April 8, 2016

Come meet me at the Steel City Fiber Festival *NEXT WEEKEND*!!!!

Spring fiber festival season is now underway, and I am frazzled as all get-out! I am dyeing as efficiently as I possibly can, all the while taking care to maintain the quality you’ve come to love and expect from Groovy Hues. Next weekend, I am truly excited to be part of a first for the Allentown, Pennsylvania area. The first annual Steel City Fiber Festival will take place at the Merchant Square Mall in Allentown, PA on Saturday April 16, and Sunday April 17 from 10 – 6 PM both days. I love these kinds of road trips, so I’ve already started to pack. 🙂

I will be in booth B2 along the back wall, and I will have TWENTY FEET of vendor space! Oh my gosh. I don’t feel like I’ve dyed enough, but I am truly lucky that my “brother-in-law” Zack Nelson will be my guest booth artisan – he is a truly gifted jewelry and metalsmith, and will have bunches of fiber-arts-related gear to show off.

Come see me. I am dying to meet my out-of-state (I’m in New York!) friends and fans. This venue will have over 30 vendors, so if you’re within driving distance, it’s something you won’t want to miss.

Here’s the website for the festival, but you will be able to find much more information on Facebook if you do a search for the term!

I hope to see you there!