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Recently, Terri met a group of knitters that liked purling better than knitting. And she gasped and clutched her pearls… until she stopped and thought about it. What so bad about purling? Is it that you have to slow down to purl? Is slowing down a bad thing or does it help us more be present in our project?

Introducing Purl Clutch, a two-color, DK-weight shawl that will help you embrace your purls or love them even more. Don’t be afraid to pair your highly variegated or speckled colorways with this one. AT Haynes House Yarns has created a collection of colorways that are perfect for Purl Clutch. The Nervous Nilly collection include four colorways based on when the Haynes are uneasy.

The pattern and colorways are available here.

Hey guys/gals/non-binary pals!

Ross, from the Wee Yarn Company, and I (Aiden from Undercover Otter) are inviting you to an online hangout/launch event/cast-on party/goss sesh on September 1st, 2023 at 8 pm CET. Join us for the official start of the #queerdomal2023 and dive into a world of crafts, conversations, and camaraderie, all from the comfort of your own space.

If you’re anything like me (and I know I am) you probably like the idea of being social, but hate the idea of wearing actual pants. Then this is perfect. You can wear whatever the hell you want, surround yourself with your fave snacks (that you don’t have to share!!!) and just vibe with us in a virtual setting.

Event Details:
Date: Friday, September 1st, 2023
Event Time: We start at 8 pm CET and will open up the room around 7.45
Platform: Google Meet video call link will be announced by Aiden on Instagram on the day of the stream.

You don’t need a Google account to join this party, provided you join it through the link and use a web browser. If you use the Google Meet app on mobile, you will be prompted to sign in.
Age restriction: Since Ross and Aiden are foul-mouthed people, this party will be for people 18 years and older. The language used will be mainly English.

Meet Your Hosts:
Ross and Aiden, the passionate minds behind the Queerdo Collection, are excited to share their shenanigans and creative ventures with you.
Ross Alexander (he/him) is originally from Scotland, where sheep outnumber the people, so yarn must be in his DNA. Ross, like many other independent dyers, began The Wee Yarn Company from the comfort of his own home. He and his partner converted their shed into a cozy dye studio where he now creates richly saturated colorways that evoke a moody atmosphere.

Aiden Sielias (they/them) was born and raised in Amsterdam. This is where they started Undercover Otter in 2011 in a tiny side room of their apartment. Their colorways are known for their vibrant, intense hues and unique names, drawing inspiration from genre cinema and video games.

What are we doing?
Hanging out!

We’ll be chatting about our crafts, showing off some of our projects, and asking you all about yours. There will also be an opportunity to ask us questions.

While we’re calling this a cast-on party, it’s not mandatory to cast on or start your craft at the moment of streaming. Counting with a chatroom full of people is a special hell we don’t wish upon anyone, so feel free to join in on the fun, even without a project. This is also not exclusive to fiber crafts. If you want to join in while you’re working on an epic oil painting or arranging some music on the side, you are welcome.

Whether you’re actively creating or simply looking to share your work, we can’t wait to see what you bring to the table. Participate as much or as little as you like. Ask questions, share your thoughts, or simply soak in the creative energy – it’s all up to you.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Stay Awesome.
Ross & Aiden

If you’re ready for adventure, let colourwork virtuoso Lisa Ross guide you through her latest shawl design on her fun new MKAL.

Just as in her other designs, she’s carefully balanced the main colour against a collection of stunning mini skeins and you can rest assured the final result will be incredibly eye catching.

But for our kits, we’ve done something a little different…

Unlike most MKALs, where the pattern is adventurous but colours are fairly safe, we followed our instincts and dyed all the pattern’s contrasting colours in really complex, layered recipes which each feature a pop of unexpected colour that can’t be seen until you open up the skein….

And believe us, opening up those one-of-a-kind mini skeins to find their hidden colours is addictive!

The mini skeins for each set are dyed in the same seven dye baths (a red, an orange, a magenta, a grey, a purple, a turquoise, and a green).

But the complex layers that create those unique pops of hidden colour mean no two sets are exactly the same. Your final project will be completely unique!

Ready to join the adventure? Grab one of our Secret Forest Sets and cast on!

Brand new live #woolenwomenwednesday events are back! This time we want to gather round the fire for a spooky story… create a custom set — tell us the character of the story and where it takes place, we will do the rest! The story is told live on woolenwomenwednesdays and we hand paint your yarny set while Sami makes your custom charms. Shop a story that has already been told or create your very own. We will be starting sets live again this September. View woolenwomenwednesday live events on our Instagram to see what it’s all about. Kits come woth custom yarn, charms, a notions pouch or sock sack, and smores for you and a friend!

Our 2024 trip to Scotland is finally planned and we’d love for you to join us! Check your calendars and make plans to travel with us April 21st to May 2nd, 2024 as we see all the Scottish sights, relax, and do all the fibery things Scotland has to offer. Starting off in Edinburgh, we’ll see places of historical significance, visit with Highland Coos on a farm, be treated to so many teas, and distilleries, take in the scenic views of Scotland’s longest Loch and the resting place of kings, shopping, and fiber activities and so much more. To learn more and sign up, please visit this page.

Our Virgin River Mystery Box celebrates the return of our favorite woody romantic drama! Carefully curated with beautifully themed yarn and other goodies, you can choose from a variety of our bases.

Shades of mountains, lakes and forests all in one beautiful colorway — Off Your Gourd! Beautiful blues, browns, purples and greens bring out the best in the colors we’ve brought you over the past few weeks. This colorway is amazing with Mocha and would be stunning with Blackberry Wine. See how beautiful it pairs below with other colors. You’ll want this for the most handsome socks and beautiful shawls.

Save time and pick up a few holiday gifts in our shop. We’ve got adorable pins, delightfully scented artisan soaps, and coffee from Knit. Coffee Company. Cocoknits accessories make perfect stocking stuffers for you or your fiber friends.

Last but not least, we’re going live on our YouTube channel, The Traveling Two Ewe Knit, Saturday morning at 9:30AM Eastern time. Grab your coffee or tea, your yarn, and let’s have a great time together!

Fiber friends are the best friends! Thanks for being a part of our yarn community, and we’ll be back next week for more updates and adventures!

Back-to-school season brings dreams of fall knitting and anticipation of leaf peeping time. I created Saugerties Sunrise last year as an exclusive color for my local Hudson Valley yarn store @perfectblendyarnshop and am releasing it now in my Etsy shop for everyone to enjoy. A fiery tribute to peak fall color, it captures the evergreen pines, deep red maples and the various greens of our native beech, hemlock and plane trees.

Available on Deep Sock, Neptune DK and Mirage kid mohair and silk, and this year I’ve added a Deep Sock mini skein set using the five solids I combine to dye this blazing multi. There’s plenty of time to knit yourself something to coordinate with the scenery on Rhinebeck weekend!

I’ve also released a brand new Fall inspired color, Mesa, which is a whole different take on earth tones. A combination of some of my favorite warm and cool colors, overwashed with a deep, cool brown. Currently offered on Deep Sock, Harbour Singles fingering and Neptune Merino DK.

Hello there, my fearless knitting friends! I’ve just opened preorders for my brand new Sea Glass Memories Shawl pattern, and a fun Knit Along is just around the corner.

Imagine the tranquil shores, the gentle rhythm of waves, and the frosted treasures bestowed by the sea. The Sea Glass Memories Shawl captures this ethereal beauty, and what’s more, I’m teaming up with indie dyer Mindy Kingery of Henlia Handmade for a Knit Along adventure that we will surf together.

Mindy has created a collection of beautiful naturally dyed sea glass-inspired yarn to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Henlia Handmade, and preorders officially open today!

Have plenty of yarn in your stash? You’re welcome to join us for the KAL and use your own yarn. Make sure to sign up for the Knit Along emails to receive the links to our Zoom Knit Nights and stay in the loop.

Preorder the pattern on Ravelry today with code seaglasskal. The full pattern will be available by September 14th:

🧶 About the Shawl:
This asymmetrical shawl starts out with just a few stitches and is the perfect one-skein wonder project for a gorgeous solid, tonal, or very gently variegated skein of fingering weight yarn. Want a larger shawl? Just keep knitting! This shawl is simple to adjust for a larger size by continuing on with additional repeats.

The lace is simple to follow, and the only stitches used are knits, purls, yarn overs, k2tog, ssk, and m1l. The pattern is fully written and the repeat is charted, so you can take your pick to work from! And a Stitch Count Table is included to help keep you on track.

✨ About our Inspiration:
The Sea Glass Memories Shawl is inspired by those remnants of discarded glass objects turned into enchanting treasures that grace our shores. Worn and polished over time by the ocean’s caress, they radiate a mesmerizing frosty glow and become spectacular gifts from Mother Nature and her coastal waters.

The elegant lace stitches mirror the magic of sea glass, capturing light in a manner reminiscent of the memories kept in glass jars on windowsills.

🤗 About the Knit Along:
Whether you’re an adventurous beginner or a seasoned pro, this Knit Along is designed to empower you every step of the way. I can’t wait to embark on this knitting journey together!

By joining the Knit Along, you’ll have a supportive community of like-minded knitters who are just as passionate about this craft as you are. The Facebook group is a place where you can share your progress, ask questions, and receive feedback. It’s a knit-friendly space where we cheer each other on and celebrate our achievements together.

To make this experience even more special, Mindy & I will be hosting live virtual knit nights on Zoom throughout the knit along. These sessions will provide guidance, tips, and tricks to help you overcome any challenges you may encounter while we knit along together in community. You can rest assured that you’ll have my support throughout the entire process.

This Knit Along is not just about creating a beautiful shawl; it’s about embracing your knitting journey, building your skills, and connecting with a community of passionate knitters. Together, we’ll enjoy the beauty of easygoing lacework and create something truly extraordinary with memories to cherish.

Ultimately, this shawl is more than an accessory; it’s a reflection of our connection to the sea, the coastline, and the stories they whisper. It’s a celebration of taking unwanted fragments and shaping them into something exquisite.

Ready to dive into the Sea Glass Shawl Knit Along? Simply click on this link to sign up and get all the details delivered right to your inbox:

I can’t wait to have you join us on this knitting adventure!

Wishing you endless creativity and joyful knitting,

Step right up and be a part of the competition: WHO DYED IT BETTER? We’ve hauled out a legacy colorway, Carnival Cotton Candy, once dyed by Michelle, who handles our business operations. Michelle’s creative talent outweighed her discipline to record dye recipes, so Carolyn had to banish her from the dye studio. Skip forward 6th years and Carolyn upon seeing the picture of Carnival Cotton Candy in our stroll down memory lane in pictures on the Saturday morning live she knew she wanted to dye it! In fact, she thought, “I think I can dye that better!” So, we are off to the races, and you get the beautiful results! Carolyn will reimagine the festival of color in Carnival Cotton Candy. Can she capture its bright energy while making it more current? This little venture is on preorder in the shop. We are excited to see what Carolyn comes up with!

More color from our Dye Live Plus series “Made with Love & Libations!” Dye Live Plus Club is our exclusive subscription series where members get to choose their yarn base and then see Carolyn, our dyer, actually dye the yarn via a private Zoom session. While the main colorway from each dye session is exclusive only to club members, the Coordinating Cousins, two related colorways, are open to everyone. Beer Nuts and Appletini, shown with Strawberry Margarita, the exclusive club colorway, are the latest shades ready to preorder on your favorite bases for your stash. We love the cool neutral and bright green!

Our main colorway story is about two classic favorites Given to Rust and Words of Wisdom. We love these rich shades, each beautiful in their own way, but we are over the moon about the palette of contrasting and coordinating shades we are building each week as we move into fall. Grab these now and wait ’til you see the companion shades we have coming.

Don’t forget to grab your Official Craft Inspector pins from our Pin Shop. We are adding more cute pins all the time!

Don’t forget your birthday! Our Birthday Club is the perfect set it and forget it gift. You’ll have the perfect gift automatically sent to you in your birthday month. And if you choose to celebrate multiple times a year, we won’t tell!

Last but not least, we’re going live on our YouTube channel, The Traveling Two Ewe Knit, Saturday morning at 9:30AM Eastern time. Grab your coffee or tea, your yarn, and let’s have a great time together!

Fiber friends are the best friends! Thanks for being a part of our yarn community, and we’ll be back next week for more updates and adventures!