September 6, 2022

Join us at the Campfire!

  • Two women wearing a red textured sweater, fairisle colorwork vest and cabled scarf in rusty reds and earthy neutrals in front of a blue wall.
  • A woman laughing at an off-screen dog, wearing an all-over cabled caramel-colored sweater with 3/4 length sleeves and a V-neck.
  • A closeup of a white and olive shawl around a woman’s neck, featuring a variety of textured stitch patterns.
  • A woman wearing a cozy, cropped, blue sweater knit in half-brioche and a colorwork hat with a striking geometric pattern in white and burnt orange.
  • A collage of a woman wearing an all-over cabled V-neck sweater on the left and six skeins of autumnal colorways of yarn on the right.
  • A collage of a pair of textured, yellow socks in front of a fireplace on the left and skeins of yarn in green, gray, gold and orange on the right.

We wholeheartedly invite you to come sit and knit with us while getting lost watching the flames of our campfire dance. Our latest issue – Issue 8, Campfire – is out now! 13 modern, wearable knitwear designs will keep us cozy and warm, not only around the fire, but also in our everyday adventures. Get your very own print copy of Issue 8 now, and browse our selection of traceable, sustainable yarns – four of them brand new to match the designs of Issue 8!

September 3, 2022

LL Yarn Co Gives Back!

  • A skein of sock weight yarn in shades on pinks and oranges on a cream background.
  • A skein of worsted weight yarn in shades on pinks and oranges on a cream background.
  • A bundle of alpaca spinning fiber in shades on pinks and oranges on a cream background.

Burn your Bra was inspired by a dear friend who has been my down-girl since the mid ‘90s. In 2021, she found herself in the throws of a heroin addiction. She overdosed on fentanyl twice but was saved by Narcan. I am exceptionally grateful she is alive. Today she is just over a year sober and really shining. I want to help someone else be able to say that of their friend. Shatterproof aims for that goal as well.

50% of your purchase today (and 20% of our wholesale sales) of Burn Your Bra will be donated to Shatterproof to aide in the continued fight against the fentanyl epidemic. Shatterproof is a national non profit organization dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States.

September 1, 2022

Fall Shop Update

  • A quilted patchwork bag in gold and brown tones featuring a drawstring closure.
  • A quilted patchwork bag in ruby and white tones featuring a drawstring closure.
  • A quilted patchwork bag in orange and black tones featuring a drawstring closure.
  • A quilted patchwork zipper pouch in gold and brown tones.
  • A quilted patchwork zipper pouch in ruby and white tones.
  • A quilted patchwork zipper pouch in orange and black tones.

It’s fall, y’all!

I love summer, but I also love all the things fall: cooler temps, changing leaves, PSLs, project planning, etc, etc. So basically, yay September!

All kinds of project bags and notions pouches have been listed in the fall shop update and are ready to find their forever homes. I’m featuring patchwork quilted designs in autumnal colors, there’s sure to be one that you “fall” in love with.

So wrap up in that shawl you knitted last year, sip your pumpkin spice, and head on over to the shop.

September 1, 2022

Boo for Ewe Halloween Treat Boxes and new Whimsy Sock Sets

  • Black with orange spotches and the words Boo for Ewe Halloween Mystery Treat Box.
  • An array of yarn sets and the text Whimsy Sock Sets, Olive & Two Ewe.
  • Pink and yellow speckled yarn.
  • Yellow and orange yarn.

Halloween is one of our most fave holidays and every year, we offer a fantastically spooky Halloween Treat Box! The Boo for Ewe Mystery Halloween Treat Box is now available on preorder! Snag one of these and expect to dive into two hanks of frightfully gorgeous Halloween yarn on your choice of base (one a tonal solid and the other a variegated colorway,) and delightfully creepy treats along with a link to a few pattern suggestions and a curated playlist!

This week, we have new Whimsy Sock Sets in the shop. These expanded sock sets (includes a full hank of yarn and two coordinating minis) feature “whimsy” full hanks meaning they are OOAK colorways and once gone, they are gone! Restocked this week is Candy Corn, deliciously sweet, and Bomb Diggity along with an assortment of our Alcott Minis.

Be sure to watch our LIVE! podcast this Saturday over on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait to see you!

September 1, 2022

Big Sky Collection

  • A set of 12 mini skeins of yarn in multiple colors.
  • A circle of multicolored mini skeins of yarn.
  • A crochet swatch of light pink and blue variegated yarn.
  • Several skeins of deep green yarn.
  • A pink and beige shawl with skeins of yarn in similar colors.
  • A crochet swatch of black and gray variegated yarn.

Every time I go back to visit Wyoming I’m always surprised at how big the sky is, and then surprised I could forget. But there’s something about being there, where the empty land stretches as far as the eye can see, and the sky is the star of the show. Our fall Collection was inspired by the lands, but especially by the ever-changing skies of Yellowstone Country. The collection is open for preorders with several bases available in each of 12 glorious colorways. There are also mini-skein sets in our Squishy Sock base and half skein sets in our Posh DK base. This weekend only we have a special coupon code for Indie Untangled readers – 15INDIE15 – for 15% off your entire order.

Limited Edition Clippy for September 2022, FREE with any order $20 and up!

  • A gold lobster clasp stitch marker with a pale pink maple leaf charm and yellow and orange accent beads, surrounded by illustrations of orange and yellow leaves and the text Make like a tree and get outta here!
  • A gold lobster clasp stitch marker with a yellow maple leaf charm and yellow and orange accent beads next to a ruler indicating 2 inches, surrounded by illustrations of orange and yellow leaves and the text Make like a tree and get outta here!

September means kids heading back to school, anticipation of winter, and cooler weather! And, of course, beautiful fall leaves of magnificent colors… red, orange, yellow leaves falling to make a lovely soft carpet that is so fun to walk through… until you have to rake them up, LOL!

Now I live near Phoenix, Arizona, so I don’t get the fall leaves here. I’m still anticipating not-so-freaking-hot and somewhat drier weather with the end of our rainy season. Yet I still feel the pull of the colorful sights of trees in autumn in the higher country. To celebrate this beautiful time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve created the official Limited Edition September 2022 Clippy, “Make Like a Tree … and Get Outta Here!”

You know in my shop I always have a 15% discount for any orders over $20, as well as a FREE GIFT and FREE SHIPPING to the domestic U.S. on EVERY SINGLE ORDER, but I want to make that deal a little sweeter. EACH MONTH, I will be giving away a SPECIAL marker designed specifically for that month. When I run out of them, they will be GONE!

In the month of September, if you place an order totaling over $20 in Yank Your Yarn’s Etsy Shop, you will receive an EXTRA stitch marker, called “Make Like a Tree … and Get Outta Here!” The marker features a lovely maple leaf shaped enameled charm in pastel fall colors and gold trim, festooned with coordinating beads on an 18mm gold lobster clasp, for easy moving about on your knitting or crochet project. It’s a movable stitch marker, end of row or beginning of round marker, pendant, lanyard charm … YOU decide!

I don’t have many of these so make sure you get your $20+ order in now …. when these are gone, THEY’RE GONE!

August 25, 2022

Mini Skein Sets

  • A set of purple and red gradient yarn.
  • A set of gradient yarn in light to dark blue.
  • A set of gradient yarn in pink to orange to red.
  • A set of gradient yarn in blue to purple to pink.
  • A set of rainbow variegated yarn.

Our mini skein sets include 10 mini skeins on sock yarn. They are truly one-of-a-kind as there is only one per set available. They’re great for shawl knitting, socks, colorwork, stripes — the possibilities are endless with these sets.

August 25, 2022

Titus Lace and lots of news!

  • Five pale pink skeins of yarn with bright pink splashes.
  • Five skeins of blue-green yarn.
  • One variegated blue and purple skein with a black mini skein.
  • Four skeins of yarn in shades of brown.

We have some long awaited yarn release news! This week we have had an update of Titus Lace, which is our ever-popular blend of Superwash extrafine Merino with mulberry silk. The majority of the update is our signature semisolids as these are so versatile for laceweight projects, but there are a few variegated shades included as well. We have a new section to our blog called Pattern Inspiration and in there you will find all our blog posts which are specifically pattern related. This includes posts about individual patterns, posts about books or collections and ideas for specific yarn types. For example, in this category you will find posts about The Shawl Project Book Five from The Crochet Project, Bowland Lace pattern suggestions, and crochet patterns for laceweight yarn. All of these would be handy if you want to try laceweight yarn but don’t know what to use it for. There are also laceweight patterns on our website including Sun and Shower by Jaya of Apoorva Designs which was part of our Four Season Collection (there are also blog posts about this 😆).

We have recently seen increased popularity in our four-colour 4ply packs, with lots of people asking about them, too. It turned out to be for Casapinka’s Sharon Air MKAL using four 100g skeins of 4ply/fingering weight yarn and the initial pack put together for the MKAL is a fade of pinks mixing semisolids and variegated shades. Over the next few weeks we will be dyeing and putting together more different packs, so if you haven’t seen one you like please keep checking back. We have also been adding four-colour Milburn 4ply packs so there is plenty to choose from. These packs can obviously also be used for any other four-colour pattern using 100g per colour (Penicuik by Justyna of Lete’s Knits, is a really good option). We are adding new packs as we find them but stocks of each are limited by the available stock with the exception of the Milburn packs. There are also a few new five-colour yarn packs on the website if you are planning ahead for Joji’s Fall KAL.

After the Tempo 4ply update, we added a selection of Tempo 4ply sock sets to the website. These combine one 100g skein with one 20g mini skein of the same yarn in a contrasting colour and these are ideal for adding a pop of colour to your sock projects by using the mini skein for heels, toes or cuffs. They don’t have to be used for socks though, you could also use the sets for fingerless mitts or to add a bit of colourwork to hats or shawls.

The Socksy Ewe Sock Club Subscription is Open!

  • Multiple hanks of multi-colored yarn and the text Socksy Ewe Monthly Sock Club Subscription.
  • A large hank of pink yarn with a small hank of variegated yarn and a sock tool, with the text A new sock set and goodie delivered each month.
  • A set of seven solid color mini skeins of yarn in blues, pinks, green and gray.
  • A circle filled with yarn in fall colors with circles of brown, orange and copper yarn and the text Autumn vibes.
  • Three hanks of variegated blue yarn.

Our Socksy Ewe Sock Club subscription has been rocking and rolling for nearly a year now and we’re delighted to be able to open additional slots for a limited time! This subscription brings a new sock set to your door each month in your choice of either our Fitzgerald or Twain sock yarn (a full skein and coordinating minis) plus a premium goodie! Colorways are brand new and sure to delight. Perfect for sock knitters or those who love single hank shawl patterns, The Socksy Ewe is a great way to get busy on holiday gift knitting. While slots in the club open up very rarely, subscribers are able to cancel at any time. This “set it and forget it” club is a fab way to have new color delivered to your door every month!

Brand new in the shop this week is our Summer Many Minis for Ewe set! Featuring seven glorious summer colors, the set means your stash is always stocked with what you need to add pops of color and interest to your projects. Colorways include Spun Sugar, Daisy, Aubergine and others. Stock up now while they last!

Looking ahead to fall, we’re getting ready for cool weather knits. This week finds Broody, Burnt, Copper and Potato Peel Pie featured in the shop as the perfect fall palette. These colorways are available on multiple bases, but if you can’t find what you need, let us know! We’re always happy to set up a special order for three or more hanks in a particular colorway and base. Sweater quantities are always easy to order with a simple email to [email protected]

Our Stuck on You colorway has been updated in the shop this week and it’s a great transitional option for projects.

Be sure to check out our weekly podcast this Saturday over on YouTube to see these colors featured and to hear about our upcoming KAL and more!