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Greetings Yarnians!

I’m excited to finally announce the upcoming release of Crafter Gamer Geek’s first self-striping shawl colorway, Founder of Shadows! This new colorway, inspired by the character Hyde from the mobile game Dislyte, is dyed on a fingering-weight base of 80% Superwash Merino wool & 20% nylon. Each skein is a whopping 650 yards!

Founder of Shadows features a palindromic color layout made up of five colors: three shades of purple, a vibrant aqua, and a golden bronze. In case five colors just isn’t enough for you, you’re in luck! A semisolid coordinate charcoal gray colorway named Tartarus will also be available. This coordinate will be offered in 200yd skeins.

The news doesn’t stop there! I’ve partnered with Melinda of rhyFlower Knits for this release and she has designed a fantastic new shawl pattern to showcase Founder of Shadows. Melinda’s pattern, Requiem of Stillness, is a top-down triangular shawl that features an easy-to-remember two-row brioche motif that allows you to go patternless before you know it! The pattern allows you to make use of the Tartarus coordinate to finish with a small lace border. If lace just isn’t your vibe, the pattern also includes the option to finish with a simple stretchy bind-off. (All sample shawl photos provided by rhyFlower Knits.)

Mark your calendars! Founder of Shadows, Tartarus, and Requiem of Stillness will all be releasing on Wednesday, May 10th. Melinda’s pattern will be available via her website, and will also be available on Ravelry. The new self-striping colorway and its semisolid coordinate will both be available exclusively in the Crafter Gamer Geek shop, and live events as inventory allows.

Happy Stitching!

Hello Yarnians!

It brings me great pleasure to announce that this Saturday, January 28th, marks the one-year anniversary of Crafter Gamer Geek!!!

This first year has been full of new experiences, learning opportunities, artistic struggles, and meeting loads of new people. I even found a new home base LYS close to home (shout out to Yarn Farm Kingston). Encountering knitters and crocheters who have embraced my creations has been a true joy!

I’m marking this splendid occasion by releasing a new collection, Voices of Mars! This new collection features eight variegated colorways that were inspired by the series Carole & Tuesday. Each will be available on DK Merino, as well as fingering and Aran-weight yarns with Merino and BFL options.

The full collection will be released into the Crafter Gamer Geek shop on Saturday (1/28). All items listed in the shop are ready to ship and are always eligible for free shipping in the US for orders of $35 or more.

I hope you’ll come browse the new collection and continue to follow along on Crafter Gamer Geek’s journey.

When it comes to shop updates at Crafter Gamer Geek, the muses pretty much get their way. And this time around they apparently HAD to have purple. Not one to argue with muses, 95% of the June 29th shop update will include purple in some capacity. So, if purple is your jam, this update is for you!

Two new colorways, debuting on a Polwarth DK base (246yds/100g), we have Seirei Skyline and Loquacious Fungus. Each colorway sports a deep purple at one end of the skein and progresses to warmer and lighter tones at the other end. I wanted these to have a slight watercolor feel to them and I love how they turned out!

I’ll also be adding three new Gacha Sock Sets into the roster. They may all have purple, but they each carry a unique vibe. I’m calling them The One and Oni, Triple Threat, and Eternal Duality. I love them all, but to be honest the golden yellow mini skein paired with the purple gradient and wine tones of Eternal Duality gives me all the feels.

I’ve wanted to bring some of the colors from my sock sets onto DK yarn, but not with a direct “port.” So, I decided to try out some DK 50g semisolid skein sets! For this initial small run, I’ve taken Lady of the Jade Chamber, Divine Strategist, Sleepy Ninja, and Conqueror of Demons to create some four-skein sets that I just adore. Each 50g skein is approximately 116yds. Whether you want to cast on something stripey, or some other type of colorwork, these sets will afford you plenty of possibilities.

And finally, just in time for Tour de Fleece, I’ll be adding 10 braids of spinning fiber to the shop. These braids are all 100% Superwash Merino combed top and are marbled versions of the colorways: Conqueror of Demons, Seirei Skyline, Loquacious Fungus, The One and Oni, and Triple Threat. I’m excited to see how spinners will decide to approach these new braids.

The shop update will take place on Wednesday, June 29th at 7PM EST. Please come by to check out all these new offerings. I hope you find something that brings you joy!

There will be a shop update this Saturday, May 21st, at 10 a.m. This update will mark the release of Crafter Gamer Geek’s latest collection, entitled Tribes of the West. Each tribe represented in this collection (inspired by Horizon Forbidden West) consists of a variegated colorway as well as semisolid coordinates. For this initial release everything is available as DK weight 100% SW Merino (231 yards/100g). All skeins will be available individually so you can mix and match your favorites!

In addition to this new collection all OOAK skeins in the shop will be 15% off from 5/21 through 5/27. No coupon needed. There is a variety of yarn weights available, ranging from fingering to bulky. I have a few last minute Bonus Round skeins to add to the shop, just in time for the sale.

Make sure you’re following Crafter Gamer Geek on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with the latest, and upcoming, offerings!

When you’re an indie dyer and your birthday is approaching, it seems perfectly logical that you decide to gift yourself some yarn. After all, you spend so much time creating beautiful things to send out into the world, it seems only right that for your birthday you create a little something for yourself. So, I pulled a skein of my Outcast, Seeker, Savior out of my inventory for a project I’ve been eager to cast on, but I needed a semisolid coordinate to go with it.

Well, that sparked the creation of a few impromptu fingering weight sets that will be going into the shop for sale on my birthday this Friday, April 15th. Every set has two to three skeins that are 420 yards each: one variegated skein and one to two semisolid coordinates. As this was a spontaneous decision, quantities are very limited.

I hope you’ll visit my Etsy shop to check these new sets out once they’re released and find something that brings you joy!

The spring equinox is upon us. Huzzah! I’m sure many of us are looking forward to warmer temperatures and hopefully fewer gray days. So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to mark the change of seasons in a few ways:

To start Crafter Gamer Geek will be having its first sale! From Friday 3/18 through Sunday 3/20 many of the items in the shop will be 15% off. No code is required, eligible items will be automatically discounted at checkout. Orders of $35 or more always qualify for free shipping to US customers.

Next up, I’m releasing three new sock sets inspired by characters from Genshin Impact. These new colorways are called Divine Strategist, Unluckiest Adventurer, and Conqueror of Demons. Each set includes one 100g skein (approx. 437 yards) and one 20g skein (approx. 87 yards). That’s 524 yards of 85/15 merino nylon squishy goodness! Each of these new colorways has its own vibe that I am just absolutely loving. I hope they resonate with you as well! These new sets will be added to the shop on Friday morning.

The new sock sets will not be part of the weekend sale, BUT I’ll be holding a special giveaway starting Monday 3/21 on Instagram. I will be giving away one of each set. Make sure you’re following @craftergamergeek so you don’t miss your chance to win!

Happy equinox everyone!

I was born before the “Nintendo generation” officially began. I had a Colecovision and could contentedly play Pitfall on the Atari for hours if left to my own devices. Translation: I’ve been a gamer for most of my life. In my 20s I fell in love with anime and yarn (at very different times), and in my 30s, I became a board game enthusiast. Now in my 40s, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a dyer and merge my passions by drawing inspiration for colorways from the games and anime that I enjoy. Consider this the cliffs notes version of how Crafter Gamer Geek came into being.

At the time I am writing this, in the Crafter Gamer Geek shop, you’ll find variety of offerings. There are nine colorways across a mix of weights and wool types. You’ll find fingering-, DK- and Aran-weight yarns that are made from Merino, BFL, Polwarth and Highland wools. There are three more colorways that I designed specifically for my sock sets. These sets would also make amazing hats or shawls! For my fellow spinners, there are three colorways currently available on a Merino/nylon roving.

I have no delusions that I will turn crafters into gamers or turn gamers into crafters. I’d be pleased if I helped start a conversation, or simply piqued someone’s curiosity. I hope this journey allows me to meet others like me who have affinity for both yarn and fiber as well as gaming and/or anime. I hope that my creations resonate with all kinds of fiber enthusiasts, whether they share my other interests or not.

My name is David, the owner & dyer behind Crafter Gamer Geek. I hope you take the time to check out my shop and find me on Instagram (@craftergamergeek) to follow along on my adventure to see what I come up with next!