February 8, 2019

Inversion – the new upside and inside out collection from Woolly Wormhead

Inversion is the new collection from Woolly Wormhead and features five hats in her signature sideways construction.

Inversion is a special collection of hats featuring stitch patterns that manipulate the fabric across or via the rows, rather than the more common method of manipulating stitches within the row. Furthermore, each hat is reversible.

To emphasise the stitch patterns and construction, each hat has been designed in two colours, and examples of the right side and wrong side have been provided in opposite colourways. Each hat requires two skeins of hand-dyed DK weight yarn.

Each hat is knitted sideways and due to their construction, each of the patterns can be adjusted by adding or removing panels for different head circumferences. Within the instructions there are also adjustment points should you wish to alter the length.

Each of the patterns is provided in both written and charted format. The eBook contains detailed photographic tutorials and the single patterns contain illustrated tutorials and links to additional tutorials that can be downloaded as PDFs or viewed as short videos. Online support will be available through the Ravelry forums via specific discussion threads.

About the patterns:

Sprays of dipped stitches suggest a Venus fly trap, but on the reverse becomes more abstract and more mysterious. Either way, there’s a distinctly organic, almost vegetal impression to the crown, a highlight of this design.

Variegated yarns will look their best in this hat, with the elongated stitches allowing each nuance of the changing colours to shine. Choose a solid contrast shade or go dippy with two wild colourways playing against each other.

Starry clusters pop against a dark sky — but just reverse it to get on a different wavelength entirely. Using a solid colour for the clusters and a variegated one for the background shifts the focus to the garter ridges.

Brickwork gets even more compelling in two colours, and the same is true for this variation on the Muratura Hat. Depending on which side is viewed, the fabric may be more suggestive of the bricks, or of the mortar between; either way the simple technique of knitting into the row below builds a strong statement.

Laminard’s strong undulating lines come from a simple dropped-stitch pattern and careful use of colour. The elongated stitches will show off variegation beautifully, but a little restraint in your choices will highlight the elegant flow out of that perfect crown.

The difference between the two sides of this hat is striking. Is the design a strong mosaic stitch grid, emphasised by short row wedges at the crown? Or is it a stripy beanie? Believe whatever you want to believe — just enjoy the ride.

Use code ‘reversible’ to receive a 20% towards the eBook and/or single patterns until the end of February. Code can be redeemed on Ravelry or at woollywormhead.com.

For indie dyers, Woolly Wormhead produces PYO (print your own) marketing and wholesale packs and they can be found on her website!

February 8, 2019

Akerworks Butterfly Kate

The Akerworks Butterfly Kate is a multipurpose knitting and spinning tool with a carbon-fiber shaft and expanding base crafted of solid hardwood. Its foldable, lightweight design allows you to take the product anywhere and use it for a variety of different tasks. For knitting, it holds your bobbins and yarn caddies (pictured) to feed yarn evenly, eliminating tangling and twisting. It also unwinds consistently to make knitting continuously pleasurable. The Akerworks Butterfly Kate features a TensiTamer on the shaft, a special device that provides individually-tunable braking tension to the bobbin or caddy. The TensiTamer can also be used as a yarn guide or spindle holder if desired. The wings of the Butterfly Kate include a magnet for holding notions and a notch to hold your pattern. For spinning, it operates as a single Kate for plying that most spinners combine with other Kates.

Akerworks, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our work focuses on modern, mechanically inventive products meant to foster imagination while functioning as beautiful objects. Akerworks products are made by a combination of hand and machine work and each is made to order by a team of six makers. Our various products involve machines as varied as 3D printers, computer numerically controlled routers, or laster cutters and handwork as varied as hand sanding or hand bending hooks.

February 7, 2019

Friday Shop Update: Knit Happens!

This Friday we bring you Knit Happens from one of our newest favorite indie artists, Cynthia Frenette!

We have a very limited amount of ready to ship items — but will also have the option for preorders, should something sell out!

This is our first release with the NEW medium project bag and we are super excited to show you how much more room there is!

Check our Facebook page for a Facebook Live Friday morning. If you don’t catch it live, it will be up on the page for you to watch later!

Friday is Laura’s Birthday, so feel free to say “Happy Birthday” this weekend!

Vagabondo is here! And there is 25% off!

Vagabondo is a fun hat and the beginning of my experimentation with wandering cables! It is also a playful investigation into asymmetry within symmetry, a concept that is evolving in my head and that I would love to express in my knitting and sewing world.

You can enjoy it with a 25% off with code VAGA25 on Ravelry until the end of February!

Vagabondo means wanderer in Italian and it represents what this cables are doing: wandering around your head, creating a unique textured fabric. The wandering cables are not assembled in a traditional way, but instead they form a new textured fabric made of moving waves.

“Io Vagabondo” is also a very famous Italian song, by the group Nomadi.

(My son, who’s modelling the hat, is known to have a very big head, that’s why the hat is an adult size!)


– Clear written instruction in English and Italian
– Easy to follow charts
– Easily fit from pre-teen to adult
– Professionally tech edited
– Tips to knit cables without a cable needle
– Perfect for beginners and cable beginners as well

G’day from Australia

Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill is a boutique spinning mill located in the hinterland of the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. We pride ourselves on being incredibly sustainable: 95% of our power comes from our solar setup and we wash only using rainwater and a low phosphate detergent, with the waste water keeping our orchard green and healthy. We source all our fibre directly off farmers, most of whom live within one hour of our property/mill. Our yarns have the lowest carbon footprint of any commercially produced yarn in Australia, about 225km from farm to scourer to us (the alpaca travels even less distance, being washed by us on site).

Our yarns are yarns with heart. They are small-batch runs, designed to highlight the amazing work Australia does in growing some of the best fibre in the world. The merino we use is 17.5 microns, making it incredibly soft and luxurious, ideal for next-to-skin projects, or just that lovely cuddle factor. All of our fibre is traceable and every yarn has a story behind it: who grew it, where it was grown and how it was transformed into yarn, ready for you to use and love.

Our business is the true definition of small business. It is just my husband, Nick, and I, Isabel, who do everything from sourcing the fibre, processing the fibre and selling the yarn. Every time someone buys our yarn they become part of our story. To find out more, get in touch and say G’day!

New Butterfly Notions Set Fluttering to Stitches West

This brand new flutterby Stitch Marker and Holder Set is designed to alight gracefully on your project, with your yarn choice creating beautiful and colorful wings as you work.

You may have noticed by now that I love butterflies (if the logo didn’t make it obvious, I’ll share that fact now!). To me, butterflies symbolize all that I hope to be — they’re kind, hopeful, friendly and far tougher than they look. The metamorphosis they undergo is a comfort to me as it means that even though change can be scary, the glorious results are often worth it in the end.

The large butterfly holds stitch markers or progress keepers. It also has a lobster clasp for easy attachment to a necklace or zipper pull.

The small butterflies are removable stitch markers can be used as progress keepers, track number of repeats, count rows and mark increase/decrease rows.

These flutterbys are ready to fly off to a new home! Do you have a project for them to land on?

See these butterflies in person at Stitches West in booth 513.

Participating in the Stitch Marker Swap at Stitches West? The small flutterbies in special colors are what will be available to swap.

February 2, 2019

The Roses I Want For Valentine’s Day

A bouquet is nice and all, but let’s be real — if you’re reading this, you’d probably rather have yarn! I mean, I knew my husband was a keeper for sure because he got me yarn for our first Valentine’s Day together.

Right after I had finalized my winter colors for 2019, I was playing around with some skeins of Rock Star XL and a new dyeing technique I was developing. The technique came out better than I expected, and I decided to play with it some more. The skeins that resulted from that initial experiment were marked as One Night Onlys and sold almost immediately. I kept looking at their listing photo, though, and musing about how well this color would fit in with the Winter Wonderland colors…

Six colors for a season seemed like a lot, but I really loved it. I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I finally gave in and picked a name for it, it seemed obvious: it would be for Valentine’s Day! (OK, maybe it wasn’t that obvious. It was the aforementioned husband’s idea. But we’re married now, I’m allowed to take credit for his ideas. That’s how it works, right?)

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” isn’t really your typical Valentine’s Day song. Which is good because I’m not a huge fan of V-Day. It’s a song that’s dramatic and highly colored and about hurt and pain and loss. Which are things we all experience at some point. With it’s contrasting tones of cool silver grey, warm dark pinks and occasional splashes of rich blues and purples, it seemed to echo the singer’s feelings about the duality of love. It seemed like a great fit for this color, to me, and I hope you’ll agree.

This color is now available on several bases, including Boogie Woogie, Rock Star Sport, Rock Star DK, Rock Star, Rock Star XL and Motown!

February 2, 2019

Brand new colorways, Mini sets, and a shop update!

Happy February all! We made it through the first month of the year and I think that’s cause for celebration, don’t you? How about a pretty yarn shop update?
Last month our new colorway (Birch) was about “new year, new beginnings, hope, and renewal.” This month, I’m applying that idea to dye pots, stepping out of my comfort zone color-wise, and improving on past creations. So, I’ve been hard at work here in the studio all week dyeing up some brand new colorways and revamping some old ones.

Our new colorways include Petrichor (minty aqua with speckles), Tall Tales (medium tan with nuetral woodsy speckles) and Buried Alive (dark grey brown with dark speckles). Shown above.

Colorways that got a face lift include Amethyst (cool purple gem tones) and Phantom (cool charcoal grey). Also shown above.

All five colorways are available and ready to ship on Saturday, February 2nd, 10 a.m. EST at LambstringsYarn.com on Sadie Singles, Tralala Sock, and Ewetopia DK bases.

We’ve also added Mini skein sets to the shop!

FINALLY, mini skeins sets are no longer limited to fiber festivals and fairs! These are sets of six mini skeins on our Tralala Sock base (92yds/skein, 552 yds total) put together in fun color combos by yours truly! Lots will be in the update, but they are mostly unique combos so make sure you act quickly.

The shop update will be Saturday, February 2nd at 10 a.m. ET. I hope you can make it!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

February 1, 2019

Yarn and Project Bags from BaaBerry Farms

You might not know it where you are, but things are hopping in the middle of Nebraska at BaaBerry Farms. Debi, the owner and shepherdess is also the brains behind the shop, which primarily specializes in project bags and hand-dyed yarn.

Debi designs her project bags from a process of creating the ultimate bag. They are unique and highly functional. For example, her Uptown Bags are a medium-large wedge shaped bag that is fully lined and has interior pockets and wrist straps. They are sized generously for medium to larger projects, too! I have one and it quickly became one of my favorite bags. Debi also has an eye for fun and unusual fabrics!

Most of Debi’s yarns are mill spun from her flock and then hand dyed by her. She has also just launched a new line of worsted weight sock kits! Each kit includes a skein of yarn and a coordinating mini. These will make fun house socks! I have been working with her angora merino blend yarn and it is so soft and warm.

FiberCrafty is a marketplace with many more independent shops all specializing in supplying the fiber community. Do you follow us on Instagram? It’s a great way to see what’s new in our shops!

Shop owners – if you are looking for an easy to use, cost-effective place to host a shop front, take a look at FiberCrafty! We provide a lot of information in our FAQ and it just takes a few minutes to open a shop. Questions? Just hit the Contact Vendor button!

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