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January 14, 2021

Sheep Loves Me, Sheep Loves Me Not

  • Flowers surround a banner reading Sheep loves me, sheep loves me not.

We have a fun countdown for Valentine’s available for preorder now, and speaking of preorders — there are five spaces left in our Sweater Quantity Discounts for January, so if you’d like more than three skeins of either Northland or Graphite, you can preorder them at a significantly reduced rate.

But back to Valentine’s — we’re celebrating with a mini-skein countdown for makers who love love… at its best and worst! Inspired by some of our favorite love songs and breakup anthems. Each will be individually labeled with the name of the song that inspired it, and individually packaged so you’ll have one gorgeous gift of yarn to open each night as we count down 14 days to Valentine’s 2021. This package does not include a pattern, but does include some truly delicious chocolate, good for whether you’re celebrating the joys of love or eating your feelings, or you just like pretty yarn and chocolate.

If you just need yarn NOW, the shop has been stocked with new pretties and old favorites on several of our most popular bases and we have a special coupon code just for Indie Untangled readers: use the code INDIEU10 when checking out for $10 off your purchase.

January 8, 2021

Ship free January

  • A white bag with magenta sheep surrounded by bright green yarn.

To welcome the new 2021 making year I am offering free shipping on ALL bags through Jan 31. No limits.

I have lots of unique bags available in various sizes and designs. Notion bags, totes and needle pouches.

Use code: Shipfree2021 to access this offer.

Happy Knitting!

January 7, 2021

Two Mystery Yarn Clubs to Start 2021!

Misfit Yarns is debuting two mystery yarn clubs for 2021!

The first mystery yarn club is inspired by the the TV show The Office! The Office Mystery Yarn Club runs from February-July 2021 and will feature a colorway based on themes from The Office. There are three- and six-month options as well as Sock and DK options. The three-month option ships every other month (February, April, June) and the six-month option will ship every month.

The second mystery yarn club is the Great Lakes Mystery Yarn Club. This club runs from February-June 2021 and features colorways inspired by all five Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. Sock and DK options are available.

Quantities are limited for both and the club closes January 31. There will also be fun extras in every package each month. For more details, go to!

January 7, 2021

Hedgehog Love and Hibernation

  • Hedgehogs holding hearts.

WeeOnes has some brand new miniature hand-sculpted stitch markers to start the new year! First up – tiny hedgehogs holding hearts. They are perfect for any time, but especially perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The monthly surprise stitch marker sets are back! This month you get five stitch markers for the price of four… plus free shipping. The theme is Hibernation. There’s something about sleeping animals that is just so sweet. These are certain to make you smile every time you see them on your knitting or crochet!

Speaking of sleeping animals, some sleeping kitties just wandered into the shop and are eagerly awaiting new homes.

As always, stitch markers are available on lobster claw clasps or soldered rings. Gift wrapping is available for a small extra fee.

January 7, 2021

Fairies in the Snow shawl MKAL – join for 40% off

  • Twinkling lights in snow and the words Fairies in the snow mystery knitalong.

Join the Fairies in the Snow mystery knit-along for 40% off through Tuesday, Jan. 12 with code Fairies. It’s a crescent-shaped shawl calling for two skeins of fingering/ sock yarn, and there will be chat and prizes and a little story to go along, too. See lots more info and join the knitalong here.

This MKAL is a collaboration with Jilly and Kiddles and there are kits available that include two coordinating skeins of yarn + the pattern in three choices of colorways. (Yarn photos copyright Jill Leary.)

January 1, 2021

2021 Salvador Dali Yarn Club

  • Melted clocks and the words Salvador Dali 2021 Monthly Yarn Club.

As I enter 2021, I have a new set of goals for my yarn business, and one of them that has been brewing for awhile is a monthly yarn club. I’ve gone back and forth on the theme, wanting to do something related to art, and finally decided that I should focus on a single artist who has had an impact on my own artwork, specifically Salvador Dali.

Each month of 2021 I will be creating a yarn colorway inspired by one of his works, starting with his earliest and ending with his last. Each month’s colorway will come with a fun fact card that is all about the work in question and/or his life at that time.

For $35 a month, you will get a skein of yarn, the fun fact card, and one to two small items/notions relating to that month’s color. Furthermore, subscription members will get their choice of yarn base each month and an email will be sent to ask what you’d prefer.

You can subscribe at any time during the year to begin during that month’s color, but there will always be a cutoff date posted. Not sure if you want to subscribe? I will have a limited amount of skeins listed at the end of each month for you to purchase. These WILL NOT come with the added goodies (but will come with the fact card).

All packages will ship the last week of the month, to ensure that I have plenty of time to account for all subscriptions, dye yarn, and find goodies.

The second image on this post shows all of the works, in order, that I plan to use as inspiration this year, and the third image shows the January color. To get in on the start, you must subscribe by January 15th.

Let’s fill our year with yarn and art, and make it a fabulous one!

SuperSize Snag-Free Stitch Marker Stash Sets! With a Stash Storage Tin!

  • Colorful round metal loops next to a silver tin labeled with the words Yank Your Yarn.

Do you just want a whole mess of stitch markers of your very own? There are many patterns out there that require a LARGE NUMBER of stitch markers… Just look at Stephen West’s WestKnits MKAL 2020 for example. That pattern required 54 stitch markers!

I’m offering large sets of either 30 or 50 stitch markers, in a variety of sizes. Not only will I be offering the round classic stitch markers, I will also be offering the magnificent “HIP TO BE SQUARE” stitch markers (with their fabulous Neon Glow Under Blacklight Beads!) in their various sizes as well! There will be lots of varieties available. Also, each set will come with a handy clear-top tin to keep all those stitch markers safely stored, and hopefully away from the vacuum cleaner, or tiny toddler hands who wish to encase your stitch markers in play-dough (true story)!

Lot of 30 stitch markers: $25
Lot of 50 stitch markers: $40

Each set of ROUND stitch marker will be a matching wire color and bead color: Gold bead on Gold wire, Silver bead on Silver wire, Red bead on Red wire, Apple Green bead on Apple Green wire, Sea Blue bead on Sea Blue wire, Purple bead on Purple wire, Copper bead on Copper wire, and NOW MULTICOLOR WIRES with iridescent gold beads!

December 30, 2020

Your New Project Is Here

  • A pink and red shawl.

If you’re like me, you are experiencing some intense brain drain as we close out this whirl wind of a year. I want nothing more than to put my feet up and knit all of the things, while at the same time find myself struggling with a complete lack of inspiration as to what to knit next and more importantly, which yarn to choose!

No need to stress any further — keep your feet up and let us here at Megs & Co do all the hard work as your next project is right here. The sample shawl pictured is the Slumber Shawl by Stephen West and was knitted in our Folk Song yarn base in the colors Gyarnbage Plate, Pumpkin Spice, Five Leaves Left and From the Morning.

Kits are available now in your choice of four color palettes designed to fade perfectly together. These curated kits take all the guesswork out of planning your next project!

December 24, 2020

Navajo-Churro sweater kit

  • A colorwork sweater in neutrals.

The relationship between the Navajo people (who call themselves the Diné) and Navajo-Churro sheep has lasted for centuries, with the wool primarily used to create beautiful woven items. Our sweater adaption, the “Diné Motif Design,” brings traditional Diné weaving motifs into a new realm — sweater knitting — while maintaining traditional materials and centering the design of a contemporary Diné weaver.

The design is an adaption of of the “Rug” sweater, a beloved pattern by knitwear designer Junko Okamoto. The “Diné Motif Design” is the latest in a longline of adaptations and a collaboration between Gothfarm Yarn and Kevin Aspaas, a Diné weaver.

The adaption changes the original design in two ways:
– It replaces the colorwork sections with an original design by Aspaas.
– And it replaces the suggested yarn with 100% Navajo-Churro yarn from Gothfarm Yarn. Like all our yarn, the Churro yarn is made from naturally colored, undyed wool.

Navajo-Churro is a rugged, hardwearing wool! It’s not your typical garment yarn — especially in our age of superwash Merino and acrylic blends. But wearing it is easy if you just keep a couple things in mind.

-Wear a thick, long-sleeved shirt under the sweater.
-Remember that the Rug pattern has a wide neck, which keeps the wool clear from sensitive neck skin.

That’s it!

The “Diné Motif Design” adaption pattern is available as a FREE download on our website. The “Rug” pattern by Junko Okamoto must be downloaded to knit this adaption. It is currently free on Ravelry.

The kit — which includes the yarn and a high-quality hard copy of the adaption — is also available on our website.

Get some Churro on those needles!