lucky enough to have some great inspiration. Part of the mural was a cityscape and I decided it needed a “yarn bomb” behind it. Upon completion I realized that I could do the same thing on a smaller scale and hunted around for some vintage postcards to experiment with.

If you’re a knitter, or just like funky things, than these are for you. Vintage postcards that I have “Yarn Bombed” with various painted ropes and balls. The whole idea is that when you look at the cards, you see something is off, not right, or even just silly. Stratigically placing my painted motifs within the pre-defined landscape, the once old imagery begins to come to life.

Perfect as a humorous gift or to keep for yourself, you are sure to smile every time you look at these images.

March 22, 2015

Midnight Surf Socks

Many of you know me from my Etsy Shop, “The Knitting Artist,” but did you know I also have designs on Ravelry?

I have been designing off and on for a few years now, and have several sock patterns, as well as multiple others on my Ravelry shop. The latest addition is “Midnight Surf,” a pair I designed when I decided to challenge myself to only make socks I design myself this year. The pair in particular utilizes a DK weight yarn with a flowing lace pattern. I chose this pattern because it reminded me of waves and the beach, and the blues in this yarn were perfect for an oceany themed design. Knit from the toe up with a standard gusset and triangle heel, these are a really quick and simple knit.

I hope that you enjoy knitting these socks as much as I did!

March 1, 2015

Perfect gifts for knitters

It’s been a while since I updated my Etsy shop, but I have been keeping very busy. Between making new paintings and trying to stay warm, I have also been creating new items that I am sure any knitter would enjoy.

First, I have some gorgeous silk scarves that are decorated with the same stitch motif you see on my shoes. I really enjoy drawing knit stitches and playing with color. These are 100% silk scarves and are decorated using standard sharpies. But don’t let that fool you — they are still an amazing accessory.

The second gift I have created is the “Knitter’s Notebook”. A hand-bound book with 24 lined pages, the front and back are decorated with my watercolor knit stitch motif, as seen on my greeting cards. This was a fun project to learn to do and I expect to add more to my shop very soon.

If you like these products but don’t see a color you like, I will take custom orders on either. Just send me a message.